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ment– i think the bench court findings on summary judgement will be

Posted by WANKA @ 23:53 on August 16, 2014  

the gov had every right to his line item veto no matter his reasoning in accordence with the texas constitution and the drunkin d/a and i’m sure her hand picked ‘special prosecutor mccrum’ [try going thru life with that last name] will pay legal hell after all is said and done. they will be shuned like the plague in the legal community and wither on the statue of the scales of justice along with the pigeon droppings and well deserved too imho. wj


Posted by puptent @ 23:51 on August 16, 2014  

is that you..where have you been and how are you…thought you went to the other side


Posted by ment17 @ 23:09 on August 16, 2014  

the governor can use his position to give him self executive power to pardon himself … With a wave of his oversized pen he can negate that grand jury in a New York (Texas)   second

governors  can excuse those convicted with bad law  , those in prizon… and a host of bad to good guys

think perry will serve a second in the slammer .. not in my opinion…. fat chance

goldie….armstrong is right on point

Posted by WANKA @ 22:34 on August 16, 2014  

with the grand jury explaination. ham sandwich enyone? :mrgreen: wj

Perry and corruption by unelected officials

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:26 on August 16, 2014  

By Armstrong

The indictment of Texas Governor Rick Perry by a grand jury illustrates the corruption in obtaining an indictment. In Hurtado v. California, 110 U.S. 516 (1884), the Supreme Court held that an indictment was necessary rather than a prosecutor just making up charges and filing them on what is known as an “information”. Worse still, the Supreme Court has held, always protecting government, that a prosecutor can even KNOW the person is innocent and still indict them for he has NO DUTY WHATSOEVER to present evidence that show innocence to a grand jury. The Supreme Court reasoning is horrifying and it allows for corruption in the justice department to threaten anyone and destroy their lives including Governor Rick Perry. The worst of it is that you have no right to be heard in a Grand Just. The prosecutor has no duty to present direct evidence that you are innocent and can now freeze all your assets based upon this one-sided affair to prevent you from hiring counsel of choice. The Supreme Court in its pro-government posture has bluntly stated that it “has always been thought sufficient to hear only the prosecutor’s side,” United States v. Williams, 504 U. S. 36, 51 (1992).

This is simply outrageous. This indictment illustrates the total corruption in our legal system. Perry carried out a threat to veto funding for state prosecutors investigating public corruption, promising publicly to nix $7.5 million over two years for the public integrity unit unless District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg (who pled guilty to drunk driving) resigned. The prosecutors retaliated indicting him in an Austin grand jury on felony counts of abuse of official capacity which carries up to 99 years in imprisonment and coercion of a public servant that carries up to 10 years in prison.

This indictment demonstrates what I have been warning about. This is the unelected bureaucracy that has the power to indict anyone elected by the people to remove them whenever they do not do as the bureaucracy demands.

That Texas Judge

Posted by commish @ 22:02 on August 16, 2014  


buygold — they sure did handle her with kid gloves

Posted by WANKA @ 20:14 on August 16, 2014  

no anger but firm control and of course they all knew who she was. she was ‘snakishly’ refusing to follow any commands while trying to seemingly make it look as if she was following commands. really playing lawyer bs with the cops knowing she was drunk as a skunk. 2 wines my ass.
off with her head! :mrgreen: wj

richard i have sent on your IT problem

Posted by WANKA @ 20:08 on August 16, 2014  

to our webmaster for his review. best wj

Richard640 @ 19:14

Posted by Floridagold @ 19:46 on August 16, 2014  

not sure what is up with that but I expect it has something to do with the two — marks in the link.  Regardless, I have posted a working link into your post.

Wanka, portugeezer

Posted by Buygold @ 19:33 on August 16, 2014  

That video is absolutely hilarious. If she were just some lady off the street they would’ve strip searched her and left her naked lying in a cell. Fortunately for everyone they did not, she got the “princess, gov’t employee” treatment. What an effing joke.

Who else on the planet would then be able to file a lawsuit against the Governor of the state?

What a joke. Only a libtard would not have resigned after looking like such a fool.

Tech help needed-i am using apple-this is the 1st time this has happened

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:14 on August 16, 2014  

when i pasted this link into the post below there were no diamonds with question marks inside–then when i hit publish–the diamonds appeared–rendering the link useless–anybody else getting this?




NAFTA on steroids–the same promises-the same lies: THE prez pushes the Trans Pacific Partnership

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:03 on August 16, 2014  

NAFTA Is 20 Years Old – Here Are 20 Facts That Show How It Is Destroying The Economy

But now history is repeating itself, and most Americans don’t even realize that it is happening. As you will read about at the end of this article, Barack Obama has been negotiating a secret trade treaty that is being called “NAFTA on steroids”, and if Congress adopts it we could lose millions more good paying jobs.

It amazes me how the American people can fall for the same lies over and over again. The lies that serial liar Barack Obama is telling about “free trade” and the globalization of the economy are the same lies that Bill Clinton was telling back in the early 1990s. The following is an excerpt from a recent interview with Paul Craig Roberts…

I remember in the 90′s when former Presidential candidate Ross Perot emphatically stated that NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) would create a giant “sucking sound” of jobs being extracted away from the U.S. He did not win the election, and NAFTA was instituted on Jan. 1, 1994. Now, 20 years later, we see the result of all the jobs that have been “sucked away” to other countries.

According to an article by the Economic Policy Institute on 1/3/14:

“Clinton and his collaborators promised that the deal would bring “good-paying American jobs,” a rising trade surplus with Mexico, and a dramatic reduction in illegal immigration. Considering that thousands of kids are pouring over the border as we speak, well, how’d that work out for us?
Many Americans like to remember Bill Clinton as a “great president” for some reason. Well, it turns out that he was completely and totally wrong about NAFTA. The following are 20 facts that show how NAFTA is destroying the economy…

#1 More than 845,000 American workers have been officially certified for Trade Adjustment Assistance because they lost their jobs due to imports from Mexico or Canada or because their factories were relocated to those nations.



grin @ 12:26

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:55 on August 16, 2014  

No my friend I don’t think it will end well either. Timeline? Who knows?

Mr Golldbug @ 13’59

Posted by Samb @ 18:55 on August 16, 2014  

Pretty Good but, still going down brother. Better to face the truth rather then hide from it.

auandag she was well juiced….

Posted by WANKA @ 18:10 on August 16, 2014  

her real problem was being the states attorney in her county and flexing or trying to flex all her ‘democrap’ muscle and the biggie i think was not resigning her position. she put many people away behind bars for drinking and driving and made excuses for herself. typical libtard. wj

ps edit: as for the grand jury i’m not impressed since the old saying is a prosicutor can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. its a real one way trip a grand jury and its use is to determine if there was a possible violation to send it to the court for disposition. but the press makes it a big thing of course and waves around the ‘indictment’ like its the end all when in reality is only a hint of possibly something of wrongdoing so the court can decide.
we shall see as floridagold says ‘in the fullness of time’. 🙂

WANKA @ 16:21

Posted by Auandag @ 17:47 on August 16, 2014  

Acording to the vid you posted she claimed she only had two drinks of wine. She was stopped for driving the wrong way and had a open bottle of vodka and looked pretty drunk in this video



portugeezer — its her dept that oversees ‘ethics violations’

Posted by WANKA @ 16:21 on August 16, 2014  

statewide but the dept is firmly controlled by democrat progressive liberals the hipocritical scum of the earth.
the blood work was .23 effectively 3x times the allowable limit. in another vid she was kicking on the door and screaming. her whole additude was that she was special as the s/a [states attorney] and should be treated with a wink and a nod. here is some original news coverage.

ps edit: btw she got 45 days in the can for her dui.


That video is sickening.,

Posted by Portugeezer @ 16:03 on August 16, 2014  

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Total disrespect for her position.

I wonder who was pulling the strings with those female cops, or do they handle all dui’s like that?

I have been taken in to a police station twice because they could smell drink on me. But as a singer, I would have a drink early on and then drink lemonade for the rest of the evening.  But I was treated with respect.

Saying that, she did appear to be drunk in the last couple of shots.  But if I read the report correctly, the guy indicted was trying to stop money going to groups that were trying to prevent corruption in government circles, and this was the wrong way to go about it.


SECTORS Short Term

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:13 on August 16, 2014  

GoldMiners -up                                     Utilities-UP

S&P500-Down                                      Transports-Down

Toronto  TSE -Down                            Telecom-Down

Energy- Down                                       HealthCare -up

Financial-Down                                   Materials-UP

Tech-Down                                             S&PIndustrials-Down

DOW-Up                                                  S&P100-UP

ConsumerDiscretionary-Down          Nasdq100-UP

ConsumerStaples-UP                           NYSE-Down

NasdqComposute -Up

TOTOLs    9    ups  10 Downs

The Media…..

Posted by OldeDutch @ 15:02 on August 16, 2014  

is almost 100% controlled by the government, if the media is constantly staying on one subject it is more than likely because they want to keep the sheep’s attention away from what they are up to, and where is “O” ? He supposedly left from his vacation, what for?

From Greece

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:07 on August 16, 2014  

The Russians anounced they are buying fruits & veggies from China  ? really …Greece sells MILLIONS of fruit & veggies to Russia ,it would turn Greece into a basket case again.

So what do the Greeks do ?

This is not what you will find in the Newspapers..

Greece is selling to TURKEY  ..who re routes to Russia     hehe

I didnt think China  had enough to export ,so I investigated  !

portugeezer here is the booking footage of her dui.

Posted by WANKA @ 14:05 on August 16, 2014  



Posted by Mr.GoldBug @ 13:59 on August 16, 2014  

For those of us, who invest in Precious Metals and PM stocks


Remember this;… “It is always the Darkest before the dawn”

GoldMiners CLOSE up

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:57 on August 16, 2014  

Gold Miners still rising

GoldMiners Vs Dow

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:48 on August 16, 2014  

GoldMiners Vs DowGoldMiners is thin Line,going sideways within a Range Dow is BOLD line  overlay

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