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Environment, String From Dec 2003

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 23:03 on October 5, 2014  

Mr.Copper: future generations.
(bike_on_the_dike) Dec 08, 14:58
I find it amazing that we are (probably) very near the end of the Oil age (as we know it), now that the greenhouse effect is, according to many scientists, becoming a real and immediate threat. We need that oil crisis (if they are right, and I think they are right)! Because greenhouse gasses will never be voluntarily cut (confer the kyoto fiasco)
Especially in Europe because if the climate keeps warming up, the gulfstream will stop flowing (as it has done in the past) and we’ll get Alaska’s climate. The salinity of the water around Greenland is already dropping (because of melting ice & more rainfall on the continent).
If that continues, the (salty & therefore heavy) water there will stop dropping to the bottom and the ‘pump’ that attracts warm water (&therefore weather) from the south (Mexico) will come to a halt.

Bike re 14:58 Oil age
(Mr.Copper) Dec 08, 16:03
Now you’re really going to think I’m nuts, but I don’t buy the global warming thing.
I think we’re flattering ourselves thinking we can destroy the planet. Mother nature is in charge of that. This planet is huge. Ever take a 5 hour flight? Remember the ice age? One huge volcanic eruption, or large meteor and we’re toast.
I like nuclear energy too. I think we should power cars with it. šŸ™‚
Sometimes I think of these scientists like a bunch Ted Kaczynski’sā€™ who simply reject progress, and use a bicycle, and expect everyone else to do the same. Or they are socialist financial planners, who want to redistribute wealth. Note the Kyoto thing? I saw it as making us produce less, so third world countries, exempt, could produce more.
If they really wanted to curb air pollution, they should have curbed globalization, which is bringing progress/cars etc to many places where it never was.
If the info we have received, about the environment, came from the cabal media, or a cabal educated/paid scientist, we have to be suspicious, think out of the box and read between the lines.
Please don’t be mad at me. Just saying what I think. šŸ™‚

(Maddog) Dec 08, 16:07
When the enviro’s can control the Sun, they may control the environement, until then…..

Mr cooper.. dead on about warming/
(ment17) Dec 08, 16:13
It the globe is warming it is not because of mans puny efforts’
We would not be able to stop it.
If it is getting cooler it is not because of man
We would not be able to stop it.
Please it is as phony as the Keynesian dollar and comes out of that same intellectual pile of manure, which of course keeps the barn warm, but then grows the flowers that keep us so cool.
mr.copper 16:03—can’t agree more imho

(WANKA) Dec 08, 16:23
The “global warming” routine has been effectively ‘de-bunked’ but the eco feeders at the public trough [having a large financial personal interest= special interest= more grant money etc etc etc] need to keep the routine alive at all costs. a rip-off world it is in many ways…
part of our ‘pork’ waste problem. And I of course find nothing wrong with responsible environmentalism.
Just a taste of the de-bunking
What tends to be accomplished by this eco pork is further debasing of the dollar and further upward rise in gold prices, not only for speculation but also for protection…
gtv500 mr c

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