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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:54 on February 22, 2015  


Market’s moving!  So we start out on a Chessie Steam special gold train…  now leaving.  All Aboard!




Posted by redneckokie1 @ 22:46 on February 22, 2015  

stinging nettles grow wild here also. The “makins” for those left handed cigarettes also grow wild here as well as the cultivated stuff.


Seems like I might have to recalibrate my Nukes of Hazzard theory from the Norfolk to Charleston location to Minnesota…

Posted by macroman3 @ 22:25 on February 22, 2015  

Maybe that missing Minot ND nuke that was supposed to go to Barksdale AFB did a uturn and ended up next door in Minnesota. Apparently the Mall of America needs a demo job just like WTC.

Sorry Winnipeg, your NWO legislature building is to become contaminated…


Thanks NEMO and Maya, bout sums up Canada’s foreign policy…

Posted by macroman3 @ 21:10 on February 22, 2015  

You watch, we’ll be leading the charge in Ukraine.

Scratch that, our Javelin’s are already there.

And I’m betting dollars to donuts that North American merc caught on tape yellin “Get out of my face” was from Luceland Saskatchewan. Bull hunk capital that Sask, where Russian Standard vodka is banned. Good thing I’m in BC.

So where is gold going to end up?

Posted by Moggy @ 21:07 on February 22, 2015  


Did I mention that I know when gold will hit $5,000 an ounce?  The day after I turn up my toes…because that’s the way of it in life.

@ Silverngold…Stinging Nettle is one of the greatest nutritional herbs in all of nature, I deliberately raised it for years to tincture it for medicinal purposes and to steam it as a side veggie, or toss it into soup.  Healthy as all get out.

Its the Jews fault!

Posted by Auandag @ 21:04 on February 22, 2015  


Wouldn’t you want to know ?

Posted by GoldenAge @ 21:01 on February 22, 2015  

Wouldn’t you want to know ?

If the USG and most of its institutions were covertly infiltrated and hijacked by a large International foreign based Organized Crime Syndicate, wouldn’t you want to know? And wouldn’t you want to know what its secret crimes are which are destroying America and stealing everything you ever worked for?

Read the rest here:

Wouldn’t you want to know ?

redneckokie1 @ 16:35

Posted by silverngold @ 18:17 on February 22, 2015  

Everyones mind works differently, but what my mind sees from your “tomato” description is Stinging Nettle. That’s about how tall they grow here too. Not too bad as a green vegetable but only after careful harvesting and  boiling.

and the nightmare continues……

Posted by Buygold @ 18:06 on February 22, 2015  

and the beat goes on…….

24 hr gold chart


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 16:35 on February 22, 2015  

its those tomatoes with the long jagged leaves and the funny looking seed pod. Plants grow to 6 ft. +.


ipso @14:52 – Let’s see we could make a tee shirt

Posted by commish @ 16:33 on February 22, 2015  

out of the design and send it as a gift to Dr V.



Our buds

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:40 on February 22, 2015  

Saudi men reportedly detained for dancing at birthday party

Published February 22, 2015
·Associated Press

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia’s morality police detained a group of young men for dancing at a birthday party and referred them to prosecutors, according to a state-linked media report.

The news website Ayn al-Youm reported Saturday that the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice raided a private property in the city of Buraydah, arresting the men inside for “loud music and inappropriate dancing.”

Buraydah is the provincial capital of Saudi Arabia’s Qassim province, which is home to some of the kingdom’s most conservative clerics, who practice a strict interpretation of Islam known as Wahhabism.

An unnamed official told the website that when members of the morality police raided the private property, they found the young men in “a comprising situation in their dance and shameful movements.” The official said there was also a cake and candles to celebrate one of the men’s birthdays.

No details were released about how many men were arrested or their ages. The official did, however, say that the young men’s hairstyles and dress were not traditional, and urged parents to monitor this kind of behavior “because it can lead to immorality and even homosexuality.”

A hashtag on Twitter quickly went viral about the arrest, with many Saudis ridiculing the raid and pointing out that the men were not caught drinking alcohol or partying with women — both crimes in Saudi Arabia.

Others shared photos of Saudi royals performing a traditional men’s sword dance, though supporters of the raid claim that form of dance is socially acceptable and “masculine.”

Wahhabi clerics view Western music as sinful and birthday celebrations as un-Islamic. The morality police are empowered to enforce Islamic law as practiced in Saudi Arabia, including enforcing dress codes.

Shortly after King Salman ascended to the throne last month, he relieved Sheikh Abdullatif al-Sheikh — seen as a reformer– as head of the religious police and appointed Sheikh Abdulrahman al-Sanad to lead the force.


commish @ 14:52

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:34 on February 22, 2015  

Did you draw that Commish? I like it!

Buygold @ 14:50

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:32 on February 22, 2015  

Now you are really pissing me off! I’ve told you time and time again … stop peaking in my windows!



Posted by ipso facto @ 15:30 on February 22, 2015  

“My tomatoes are sprouting under the grow lights waiting on April”

Are you sure those are tomatoes?


macroman3 @ 3:27

Posted by Maya @ 15:27 on February 22, 2015  

Bah!  Merely a flesh wound…!




The World I live in.

Posted by commish @ 14:52 on February 22, 2015  

1e7b10bcc8click picture to enlarge.

Wanka, Silverngold

Posted by Buygold @ 14:50 on February 22, 2015  

Wanka – Marine “Force Recon”. There I fixed it for ya. Very professional bunch.

Silverngold – Ipso a gentleman? C’mon man!! I know Ipso better. toon2n

Green sea, ipso

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 14:28 on February 22, 2015  

the devaluation will occur when farm commodities are driven below cost of production. The fiat might be routed to Main Street from Wall Street causing normal inflation, but more likely an immediate devaluation since the morons will wait too long and need immediate relief to the agricultural community. American agriculture cannot survive in its present form without huge exports. About 60% of American grain production is exported. A strong dollar and good worldwide weather will really continue to crash the grains further.

ipso, the last storm went just north of us but the next one will probably hit us. Really tough to go from 80 degrees and light winds to 20 degrees and howling winds in two days. My tomatoes are sprouting under the grow lights waiting on April. My son is burning his cast iron and soapstone wood stove. Propane is still expensive.

rno, monitoring the water temperature for spawning activity



Does Feb 28 scare the feeeeeeeeelth?!?

Posted by Scruffy @ 14:17 on February 22, 2015  

moggy ps also i posted his presentation

Posted by WANKA @ 13:54 on February 22, 2015  

from the start on the full utube since his segment on the sipsey site doesn’t work. for those like me who prefer to listen to a speech instead of reading one. best wj

moggy yes i’m sure

Posted by WANKA @ 13:50 on February 22, 2015  

marine scout/snipers are quite proficient in their trade but I can’t speak of any experience of that nature since I was spending my time of duty underwater
and harassing them seals like buygold! :mrgreen: however I’m sure there are those in the 3% class that have our 6 o’clocks well in hand.

as to the sentences running together sometimes the oasis wordpress program resolves that way. sorry but there is nothing we can do though that I know of since its a wordpress issue. 🙁
best of cheers dear lady. wj

For the record..

Posted by sinbad @ 13:40 on February 22, 2015  

Still lurking nearly daily, but gone to ground till the smoke clears


Posted by Moggy @ 13:21 on February 22, 2015  

This is my favorite part of the speech:

“Sir, I have read you on the internet and believe in what your doing. One day the ATF will come to count coup on you & take your head. I promise to take One hundred heads for yours. Cheyenne 0317/8541”
There was a small, delicate ink drawing on the bottom of the sheet, showing what appeared to be a coup stick crossed with a tomahawk and over-arched with eagle feathers. 0317/8541, for the uninitiated, are the current and former MOS numbers for a Marine Scout/Sniper.


P.S.  I separated the paragraphs but for some reason most of the sentences ran together.  It’s a bit hard to read the way it is now.

Alexander Mosaic: Pompeii

Posted by winedoc @ 12:39 on February 22, 2015  


I’m still here daily ……

Peeking in the Tent flaps and quietly stacking silver

………. currency wars continue

I’m sticking with gold and silver for the long haul.

Vesuvian  Tremors ??  Nah …….




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