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Silverngold- my opinions and possible attacks don’t count

Posted by eeos @ 17:56 on November 5, 2014  

if you feel like I’m someone thats attacked you for past postings, let it slide. Sometimes I just like yell at people. Ha.

I do have a close friend that knows a victim’s family from Sandy Hook, and I’m not going to ask if it’s a made up story b/c that’d really peeve the heck out of him.

silver eagles sale

Posted by ment17 @ 17:50 on November 5, 2014  

so the mint sold out of silver eagles a piddling in the derivatives based silver fix … hardly a game changer but some small sampling of silver guys bought… close to bottom.. who the heck knows .. carry on

silverngold @ 17:13

Posted by Augirl @ 17:50 on November 5, 2014  


No I don’t have PMs issues but thanks for asking.

The Newtown slayings of 26 innocents has NOT been proven to be a hoax . The  exception being in the  kangaroo court of the internet where anything goes pretty much like the wild , wild west.

You continue to disrespect the dead and their families . That is a fact.

And if there is any karma or justice in this world it will be that one day you will be brought to an auditorium filled with all the family and friends of those murdered that you accuse of being  mere actors and hoaxers.

Then may they all rest in peace.









Posted by redneckokie1 @ 17:41 on November 5, 2014  

Seems I’m always too early to jump into markets. I now wait for 4 moving average crossovers. The gold and silver averages were moving sideways in what I thought was going to be a crossover. The Santa claus rally in the stock market has me a little gun shy so I am still waiting on a pm buy.

“”The pioneers always get the arrow collection!” Don’t be too early!

Louisiana state runoff

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:29 on November 5, 2014  

Can be sure Obama will make an appearance.


Augirl @ 15:33

Posted by silverngold @ 17:13 on November 5, 2014  

You said:

“Either you are the most naive, gullible person alive  or you have some sort of weird sicko agenda.”

This is at least the second time you have personally attacked me for my opinion. Probably the third. My inclination is to inquire if you have PMS issues and that is the reason why you go on these attacks, but that is none of my business so I won’t ask. I will admit that the author of that video was very irate and over the top with some of his statements but, like me, he could not see how anybody that didn’t need a seeing eye dog could watch that amateur acting and actually believe it was a real incident and not a staged event.

I agree it was pieced together from various sources but that is because there were various sources filming the production so they had to be put together for his video.

If the Honor Guard was actually killed I am in full sympathy with his widow and children, but such scenes as the fake CPR footage Leeds me to believe it was a very poorly orchestrated HOAX, just as the Sandy Hook School incident has been proven to be a HOAX.

Anyway, I hope you are feeling better and I wish you all the best.       Silverngold



eeos certain things touch a nerve my friend

Posted by WANKA @ 17:09 on November 5, 2014  

and infantile ‘gang up’ type cheerleading sucks in this instance. I rest my case. 🙂 wj

buygold 16:35 now that TCG

Posted by WANKA @ 17:01 on November 5, 2014  

has popped up its for sure a bottom now. he always shows up at bottoms and proclaims its going down to a much lower price. i’ll take the bottom here for 100 alex!

as for the obolo I agree. but its my new years wish anyway.

and as my good friend rossanna roseannadana says! “it can happen”

Roseanne_Roseannadanna wj

I love it when Wanka (deserving so)

Posted by eeos @ 17:00 on November 5, 2014  

takes his baseball cap and smacks people…cracks me up.

Buygold @ 16:35 on November 5, 2014

Posted by ment17 @ 16:57 on November 5, 2014  

hay…. buy gold another night to slam when the access market is slow .

just use paper no use the end consequence ….. no accounting for the paper slam just business as usual

hey north 15:57

Posted by WANKA @ 16:52 on November 5, 2014  

you never miss a chance at churning a pot do you. just like any coward who hides in the backround cheering on the fight. you’ve been so busy playing on fully’s ta site we haven’t seen hide nor hair of you in weeks then you pop in here to slap your two cents down on a very emotional and touchy subject. shows your distain for the oasis and your underlying desire for turmoil in your attempts at ‘cheerleading’.

your such a freakin cowardly bastard aren’t you!  wankajohn. wj


Posted by Buygold @ 16:35 on November 5, 2014  

Another bottom? We’ve been at a bottom for what a year now? The paper kings will take it as low as they want, probably until they take most miners out of business.

There will not be a bottom until someone has the balls to back their currency with pm’s. That could be decades.

Glad to hear TCG is calling for $800.

Fiat rules.

As for Republicrats impeaching Obola, it will never happen. They are too scared, always too scared about the next election. Besides Obola is their bankster buddies chosen one. Will never happen, ever.


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:32 on November 5, 2014  

So sad so many young people being killed over this if anything is bogus is this war. If this were the 60s people would be storming the whitehouse jobs or no jobs threats or no threats.  I remember the picture of his dogs looking for Nathan and was a little perturbed that they in want of a story would invade the privacy of his family to morn in peace probably waiting for them to come out and  expose the child to the possibility of any inappropriate questions. Also perturbed that they didn’t allow him to be armed to protect himself from something like that making him a sitting duck over any unhappiness with goveremts by anyone without even having a chance.  If anything people should be donating to the family and find good homes for the dogs if need be.

Some things never change

Posted by commish @ 16:14 on November 5, 2014  

The coin guy (TCG) is calling for Gold 700-800 dollars.



buygold i think possibly we have seen the bottom at the 15 marker

Posted by WANKA @ 16:06 on November 5, 2014  

as for the republicrat senate and house especially I think its prime time and high time too to impeach that son of a bitch occupying the beige rug house as an illegal alien on his fraudulent birth certificate and hold null and void all bills and orders signed by him these last 6 years. after the nation sees what a joke this Manchurian candidate is then throw his bandy ass in a cage for as long as the sentencing rules allow.

that’s my new years wish for the nation!  toon2ltoon2oo wj


DOW close 100 points up

Posted by commish @ 16:04 on November 5, 2014  


Wolanchuk today=gold and silver… 5 waves down appears to be completing today or this week

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:02 on November 5, 2014  

Augirl 15:33

Posted by North @ 15:57 on November 5, 2014  

Right on! You tell it like it is.

floridagold 14:59 it just came at me boss

Posted by WANKA @ 15:56 on November 5, 2014  

in a cloud of fog them reports hit me betwixt the eyes! and I said …hummmmmmmm  its happening….the shortage is about to hit and if so the 15 handle is the bottom. that’s my story and I’m stickin to it. :mrgreen:



Posted by Buygold @ 15:34 on November 5, 2014  

Monster box 500 silver eagles spot+$2.70

Still must be plenty of sellers. Premiums aren’t that high despite the US Mint being out.


Posted by silverngold @ 12:05 on November 5, 2014

Posted by Augirl @ 15:33 on November 5, 2014  
You said :
“I love it!! If that doesn’t prove it was another hoax I don’t know what does.What I wonder is why other posters seem to be so apathetic about this kind of criminal government activity?? ”

Absolute garbage  and this poster is outraged that you AGAIN besmirch the deaths of innocent people with your idiotic claptrap foolish nonsense . That spliced up piece of mishmash shite  that J6P posted@ 10:51 does
NOT IN ANY WAY prove that the murder of Nathan Cirillo was as you say  ” another hoax” .

Either you are the most naive, gullible person alive  or you have some sort of weird sicko agenda.

Why don’t you just get up off you arse right now  , rise from the anonymity and safety of your computer screen  and go to Ontario and tell the mother , 5 year old son , girlfriend, siblings, family members, friends and all his armed forces comrades that Nathan’s murder was all a fake hoax .
And do report back on how that works out for you.


Posted by Buygold @ 15:22 on November 5, 2014  

and yet….silver continues to get smashed….and yet silver shares continue to get smashed even worse.

Paper silver and gold are the only thing that matters. God help the SGE when they’re out of phyzz, they won’t get it from the CME, they’ll get paper. There won’t be any revaluation unless the paper kings rule it so.

The nightmare continues until Putin or China actually back their currencies. Then and only then will the fireworks start.

But hey, in the mean time we have a Republicrat Congress that will vote for the banks just like the Demican Congress always did.

BTW – Obola just said immigration reform will come by executive order. It’s good to be an illegal in the US these days.

WANKA @ 14:53

Posted by Floridagold @ 14:59 on November 5, 2014  

YOU could have told us BEFORE you bought them ALL ! 🙂

The LAST Move Before Checkmate…

Posted by WANKA @ 14:58 on November 5, 2014  

When the Shanghai exchange runs dry out of silver, they will use the event as a legitimate checkmate excuse to revalue both silver and gold. 




Posted by WANKA @ 14:53 on November 5, 2014  

UPDATED 1:45 pm *Breaking Alert: US Mint SOLD OUT of Silver Eagles! 2 Million Coin Surplus Sold in Under 2 Hours!



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