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Rick Ackerman gives his roadmap

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:43 on November 11, 2014  

GCZ14 – December Gold (Last:1161.80)
November 11, 2014 9:58 p.m. EST

The rally will need some giddyup to escape gravity’s pull, since merely dawdling at these levels will only increase the risk of relapse below a major Hidden Pivot support at 1137.50. The support has been tested twice and done its job, but it seems unlikely to hold if it gets pummeled a third time. Bulls kept the futures out of trouble yesterday nonetheless, energizing a $27 rally that offered subscribers a low-risk opportunity to get long. I’d suggested doing so if 1158.90 was touched, which occurred during the regular session at around noon. Even though we were using an 1195.00 target, I had also warned traders to take a profit at 1171.00, a ‘midpoint pivot’ associated with the target. This proved to be good advice, since the futures pulled back (so far) by $12 after peaking at 1172.50.

Now bulls will need to forge higher, and soon. An obvious benchmark by which we can judge their success is the 1194.10 target shown (slightly revised from yesterday). But they’ll need to do slightly better than that, exceeding the ‘external’ peak at 1202.80 that I’ve labeled, in order to take charge. If this has not happened by Thursday night, however, a fall below 1137.50, with the implications noted above, will become an odds-on bet at week’s end.

Trader Dan-the foe of manipulation–makes the case for it when he complains about the soybean mkt today

Posted by Richard640 @ 21:53 on November 11, 2014  

Hedge funds computers have NOW BECOME THE MARKETS. That is the sad truth and based on the inaction and blasé attitude of exchange officials, it is never going to change. Maybe, in a few more years, after the computers have run all of the commercial interests and small specs out of the market, and all that is left is computers trading against other computers, some enterprising group of individuals will construct an exchange in which transparency and actual price discovery once again becomes the main focus of the exchange. Wouldn’t that be something?

Not any more – these enormous hedge funds ( way too large) swamp everything in sight whether they are coming into a market or exiting a market. They know nothing of finesse or skill – they simply rapid fire huge blocks of buys or sells into a market, regardless of its size in relation to the number of positions they either have on or wish to add, and obliterate anything that happens to be on the other side. That also includes COMMERCIALS, a growing number of which have had enough of the kind of carnage produced by these mindless machines and their owners and are moving more and more of their business to OTC markets, where they do not have to put up with this sort of thing.


[of course, he will say I misinterpreted this article]

Steve Leeb-for the umpteenth time–gold to da moon-[what I like about Leeb is that he was a stock bull all thru the 90s–and not a gold bug]

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:59 on November 11, 2014  

This Major Catalyst To Send Oil, Gold, & Silver Skyrocketing
Today an acclaimed money manager told King World News for the second week that we are very close to seeing one of the most dramatic reversals in any market in history in the gold, silver, and oil markets. Stephen Leeb also said that one of these key markets will be a stunning 70 to 90 percent higher in 12 months.

Eric King: “Stephen, last week you said we were close to one of the most dramatic reversals in history. Friday was a big up-day for gold. Yesterday and today we are seeing more volatility in the gold market. What are you focused on right now?”

Leeb: “Things are happening right now that no one would have ever believed. For instance, Russia is now going to war with Ukraine — doing whatever they want — and no one is even blinking an eye because everyone knows there is absolutely nothing the West can do to stop Russia….

“Also, and this is very interesting, Eric, Hungary is led by a man who really believes the West is bankrupt. And if you look at the Hungarian economy it is certainly outperforming the Germany economy, which is the best performing economy in Europe right now. And Hugary’s leader really believes that the way to the future is going to be through economies like China, Russia, and Singapore. These are economies in the East, not the West. As I said, he thinks the West is simply bankrupt.


Floridagold @ 19:01 on November 11, 2014

Posted by ment17 @ 19:36 on November 11, 2014  

another death on his hands… these guys destroy millions bombs missiles. I am sure one more death by an drunk auto accident no matter how painful is never a second of concern for the big boys.. presidents policy’s destroy the lives of many.. Keynesian economics is the source or war, starvation, poverty .. early death..

thanks for the article ,,

just another death on Obama’s hands

Posted by Floridagold @ 19:01 on November 11, 2014  

Illegal Immigrant Drunk Driver Hits And Kills 3-Year-Old Waiting For Ice Cream

An illegal immigrant driving drunk and without a license crashed through a fence Sunday, hitting and killing a 3-year-old girl as she was waiting in line for ice cream in Porterville, California.

Adolf Balbuena, 18, mowed down the toddler, Angeles Moreno, as she and several others, including an 8-year-old boy, were waiting line at an ice cream truck.

After hitting Moreno, Balbuena backed up and drove away. He was arrested at his home around an hour later,the Fresno Bee reported.

Initial reports did not state Balbuena’s immigration status, but KMPH reported on Tuesday that he is an illegal immigrant from Mexico. Though the local district attorney is handling the case, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will ultimately decide whether he will be tried in the U.S. or deported back to Mexico, the TV station reported.

Both the Fresno Bee and KMPH noted this was the third hit-and-run to have occurred in the San Joaquin Valley in the past few months.

The Obama administration has cut back on enforcing immigration laws against illegal immigrants with DUIs on their record.


Posted by Buygold @ 18:59 on November 11, 2014  

Wolfgang Halbig is the man. I have no idea what really went down in Sandy Hook but I think Wolfgang has a good grip on things and to him nothing smells right.

The question always becomes, what/why are they hiding information and threatening a former cop and educator? Why deny him information? Nothing has been hidden in Columbine – he was there. Nothing has been hidden in Seattle.

But this thing in Sandy Hook was a big, well controlled story, then disappeared. Why?

The MSM is totally controlled and and a willing accomplice to every major event – taking the gov’t information and running with it without so much as a peep or a questioning of facts.

It’s funny, around the world and especially in Europe they laugh at us. They laugh because they believe we are the most propagandized nation in the world. The sheep here in the US will believe anything. They are right.

Veterans Day

Posted by Maya @ 17:55 on November 11, 2014  

I’m a Vet… but I still had to work for my meals today.  I’m prouder to say that I’ve never taken a government paycheck EXCEPT those horrid years in the Army.  Been a private-sector producer/earner (and tax mule) ever since.

You’re welcome.



Posted by Samb @ 17:42 on November 11, 2014  

Ever hear of the saying that: Hell Hath no fury like a women scorned? How could you possibly shut them up? So, the funeral director comes home and tells his wife that Sandy is all a scam. Later she finds out that he is playing around with her best girlfriend. Want to try shutting her up? Or the local police Sargent or the county police or the State Police…so many wives and their friends, sisters and relatives in so many states.

silverngold — ahhh ok i got a little concerned

Posted by WANKA @ 17:41 on November 11, 2014  

the previous site now known as ta paradise. gotcha thanks. wj

WANKA @ 13:21

Posted by silverngold @ 17:09 on November 11, 2014  

Not here, off goldtent by FGC and Admin at the time it happened in December 2012 I think.

Samb….. How do you fool an entire country?? By owning the MSM, splashing the gruesome details all over the front page news stories, making everyone feel sorry for all the victims, especially the poor children. On a local level the school was isolated and had been closed for 4 years before the incident. Hire the close neighbors to participate in the drill and require they sign oaths to keep quiet. Pay off the actors and the local police who participated. If you start digging into this cesspool you will keep turning up more and more unbelievable info that makes a laughing stock of anyone who actually has fallen for this hoax. Every story leads to the conclusion it was nothing but a False Flag hoax to try to get the public behind gun control…..and the worst of it was that Obama actually played a part in it. What a effing loser that illegal imposter has turned out to be, but he has bought off 50 million Americans and their families with food stamps to keep them quiet while he rapes the country of it’s Constitutional rights.                  Silverngold

Eeos: Tiny Garden at my Dumpster by The Sea Shore

Posted by winedoc @ 17:02 on November 11, 2014  

Nice rock garden

I cut the sod out by hand and am prepping the soil.  Will get a load of topsoil and compost in the spring.


i could have hired a man with a mini excavator but sometimes hard labour is good for the soul

Mrs Winedoc wants to try some veggies next year, if the deer  and other critters don’t eat everything ……..

Well,  we will give it a try

Best Regards


walk it on

Posted by ment17 @ 16:59 on November 11, 2014  

as the screw turns down ,..the short covering…action earlier is now the shorts piling on again down we go lol

gold is the whipping boy of a corrupt financial system… protect fiat at all costs

here is a little start for anyone interested. start at 1:07 hour.

Posted by WANKA @ 16:59 on November 11, 2014  



Posted by ipso facto @ 16:53 on November 11, 2014  


samb i know its insane but

Posted by WANKA @ 16:49 on November 11, 2014  

way too many questions are left to spin in the breeze. a little research will show this was not what it was said to be. many “sealed” and “secret” files and alike. simply something stinks with this whole sandy hook ‘official’ position…..not unlike building 7 and the “official” position of the wtc demolition.
I for one do not believe anything anymore coming out of the government without solid and absolute proof which is lacking big time in both instances. perhaps my tinfoil hat needs a tune up? toon4i :mrgreen: best of cheers wj

nice winedoc

Posted by eeos @ 16:48 on November 11, 2014  

now you need to start on the rock garden concept….have a good evening!


Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Posted by winedoc @ 16:45 on November 11, 2014  

My daughter and I went to the cottage on Remembrance  Day.  We observed our Veterans at the cenotaph.  Then on to the sea shore on a warm sunny day.  She was studying for exams and I tried to till a new garden area until I ran into a 200 lb rock.

i was ready to give up ……

Used the jeep and got it out


I feel accomplished and when I got home noticed gold,are silver are up a little

So, I give thanks


Zerohedge wakes up to the TOTAL Rig

Posted by Maddog @ 16:38 on November 11, 2014  


This is the kind of action we see day in day out on the PM stockcloses.

silverngold — kicked off the tent?

Posted by WANKA @ 16:38 on November 11, 2014  

when were you kicked off here? I don’t remember you being bounced from here? please clarify. best wj
ps: I sure share your sentiments on this goober though.


Posted by Samb @ 16:22 on November 11, 2014  

One of you guys has to tell me how you can fool an entire town? Come on…

Posted by Floridagold @ 15:53 on November 11, 2014  

Smiley in Tinfoil Hat

WANKA @ 13:21 Sandy Hook

Posted by silverngold @ 15:35 on November 11, 2014  

It was obvious from the start but I have been called many names and even kicked off the tent for seeing it for what it was and calling it a hoax from the start. That POS impostor in the whitehouse even took part in the lie, trying to use it for gun control. That lie by itself ought to be enough to impeach that illegal BASTARD!!         Silverngold

newtogold….a ‘satire’ sight?????

Posted by WANKA @ 14:54 on November 11, 2014  

really????I didn’t see anything there as any form of satire. in fact it was quite to the point and especially the fbi table for conn right off the www.fbi.gov website. I don’t think its a spoof site unless I’m really missing something. although the biden article was really flakey. lol
well if its a spoof site then I was taken and appoligize to the tent for publishing bad info. but that fbi report sure seems authentic. toon1p best of cheers wj

edit ps: this is off the fbi website for conn.


ment 17 … re: Rick

Posted by islandgold @ 14:52 on November 11, 2014  

Hi Ment 17…   I have followed Rick’s pivot system for years and for short term trading his TA it is quite good….  That said, I think you must have mis-interpreted that gold seek article….  His numbers are very specific…  $1171.00 is a midpoint pivot… if gold trades over it… which it did 1173.  then the next target price is $1195.20 comes into play….  If gold failed to reach this mid point… then it would tank to the next level $1137.5…  His trends are based upon whether these pivot points are reached or not… Surprisingly… as manipulated as gold is…  his pivot points are for the most part pretty accurate for short term price targets..


My “hope” b/c that’s all I have… lol… is the next 1195.2 gets taken out.. then.. I believe we will be in a trend change… again… after 3+ years..  time is running out..





Wanka re: Sandy Hook article

Posted by newtogold @ 14:20 on November 11, 2014  

That site is a satire site. Nonetheless, way too many questions to believe this happened the way it was told. Had a Facebook friend who posted this. One of “his friends” said he “knew someone” who saw everything  at the school( doubt if he or she saw anything or that anyone was allowed to view anything). So they said. I kindly asked this person if anyone they actually knew actually saw any bodies and if the families of these victims still lived there? There was no response from this query. The question of whether these families with so called slain kids still live there would be a good thing to find out. I still say the whole operation smells of false flag no matter what anyone says.

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