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AND no union pension leaders go to jail — sorry we lost all your money

Posted by Floridagold @ 23:41 on December 9, 2014  

Congressional leaders hammer out deal to allow pension plans to cut retiree benefits



China: Turning away from the dollar

Posted by Floridagold @ 22:44 on December 9, 2014  

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In a nutshell, three big and inter-related changes are under way. China’s appetite for US Treasury bonds, a cornerstone of the global economy for more than a decade, is waning. Beijing is ramping up its overseas development agenda to boost financial returns and serve key geopolitical interests. The promotion of the renminbi as an international currency is gradually liberating Beijing from the dollar zone, providing it with more latitude to open up to foreign portfolio investment flows.

The reorientation of China’s strategy away from Treasuries is a slow-running trend but one which intensified last month after Li Keqiang, the premier, announced a 10-point plan for financial reform. One of the points dealt with the deployment of China’s $3.9tn in foreign currency reserves, chunks of which have been recycled into Treasuries for more than a decade, helping to keep US interest rates low and underpin economic growth in the west. However, the new plan says: “Better use should be made of China’s foreign exchange reserves to support the domestic economy and the development of an overseas market for Chinese high-end equipment and goods.”

A senior Chinese official, who declined to be identified, elaborated on what the plan is likely to mean in practice. “This is a big change and it cannot happen too quickly, but we want to use our reserves more constructively by investing in development projects around the world rather than just reflexively buying US Treasuries,” the official says. “In any case, we usually lose money on Treasuries, so we need to find ways to improve our return on investment,” he says.



Republicans sell out those who voted for them – AGAIN!

Posted by Floridagold @ 22:38 on December 9, 2014  




FYI, Video: 46 min, The Death of Money: Project Prophecy 2.0

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:41 on December 9, 2014  

Rickards argues that currency wars are not just an economic or monetary concern, but a national security concern. He maintains that the United States is facing serious threats to its national security, from clandestine gold purchases by China to the hidden agendas of sovereign wealth funds and that greater than any single threat is the very real danger of the collapse of the dollar itself.

Rickards explains that the Federal Reserve is involved in what he calls “the greatest gamble in the history of finance,” via a sustained effort to stimulate the economy by printing money on a trillion-dollar scale.

Sandy Hook Documentary being censored goes viral

Posted by joe12pack @ 20:59 on December 9, 2014  


scruffy ahhhh a pal indeed…..

Posted by WANKA @ 19:52 on December 9, 2014  

but don’t worry on the edit button….truth be known in current times I did take some 10oz bars and 1 oz rounds off the silver market and added to my uslv and nugt to reduce the averages on very poor original entrys  to manageable levels of 51 and 47 respectively.

just glad buygold didn’t offer me a tissue! toon2n best of cheers wj


edit: and as for stupid ya know I never really looked at it that way. your on to something for sure. yes the demopublicans for sure were the driving force but I’m not cutting slack on the republicrats until I see impeachment action after January. toon1d

WANKA @ 18:37

Posted by Scruffy @ 19:24 on December 9, 2014  

Sir, my sincere and humble apologies!   As soon as I learn to use the edit button I will remedy the situation. In the mean time I have a question for you and other esteemed colleagues in the tent.


It is a fact that the only ones that “voted for” Oblabla care were congressmen and senators. And 95% of those who voted for it were dam-o-craps by party.

THAT IS WHO GRUBBER called STUPID!  The dam-o-craps who voted for oblabla care were called stupid and THEY haven’t figured it out yet!  I guess he had a point.  Truth IS stranger than grubberment propaganda and leftist slogans.

scruffy 17:44 and i thought we were tight pals…..

Posted by WANKA @ 18:37 on December 9, 2014  

toon1' to put me in with the likes of piglosley and oblabla and shikitco and banksters and crimex and talking heads toon1kjust makes me sooooo sad I want to cry!  toon2g  jeese ya never really know who your friends are toon2c and i’ll bet buygold will ask me if I want a box of yellow tissues too toon2e  :mrgreen: wj

scruffy – Obama

Posted by commish @ 18:11 on December 9, 2014  

963f7dce3a The President who does the exact opposite of what he stood for when he was a senator from Ill.

Bill Holter mentions my theme–about the diversification into tangibles-art-classic autos-real estate-G&S etc

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:48 on December 9, 2014  

The biggest problem as I see it could be a break in confidence, one which is caused by the perception of “something else is better”. If banks actually start to charge for holding balances, depositors will have to make some sort of decision. They can move to another institution which blesses them with either no interest or less negative interest. They can also buy Treasury securities or even stocks …or any other number of assets. This would initially levitate markets even more because of the flow …but what happens when some “leakage” starts? What happens when some depositors decide to buy “stuff”, any kind of stuff as a form of savings? What happens if included in this stuff are commodities and other monies such as gold and silver?

This then brings the actual currency into question. If you cannot earn interest on anything then the comparisons of apples to apples will begin. The question will arise, which is better, a $20 bill or 6 pounds of copper? Which would you prefer twelve $100 bills or one ounce of gold? Can a painting really be worth $100 million? What does this say about the value of $100 million? These questions are being asked every day, all day, all around the planet…but there will be a difference. The difference being, more money will be forced to make these decisions. “More money” because of the Fed’s January 1st edict!

I am not here to tell you that I understand all of the ramifications or fallout, I do not. What I do know is banking, the way it has been done even after morphing over the last 20 years is changing. With this change will come consequences, some seen…some not. The financial system has never been as leveraged as it is today, this is a fact. Another fact is, leverage “forces” the actions of participants in ways they would not prefer during crisis. Leverage will force some who would like to buy…to sell. Leverage will cause a solvent someone today into insolvency tomorrow morning. Not to pick on JP Morgan (though they more than deserve it), they hold some $70 trillion worth of derivatives, so does Deutschebank, does this qualify as “leverage”? When the next panic comes, we are now too leveraged systemically for the current system to survive, but I digress.

The grand scheme problem as I see it is the “push-pull” effect. The central banks need to push money out and into the system. This would aid the real economy and bolster “asset” prices. Their catch 22 is they cannot make the decision “which” assets are levitated in value because they do not control which direction the money they have pushed will go. Ideally, the money will stay within the box and continue playing with other paper assets. Once the bleed into real assets really gets going, it will be noticed and attract other attention …and into other real assets. They must create more money and more liquidity to keep the paper game going, it is exactly this debt and liquidity creation which will end up making the decision to flee …to safer assets. In the end, the definition of “safer” will be not only what counts but the exact cause of the crisis. The central banks are collectively trying as hard as they can to reflate, if they get their wish they will lose their currencies…pretty simple! Regards, Bill Holter, Miles Franklin Associate writer

I don’t care….

Posted by Scruffy @ 17:44 on December 9, 2014  

Don’t care what..

  • … what caused it
  • … who caused it
  • … what happened on CRIMEX
  • … what happened on NYMEX
  • … how much paper was created
  • … who had to settle for paper
  • … who got their physical
  • … who repatriated their central bankster stash
  • … how much WANKA siphoned off the market
  • … what  shKitco has to say
  • … how many tungsten bars were smelted
  • … what piglosley, reed, o’blabla had to say
  • … what the talking heads on See EM BS had to say
  • … what paper expired
  • … how easy QE is

I just enjoyed the hell out of the last 2 days action!!  Congrats to all who racked em and stacked em last week or two.

Maddog-2 interventions today=A FED governor spoke saying that raising rates was still data dependent

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:19 on December 9, 2014  

That is their favorite ploy to save a sinking mkt–they have used that a lot lately

Then this, from Zero hedge=

But then – shortly after Europe closed… someone (cough BoJ cough) decided to catch USDJPY at 117.95 and lift it miraculously 170 pips to save risk assets from a serious day…


Andy Hoffman … emphasis mine …

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:15 on December 9, 2014  


This morning, these trends have expanded further. Commodity currencies are collapsing, global stocks and Treasury yields are plunging, and “chinks in the armor” exposing themselves for the world to see – such as GREECE, which we continue to view as a “black swan” event waiting to happen. This morning alone, we kid you not, the Greek stock market is down 11%; and worse yet, its benchmark 10-year government bond yield has surged from 7.3% to 8.0%. Next Wednesday, just three days after a potentially earth-shattering Japanese “snap election,” the same will occur in Greece. And lo and behold, the pesky “Syriza” party – intent on defaulting on Greece’s $400+ billion of debt – is leading in the polls. Gee, I wonder what will happen to the daisy chain of European banks’ PIIGS debt holdings if that occurs; much less, the even larger derivatives colossus underlying it – which we assure you, has only grown larger since nearly destroying the world in 2008 and again in 2011. Yes, DEFAULT will be one of the key financial themes of 2015 – in shale oil, sovereign nations, and otherwise; which is why, frankly, one must own at least some precious metals in their portfolio.



Posted by Buygold @ 16:13 on December 9, 2014  

Agree. They’re going to try to keep the ship from sinking at all cost. There are no markets.

Pretty unimpressive close for the miners. So I’m guessing RNO’s back test of $1220 comes tomorrow.


Posted by Maddog @ 16:06 on December 9, 2014  

Maybe Hall was targeted as a means to get the oil price down to get to Putin?

I like yr thinking.

Otherwise tdy has to have converted millions of watchers that the PPT is real and if so the gameing/manipulation of other mkts is real as well.

As no mkt ever comes back like the SM did, without a lot of “help”.

Rob Kirby

Posted by Auandag @ 16:03 on December 9, 2014  


Wow! I just checked-very light volume in the pm stocks-GDX-JNUG-that’s a great sign-it shows disbelief…

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:58 on December 9, 2014  


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:16 on December 9, 2014  

You’ve been a hoot lately.

When the dollar being forced up by other currencies I wonder what they are going to peg the dollar to like the Swiss did. Oh yeah we can print. At what point of threats of deflation will they have to act? What will they do and as far as deflation how low can they go on the limbo? Guess well see.

Gary Kozlowski was just on FOX biz news at the top of the 3 pm hour pounding the table on “buying the metals”

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:14 on December 9, 2014  

I don’t know this guy-but it’s the 1st positive gold comment I’ve seen on TV in the past 6 weeks-and, contrarily-that’s a great sign.

Sept 24–United Futures Trading Co. Senior Broker Gary Kozlowski on the outlook for stocks.

Nov. 2 (Bloomberg) — United Futures Trading Co.’s Gary Kozlowski talks about commodities and the price of gold. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Comex gold

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 15:10 on December 9, 2014  

If gold trades the traditional way, we will go back to test the former resistance now support at $1220. area. If the $1220. holds,I’m buying more phiz.

rno, who has an incredible grasp of the obvious.


Posted by Buygold @ 15:08 on December 9, 2014  

Maybe Hall was targeted as a means to get the oil price down to get to Putin?

Will be an interesting close today. GDX still looks capped at $20.


this explains an awfull lot

Posted by Maddog @ 14:55 on December 9, 2014  

Is This The Mystery Crude Oil Liquidator? The “God Of Crude Oil Trading” Taps Out


Maybe it was just a massive liquidation, not the PPT after Putin.

If true this has to be a bottom for Oil.

I think Metals have turned around

Posted by commish @ 14:54 on December 9, 2014  


Mr. Copper – RE: “NOT ALLOWING TAX PAYER WAGES (after 1975) TO KEEP UP WITH HIGHER PRICES was TPTB’s downfall of today”

Posted by drb2 @ 14:30 on December 9, 2014  


Consider this in the light of the US population numbers – would not wages have risen if we didn’t import 150 million new laborers to compete for wages?



US Population chart by year, historic, and current data.

Current US Population is 316.98 million. … Jul 1, 1950, 152.27 million. Jul 1, 1949, 149.19 million. Jul 1 …

Will be quite a stick save

Posted by Buygold @ 14:00 on December 9, 2014  

if the PPT can bring this SM all the way back. Good to see our pm’s not being affected.

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