Yesterday morning I was honored by three gentlemen who went out of their way to join me for breakfast & good conversation.  In the first photo below, left to right, are floridagold, silver_rider and Aguila.  In the second photo, I’ve joined them.
Seeing as how floridagold has quite the reputation of being a nickel flipper, I did my best to photograph his handiwork in action.  But, as I found, not only is the hand faster than the eye, it’s faster than the camera.  floridagold is sumpthin’ else with his flippin’, going from dead still to a blur of action with no warning.  No wonder he’s so good at what he does, he’s a flippin’ flipper extraordinaire!  He was also quick to pick up the breakfast tab; thanks floridagold.
floridagold had some miles to drive, so he left us three others after breakfast was finished.  We had kept the conversation pretty lite while he was there, but as soon as he left we delved into the more substantial subjects of politics and religion.  We got so worked up in the 15 minute process, by the time we finished we were almost ready for lunch!
Then it was time for Aguila to drive the 2 hours back home, which left silver_rider and me free to go to downtown Nashville for a visit to the Occupy Nashville encampment (here’s their web site) in front of the State Capitol.  Had a good conversation with one of the organizers there to get a handle on the situation.  He confirmed a few of the notions I had of what’s going on with the Occupy movement.  Some of the good news is there’s a view to the future of OWS, etc. making it through the Winter and looking forward to a ‘re-birth’ or awakening to coincide with the magic of Springtime, i.e. this ain’t no flash in the pan.
In all, it was an excellent day.   Learned a lot of stuff, like silver_rider has to lay off the chickens and Aguila needs a rooster because apparently his alarm clock doesn’t work!   Also, I will try to clean up my act -and smell better- with a little help from Mr. & Mrs. silver_rider and a couple of their fine products (
As much as I enjoy photography, the photos from yesterday don’t show the best part of the day, which was getting together with three fellow GoldTenters and putting faces to names and the resulting camaraderie.  We’re all real people here, and it’s the personal connections which really take things from the computer screen and put them into perspective that matters.  For all the talk talk talk at Poster’s Paradise, there’s nothing like taking advantage of the opportunity provided by this wonderful forum to take it to another level and get together with each other in the flesh.  Thanks, guys, and thanks to AuDept and everyone who plays a part in caring for the Tent.