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Been lacking on artistic discovery lately but SnG got me thinking about T-Bones…

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:06 on February 25, 2015  

SnG, did I see that right 14.8 million people have died from cancer since 1971?

Posted by macroman3 @ 22:15 on February 25, 2015  

Shades of global warming science? We all have to die from something, is cancer not God’s will (especially for the non believers)? I hazard a guess that a similar large number have been killed on the road.

Oh and if that T-bone (with a nice Cab) is what is gunna do me in, so be it. Weren’t you a rancher?

Time for winedoc to chime in….

Optional video behind Joe 12 Pack’s Net Neutrality video

Posted by silverngold @ 21:23 on February 25, 2015  

That Net Neutrality video  is being forced onto the world TOMORROW so you’re about out of time to fight the Govt’s criminal intent to control the Net.

This one I’m posting is about cancer which has only gotten worse in the last almost 100 years, even though supposedly the medical industry offers no approved choice but radiation and chemo, two choices that kill many more than they cure. This is a criminal  disgrace IMO when there are so many cancer cures being made illegal whenever they surface.

If you have not watched this one, please do. It’s worth your life!!  Silverngold

Canadian PM With his Buddy Gates

Posted by Auandag @ 21:15 on February 25, 2015  

PM funds inoculation abroad, chides Canadians who balk at vaccines at home

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Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Bill Gates smile as they are introduced during a moderated discussion in Ottawa, Wednesday February 25, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

Nice visual presentation on silver….

Posted by old-timer @ 20:51 on February 25, 2015  

From ZeroHedge, here is a link to a pretty cool graphic and write-up on the sources of silver:



Posted by Maya @ 20:27 on February 25, 2015  

Wow!  Saguaro cactus, desert waterfalls, river canyons…   I agree… just freakin’ gorgeous!  And best of all, they’re not frozen!

silverboom @ 15:37 ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!

Posted by silverngold @ 19:53 on February 25, 2015  

Wish I was there. That’s my kinda country….and maybe prospecting for Silverngold

Scruffy @ 14:32….Ur right!! All good points…

Posted by silverngold @ 19:47 on February 25, 2015  

We’re DOOMED!! :o(

Janet Yellen’s Message to Senior Citizen Savers

Posted by commish @ 19:15 on February 25, 2015  

20150224_yell2_0via Tyler Durden

They don’t give us much of a choice.

Posted by commish @ 16:37 on February 25, 2015  



Posted by Buygold @ 16:08 on February 25, 2015  

Great to see you posting again! I’m the only defeatist left. 🙂

Would that soon pm stock turnaround be in our lifetimes?

Same old today, they sold them into the close. It just never ends.

One day, the river flowing out of gold stocks will reverse

Posted by silverboom @ 15:37 on February 25, 2015  

and soon.

Until then, enjoy the scenery!


Thank you, Ipso and Wanka for the photo comments.

Posted by silverboom @ 15:33 on February 25, 2015  

Wanka, we *might* be down your way next winter. We shall see. If gold/silver resume, we will be there for sure. If not…who knows??

Net Neutrality – time to get angry about this

Posted by joe12pack @ 15:27 on February 25, 2015  


Posted by Scruffy @ 14:32 on February 25, 2015  

BUSTED: Hillary Caught in Massive Act of Corruption That Should END Her Career


If that is a declaritive, I agree!!!!  If that is a prediction…. ha ha ha ha ha ha  ha ha ha  ha ha ha  ha ha ha cough hack choke gag……

That would require an informed and average (or better) intelligence of the voting public AND an honest and competent MSM.  Won’t happen this century in the USA of the Obummer. Given the brain dead voters, the voting fraud and the bought and paid for MSM, Its just another…. “at this point, what difference does it make?!”

BUSTED: Hillary Caught in Massive Act of Corruption That Should END Her Career

Posted by silverngold @ 13:19 on February 25, 2015  

BE STILL MY (Silverngold) HEART!!


NSA Blowback

Posted by drb2 @ 13:08 on February 25, 2015  
if a similar thing happened to a PM company the stock would drop by 75%

WANKA @ 10:01 Interactive Brokers

Posted by silverngold @ 12:44 on February 25, 2015  

I had no idea that was their state of domicile. State of the massive Sandy Hook fraud where almost all from the top down were involved in that deception, and all orchestrated by your LIAR….oops, I mean Leader at the top of the chicken shit pile, and all for the excuse to confiscate America’s weapons. Better have…….Silverngold

Someday the gold bull

Posted by Moggy @ 12:37 on February 25, 2015  

will get his revenge on the manipulators.


Bull jumping the stands


ipso facto humm yes behind the quickie mart…..

Posted by WANKA @ 12:05 on February 25, 2015  

well then you have to hire buygold to do the digging. alot less expensive then the backhoe. i’ll just make sure he’s blindfolded and has no clue…..then again even with his eyes open sometimes I wonder? bwahahahahahaha de debels made me do it! toon2 wj


Posted by ipso facto @ 11:48 on February 25, 2015  

Did you remember my correct address?

ipso @ The Cardoard Box behind Apu’s Quickie Mart :mrgreen:

ipso facto 10:22 yikes!

Posted by WANKA @ 11:44 on February 25, 2015  

you gave away my hiding place ….now i’ll have to rent a backhoe again and move the stash to a different location…..hummm maybe i’ll send you the rental bill for the backhoe…yes a capital idea! toon4n the bills in the mail… :mrgreen: wj

and here they come

Posted by Buygold @ 11:06 on February 25, 2015  

Whew, thought I might me wrong for a minute.

Nasdaq positive, DOW coming back, pm’s drifting lower as usual. $1210 just too much so right back to $1200.

So predictable. So tiresome.

This should light a fire somewhere

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:52 on February 25, 2015  

Breaking – Bank of England Admits Large Portion of Austria’s GOLD IS GONE

A remarkable report on The Austrian State Gold from the Austrian Federal Court (ÖBRH) has apparently just revealed that as of 2009, 56% of Austria’s gold reserves “held” at the Bank of England DID NOT PHYSICALLY EXIST!!!
No wonder that Germany & The Netherlands among others began scrambling shortly thereafter to repatriate what was left of their own reserves at the BOE & The Fed!

more http://www.silverdoctors.com/breaking-bank-of-england-admits-large-portion-of-austrias-gold-is-gone/


Posted by larryc @ 10:25 on February 25, 2015  

As mentioned last week by someone, PAL is on a run.  I lucked into it a few weeks ago like blind squirrels occasionally do.

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