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Wanka 18:20

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:02 on January 31, 2015  

My grandpa was over therein WW11 LT.Co and said there was a lot of snipers shooting at them in the Philippines so maybe there was some impression or anger of people killed their by family’s. These wernt strategic targets it was anything that moved. So he may have looked at it that way. I’m not defending what he said but likely due to the fact it is like getting shot in the back and not the same as a battle where their shooting back. War is war things will happen and people will come out with personal opinions. I haven’t seen the movie after watching Lone survivor which was quite upsetting.

Hey eeos, I think it was a post through you many years ago relating the demo of WTC7

Posted by macroman3 @ 22:58 on January 31, 2015  

I had thrown out a theory that the building was pre-wired for security purposes because of the top level alphabet soup that occupied it.

I surmised TPTB wouldn’t get anyone to work there if they knew they were sitting on a bomb (you know, all that trepidation over Oklahoma City).

As a side note, I came across an aerial view of the WTC complex and saw the destruction of WTC5 after 1+2 fell on it. Most of the bottom was apparent, unlike the pure professional demo of 7.  WTC7, was beyond and across the street from 5 that took the brunt of 1+2.

It baffles me that this wouldn’t be admitted to if TPTB wanted to quash the inside job theories and lies that spawned two expensive awful wars in the Mideast.

edit; Oh and those martial law, gun confiscating, warrantless search inconviences the (un)Patriot Act “fixed”


maya that is a fantastic cog rw

Posted by WANKA @ 21:30 on January 31, 2015  

even the units are stepped for the riders level comfort. amazing to say the least. I see by the landscape its summer too as the date confirms. and the hiking trail is impressive also. what a camera shot! I will assume it was clicked by a para-glider too.

for accuracy my friend owned the mt Washington cog a number of years back and in fact bought my taxi company back in 1989 I had built from 1984 some 30 years ago now. that’s when I first met him a fine gentleman honest and ethical as all my friends are. in fact he is one of the shareholders in my current ducks company. he sold the taxi company 10 years after in 1999 to the current owners. that’s local history I’m thinking when I ponder it all watching it evolve thru the years. its a small world sometimes. best of cheers my friend. wj

commish a great pic

Posted by WANKA @ 21:09 on January 31, 2015  

of ‘benghazi bob’…but but but shouldn’t it be ‘Benghazi billery’ or ‘Benghazi boob’ at the least. :mrgreen: best wj

silverngold @ 15:58 Let Silver Rip!

Posted by Maya @ 20:29 on January 31, 2015  

Wanka’s friend owns the Mt. Washington Cog Railway.  The picture is misleading, though.  It’s winter.  There is a weather station at the summit of Mt. Washington, and now it looks about like this:


Never fear, though!  We will find a way to the silver summit.  The Swiss build cog rails to the tops of their mountains, too.  Parachute descent is an option, too!




WANKA @15:53 – As we get closer to the 2016 election

Posted by commish @ 19:53 on January 31, 2015  


buygold but but but

Posted by WANKA @ 19:16 on January 31, 2015  

bopo is my hero! :mrgreen: and yes there are many who have gotten their heads handed to them on constantly and consistently loosing trade recos. imo a manipulated market is not to be traded per say but positioned one way or the other and at this time the long side seems to be the path to invest in. just look at the world’s condition of finance and politics. I sure as hell would not want to be invested in dollars ie paper asset. tangible asset only like gold and silver thank you! 🙂 cheers my good bud. wj

Now Wanka

Posted by Buygold @ 19:03 on January 31, 2015  

Let’s not go giving Floridagold any credit for anything. His head might explode in a burst of arrogance. 🙂

OTOH, I know a big time T/A guru that has had his backside handed to him time and time again for the last year in the pm world. Do you know of whom I speak? Just askin’ 🙂

Maybe it’s our time now, but if it is, BoPo will never get any kudos from me my friend.


silverngold — already left the station i can agree

Posted by WANKA @ 18:34 on January 31, 2015  

I do think the bottoms in and looking forward to at least 75-100 before the next correction of consequence. but I especially like your 220! :mrgreen: best of cheers. wj

Sniper Bryan Sikes Obliterates ‘Crisco Sweating Waste of Space’ Moore

Posted by WANKA @ 18:20 on January 31, 2015  

001 wj

After hotdog connoisseur Michael Moore slandered U.S. snipers as “cowards,” Green Beret sniper Bryan Sikes penned an open letter over at Clash Daily mocking the daylights out of the Krispy Kreme filmmaker.


Mr. Moore-

Good afternoon there sweetheart, I hope this finds you alive and well. You can thank our men and women of the armed forces for that, by the way, and that also includes us cowardly snipers. It seems you’ve found time between licking the jelly off your fingers and releasing your grasp of a bear claw to tweet some junk about snipers being cowards.

My buddies and I got a good laugh over the tweet, so I thank you. For a guy worth $50 million dollars, you sure have quite a bit to bitch and cry about. I guess like a moth to flame, you too gravitate towards things that are popular and in the moment — in this case it’s snipers. Too bad for you that your attempt at being relevant via your 70+ year old family experience has failed. It has only made you look dumber than a bag of hammers. Next time you should try something more original than going after snipers for one reason or another…that was so last month.

It’s typical of “men” like you to criticize the intestinal fortitude, focus, discipline and patriotism of a sniper. It must stem from an inferiority complex or something. But hey, it’s okay cupcake. We snipers are thick skinned and the efforts of world class turds such as yourself to portray us in a negative light only makes us laugh. If you and I were in the same room, I’d throw you a smile and gently pat you on the head knowing you’re nothing more than a mouth breathing, Crisco sweating waste of space not even worthy of being in the presence of a sniper. It’s almost funny how people like you preach things like ‘acceptance’ and ‘not passing judgement’ or ‘labeling people’, but then are the first to do so when a person is in some way dissimilar from you.

So tenderfoot, I leave you with this final thought: what if you found yourself in some sort of hostage situation where you were held at knife-point by some crazed person and they were dead set on making an example of you by bleeding you out on Hollywood Blvd in front of the world, and the only way out was with the precision aimed fire of a sniper? Would you want that coward to take the shot? Because knowing how you feel about snipers such as myself and your hatred of firearms, I’d probably drop the mag, roll the bolt and go get a Jack & Coke before helping you out.

Very Respectfully,


Wanka 16:18

Posted by silverngold @ 16:45 on January 31, 2015  

Thanks Wanka. It’s just a matter of time. I don’t think that train will wait for any late comers. In fact, I think it has already left the station. Silverngold

silverngold not to worry

Posted by WANKA @ 16:18 on January 31, 2015  

I got just such a cog railway for maya…. :mrgreen:
edit: and btw I sure like that chart of yours too! lonert

cog railway new Hampshire mt Washington

01 wj

Sorry Maya, but if this chart works out you will have to use a cogwheel train to pull silver’s next steep grade

Posted by silverngold @ 15:58 on January 31, 2015  

sg 1 silver


buygold i do agree…..predetermined with some zig zag adjustments

Posted by WANKA @ 15:53 on January 31, 2015  

since 1913. gads all the sheeple need do is connect the dots. but no seems the ‘games’ are more in vogue as they watch with breathless abandon the actors stage of the two sided coin staring ‘common core’ jeb and ‘what difference does it make’ billhillery. hillwhat dif

as for ta I agree imho its irrelevant in these manipulated markets for trading purpose unless one is fleet of foot in the day trading bent and contrarian and can ‘snatch and grab’ a few as floridagold does when the markets waffle back and forth. for my taste i’ll play buy and hold for the long haul as I know some here do and I believe we shall be rewarded in the final analysis for the patience of the holding.
at least that’s my story and I’m stickin to it! :mrgreen:
best of cheers. wj

Wanka, Scruffy

Posted by Buygold @ 15:28 on January 31, 2015  

Wanka – seems our political system is predetermined as is our destiny

Scruffy – “If Bo is even close to being correct, it will be high five times all the way around.”

Yeah, BIG “IF” with BoPo

Hard to believe anyone has faith in T/A in these manipulated markets anymore.

Fron last night’s le Met

Posted by Scruffy @ 12:51 on January 31, 2015  

Silver must be terrifying to the cartel

With the CME’s outlandish 11% hike in silver margins (NOW? At $16.90?) we’re right back to 10-1 leverage, the bottom of the commodity heap.

Silver: The largest ongoing commercial short position bar none, combined with the lowest leverage bar none. They are terrified of a silver explosion, plain and simple.

The early range in gold was $1258 to $1268. For silver it was $16.70 to $17.04. Following a bout of margin call selling, both precious metals rebounded off their early lows to go right back up and register modest new highs for the day. Not bad at all.

Suddenly the FEAR TRADE disappeared, but what about the cumulative reasons which gave impetus to that trade? The only thing which has really changed is the air has been temporarily let out of the gold balloon. Upside momentum was crushed. The norm is for both gold and silver to take some time to regain their composure again. Then again, what is normal about these markets? Just about EVERYONE (to a man and to a woman) expected gold to correct from its $1300+ highs, and that is just what happened … and right on cue going into first notice day for the February contract.


On a positive note, it would be most rare for the precious metals to do just what they did last year … and that is to start off with a fury to the upside, only to fall apart as the year went on. Worth a repeat: NO ONE is bullish in the mainstream investment community. They are in for a big surprise.

Make that two positive notes. The gold/silver share action, which was so poor most of last year, continues to impress. The HUI is up on the day, with no net losses for the past two trading sessions. If they remain a lead indicator, as they have been of late, this correction in the precious metals could be much more short-lived than usual.

Well what do you know! Make that 3 positives. Both gold and silver continued to make a series of new highs as the day wore on. Any dips were bought instead of all rallies getting sold, as mentioned earlier. Can’t stress enough how unusual that is following a debacle like we had on Thursday. What a pleasant surprise to take into the weekend.

Silver did sell off late relative to gold due late day margin call selling, exacerbated by the CME sticking it to the longs.

Spoke with Bo Polny on Wednesday and again this morning. He suggested to his followers to buy the precious metals on last night’s close … and that yesterday would be a down day. He was all smiles this morning and is looking for both precious metals to explode soon … with silver shooting for $50 in a couple of months. If Bo is even close to being correct, it will be high five times all the way around.

Something else stood out today, and that was the yield of the 10 yr T note made new lows for the move down, falling to 1.67%. Not long ago it was a big deal when that yield breached 2% on the downside. Talk about a serious lack of confidence for future U.S. economic growth.


don’t worry…

Posted by treefrog @ 12:43 on January 31, 2015  


Worst Trade Deal Ever

Posted by commish @ 12:35 on January 31, 2015  

collectivism is terriffic……ain’t it?

Posted by WANKA @ 12:33 on January 31, 2015  


buygold — none whatsoever…..as soon as jeb announanced

Posted by WANKA @ 10:34 on January 31, 2015  

I said to myself …self what a great pair on the heads and tails presidential coin and of course the elections are not manipulated nor is the gold and silver markets nor the currency and stock markets and bond markets and and and I said to my self ….self looks like my vote in 2016 is going to my favorite 3rd party hero Alfred E Newman! toon1g but who else I ask you? hummmm wonder whats under this rock?
toon64 we are DOOMED! wj

Now that Romney is out

Posted by Buygold @ 10:02 on January 31, 2015  

is there ANY doubt that Hitlary and Jeb Bush will be shoved down our throats?


Good Listen

Posted by Auandag @ 22:32 on January 30, 2015  


Better than paper

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:49 on January 30, 2015  

Chinese now own 100 Bordeaux chateaux, as wine mania grows

By Henry Samuel, Paris

6:11PM GMT 30 Jan 2015

A hundred Bordeaux châteaux are now in Chinese hands, underlining the Asian giant’s seemingly unquenchable thirst for property in the legendary French wine-making region.

The Chinese, who are now the principal export market for Bordeaux wines, ahead of Britain, started buying up the region’s châteaux in 2010, both to acquire status symbols and to meet growing domestic demand for its vintages.

The symbolic 100 chateau mark was reached when Chinese packaging millionaire James Zhou acquired Château Renon in Tabanac on the right bank of the Garonne river, in the Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux region.

The 18th century château, bought for an undisclosed sum, came with 20 acres of vineyards and more than five hectares of parkland and gardens.

Weeks earlier, Chen Miaolin, billionaire founder of New Century Tourism Group, a luxury hotel and property company, snapped up Château de Birot, an 85-acre property with an 18th century mansion and around 60 acres of vines.

more http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/11380807/Chinese-now-own-100-Bordeaux-chateaux-as-wine-mania-grows.html

I wonder why the left wants gun control??

Posted by Auandag @ 21:21 on January 30, 2015  


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:44 on January 30, 2015  

I would be interested to hear what the people there want and really not understanding why they are arent doing this diplomatically instead of shelling cities. It makes no sense to me after they  fought for their freedom of a dictator and now are in a civil war.

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