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Posted by Buygold @ 7:56 on September 24, 2017  

I’m never happy? What??

Now I’m really pissed! 🙂

Couldent Post yesterday ..for some security reason ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:56 on September 23, 2017  

Anyways  The poor Floridians that got “fixed Notices” from the County a day after the hurricane hit ..there is a fix for that….Hog tie him to a stake near the water Line and wait for an Alligator to solve your problem .An Act of God it surely is…feasable..

I would not hesitate to do such if I had that chance .  Its been a tough week for everybody here ..I had a minor operation last week ..a sabacious infected cyst dug out of my back…Then the next day My car had a bad wheel Bearing ..Git that fixed just in time to come down with A Gout attack for 5 days in my right foot ,that started to subside when the other foot started swelling in sympathy and left me un able to walk…That really sucks !  My wife is trying to help but she still recovering from a shoulder replacement and cant lift anything even while she struggles with a roller walker to help her balance.My daughter is starting to fix her Flooded house in Houston ..first floor everything had to torn out of first floor..They stopped telling us any more about the flooding  and our Florida relatives ..I figured they thought

we had enough to deal with and will probably fill me in as I recover …I guess NO NEWS is good NEWS from Florida ..

My son will probably come over tomorrow to take me shopping.I could probably drive but braking is painfull so I guess Ill accept his offer to take me .

Count your blessings..



maya 21:48

Posted by treefrog @ 22:15 on September 23, 2017  


Buygold @ 16:38

Posted by Maya @ 21:48 on September 23, 2017  

…woke up happy?!    You’re NEVER happy!  And that list of potential disasters is reminiscent of the seven signs of the apocalypse.  We will see if we are still here…. in a few months.

Moggy-  Decaf?  I’m sorry… that’s not coffee.  That’s swamp water.  Decaf?  What’s the point of drinking it?  🙂

I’m in-and-out for connectivity here over the course of a week.  Lots of running in the boonies for elder care missions disrupts my posting ability.  Today visited the Cape Kumukahi Light at the easternmost tip of Hawaii Island (and State, for that matter)



Please Indict Hillary Now!

Posted by commish @ 19:16 on September 23, 2017  


Posted by Moggy @ 16:55 on September 23, 2017  

Good to see you posting, I was getting concerned when you hadn’t shown up when I finally got back on line.

As to your:  “Molokai coffee is available again, and it’s better than the Kauai coffee I sent last time.”  That ought to make Farmboy sit up and notice, lol.  You wouldn’t by any chance have that in decaf, would you?

Thanks Moggy – agree, we will be fleeced for at least the next few months. As for Farmboy and Maya…

Posted by Buygold @ 16:38 on September 23, 2017  

Just because I woke up this morning and was happy – AND MADE COFFEE – that Niburu didn’t strike the planet, Yellowstone didn’t erupt, LiL Kim didn’t fire another missile or test another nuke – doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world…

I might actually make coffee tomorrow, then again, it might just be a couple more months… 🙂

Take that!!!


Posted by Maya @ 14:38 on September 23, 2017  

I know it’s like herding cats…. but if you ever get this bunch of ragamuffin goldbugs assembled again, I will have to send some better coffee this time.   Molokai coffee is available again, and it’s better than the Kauai coffee I sent last time.



Holy Moly!

Posted by Maya @ 14:32 on September 23, 2017  

Buygold made coffee?!

It’s the End of the World as we Know It!



Posted by Moggy @ 14:22 on September 23, 2017  

Well, astrology points the way to the when and what…such as the Autumn Equinox chart of Sept. 22, 2017 for Washington, D.C., depicting the Sun in Libra falling into the 8th house of the treasury, national debt, the banking industry and taxes.  A busy 8th house also occupied by Mars and Mercury in Virgo trine retrograde Pluto in Capricorn in the 12th house…oh, those happy bankers have plans to take covert action to line their pockets.

So for the next three months the focus will be on finances and how the public will be fleeced, especially by those in cahoots with the banksters, such as the useless ones in congress, as Saturn – ruler of the Ascendant – finds itself in the 11th house (elected do-nothings) square Mercury…an aspect of thievery.

Thanks Moggy – who can know the when and what of anything?

Posted by Buygold @ 12:51 on September 23, 2017  

Wonder if this matters? Not sure it mattered in the gold market.

BREAKING: LBMA Silver to be PRICED IN Russian Rubles and Chinese Yuan

ON SEPTEMBER 25th, 2017, London silver will be priced in RUBLES, ONSHORE AND OFFSHORE YUAN, Rupees, and other currencies as sweeping changes are beginning now. Here’s the details so far… There are two parts to take into consideration on these sweeping changes. First, there was a request for feedback on their proposed changes to the LBMA. Secondly, … Continue reading

Farmboy @ 8:26….WOW, what a brain Chuck Missler has, and crammed with knowledge too.

Posted by silverngold @ 10:44 on September 23, 2017  

Makes me realize how much I really don’t know. LOL!!! Thanks for sharing on this purportedly last day as we have known life to be. Fascinating stuff!!


Posted by Moggy @ 10:33 on September 23, 2017  

About the only light I can shed would be the following:


If we turn back the pages of the Bible to the time when man first appeared on earth we find him inhabiting a garden. One whole 30 degree section of the zodiac, where the Sun may be found from August 22/23 to September 22/23, was set aside by those who anciently studied the stars as representing just such a garden, and as having an influence over the fruit of the trees and the grain of the fields.  It is the harvest sign, Virgo.

When the Sun moves out of this garden sign into Libra it will be in the cold half of the year, when the nights are longer than the days. As Virgo adjoins, but is not one of, the winter sings, when the Sun is in the harvest sign quite appropriately may be termed the cool of the day.

The sign Virgo has rule not merely over gardens but over labor and harvests of all kinds. Therefore, when Adam and the woman who was called Eve because she was the mother of all living, were thrust from the parental environment to shift for themselves, it was said that in order to live they must till the fields and raise crops, not all of which would be wheat, as thorns and thistles are also mentioned.  Furthermore, to keep warm they had to make clothing.

All of these things required just such labor as the zodiacal sign rules; and people still sweat to get the bread they eat; such bread as is signified by the ears of wheat held in celestial Virgo’s hand.

From what is said in the third chapter of Genesis, it seems that before man partook of the fruit which Eve offered him he was unable to distinguish good from evil. This same fruit is characteristic of this section of the sky, for Virgo, more than any other sign, confers the ability to discriminate.  In fact, the key-phrase for the sign is, I Analyze.

It was quite in character, therefore, that Eve should discuss the merits of the tree with the serpent, or with anyone else who would talk with her about it. She wanted to know all there was to know about the tree and about everything else.  And after talking it over with the serpent she decided that the tree of knowledge was good for food, pleasant to the eyes, and to be desired as making one wise.

The implication is plain that she decided knowledge is worth all it costs. She paid the price, but she acquired that which Virgo most desires; for after they had eaten, the Lord God said, “Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil.”

There are many things that man inherits, many things that come as gifts without cost, but knowledge is not one of them. No one can be given knowledge; it must be acquired.  And the only method of acquiring it is through a process similar to that which Adam and Eve and their offspring followed after eating of the so-called forbidden fruit.  That is, through a wide variety of contrasting experiences.

There is but one basis for consciousness, and that is the perception of relations. Whenever the mind, or soul, is unaware of relations it is in a state of coma.

The soul before its incarnation on the physical plane is depicted as Adam, without knowledge or responsibility, and, therefore, in a state bordering on unconsciousness. If it was to acquire that wisdom expressed in the Bible, “And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil,” it had to have a broad basis of experience upon which to build.  The entrance into physical conditions gave it the opportunity for such acquisition.

Consequently, the answer is given to the frequently asked question why man must undergo incarnation in physical form, must work and struggle, must have pain and hardship, and go through other experiences. Without such experiences he could not acquire the knowledge and power which enables him to participate in divine attributes.  Such participation is clearly set forth in the Bible when it states that man was made in the image of God.

Virgo is an earthy sign, and to those who understand the stellar doctrine, the Sun’s entrance into this sign symbolizes the descent of the soul into matter. Mother Earth is the place of the soul’s gestation; and that after the preparatory development which is supplied by the earth – after it has partaken of the fruit of the tree of good and evil which alone enables it to acquire knowledge – it will be born into a more glorious life.

At all times we are sowing in the soil of our own consciousness. We are building thoughts into ourselves of various kinds.  When sufficient energy is supplied to these thought-cells to give them the strength, they will work to attract events of a similar quality into the life.  The heavenly message of the sign Virgo is that we reap what we sow.

Internet trouble again

Posted by Moggy @ 10:19 on September 23, 2017  

My usage is sporadic so if you don’t hear from me, that is why…a service tech can’t be sent out until Wednesday.

P.S.  A beautiful job, Farmboy!


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:28 on September 23, 2017  

Nice job Farmboy! Don’t you love it when a plan comes together! 🙂

Morning Farmboy

Posted by Buygold @ 9:06 on September 23, 2017  

Yes, I do believe your understanding of Biblical Events is correct. 7 years of tribulation + 1000 years of peace after Christ returns – then poof!

Gotta love the internet though, we can read just about anything that suits our given thought processes.

I do concur with this statement though:

“Every human being knows in their bones that something very BIG is right around the cosmic corner.”

Then again, maybe that just fits my “couple more months” narrative. 🙂

Buygold, Ps)

Posted by Farmboy @ 9:01 on September 23, 2017  

Yeah, its great to have our resident Star gazer back on line ! Missed her about as much as she apparently misses my cooking. LOL

And I like Moggy’s idea of a Goldbug Gathering. It has been too long since we sat around the campfire together and shared our thoughts. Perhaps soon….?

Ok, I have put off the work of today long enough. Back, dont fail me now ! Stone and mortar day straight ahead !

First patio completed, one more to go. The fruits of my labor. With new chairs and a fire pit. When can you come for coffee? 🙂


Good Morning Buygold, Thanks For Making The Coffee ! Must Truly Be The ‘End of the World’. LOL

Posted by Farmboy @ 8:26 on September 23, 2017  

I have some good news for ya. If we are going to use those ‘signs in the heavens’ then I think we should use the One who created them his clock, or time piece,  or  his counting of a day. His day begins at sundown (friday night) and ends at sundown tonight. So, best I can figure it, we are already more than halfway through the day. Phew ! 🙂

Btw, my understanding of biblical events, and I admit it is a very tiny understanding, is the ‘End of the World, is at least 1007 years away. Least that is the explanation of a bible scholar that I put some merit in. Name is Chuck Missler, a former CEO of a national defense contractor who has some unique teachings not of any particular religon but just a study of the bible. Youtube has an interesting presentation(s) of some of his bible teachings, ‘Learn the bible in 24 hours’. Little over my head, but found it an interesting listen.


Didnt sell my positions in the markets, and today I am working on another stone patio, so I think we will still be here come Monday. 🙂

So, I think you and I have plenty of time to work on those issues of ‘Fear’ & ‘Greed’, that you mentioned the other day. Your words reminded me not only of my own struggles, but an old Chinese Proverb. Something about ” it is better to learn to control one’s self, than to control an army.”

And if a study of the bible is not one’s cup of tea, those Chinese have some pretty good insight into human nature that we can learn from. 🙂 That’s the good news about being me, dumb as a rock, I can learn something from most anyone. Have a good day, I got to start laying some stone and get ready to watch some football later. Enjoy the day, it might be our last. Or not, if we are lucky. 🙂

14 Amazing Life Lessons From Chinese Proverbs


Coffee reading – maybe Moggy can shed some light on the astrology mentioned

Posted by Buygold @ 8:17 on September 23, 2017  

“Every human being knows in their bones that something very BIG is right around the cosmic corner.  They also know that: Something is driving the whole world crazy! … but what is it?

It behooves everyone to find out exactly what it is.  And, the sooner the better, so that each individual can meet the challenges which are soon to be upon US.

Not only does the fate of humankind hang in the balance, the future of the planet is at stake; so why not assume a prayerful posture to face the ongoing Great Shift.”

2017: Year of the Great Turning

Good Morning Oasis

Posted by Buygold @ 7:38 on September 23, 2017  

I’m feeling pretty good about the day so far. Six hours in and the world hasn’t ended just yet, Nibiru hasn’t collided with earth – so far, so good. 🙂



Posted by goldielocks @ 23:30 on September 22, 2017  

Beautiful cat.


Posted by goldielocks @ 23:27 on September 22, 2017  

Yes I’m sure she does have guilt and that she wasn’t there for her but at the hospital. She said I suppose it’s too late to revive her. She knew that but was in denial at the moment. It couldn’t of been revived anyways as it doesn’t take much pressure to kill a cat. There needs to be more of them because there is so much neglect of animals out there put in high kill shelters for the dumbest reasons. Some come in crying or have such a sad face some just face the wall while others usually smaller breeds just shake in fear. People from shelter take pictures or videos. There are people out there that work daily to get them adopted or in fosters before their time is up.Others work to get injured or abused dogs medical help through donations.
Training is important to because a lot of people don’t have much experience or terrible at it. It saves the dog as much grief as the person.

Simba pussycat

Posted by Moggy @ 23:14 on September 22, 2017  


FYI–from a ZH reader

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:10 on September 22, 2017  
The fangs are in the beginning of a controlled correction. Any time a major stock has a bad day, AAPL or MCD for example, other stocks pop upward that day for little or no reason so that the averages are not disturbed. Anytime a goosing effort is too weak to move the averages up the Russell 2000 is strong. Why? The stocks in that index are so thin, they move out of proportion to even a small amount of stimulation. The phenomena of of averages taking turns being strong and weak in pretty new in the over all scheme of things. Just a few years back, the indexes were in sync all but a few times per year. These things are all dynamics of manipulation. The algorithms are very complex but what they accomplish are very simple. Feign weakness to draw in shorts. Keep the volume down and volatility low. If stocks are too weak to move all together, move one index one day and another the next. All of this is much too cute to be anything but intelligent design.
Central banks will increase their buying of equities if stocks start to sink. When someone starts talking about punch bowls, it is important to know who is really drinking the punch.
There is always a chance the general public will discover how much and by whom they are being fleeced. That would make a difference but it is unlikely to happen until more people start suffering.


Posted by Moggy @ 23:06 on September 22, 2017  

@ goldi….It seems our daughters have a lot in common.  Some years ago my daughter sat all day, every Saturday, in front of a local store with cats from the area animal shelter, in an attempt to get them adopted.  This was her day off from her job which at the time was a systems computer analyst.  Anyway, after sitting with the kitties week after week, she finally got them all adopted…totally emptied the shelter of cats.  She is now a dog trainer and has her own business that has grown to include taking care of all manner of animals.  I feel for your daughter, she is not only grieving for the kitty but probably is suffering some guilt.  Stay close to her to help her through this.

@ aufever…Sounds like a possible plan.  Maybe we could entice Farmboy to drive up here should you be able to make the trip…and how about Floridians Alex and Treefrog to join us?  Wouldn’t that be a hoot!  We could hold a mini-meet at Vogel State Park, like we did back in 2007…and Farmboy is a great cook, woo hoo!

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