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Greece, the next domino

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 21:37 on January 25, 2015  

The Greece election resulted in an anti austerity group in charge. They are already discussing renegotiation of previous bailouts. Marriage and birth rates are collapsing as unemployment continues higher. The European Union will be severely stressed in the near future.

stock market futures gapped down in after hours and has not attempted to fill the gap in over three hours. FOMC meeting this week may accelerate the downside or reverse back up to resistance.


Nemo @ 19:12. Yes, same in the Canadian arctic and subarctic marine waters, with

Posted by Equisetum @ 19:54 on January 25, 2015  

killer whales now creating new food web situations and new circumstances for aboriginal hunters who find that some of their traditional hunted wildlife species now have a new visitor in their midst. Interesting adaptations taking place with the changing ice conditions and changing wildlife relationships. Cheers. Equiz


First time for fifty years …..,

Posted by NEMO @ 19:12 on January 25, 2015  

…..Killer Whales are today spotted on the west coast of Sweden. Just outside my island.

I´ll take it as a good omen!!



Statism, The Most Dangerous Religion

Posted by silverngold @ 19:00 on January 25, 2015  


Posted by Auandag @ 18:51 on January 25, 2015  

Parasitic Fungi Showing Promise for Immune Disorders and Cancer

Cordyceps, also called caterpillar fungus or Tochukasu, is a favorite of athletes because it increases ATP production, strength and endurance, and has anti-aging effects.8

This parasitic mushroom is unique because, in the wild, it grows out of an insect host instead of a plant host. It has long been used within both traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine.

It has hypoglycemic and possible antidepressant effects, protects your liver and kidneys, increases blood flow, helps normalize your cholesterol levels, and has been used to treat Hepatitis B.

Cordyceps has antitumor properties as well. Scientists at The University of Nottingham have been studying cordycepin, one of the active medicinal compounds found in these fungi,9 and the one identified as a potential cancer drug. More recent studies suggest it also has potent anti-inflammatory characteristics that may be helpful for those suffering from:

  • Asthma
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Renal failure
  • Stroke damage

A question that was begging for an answer was how cordycepin could produce so many different beneficial effects at the cellular level. Researcher Dr. Cornelia de Moor told Medical News Today:10

“We have shown that cordycepin reduces the expression of inflammatory genes in airway smooth muscle cells by acting on the final step in the synthesis of their messenger RNAs (mRNAs) which carry the chemical blueprint for the synthesis of proteins.

This process is called polyadenylation. Commonly used anti-inflammatory drugs either work much earlier in the activation of inflammatory genes, such as prednisone, or work on one of the final products of the inflammatory reaction (e.g. ibuprofen).


These findings indicate that cordycepin acts by a completely different mechanism than currently used anti-inflammatory drugs, making it a potential drug for patients in which these drugs don’t work well.

However, it is a surprise that cordycepin does not affect the synthesis of mRNAs from other genes, because nearly all mRNAs require polyadenylation.”

According to Dr. de Moor’s research, the mechanism responsible for cordycepin’s many varied effects may stem from its ability to alter the synthesis of many classes of rapidly induced genes that help counteract inflammatory genes, thereby slowing down otherwise rapid cellular responses to tissue damage. It may also help prevent over-activation of inflammatory responses.

“However, it also indicates that cordycepin could have adverse effects on normal wound healing and on the natural defenses against infectious diseases,” the featured article states.11

“Dr. de Moor said: ‘We are hoping to further investigate which genes are more dependent on polyadenylation than others and why this is the case, as well as test the effect of cordycepin on animal models of disease. Clinical testing of cordycepin is not in our immediate plans, as we think we first have to understand this drug in more detail before we can risk treating patients with it.'”


Snow Train

Posted by Maya @ 18:45 on January 25, 2015  


Market is open, and we have a pulse.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…



@ Silverngold

Posted by Moggy @ 18:33 on January 25, 2015  

We got to where we are because some of the American public threw God out of the country and the rest of the American public let them get away with it…so He left us to our own devices…thus we attracted the kind of “leaders” that we deserved.

Meet Saturn…the planet representing Karma…what goes around comes around, eh?


newtogold — good evening and yes this proposal

Posted by WANKA @ 18:24 on January 25, 2015  

to release the gmo critters has been going on for the past year with big objections from the citizenry. there is a ton of disapproval at public meetings held to ‘inform’ the people bullshit. it ain’t over till its over….stay tuned.

@ Maya

Posted by Moggy @ 18:24 on January 25, 2015  

Mushrooms/fungi tincture well, Maya.  I am aware it isn’t an herb but was in a hurry and so made the mistake.  Thanks for bringing it to my attention, in case I didn’t realize it.  I prefer tinctures to capsules because I have more control of the amount that goes into my body.

Cat Laid Back

In case you’re wondering how we got to where we are today……

Posted by silverngold @ 18:21 on January 25, 2015  

Here’s 5 good reasons!!

Wake Up Sheeple!

Posted by Maya @ 18:16 on January 25, 2015  



Moggy @ 17:06

Posted by Maya @ 17:59 on January 25, 2015  

The article title is misleading.  Be aware that cordyceps is not an herb… it is a mushroom/fungus.   It might not ‘tincture’ well.

Blizzard NYC Boston Historic. I’m ready.

Posted by commish @ 17:58 on January 25, 2015  


Posted by newtogold @ 17:56 on January 25, 2015  

Good info on Agenda 21. Not enough people are aware of its implications!

Wanka GMO mosquitoes

Posted by newtogold @ 17:54 on January 25, 2015  

Millions of GMO mosquitoes could be set loose in Florida Keys

KEY WEST, Fla. (AP) — Millions of genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in the Florida Keys if British researchers win approval to use the bugs against two extremely painful viral diseases.

The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District is waiting to hear if the Food and Drug Administration will allow them to run an experiment in Key West to see if the modified bugs can suppress the population of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which spread dengue and chikungunya.

Mosquito controllers say they’re running out of options because most approved insecticides are no longer effective against Aedes aegypti.

The British company Oxitec has built a breeding lab in Marathon and hopes to release its mosquitoes this spring if approved by the Food and Drug Administration. But some residents are frightened at the thought of being bitten by genetically modified organisms.



Hope the residents of the Keys are fighting this abomination!


Moggy and Wanka

Posted by newtogold @ 17:43 on January 25, 2015  

Good luck with the Cordyceps. Moggy you are welcome. Wanka, I like the idea of going with LEF. If they have been hassled by the FDA, they must have an effective product.


Posted by Moggy @ 17:06 on January 25, 2015  

Thank you for posting this:


As I suffer from a lung condition I shall send for the herb and tincture it, then experiment.

maya just read your post to newtogold and

Posted by WANKA @ 15:36 on January 25, 2015  

I ordered the product earlier today but did not join the foundation. now seeing they fought off the fda I have no choice but to join. :mrgreen:
wanka the radical. wj

maya thanks for the heads up

Posted by WANKA @ 15:30 on January 25, 2015  

but I use no drugs other then the inhalers..advair speriva and ventolin [albuterol]
as to the feet neuropathy I use gabapentin for relief.
nothing of consequence like blood pressure or colesteral drugs.
I’m now using very low dosage of prednisone daily as anti-inflamitory for breathing stability. it would be great if the cordyceps can replace the prednisone. as floridagold would say ‘we shall see in the fullness of time.’ stay tuned.
cheers wj

newtogold @ 23:56

Posted by Maya @ 15:17 on January 25, 2015  

What I like about the Life Extension Foundation is that they are a non-profit that uses their proceeds to fund research papers on vitamins, supplements, and health and life extension that are similar to the studies done for the FDA on other ‘drugs’.    Of course the pharma people hate this, and the FDA has raided LEF more than once, trying to trip them up under the law… or even extraLegal intimidation.  The LEF has sucessfully beaten back the legal goons at the FDA more than once for our health freedoms.  Their products are high-quality, and they have had to ‘prove’ the ingredients for the goons when they were intimidated and raided.

The research papers they publish in their magazine, and all these past articles and research papers are available on the website at lef.org for all kinds of supplements and maladies.  It’s not just supplement sales…. there is lots of good research information available on the website for the searching.

Ororeef @ 11:10

Posted by Maya @ 14:44 on January 25, 2015  

I remember you posting about your enzyme experience, and learned from it.  When I had some digestive issues I started eating good, Korean Kim-Chee that had been fermented a bit.  Problem solved.

It is said that about half of our immune system lives in the Gut, and in order for it to work correctly we need the right proBiotics and enzymes populating the gut for digestion.


Posted by Maya @ 14:38 on January 25, 2015  

Your B-12 spray is good… it is the proper METHYL cobalamin type.

Don’t know if you are on statins or not, but CoQ-10 is good heart maintenance for us ‘mature’ folks… always recommended.

I was somewhat tongue-in-cheek saying “get ready to exercise” as I am aware of your condition.  But be prepared for the ‘feeling’ like you want to get out and walk or something when you take the cordyceps.  The mushroom enhances the body’s ATP energy carriers and oxygen carriers (which for you is a GOOD thing!)  without increasing heart rate or blood pressure like caffeine does.  It really is a different ‘energy’ boost feeling… quite strong.

In the reviews, users note that this energy rush wears off sooner as you adapt to using the cordyceps over time… the body adapts and works better and you get ‘used’ to it.

Rosa Koire on Agenda 21 and ICLEI

Posted by silverngold @ 14:30 on January 25, 2015  

If you still have unanswered questions about Agenda 21 this will answer them. It is an integral part of the trashing of America and removing the rest of your constitutional rights…… and most every other country of the world……. setting up the world for the one world government and digital currency.  If they have their way we will all be slaves with NO RIGHTS WHATSOEVER!! No property ownership or any other kind of ownership. You will be their slave and totally under their control. Better to know what is coming or at least where we should be spending our time fighting this takeover.  Silverngold

Heating up

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:46 on January 25, 2015  

Rebels launch ‘intense’ attacks on Ukraine government troops: Kiev military

(Reuters) – Pro-Russian rebels launched new attacks against Ukrainian government positions on Sunday, the Kiev army said, as Western countries threatened more sanctions against Moscow for backing a new separatist offensive.

Recent days have seen the worst fighting in eastern Ukraine since a September ceasefire, restarting a war that has already killed more than 5,000 people.

Rebels have announced an offensive and launched an assault on Saturday on Mariupol, a major port of 500,000 people, where Kiev said thirty civilians were killed by shelling.

Kiev officials said the offensive continued on Sunday along other areas in the front, which winds through two eastern provinces partially controlled by the separatists.

“Rebels are attacking the positions of anti-terrorist operation troops extremely intensively, using artillery, mortars, grenade launchers, tanks,” military spokesman Andriy Lysenko said in a televised briefing.

more http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/01/25/us-ukraine-crisis-idUSKBN0KY0PF20150125

and a couple of outstanding LOL winners in this composit imo.

Posted by WANKA @ 13:32 on January 25, 2015  


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