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Scary world

Posted by Maddog @ 16:10 on October 10, 2014  

I have never seen such a scary scenario as we close the week…..Baghdad about to fall and Ebola potentially running rampant. The SM is an accident waiting to happen.

We could see monster panic fund liquidation on  Monday and the funds are all short PM’s.

Stay safe folks.



This week on Wall St.

Posted by commish @ 15:56 on October 10, 2014  



Posted by Buygold @ 15:56 on October 10, 2014  

samb – I think you may hit it out of the park and are right about the bottom being in. Hope you’re right. The boyz are working hard to convince us that everything pm will trade down with the SM. I don’t buy it. We’ll see what the Chinese have to say about pm’s next week.

SM is in serious trouble. Something wicked this way comes.

BTW – pm shares are making Norcini look like a fool.

COT Report – pretty neutral but doesn’t include Wednesdays action.




I want you to view this excellent GDXJ video tech talk-and do it right now–TIA

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:42 on October 10, 2014  


Adam Hamilton on the $

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:34 on October 10, 2014  

But the mighty US dollar has moved up too far too fast, it is super-overbought. Such anomalously sharp rallies quickly ramp greed and euphoria, which soon burn themselves out. Exciting widely-watched jumps to major highs suck in all willing and available capital, pulling future buying forward. That leaves nothing but sellers, resulting in sharp corrections that usually completely unwind the preceding fast rallies.

This first chart reveals that critical dollar-trading symmetry, fast moves up are nearly always followed by fast moves down. And the recent sharp dollar surge looks big even in longer-term context. The USDX just catapulted up to a 51.8-month high, levels not seen since soon after 2008’s once-in-a-lifetime stock panic. Incidentally that crazy event sparked the biggest and fastest USDX rally ever witnessed, on safe-haven buying.

There was major downside risk because any economic data or stock-market weakness that started to be perceived as staying the Fed’s hand on rate hikes could lead to fast selling of the crowded dollar long positions. Not to mention fast covering of the extreme euro and yen futures shorts, which would also hammer the dollar. And that’s what happened this week, the overbought dollar started collapsing fast.

The bottom line is the US dollar is super-overbought. Wall Street has always had a perpetually-bullish bias on the dollar, so mainstream traders were eager to pile on as it rallied sharply in recent months. A combination of ECB decisions hitting the euro, US stock-market selloffs, and hopes of the Fed starting to hike rates sooner rather than later catapulted the US Dollar Index up for a record 12 weeks in a row.

But such sharp dollar rallies to overbought levels, especially within the dollar’s secular bear when its supply-and-demand fundamentals remain very negative, soon crumble. The dollar falls as fast and far as it rose, reversing all the peripheral trades that suffered during the dollar’s rally. So sell the US dollar high when everyone loves it, and buy euros, yen, oil, and gold while they are still low before they rebound.


Adam Hamilton, CPA

October 10, 2014

December comex

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 14:44 on October 10, 2014  

if we close here, gold will put in an outside week up on the weekly chart. The daily chart has some very small moving average crossovers and is above all the short term moving averages. A strong Monday would confirm a rally is started. The usdx and debt markets may be at risk next week.



DEER 79–it might be prudent-and decent risk/reward-to pick up a bit of crude and gold coverage in some form before the close today-especially

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:42 on October 10, 2014  

[DYOD–DYOD]–since that nagging fear of waking up to gold down $50–a la april 2013–has been somewhat mitigated for now by the 3rd test of the 1180 area=

If ISIS has indeed arrived, it is likely that things will rapidly move from here, as Baghdad contains numerous ISIS sleeper cells that carry out almost daily bombings and assassinations.

An Iraqi officer told CBS News that the airstrikes are helping to clear an ISIS-free buffer zone around the city, where there are Iraqi boots on the ground. In fact, there are 60,000 men assigned to defend the capital, and CBS News correspondent David Martin reports that there are 12 teams of American advisers deployed with the Iraqi brigades.

LOL “advisers.” The same advisers who estimate that the Iraqi army will fight for the capital and there is no real concern that Baghdad is in imminent danger. Alas, any bets that the Iraq army can do anything do oppose ISIS can only generate deep laughter: “as at least three major Iraqi military debacles have shown over the past five months — the most stunning being the quick fall of Mosul in the north — the army is plagued with problems of poor leadership and endemic corruption that undermine their effectiveness as a fighting force.”
As Martin reported from the Pentagon on Thursday, due to the relatively poor performance of the Iraqi troops west of Baghdad, the airstrikes are having a limited impact.

For those who have lost the plot line by this point, here is a summary: the US is blaming the army that the US spent billions to equip and tradin for being unable to defend against a jihadist force that the US spent billions to equip and train.
Meanwhile, the US is closer and closer to losing the laughable “adivser” moniker, and calling the local boots on the ground for what they are. It got that much closer to doing that over the weekend when the US used Apache attack helicopters — for the first time in the fight against ISIS — in Anbar province on Sunday.

Last week, the fighting in Anbar verged on a rout of the Iraqi army, Martin reports. In the past few days the ISIS offensive has slowed, but analysts aren’t sure if that’s because ISIS is overextended or are simply taking an “operational pause” while they reposition for the resumption of the offensive. Judging by the sudden renaissance of oil, at least it is clear what crude traders are thinking right about now.


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:28 on October 10, 2014  

There’s a lot to be said for his views …

ZH just posted this

Posted by deer79 @ 14:25 on October 10, 2014  

While the western world couldn’t care less about the fate of some backwater town on the border between Syria and Turkey, it certainly cares about what happens to the Iraqi oilfields located south of Baghdad (which serve to determine the marginal price of oil around the world). Well, the world may not care, but crude traders certainly do, and the reason why oil appears to be rising in recent trade is due to news that ISIS militants have infiltrated one of Baghdad’s outer suburbs, Abu Ghraib which is only eight miles from the runway perimeter of Baghdad’s international airport.



If this is true, type disconnect between the movements in Oil and Gold is worth watching………


Posted by Maddog @ 14:15 on October 10, 2014  

Tks for those figures.


So based off the fact that many commodities are at or below production costs, the scum have about run out of their deflation gains, as although Oil is dropping we all know such falls are rarely if ever passed on.

Therefore we should see prices and inflation pick up, as the printing continues.



IPSO-I liked this from the Armstrong

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:05 on October 10, 2014  

Socialism has even changed the historic bounds of family. You had 4 to 6 kids for that was your retirement. The kids knew they had the responsibility of taking care of their parents. Today – that’s government’s job. Everything has been changed to depend upon government that never tells the truth and they will defend to the very last drop of your blood.

Marriages were ARRANGED! The age difference was typically 25% during the 19th century. To sell movies, Hollywood turned lust into love at first sight. They painted the image of happily-ever-after. I spoke with film makers and they all said people did not want to leave a movie feeling depressed. They glorified marriage and set unrealistic standards. Consequently, the age difference collapsed and the divorce rate rose to 60%+ because of unrealistic expectations.
Pensions began as the marriage contract. The man had to first establish himself and then propose. The Dowry was all about ensuring the wife would be secure – the pension. It was not about “love at first sight” yet according to things like Match.COM, 70% of people dating expect love-at-first-sight. So many people have the wrong expectation of marriage and are thus doomed from the start.

Even the Black family was stronger than the white family before welfare. When you paid women not to be married and to have children, you change the family structure. Socialism has significantly altered the behavior of every race all based upon expectations of government.
Free food changes behavior be it people or animals. Being compassionate is to be human. To give a man a free fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and your feed him for a lifetime. Government adopted the first strategy to create dependency upon the political system.

They tell you do not feed the bears in Yellowstone National Park because they then look for free food and no longer hunt. Humans are no different. What happens when government collapses and people are totally unprepared because they never thought government collapses?

Martin Armstrong Warns “A Mad Max Event Is Possible”

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:59 on October 10, 2014  



Posted by ipso facto @ 12:54 on October 10, 2014  

“break thru the last cycle high @ $1340”

Sounds good to me. The action lately has seemed like changes are in the air.

I have a few SLV calls I’m hoping pan out.


Posted by Samb @ 12:51 on October 10, 2014  

I think that the bottom was in as of last Friday. Doubled up on my call options yesterday. My real concern is as too how high Gold will go until this up cycle is capped. We need to break thru the last cycle high @ $1340.

Chinese gold buying picks up after holiday; Indian premiums rise

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:46 on October 10, 2014  


What a nice turn in our fortunes today!

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:37 on October 10, 2014  

Thanks I needed that! 🙂


Posted by Floridagold @ 10:41 on October 10, 2014  


The DOW is up 5 pts and the Trannies down 91-conclusion-the DOW drops today

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:16 on October 10, 2014  

but it is o.s. so it may work that off by going across the pages…the Boyz are desperately trying to start a short squeeze…is the magic gone?

Don’t hold your breath

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:11 on October 10, 2014  

Exxon owed $1.6bn by Venezuela for 2007 nationalisation

Venezuela must pay oil giant Exxon Mobil $1.6bn (£1bn) in compensation for expropriated assets, an international arbitration tribunal has decided.

Exxon had claimed up to $16.6bn over the nationalisation of its Cerro Negro Project and other losses in 2007.

Venezuela has not said whether it will appeal. But the foreign minister said the decision was “reasonable”.

The ruling was made by the World Bank’s International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID).

It is a blow to Venezuela which is struggling with a shortage of foreign currency, inflation and a stagnating economy.

more http://www.bbc.com/news/business-29561345

Now, kiddies, I will sing u a lullaby…

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:03 on October 10, 2014  

An unexpected precipitating event like a black swan event in this uncertain environment will push gold and silver up with a quantum leap with gold leading

The geopolitical and economic environment in the last few months was in my view the calm before the storm. All the economic issues both in Europe and the US and all the geopolitical conflicts I mentioned above, or a combination of them have the potential to degenerate “unexpectedly”. Both the economic and political environments are uncertain and will surprise the complacent markets.

More and more the current environment reminds me of the Citigroup president’s statement to the Financial Times before the 2008 crisis. CEO Chuck Prince made clear that he was aware of the risks his company was taking but said “When the music stops, in terms of liquidity, things will be complicated. But as long as the music is playing, you’ve got to get up and dance. We’re still dancing,”

An unexpected precipitating event like a black swan event in this uncertain environment will push gold and silver up with a quantum leap with gold leading


Posted by ipso facto @ 10:01 on October 10, 2014  

That would be great if regime change in NK led to Korea being reunited … but I’m not holding my breath, lots of embedded interests who benefit from the status quo.

Ipso-re: Kim–he should be taken to a place

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:55 on October 10, 2014  

of execution-he should be hanged by the neck but taken down alive–he should have his privy parts removed–then his entrails-drawn and quartered-and have his head displayed on a pike….I think that oughta do it….on the other hand nothing should have happened to saddam hussein–or el assad–it takes strong men–like Tito–to keep the various tribes and nationalities form killing each other….so much for 2000 yrs of civilization

Typical inexplicable movement in gold again just now-as the stock mkt opened gold dropped a

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:49 on October 10, 2014  

quick 5 bucks….yet jnug rallied off the low….past few days on a 5 $ drop, JNUG would sell off a quick 10%-12% or more….plus the $ is up and euro down

Good riddance

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:48 on October 10, 2014  

Kim absence at major event raises health questions

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — For the first time in three years, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un didn’t appear at a celebration of the anniversary of the founding of the ruling Workers’ Party on Friday, further increasing speculation that something is amiss with the authoritarian leader who hasn’t been seen publicly in more than a month.

North Korea’s propaganda machine conveyed the no-show to the world in its typical murky and indirect fashion — a state media dispatch that excluded Kim’s name from a list of senior government, military and party officials who paid their respects at an event marking the party’s 69th anniversary. Indications that Kim remains firmly in power were evident, however. His name appeared on a flower basket placed before statues of his father and grandfather, both of whom also ruled North Korea, and an earlier dispatch said that the might of the party “is growing stronger under the seasoned guidance of Marshal Kim Jong Un.”

State media hasn’t shown Kim, who is thought to be 31, performing his customary public duties since he attended a concert Sept. 3. He had been walking with a limp and was more overweight than usual in images that aired before that. An official documentary from late last month described him as dealing with “discomfort,” which led to international speculation that he may be ill.


Richard640 @9:30 – On Soros

Posted by commish @ 9:45 on October 10, 2014  

He is the one who financed putting “you know who” in office. Whose  job I think is to destroy this once great nation.  I don’t think old George is worried about margin calls.

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