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test w/ disable visual editor

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edit: nope same o same. i wanted to have the what me worry first and rocks second even though the cursor was lined up to post that way it still came out opposite and the cursor control is intermittant and sporadic. wj


Posted by WANKA @ 19:49 on June 16, 2014  

even though i use the text the add on picture with curser at the end of the >a defaults to the front of the primary picture where pic 1 should be followed by pic 2 but in the program translation when posting pic 2 becomes pic 1. i think i need show you since the explination is a bit convoluted.
at the PP it works fine and the text follows the last text when posting but in our O it jumps ahead to become the first text when the post is made. ie: it does not follow the curser placement but defaults to the first/forward position. wj

Image placement solution

Posted by wwilliams @ 19:29 on June 16, 2014  

Hi John and crew:

When posting more than one image, or an image with text, and you want to move the photos around, the easiest thing to do is use the “Visual” mode of the Post editor, as opposed to the “Text” mode, which shows the HTML code.  When in Visual mode, you can just drag and drop the photos as needed.

There is something strange which happens when doing this, which is due to the nature of this newer version of WordPress:  Adding an image or video to a post adds not only the image itself, but also a link to the image.  This means really large photos can show a smaller version in the forum but still allow members to click on the image to see the full-sized version.  I don’t see this causing any problems, but John, since you seem to prefer using the code view rather than the Visual layout, I wanted to let you know what all the <a> tags were there for.

Let me know if you have any questions,

Testing Image Placement

Posted by wwilliams @ 19:23 on June 16, 2014  

Test Image Placement: 1:2 2: toon1g 3: coffee3

WANKA @ 16:13

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:07 on June 16, 2014  

Damn right! 🙂

don need no stinkin audept…

Posted by WANKA @ 16:13 on June 16, 2014  

toon01b wj :mrgreen:


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smiley things test

Posted by WANKA @ 14:38 on June 16, 2014  

🙂 🙁 :mrgreen: wj

buygold —

Posted by WANKA @ 9:35 on June 16, 2014  

when you registered did you get an automated email pass word? wj

welcome buygold

Posted by WANKA @ 9:33 on June 16, 2014  

alot of work needs be done on the site and hopefully we will be completed by this coming weekend.
best of cheers wj

Hey Buygold

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:22 on June 16, 2014  

Welcome to the Gold Tent Oasis! 🙂

Oasis Test

Posted by Buygold @ 9:20 on June 16, 2014  

Nice site fellas

media test pictures

Posted by WANKA @ 8:15 on June 16, 2014  


example the silver chart should have been first and the smiliey plate last but the curser placement was ignored.


Posted by WANKA @ 8:13 on June 16, 2014  

note: the adding of pictures on an edit does not follow cursor placement. adding a picture ‘after’ a published picture defaults to the first placement of the post and does not follow cursor placement if its prefered as the second position. wj

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