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and now for something completely different!

Posted by WANKA @ 13:17 on January 25, 2015  



Posted by Ororeef @ 11:10 on January 25, 2015  

I noticed you said your brand of Cordyceps was paired with FERMENTED Ginsing .From my experience the “Fermented ” is most important in making anything available to be digestable.I suffered for years from Kidney stones (Gout Stones) and couldent find a Dr to help.Stones all day everyday very painful .I finally in despiration decided I was going to find the cause myself.I researched for weeks on the net and finally while on a swiss site I realized I had a calcium problem ..I didnt digest or break it down properly leaving me with PARTALLY digested calcium in the form of stones with very sharp edges.VIOLA ! A LIGHT came on.ENZYMES !!!!!!!!!!!Its like making cheese ! from idgestable milk (for me ) I was unable to digest milk properly all my life !   Lactose !  MY cure was ENZYMES  and FERMENTED  FOODS .I am stone free NOW! However some kidney damage was done from the sharp stones. Un digested calcium iin the stomach ended up in the Kidneys! I identified one or two enzymes I lacked from the swiss site #21 and one other,but couldent find how I would get it ! I used the shotgun approach of multi ENZYME and probiotics and it worked.! My current theory on a cure for Glocoma  (prompted by recent eye surgery) stimulated me to research again.is In order to reduce the pressure in the eye which causes the Glaucoma the fluid needsto come out slowly.

The ageing process hardens the scelera and closes normal drains and then causes dry eye and pressure to build up .So my theory is an eye drop consisting of an ENZYME that will allow the liquid to pass through and cure both problems.  Im not a Dr but I think my process is correct pending the discovery of the right enzyme !     THINK ENZYMES  and FERMENTED  FOOD! Avoid preservatives it kills enzymes and that includes wine & beer !

newtogold -23:56

Posted by WANKA @ 9:42 on January 25, 2015  

do you mean the one maya suggests? the life extention brand? much thanks wj

maya 22:51 yes b12

Posted by WANKA @ 9:34 on January 25, 2015  

I use it as a under tounge spray from mercola.


I also do the same with d3.


best wj

maya good morning and thanks for the come back

Posted by WANKA @ 9:26 on January 25, 2015  

excersize is not my speed so to speak. walking is quite limited…not because of body strength of that I have in an abundance but limited to my breathing endurance which is very limited. in fact most likely now about 15-20% capacity. my feet’s nuerapathy is a neurological thing. my circulation is quite strong. weight wise I stand 6’2″ at 170 so weight is no problem. I’m virtuality the same weight I was at 15 30 45 60 and now into my 70th year. [here is an old photo below of me and my son when I was 40 or so. my boy is now 42]

I fried my lungs from smoking thru the years unfortunately. therein lies my copd condition.  I’ve opted not to do transplant and I’m really hoping in my lifetime the stem cell research on lung sack regeneration will be successful. i’ll be the first to volunteer for testing the breakthrough.

i’ll also order from your source too and thanks for the info. seems this cordyceps has legs so to speak. I’m looking forward to giving it a go.

best of cheers to you my post-island friend. wj

its kw 19

Stop Sticking Up For The Saudi Dictator

Posted by eeos @ 6:42 on January 25, 2015  

f you’ve ever wanted to see the “soft bigotry of low expectations” on display, look no further than the global reaction to the death of the Saudi king. Officials in Washington are now playing their favorite game: Praise the Tyrant. Here’s how the game works:

Step 1) Identify an Arab dictator who heads one of the most repressive regimes on Earth
Step 2) Pretend that every brutal policy is way outside of his control
Step 3) Seize on any statement of his more tolerant than ISIS
Step 4) Praise the dictator for being a courageous reformer
Step 5) Express shock when actual reformers feel betrayed as you praise their tyrant
Step 6) Pat yourself on the back for maintaining (faux) stability
Step 7) Buy his oil
Step 8) Sell him weapons
Step 9) Repeat

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I’m starting to think the USA should have nuked these bastards after 9/11, and we should ALSO be kicking politician’s “assets” for kiss up to this dirtbag


Posted by goldielocks @ 0:49 on January 25, 2015  

There’s other things your body needs cholesterol for Memory for instance. My fear mix that cold weather which could put a strain on the heart and then add vigorous exercise with those statins. Just something to think about.

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