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Rabbit Holes & the 9 Signs

Posted by islandgold @ 12:22 on November 27, 2014  

Hi SilverGold

The Rabbit Hole video was very good in that it very quickly went through and tied together a lot of material … I pretty much agree with most of it…any one of those pieces one could take on, explore and start to root out the deeper truths hidden on this planet…  i.e. …  Underground bases in the US… well the day before 9/11 when Rumsfeld stated there is about 2 trillion dollars of military black budget unaccounted for …. 2 trillion dollars!!!  I would suspect a chunk of that went to underground base/tunnel development/secret space & weapons development,,,,etc.

With respect to the Archon/Drac/Rep… there is a lot of truth there as well…  Humanity needs to wake up and realize the ‘unseen’ universe in much more vast/real… then the seen…  In a very small sense, people are riddled with organic & non organic alien implants that affect all aspects of our health… emotional/mental/physical/spiritual…  These beings living in a frequency resonance just beyond our ability to see can easily mess with our own human and earth energy fields (and do)… and they do control most of humanity…  albeit… I strongly believe the tide is now changing in some very radical ways where true freedom/sovereignty will come to be in future generations…  (Here the holographic template/architecture on which Earth’s physical reality is based is being repaired/rehabilitated !!! This is exciting…)

Finally… for those who do have a sense of connectedness to their inner life…  those 9 truths are… well… truths…  I’ve experienced most of them!!

Happy thanksgiving to all our American Friends,




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