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Letters To The Editor: “Politics eroding the middle class”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:39 on December 31, 2014  

My two siblings and I recently buried our father at Arlington National Cemetery with full honors. I left with a feeling of peace and closure.

During the car trip back home, my “patriotic high” morphed into an introspective look into my country, and our politics. My country has radically changed during my 62 years, with the biggest change being the shrinking of the middle class. The state of our politics is directly responsible.

It has become the rule rather than the exception to watch representatives use the apathy and ignorance of the majority, as well as the power and wealth of the few as a conduit to higher office. This seems to be the new norm for political advancement. Unfortunately this strategy seems to win elections.

Please make no mistake, I am a registered conservative who still wants to win — but not like this.

Carl Singer, Hicksville

Well said, and I might add…Politics and IMPORTING MORE THAN EXPORTING has been eroding the middle class for decades, and all the people that care about their country should know this….

As they gleefully hire foreigners instead of Americans when they gleefully buy imported products.

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