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Memory Lane, Globalization Post From 7/15/02

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:20 on September 4, 2014  

The situation, the way I see it, (if you are interested) #2 (FlyFish)
(Larry510) Jul 26, 18:08
On the northeast coast of the U.S. on occasion, we hear of a large storm, or hurricane, coming up from the tropics. It’s a slow moving storm, it’s a thousand miles away, the tides, wind and surf are already above normal, and it won’t be here for another week.

Naturally, when it gets here, (the calamity) it’s going to get a lot worse and hang around longer than normal. (FlyFish) It would not hurt to be liquid and mobile. In New York City there is the HSBC bank, they sell gold bullion, all you want, various forms.

You can open a money market account, and if the stuff starts hitting the fan, you can run down there as early as possible and withdraw gold, no waiting for a check to clear, and you won’t get better prices. If want to buy with cash, they say $2,500 per day max, but you can probably get around that.

Globalization Impact
(coffconn) Jul 26, 18:27
Larry510 I like the way you see it and agree. Anyone who has studied systems theory. ie theory of open and closed systems would find the whole current scenario wholly predictable and unfortunately leading eventually to entropy as at the end of the day our earth is a closed system apart from energy input from our sun.

The key (cause) to all this is communications originally roads and boats that allowed trade, specialization in production and then mutual dependence as opposed to independence. We now have mutual interdependence and lack of independence on a global scale and worsening every year!!!!

If interested in looking at systems theory check out Open Systems by biologist von Bertalanffy or management texts of 25 years ago by Kast & Rosenzweig. Management- A systems approach which I used with students in those days and forecast what we now see around us!!!

while we are talking about it

Posted by aurum @ 22:06 on September 4, 2014  

and I have been thinking about it for too many years

and (sorry about the ad)




Posted by Auandag @ 21:52 on September 4, 2014  

Hey Joe Biden: Who’s “We,” White Man?

When you believe something, facts become inconvenient obstacles  –  Andy Hall, “God of oil trading,” who is betting huge against the oil shale fairytale (correctly,  in my view)

Apparently Joe Biden, in a preview of his bid to take over the White House in 2016 (I can’t think of a better criminal to take over the seat) gave a speech today in New Hampshire in which he warned ISIS that “we would follow them to the gates of hell”  (link with video).

To that I say, “go ahead Joe, pick up a rifle and put your own fucking boots on the ground in Iraq.”

The U.S. Government/Pentagon/CIA started the mess in Iraq, so let the people in those comfy offices sitting behind desks go clean it up themselves.   The inconvenient obstacle of truth is that, if in fact ISIS really is what the U.S. propagandists want us to believe it is, then it’s the biggest CIA/NSA/Dept of Defense of fuck up in the history of the country.    The NSA knows when Angela Merkel farts.  So they are telling me that they had no idea there was a large, nascent Islamic military organization that was well funded with $100′s of millions in banks all over the world and heavily armed with sophisticated weapons?

Someone is lying to us – and I have a feeling that the lies are coming from politicians bravely volunteering other peoples’ services to their bidding around the world.

I have my reasons to suspect ISIS is no bigger or badder than the “weapons of mass destruction” that Colin Powell promised us, and the world, that we would find in Iraq when the Bush Government invaded that country.   Hey Colin, you still looking for those weapons?  So far no one has been able to find them…let us know when you come up with something.

The truth is, the biggest weapons of mass destruction in the world are sitting in the political, strategy and military offices of Washington, DC.

The inconvenient obstacles of truth can be found in essays written by people like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:

My Ph.D. dissertation chairman, who became a high Pentagon official assigned to wind down the Vietnam war, in answer to my question about how Washington gets Europeans to always do what Washington wants replied: “Money, we give them money.” “Foreign aid?” I asked. “No, we give the European political leaders bagfuls of money. They are for sale, We bought them. They report to us.” Perhaps this explains Tony Blair’s $50 million fortune one year out of office.

If it’s too inconvenient, then don’t read the article that goes with that quote.  But if you want to understand what’s really going on, here’s the link:   Lies Our Leaders Tell Us.

Before you dismiss my view here, please recall that as soon as the U.S. overthrew Ukraine’s previous Government,  an energy company with Joe Biden’s son on the board was awarded a huge energy contract in Ukraine.   That may be an inconvenient obstacle of truth for most of you.  But I’m not part of Joe Biden’s “WE,” whom he is volunteering to follow the boogie man to some mythical place in the New Testament.   Go do it yourself, Joe – have fun.

Farmboy @ 22:15 on September 1, 2014

Posted by aurum @ 21:44 on September 4, 2014  

My daughter flew down from Chicago for the Holiday weekend.  I have a few number of valuable things some of which are not heavy.  You may recall my Spirit Box which I used for help in trading – maybe I need to ask those spirits again?  Anyway the point is I have many interesting things.

She told me:  “Dad, the only thing I insist upon having and please put it in your will – is your vinyl collection.  The rest I don’t care about.”

What is that you say about the apple and the tree?


ipso facto @ 10:56 re Philippines Senator files bill to ban mineral ore exports

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:25 on September 4, 2014  

Related post, I wrote this on 4/21/08:

Ecuador revokes 80% of mining concessions

“The country’s government, headed by President Rafael Correa, says it has taken the dramatic action to secure greater control of Ecuador’s natural resources and increase the amount of profit the mining sector contributes to the state.”

“Around 40 international mining companies operate in the country, contributing millions of dollars in investment to the mining economy.”

To me its another sign that Globalization, (the Titanic) is failing. It’s turning into, all hands abandon ship, and every man (country) for himself.

Lets face it. Businessmen used to get away with owning slaves. Woman at one time were not allowed to vote or drive a car.

To me it’s the same thing with global minded or global focused business people. They may be losing their ability to “get away” with things, that they used to get away with.

When global businessmen justify or brag, that investing in a foreign country, will benefit the locals, in reality, they are investing to profit, FAR more than the locals will. The ability of throwing them a bone is waning.

Unfortunately, for global players, the foreign country’s locals are learning, like slaves, woman and minorities, that they want more, and don’t want to be taken advantage of anymore.

Scruffy @17:26

Posted by commish @ 21:12 on September 4, 2014  



Posted by aurum @ 20:56 on September 4, 2014  

The few pm’s I had were mostly stopped out – yes I know I set my stops close and yes I know the 50 fib held today on GDXJ so I may well be wrong to be so cautious.  Still when I trade/invest and do well I increase my account funding – when I have struggled as this year I cut it.  Pretty soon I will have less trading/investing money than I used to use in poker night.  In the 20 years or so I have been doing this I have had one or two losing years and one was a big loss.  This year I am probably about flat and maybe I should let the year close out that way.

Anyway Barney and I went over to our favorite outdoor pub and he had his usual meatball dinner.  The sunset from there tonight was great.  I took photos of the outdoor seating but as there are friends in the photos I am reluctant to post.  Will get a photo next time of the seating area.





Louise Yamada today on King World on G&S

Posted by Richard640 @ 20:47 on September 4, 2014  


Scruffy @ 20:18 LOLOL

Posted by Farmboy @ 20:26 on September 4, 2014  


Something for everybody!

Posted by Scruffy @ 20:18 on September 4, 2014  

Ohio State’s Urban Meyer on one of his players: “He doesn’t know the meaning of the word fear. In fact, I just saw his grades and he doesn’t know the meaning of a lot of words.”


Why do Tennessee fans wear orange?

So they can dress that way for the game on Saturday, go hunting on Sunday, and pick up trash on Monday.

What does the average Alabama player get on his SATs?


How many Georgia Tech freshmen football players does it take to change a light bulb?

None. That’s a sophomore course.

How did the Georgia football player die from drinking milk?

The cow fell on him.

Two West Virginia football players were walking in the woods.

One of them said, “Look, a dead bird.”

The other looked up in the sky and said, “Where?”

A University of Colorado football player was almost killed yesterday in a tragic horseback-riding accident.

He fell from a horse and was nearly trampled to death.

Luckily, the manager of the Wal-Mart came out and unplugged the horse.


What do you say to a University of Miami Hurricane football player dressed in a three-piece suit? ”

“Will the defendant please rise.”

If three Florida State football players are in the same car, who is driving?

The police officer.

How can you tell if an Auburn football player has a girlfriend?

There’s tobacco juice on both sides of the pickup truck.

What do you get when you put 32 Arkansas cheerleaders in one room?

A full set of teeth.

University of Michigan Coach Brady Hoke is only going to dress half of his players for the game this week; the other half will have to dress themselves.

How is the Wyoming football team like an opossum?

They play dead at home and get killed on the road.

Why did the Nebraska linebacker steal a police car?

He saw “911” on the side and thought it was a Porsche.

How do you get a former Illinois football player off your porch?

Pay him for the pizza.

What are the longest three years of a University of Florida football player’s life?

Freshman I, Freshman II, and Freshman III.

Re Slain American: “These Acts Unite Us” “Global Effort To Thwart Recruitments Of Militants” “L.I. Reps Back Strong Reply”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 20:03 on September 4, 2014  

Front Page local paper today> “Cops Probe killing Of Pregnant Woman”….”GANG REVENGE” “They suspect she was targeted by MS-13 Gang Member as an informer sources say.

Why is TPTB putting words in our mouths regarding the decades long growing problem in the Middle East? The problems for Americans are right here. These dirt bag gangs, and their drive by shootings.

That poor girl was sitting in her car in the driveway and some SLIME BAG pumped 6 rounds into her. And it could have been mistaken identity too. One time I heard a girl gang member, for MS-13 club initiation, went and knifed a wrong girl in a shopping mall because she had a red shirt on.

Its time for Americans to focus on more local killings and forget totally about the M/E until we clean house of scum right here.

Now their using Religion as a excuse

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:30 on September 4, 2014  

Same religion that they claim insults Muslims this is too funny. Kerry says the bible says we should protect the Islamic states from global warming. Where? Lol show me where the bible talks about the global warming. Is that under false profits?


The Doublespeak Dictionary

Posted by silverngold @ 18:23 on September 4, 2014  

On The Corbett Report



Posted by goldielocks @ 17:44 on September 4, 2014  

I think they need another committee. We need another a lot of things. Keep these articles then when the kid next door talks about joining the service show them to him. Ask him if he really wants to risk his life for these idiots when it’s not going to make any difference for anyone else either? With the constitution under attack what’s to defend, these guys? They and their peace prize is a joke.

This is interesting. Who’da tunk?!?

Posted by Scruffy @ 17:26 on September 4, 2014  

Thorbjorn Jagland, chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, said today that President Obama “really ought to consider” returning his Nobel Peace Prize Medal immediately, including the “really nice” case it came in.

Jagland, flanked by the other four members of the Committee, said they’d never before asked for the return of a Peace Prize, “even from a damnable war-criminal like Kissinger,” but that the 10% drawdown in US troops in Afghanistan the President announced last week capped a period of “non-Peace-Prize-winner-type behavior” in 2011.  “Guantanamo’s still open. There’s bombing Libya. There’s blowing bin Laden away rather than putting him on trial. Now a few US troops go home, but the US will be occupying Afghanistan until 2014 and beyond. Don’t even get me started on Yemen!”

The Committee awarded Obama the coveted prize in 2009 after he made a series of speeches in the first months of his presidency, which convinced the Peace Prize Committee that he was: “creating a new climate of…multilateral diplomacy…an emphasis on the role of the United Nations…of dialogue and negotiations as instruments for resolving international conflicts…and a vision of world free of nuclear arms.”

“Boy oh boy!” added Jagland. “Did we regret that press release!”

Thorbjorn Jagland and members of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee celebrate Norway's annual aquavit-tasting festival

But, he revealed the committee members were all “legless drunk” the day they voted, as it was the start of Norway’s annual aquavit-tasting festival. The “totally toasted” members listened over and over to replays of Obama’s Cairo speech, tearing up and drinking shots to the glorious future: a black man leading America and the world into a new era of peace, hope and goodwill. “For a few hours we were all 18 year-old students again at the beautiful, occasionally sunny University of Bergen! Oh, how we cried for joy!”

The chairman said the committee weren’t “going to be pills” about getting the Prize back because they still “basically really liked” Mr. Obama and that sending it back in a plain package by regular mail would fine if it would save him the embarrassment of a public return. But added Jagland, “things could get nasty” if the committee didn’t see it by the time they announce the new Peace Prize winner in the fall. He and the committee then excused themselves to resume their celebration of Norway’s annual aquavit-tasting festival.

The White House had no comment. It later announced an aggressive new covert CIA initiative to identify and apprehend Al Qaeda operatives in Scandinavia.


Comment: Yep! That is the picture that accompanied the article. And to think, the Nobel Prize used to have a certain amount of respect.

Joan Rivers

Posted by newtogold @ 17:15 on September 4, 2014  

May she RIP. Another comic gone. Put things into perspective when I heard about  Robin Williams and now Joan dying. Make each day count even on a dismal G&S day!



the russian myth

Posted by ment17 @ 16:34 on September 4, 2014  

and the frentic posts about Russia invading all B.S.

Obama is a Liar. Fake NATO Evidence. OSCE Confirms that No Russian Troops, No Tanks, have Crossed the Russia-Ukraine Border

Can’t see this doing any good for their economy less their bankers

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:32 on September 4, 2014  

Ecuador has announced it will begin to circulate electronic currency created by its central bank in December. This is the way of the future. They often take a country like this for the test case. Ecuador will begin the process and we will see it swing to the USA and Europe during the decline in the ECM after 2015.75. This is the way to the future.

Ecuador’s currency is effectively the US dollar. Ecuador is planning to take the first step toward abandoning the country’s existing currency, the U.S. dollar as people perceive the action. But this is a trial run for the USA since it will be a digital replacement that is going to emerge as a new electronic currency. Armstrong


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:54 on September 4, 2014  

Ps Same for prices in things we buy. Especially since not even made here. When I saw some of those prices for those little black dresses going for as high as 300 I think I’m glad I can sew and just zip one up even without a machine if I wasn’t one.  Now if I can learn to make shoes. Men can be just as creative with other things. People can throw a monkey wrench in their service job economy make things themselves and put made in USA on it. Same for those they hire. California a different subject. Pretty soon these idiots will have it succeeded from USA all together just for votes.

Trader Dan today on the Euro-$-gold

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:38 on September 4, 2014  



That is why one must view the chart to gauge which view will dominate. If Eurogold takes out the psychological and technical resistance level of 1000, then maybe we have something. For now, it is range bound.

The USDX has gained 5.5% since early May of this year and is currently working back to the top side of a more than two year long range trade. There is some light resistance near 84 with more formidable resistance near 85. If the Dollar breaks through both levels, one would have to say that a run to 88-89 is not out of the question.

The Daily chart shows a powerful uptrend underway. Simply put, it has become a matter of dueling economic performances. Traders are looking at the relative performance of the various nations/zones whose currencies comprise the USDX and compared those to that of the US and are voting in favor of the US.

This strength in the Dollar also tends to depress commodity prices in general. One thing that concerns me is that we are getting a surge higher in the Dollar at exactly the same time we are getting more and more confirmation of a bumper corn and bean crop. As a rising Dollar makes US grain/beans more expensive on the global market against our competition, prices may have to take into account the higher Dollar. Translation – foreign buyers of US grain may be waiting for prices to fall yet further than they otherwise would have to help offset the stronger greenback.

One last thing- this rise in the US Dollar is not going to make it any easier for gold to rise in price. In foreign currency terms, gold is doing okay, especially Eurogold but as said before here many times, it is geopolitical events supporting the metal.

As far as Europeans are concerned, an interest rate environment such as the ECB is creating, is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, it lowers the opportunity cost of holding gold since bonds there pay next to nothing and thus incentivizes ownership of gold. On the other hand, the stronger Dollar ( via weaker Euro) raises the price of the metal and thus makes it more expensive to buy and own.






Posted by goldielocks @ 15:28 on September 4, 2014  

I look at it different. They could just raise prices  like everyone else but are making a (statement) and perhaps others should follow but will probably stand back. Only bad thing is that it makes the workers the target. Target should be these insurance companies as well as healthcare costs including pharmacies out of sight prices. I like Farmboys option though, if you didn’t vote for it shouldn’t have to pay for it. People should have their say including other things like war taxes, politicians raise taxes they didn’t vote for either.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:20 on September 4, 2014  

If no serious injury to discs involved go to a chropractor maybe with a heat message table. I got hit by a car once and pain pills not much help hot cold only temp and wouldn’t help me sleep. I went there he put me in a table with a heat massage roller thing. After a few of those and I was cured when all doctor could do was prescribe pills. Some things were thrown out of place via X-ray  but major reason for stopping the pain with his work was that massager thing. If he wasn’t across town Id use him after some work days. But that was my case not yours.instead of just suffering you should get it checked out of don’t go away pretty soon.

goldielocks @ 14:27

Posted by Floridagold @ 15:13 on September 4, 2014  

I firmly believe that companies are increasing prices to take care of Obamacare and other regulations.  We all knew it when it was passed – we are SCREWED.   While I might not like that – it is what it is and I don’t  really see the line item increase.

NOW, if you are a business that wants to rub my nose in it and make ME openly pay for it with a 3% charge on the check for workers healthcare – well – it ain’t gonna happen.  And I ain’t every coming back and I am going to tell all my friends that your resturant sucks and not to go there.    just saying……………………. 🙂

privacy – what is that?

Posted by Floridagold @ 14:57 on September 4, 2014  

The information Google doesn’t want you to organize: Column

Once the fact was out, the internet giant tried to get a judge to help them hide it again.

Back in February, in a San Jose courtroom, abombshell was dropped that could have been erased from the public record.

It turns out that Google, which bases its business on collecting and analyzing huge reams of data for advertising purposes, has been scanning users’ emails even before users have a chance to open or read them, including email messages that are deleted without being opened. Google knows what’s in your email before you do.

The revelation came in a now-settled legal dispute over Google’s Gmail service. Dozens of the nation’s largest newspapers and media companies fought to make sure that the case — and its wide-ranging implications for Internet users — received a full public airing. It has been an unfolding drama ever since, affecting what analysts estimate are 500 million Gmail users worldwide.

Google tried, and failed, to redact information about its email scanning process from a transcript of a public court hearing. Last month, the judge in the case ruled that portions of the transcript from that February hearing could not be redacted retroactively, since that would be tantamount to closing a public courtroom.

The company’s attempt — akin to putting toothpaste back into a tube — was a reversal of its previous position in the lawsuit, a pledge that there would be a “fully public airing of the issues raised by plaintiffs’ motion for class certification.” The NSA recently used the very same tactic when it tried to secretly delete portions of a public court transcript in a lawsuit filed against its surveillance practices.

As a result, we now know much more about how Google collects personal information from users of Gmail and Google Apps and, in this case, how it plugged a critical gap in its data mining operation to sweep up even more of your information.

Here’s what happened:

Back in 2010, Google was facing a vexing problem. It was losing out on a treasure trove of personal information from millions of Gmail users who were slipping through its chief analytical tool, known as “Content OneBox.” Anytime they accessed their email through Outlook or on their iPhone, Google’s data machine wasn’t there to capture it all. So it needed a way to sidestep the problem.

Within a matter of months, the company shrewdly moved the Content OneBox from Gmail’s storage area to the “delivery pipeline” — meaning that it could now scan messages before they were received. As the plaintiffs explained:

“Google made a choice. They said, you know what, when people are accessing emails by an iPhone, we are not able to get their information. When people aren’t opening their emails or they are deleting them, we are not able to get their information. When people are using Google Apps accounts where ads are disabled, we are not able to get that information. When people are accessing Gmail through some other email provider, we are not able to get that information. So what they did is they took a device that was in existence already and operating just fine back in the storage area, and they moved it to the delivery pipeline.”

This move has sweeping consequences, as Chris Hoofnagle, director of privacy programs at Berkeley’s Center for Law & Technology, has described:

“Hiding ads while analyzing data takes advantage of a key deficit users have around internet services: users only perceive profiling if they receive ads. The content one box infrastructure would allow Google to understand the meaning of all of our communications: the identities of the people with whom we collaborate, the compounds of drugs we are testing, the next big thing we are inventing, etc. Imagine the creative product of all of Berkeley combined, scanned by a single company’s ‘free’ email system.”

Google’s stated goal is to “organize the world’s information,” but they fought to avoid disclosing how and why they’ve done it. Now we know.

Thomas R. Burke and Jonathan Segal of Davis Wright Tremaine represented media companies, including the corporate parent of USA Today, Gannett Co. Inc, in the Google Gmail litigation.

on a day like today – you gotta watch this

Posted by Floridagold @ 14:50 on September 4, 2014  

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