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Wxman – RE: tax Loss

Posted by drb2 @ 11:24 on December 31, 2014  

Need 3 days to record – so i think the last day was either the 24th or 26th Dec

I guess people are anxious to get their last minute tax loss sales in ;)

Posted by wxman @ 11:16 on December 31, 2014  

I guess people are anxious to get their last minute tax loss sales in 😉

scruffy — you are our constitutional headliner in the sidebar.

Posted by WANKA @ 11:01 on December 31, 2014  

great choices of ‘reason and reality’ my friend. I totally agree with your last on obamacarenot!  best wj

commish but but but next year will be our year…up up and away…to da moon alice!

Posted by WANKA @ 10:41 on December 31, 2014  

crap wj


Posted by Buygold @ 10:28 on December 31, 2014  

a one dollar bet among thieves sounds about right. Looks like more of the same today.

Another wasted year.

Well, its a slow day. This is just too intense an article to chop up.

Posted by Scruffy @ 10:08 on December 31, 2014  

ObamaCare was never about healthcare, the poor, insurance, or anything else.  It’s about controlling the populace, paying off cronies, donors, supporters and expanding the size and authority of the central government.  You think they cared that no one could get on the website and actually sign up for ObamaCare before the 2012 election?    Pa-lease..

But since then, millions of Kool-aid drinking Americans figured out what a scam they’d been sold and the 2014 result was a resulting nightmare for Democrats and Barack Obama.

Stay with me:   So far, nearly 12,000,000 words – that’s 12 meeellion (pinky to mouth) words have been written, published and are being implemented into the final ObamaCare regulations.  If that sounds like a lot, consider that the monstrous original Affordable Care Act was a paltry 380,000 words or so before it was bribed, cajoled, conned and finally hoaxed legislatively down our throats.

That means unelected bureaucrats, various lobbyists, corporate interests, union pinheads and other cronies looking to cash-in on the slush or get in on the massive cottage industry being paid billions to explain it all to businesses, hospitals, doctors, caregivers and average citizens who never asked for it in the first place – have themselves created a behemoth thirty times bigger than the original bill.  In other words, even if anyone did know what was in it, it’s now something completely different.

This is a blatant case of the Federal government taking over a huge portion of the private market with absolutely no regard to the separation of powers, oversight or any say so by the American people through their elected representatives.  This law is now something foisted upon citizens without their consent, their approval, their input, their knowledge or their Constitutional rights. This is an act of despotism which will affect the entire nation far beyond what we are witnessing right now.

Some background:   Since the ACA was deemed to have passed Congress, rewritten and declared a tax by Justice Roberts, altered, parsed and carved up by Presidential fiat, had its many exemptions and waivers issued to the fortunate and filibustered against its funding; dozens of minions in various administration agencies have also cranked out over 100 final regulations on how this fraud will be implemented.

That’s the long way of saying you’re about to be subjugated. Think I’m paranoid?

Okay, riddle me this:   Since when does enforcement of a law require thirty times more words and regulations than the law itself?  The answer is when enforcement is the entire point of the law.  This is not about healthcare, insurance, the poor or anything else. It’s about controlling you.

For a hundred years, socialists have been trying to get at your healthcare in order to get at you. Google it, pal. Marx, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Alinsky, Chavez, Wilson, FDR, Ted Kennedy, Hillary and when they saw a wrinkle in time where they had super-majorities they knew they would lose quickly, they struck.  Imagine the thrill of actually forcing socialist medicine upon the free and Capitalist-loving people of America? It must have been a dream come true.  And when they exempted themselves, their friends and benefactors I bet they had a good laugh.

The traitors who cast those votes against their own better judgement because they had been bribed, bullied or just swept up in their Party loyalty will not do well in the gulags when average Americans realize who they are..   Make no mistake – this is a massive money-grab – trillions of dollars will flow out of what was once the private sector into federal government coffers and it’s cronies, donors and supporter’s pockets.   Federal workers, consultants and insiders are setting up high-dollar firms which will extract billions from big business, guiding them through the complexities of these millions of words of purposeful confusion.

But most importantly, the Administration will have you by the short hairs. They’ll have your medical history and the ability to share it or exploit it when it suits them.  They can approve or deny you and your family of what you need in the most critical department – your well-being. Winners and losers will be so much easier to pick now that behavior can be linked directly to government administered health benefits. I haven’t even gotten to the evil part yet:

We’ve seen first hand this administration’s willingness to oppress a private citizen’s civil rights based on their political beliefs. Do you really think it’s not going to happen with ObamaCare?  If you believe suddenly this government will start playing by the rules you are naive to the point of stupidity, friendo. There will be rationing; there will be bureaucrats ruling on who gets what and why and when.  And there will be discretion based on politics. Lois Lerner will seem like a choir boy when this hits full stride. You’ll long for the days when all that ever happened was the NSA gathered your Facebook postings and Google searches, or you were audited because you were Herman Cain’s speech writer.

Did I say that out loud?

Need a heart transplant? Well, guess what? There’s only one heart available and someone else needs that heart too! Someone who didn’t download that news story critical of the administration? Someone who didn’t email the president of the local Tea Party chapter and ask how the rally was shaping up? Someone who donated to the correct causes? Someone in a union, who has a cousin in DC, who volunteered at an environmental event, who is a left-winger and you’re not? Well, guess what palpitation-breath? Sayonara!  Think I’m nuts? I would have too five years ago, but I’ve seen too much firsthand to think for a minute this bunch won’t do or say anything for power. Total control.

When they can sit in secret with who knows who and write millions of words of regulations that are automatically law and implemented into the lives of only the people they choose and not those they don’t, it’s tyranny, folks.  Where are the separation of powers? Where are the Republicans holding hearings into these Unconstitutional activities? When do the impeachment proceedings begin?

You’re screwed. Sorry.

Your pal, Rodney Lee Conover

One hell of an article by Paul C. Roberts

Posted by Scruffy @ 10:01 on December 31, 2014  

Here is a segment:

In my opinion, it took the Russians and Chinese too long to comprehend the evil that has control in Washington. Therefore, both countries risk nuclear attack prior to the full operational capability of their conjoined defense. As the Western economy is a house of cards, Russia and China could collapse the Western economy before the neoconservatives can drive the world to war. As Washington’s aggression against both countries is crystal clear, Russia and China have every right to the following defensive measures.

As the US and EU are conducting economic warfare against Russia, Russia could claim that by wrecking the Russian economy the West has deprived Russia of the ability to repay loans to the European banks. If this does not bring down the thinly capitalized EU banks, Russia can announce that as NATO countries are now officially recognized by Russian war doctrine as an enemy of the Russian state, Russia can no longer support NATO’s aggression against Russia by selling natural gas to NATO members. If the shutdown of much of European industry, rapidly rising rates of unemployment, and bank failures do not result in the dissolution of NATO and thus the end of the threat, the Chinese can act.

The Chinese hold a very large amount of dollar-denominated financial assets. Just as the Federal Reserve’s agents, the bullion banks, dump massive shorts onto the bullion futures markets during periods of little activity in order to drive down the bullion price, China can dump the equivalent in US Treasuries of years of Quantitative Easing in a few minutes. If the Federal Reserve quickly creates dollars with which to purchase the enormous quantity of Treasuries so that the financial house of cards does not implode, the Chinese can then dump the dollars that they are paid for the bonds in the currency market. Whereas the Federal Reserve can print dollars with which to purchase the Treasuries, the Fed cannot print foreign currencies with which to buy the dollars.

The dollar would collapse, and with it the power of the Hegemon. The war would be over without a shot or missile fired.

In my view, Russia and China owe it to the world to prevent the nuclear war intended by the neoconservatives simply by replying in kind to Washington’s economic warfare. Russia and China hold all the cards. Not Washington.

Russia and China should give no warning. They should just act. Indeed, instead of step by step, Russia and China could simultaneously use the counter-measures. With four US banks holding derivatives totaling many times world GDP, the financial explosion would be the equivalent to a nuclear one. The US and Europe would be finished, and the world would be saved.


Full article:  http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2014/12/29/outlook-new-year-paul-craig-roberts-2/

Jim Willie: Shanghai Shock to Shatter the Gold Market!

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:58 on December 31, 2014  



Posted by commish @ 9:44 on December 31, 2014  

This remains me of the movie Trading Places.  Two hedge fund CEO’s probably got together and made a one dollar bet if Gold was to finish the year above or below 1204.  So tonight at some fancy New Years Eve party they will settle the bet at midnight.

From Otto at IKN

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:40 on December 31, 2014  

Say bye-bye to Petaquilla (PTQ.to)

This from Panama’s “Critica” newspaper, linked here. Translation your author:

The government of Panama has initiated the paperwork to revoke the operating permit of the Petaquilla Gold mining company, due to its non-compliance in payment of social security dues to its work force, said the Minister of Work today, Luis Ernetso Carles. Carles said that the legal representative of the company, Richard Fifer, was now under criminal charge from the Social Security Office (CSS) due to the non-compliance of social security payments for the company’s 604 workers, according to a government communique.”The actions of the legal representative of Petaquilla stain the employment opportunities in the country”, said Carles, while informing that Petaquilla Gold currently owes three months of salaries and employees debts that total around U$3.8m. The Panamanian Minister showed his concern of the situation faced by the workers, due to the lack of responsibility for the payment of dues by the Canadian capital company.The Petaquilla Gold company is located in the district of Donoso, in the province of Colón, some 130km West of the capital.
Don’t say we didn’t warn you



Posted by Buygold @ 8:47 on December 31, 2014  

a close above $1204 would imply follow thru from yesterday.

No follow thru is allowed in pm’s.

Good morning Oasis

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:39 on December 31, 2014  

Zambia mines minister says mining royalty hike will remain


Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 8:33 on December 31, 2014  

In the Golden grasslands of Cheyenne


Well will Gold break 1204 and end the year positive?

Posted by commish @ 8:30 on December 31, 2014  

Or no.  Then hear them tell us over and over what a bad investment Gold is.


Tdys Scum closeing forecasts

Posted by Maddog @ 8:10 on December 31, 2014  

Rates….flat to down

Oil….on it’s arse

Pm’s …on their arses ( PM stox below their arses)

Dollar….well bid.

SM’s …..Top tick, for the day, year and all time ( Until Fridays new ones ) !!!!!

Lithuania officially worlds most stupid country

Posted by Maddog @ 8:02 on December 31, 2014  

Lithuania to Join Euro Tomorrow, Despite Currency’s Many Problems


Coffee’s on

Posted by MadMike @ 5:05 on December 31, 2014  

coffee and donut

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 4:10 on December 31, 2014  

You brought up a good point about how high can the dollar go. Now it looks like Germany will be next due to Obummas squeeze on Russia affecting their exports and immigration for jobs also causing problems there now too. Who else over seas will be affected as well. Swiss and chocolate? Well that will probably be the last to go.
Then I think what Armstrong said about next to be hit will be the public sector and pensions. The public sector is pretty big and includes Heath care which has already been hit and Obama care not gonna do much because of their catch 22 of deductible being met first when you can’t get blood out of turnips. If their smart if the bills big enough they make their own hardship clause and waive the deductibles and see how well that works out for their unaffordable care act. Pay me Obumma your not gonna get out of it.
Those nurses who’ve been around long enough know what cuts that end in cuts in staff as well as pay has done before and even now. Think it’s bad now?
A nurse reminded me tonight about staffing when I was floating around many moons ago via registry while taking classes revolving around forensics.
She couldn’t beat mine. I walked into a long term care facility relieving one licensed nurse for the whole long term care and semi acute hospital where there should of been at least two at night for about 160 people with a lot of things going on. There I was alone on day shift where there should of been at least three but four, the only licensed nurse in the place. Calling the administration all the way down to staff no one answered the phone . The night nurse literally ran out the door which report was another story and figured out pretty quick why. She didn’t want to stay. Well not being staff I didn’t have authority to call registry but no answer from them threw their authority out the window. What staff? I called up a SOS message to X navy seal friend also registry and gonna start his own. Well like they are he was the only one in the world it seemed at the time to come to the rescue. Second time he helped me for one reason or another. Now imagine being a patient and seeing that. Hope those days don’t return again. They think their smart and fly in immigrants but Ill tell yea, they were the ones that didn’t show up that day. That being said they might of been tired of the same who knows. Then there was the issue of time off, no time off cuz no one to replace you or getting stuck working another shift too frequently. At that time nurses moving into registries for that reason.
I don’t know how Armstrong thinks it will only affect the public sector because the squeeze will affect the private when there not buying their products less one of his comments reflect that with all sectors will be affected.

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