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Maya fire pants

Posted by macroman3 @ 2:10 on June 19, 2018  

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 2:06 on June 19, 2018  


Flying high over Gaviota trestle


Better yet, get ON my Lava!

Posted by Maya @ 1:41 on June 19, 2018  

I’m waiting for some surfer to fashion something out of NASA heat shield material and take an eight mile ride to the ocean.


Here is where the eastbound river takes a turn to the south around Kapoho crater… that green circular hill.


Lava speed is approx 15 mph coming out of the crater.  Flow slows as it spreads out near the shoreline.  Volcanic flow steady at 400,000 cubic yards per day. 9.25 square miles have been paved over with lava so far in this eruption.   Sulfur Dioxide venting 18,000 tons per day from this vent, another equal amount coming out of the summit crater, makes for intense Vog downwind.  Nasty blue haze that stings the eyes, nose, and throat.   Courtesy USGS.

Rock Steady… going with the flow.

Oh, and get off my lava

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:20 on June 18, 2018  

Image result for get off my lawn gif

R640, the reason you are gelded with your Jewish/Christian lapdog apologist bent is because this is a libertarian site. We don’t care what your magic man dictates, or how you defend the other magic man, even if they killed your guy.

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:00 on June 18, 2018  

We get pissed at hypocrites who defend aggressive arrogance against the other religious whackjobs. Right up there with visits to your hooker “niece”

The Libertarians here don’t care and will rip you a new AH the more you chirp. You and Ellidiott need to change your tactics. We are free thinking peeps that chuckle at you dupes thinking you can change us.

Thanks ipso

Posted by deer79 @ 21:39 on June 18, 2018  

I’m not quite sure how to put a $ value on my Bonterra shares. More than likely they’ll get crushed.

Alex Valdor

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:59 on June 18, 2018  

Blast! 🙂

IPSO – you were too slow

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 18:55 on June 18, 2018  

You didn’t get all of it .

This is from the KL environs :


Alex Valdor

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:52 on June 18, 2018  

Thanks, always interesting to have someone with personal knowledge of the area. It looks like the Larder Lake property is going to be spun off in a new company. Too bad they won’t find that ore in the lake. I’ve hidden it under my bed! 🙂

IPSO – an interesting aside to Bonterra/Metanor

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 18:38 on June 18, 2018  

I was camped next to Larder Lake four and a half decades ago , and was told that one of the big mines in that Kirkland Lake area had been high grading during tough years and were dumping the ‘tailings’ ( lower grade ore ) into Larder Lake in very close proximity to the campground , with the intent of recovering the ore at a later date when the price of gold improved above the Bretton Woods price (during the years that the public was not allowed to hold physical gold ,and the price was capped ) was freed up.
Over the years since I have often wondered if that ore had ever been dredged up and processed .

deer79 There it is finally

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:08 on June 18, 2018  

Bonterra to Acquire Metanor, Expanding Strategic Position in Urban Barry Camp and De-risking Potential Path to Production


@ipso, you’re right

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:01 on June 18, 2018  

I always regretted selling many positions. Not just miners.


Posted by ipso facto @ 16:55 on June 18, 2018  

“1200 trades a year”

That’s a lot of trades! I tried day trading years ago at the start of the Gold Bull, eventually I figured out I’d be making more just buying and holding. Depends on the market I guess.

iPhone facto

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:45 on June 18, 2018  

Roger that, very boring action. Very strange. I think it started a couple of years ago. The slightest spot gold moves used to cause BIG moves with NUGT and the shares. It happened practically over night.

Now I remember. The first half of 2016, the moves were excessively extreme. $2 miners went to $22 in 6 months. Then after that, the percent moves got extremely minuscule with NUGT. I suspected and posted about it. That maybe they adjusted the computers that create the pricing.

There was a time I was doing 1200 trades per year. It seemed like they rigged the system to stymie and or stop day trading activities. I find it totally impossible these days to make a day trade, even a swing trade is impossible.

The PTB have started using the Rip Van Winkle weapon to cause all Goldbugz to snooze into the Solstice

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:18 on June 18, 2018  


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:00 on June 18, 2018  

re No posts for a long time.

ATAC Announces 1,685,000 oz Gold in its Maiden Inferred Mineral Resource Estimate for the Osiris Project, Yukon

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:53 on June 18, 2018  


Action At The World Cup

Posted by commish @ 11:59 on June 18, 2018  

df0evpexcaapgit-jpg-large Big Mac Meal. Let’s see. Coke with that. Medium French Fries.

“The Lucky Escape” Off Topic, Funny Video, But Money Related

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:49 on June 18, 2018  


deer79 @ 10:06

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:27 on June 18, 2018  

I’ve been watching but haven’t seen the reason yet. Hope it’s something good! 🙂


Posted by deer79 @ 10:06 on June 18, 2018  

Did you post something about Bonterra and why it was halted?

Italy seems to have had about enough

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:03 on June 18, 2018  

Italy Rejects Two More NGO Migrant Ships; Merkel Scrambles To Keep Job As German Lawmakers Revolt


Local schools here in Denver

Posted by eeos @ 9:48 on June 18, 2018  

Serve free breakfast and free lunch to any child 18 years or younger. No paperwork or proof needed all summer long. I think this is just another level of socialism. Tax hard-working families like me and decide to give free lunches to a bunch of poor and illegal people. Programs like this don’t make sense to me. Who pays government workers to do things like this?

Subsidiary of Coeur Mining, Inc. signs Definitive Agreement with Evrim Resources to option Sarape gold-silver project

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:41 on June 18, 2018  


ATAC Resources

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:33 on June 18, 2018  

IIROC Trading Halt – ATC

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