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Posted by goldielocks @ 18:18 on January 28, 2015  

Well it is that bad they are there on our dime and make up ways to rape America and when they get that they want more. They gotta be held in example themselves and kicked to the curb. They can be vicious and keeping calm and knowing rights helps. The aforementioned threat to them of a hearing you can arrange on line for IRS for instance I had a meeting with someone there and they refused to tell me where the office was as was unmarked inside the building. Then was harassed by a security guard said couldn’t make a phone call so went out side he told me couldn’t make one there either. My then I had someone on phone who heard him harassing me.heard him and said bull shit. Then tried to get my papers which I made copies of just incase only having copies he tries to get them from me saying he was just trying to help after trying to harass me. I said oh help me he said yah. I said are you a accountant do you work as one for IRS? He said no I said wall then you can’t help me then this is private information basically told him he isn’t getting a hold of it so it could get lost. They will try to harasss or intimidate and you need to keep a cool head when you can anyways lol and not be faint of heart can fight I guess these people aren’t that smart anyways. In case of NJ and NY the writer. Wasn’t it NY that just set fines on people in only few inches of snow if caught outside a 300 dollar fine practicing for people to get used to martial law? These people need to go.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.