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Posted by margaret @ 23:59 on July 8, 2015  


margareret re JS

Posted by newtogold @ 23:45 on July 8, 2015  

Been down for quite awhile.


Posted by margaret @ 23:17 on July 8, 2015  

Is anyone else having trouble getting into JS Mineset?

Thanks Moggy

Posted by Buygold @ 23:13 on July 8, 2015  


Moggy @ 21:05

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:53 on July 8, 2015  

Hold on tight. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride! :mrgreen:

God willed it, so it is so

Posted by Walker @ 22:31 on July 8, 2015  

And past thousands of millions marched to the valley of death. We are god’s children and will kill you others?. I never understood the history of the losing others… it was never written , hum they must have had other gods of less power to help? LOL>

We have a new Pope ..it is time when all will  lived as equal. What a revaluation..I suggest he sell the his bank and start there

That is not going to happen..The father and his chosen leadership need these special palaces as history has proven.

The united church of Canada  sells its churches..after a tremendous new pathway  New Leadership we are SO  special..so RIGHT not really but gay ) we lost our followers and are now selling our roots and old churches.!!! Wow..

The truth..the fog the belief ..it can not happen to you QMNOP

Last time XAU was below 60 was 2002 when Gold was $300 an oz

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:17 on July 8, 2015  

Oh please..next it will be God said so..the moon&stars ..smile

Posted by Walker @ 22:00 on July 8, 2015  

ipso facto,

The key to the future..your post! .the wagon has no stopped..
when they are held accountable. an excellent example ..look at those brave Greeks..you must be joking!!!!
Greece cried debt relief while they allowed their own to continue NOT be held to justice for past fraud…Hence my comment ..i have absolutely no support for them. It was and will continue to be a side show for the sheep.
It is all an illusion while they are sweeping you all to the last gate.. Frankly …it is so very sad. O I am not feeling good about this..sincerely. No one comment about Dr. Charlie Hapgood. I now feel good about this. No Harpo comments here
..look to the left while they hope you do not notice the reality. Winedoc ..I endeavored to launch a “Boat” off Bush island last weekend..low tide..allow me ..low was so low I had to wait hours..LOL! Trust me ..I took pictures at sunrise…isn’t real.
I have a weather model ..not looking good for the north east smile. You know and I know..when it is wonderful it is grand.
Winedoc..look into this.. Frostbite.
Greece..was a worthless ..word. heads up..I think something large ..we are all are missing or not seeing! stacking is good but I sense something much larger. I bought Platinum..today. I also bought other things..Look around you..
as an old Chief….I sense something..unfortunately bad.

I place my vision in the real ..did it happen ..polar reversal ..yes..will it happen again yes. does it happen on the sun? yes..does it happen on the sun, frequently? yes.. when did this happen on the sun? ..last?..and there you have it ..smiling i could share more.

but..you need to know..buildings do not free fall..your OWN children should not be mugged in our own national airports while open borders exist,shit..I love the old term where we

the thinking few  are truthfully all  are FUBARED!  Wanka ..I place my best bet on this comment. I remember, days in my youth..ABC islands,  St , Croix..I lived/worked out of  there for three years. Earlier , Venezuela.. when times were good there.  Such a great nation..now consumed by something for nothing and the tricks are for free. Insight knowledge..to that term.

Never review ..




Posted by Moggy @ 21:05 on July 8, 2015  


NOTE:  Going forward I will attempt to post relevant charts to give fair warning of what lies ahead.  Foreign markets collapsed today and the NYSE closed down for a good part of the day.  Whatever reason is given in main stream news, keep your own counsel, because truth is not their forte.  The U.S. stock market, according to this chart, is in for a rough time, which will impact the country.  Be as prepped as you can be.

DATA:  July 31, 2015 @ 6:44 A.M. EDT – Washington, D.C.

The Aquarius Full Moon falls into the 6th house of crisis, armed forces, public health, police, and service workers.  The major theme is to expect the unexpected.  Be on the alert for a breakdown of electrical circuits.  The sign Aquarius governs “acts of God,” hurricanes, earthquakes, mudslides, floods, tornados, volcanic eruptions and electrical storms or abrupt reversals in weather conditions.

Leo Rises, natural sign of the 5th house of investments and the stock market, ruler Sun posited in the 12th house of sorrows, inconjunct retrograde Neptune in the 8th house of the banking industry, national debt, and the Federal Reserve, from whom the sorrows flow.

Pluto in the 5th house is inconjunct both the ASCendant and Mercury; an important adjustment is about to be made with buying and selling in the stock market, with Pluto lending its weight to cause upheaval with all manner of investments.

Venus and Jupiter in the 1st house of the people are square 4th house retrograde Saturn in Scorpio…Venus brings a sobering time for the people.  Financially there is much concern about shortages of funding, which may force folks to be thrifty.

Jupiter square Saturn brings financial crisis and a time of adjustment and growth.  Some will experience this time as a crisis of faith, where they don’t know what to believe in.  Use this time to simplify your personal life.

Mars square Uranus brings a time of great restlessness, impatience and rebellion.  Explosive arguments and rash behavior will flare up without thought to any consequences.  Electrical appliances and heavy machinery will be areas of danger, be aware.



Nikkei Opening – 622

Posted by commish @ 20:56 on July 8, 2015  


Bunga Bunga Avoids Jail

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:27 on July 8, 2015  

Silvio Berlusconi is given a three-year sentence after being found guilty of corruption charges for bribing a senator

Italy’s former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi was found guilty today of bribing a senator to switch factions in a move which helped topple the government of 2008.

The court in southern Italy sentenced Berlusconi to three years in jail and banned him from holding any public office for five years, a judge said in a ruling shown live on television.

However, he will not have to serve his sentence because a statute of limitations kicks in later this year before any appeal can be held, preventing the courts from pursuing the case further.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3153993/Former-Italian-PM-Silvio-Berlusconi-given-three-year-sentence-guilty-corruption-charges-bribing-senator.html#ixzz3fLiwn3oj

Remove that FLAG!

Posted by Scruffy @ 19:33 on July 8, 2015  


We're waiting! :0

We’re waiting! :0

Portugeezer @ 5:16 on July 8, 2015

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:50 on July 8, 2015  

Continue your thought and you will realize it was the Feds intentional shrinkage of the money supply that caused the depression.

Gold was a scrapegoat.

The Fed did it so banks could foreclose on REAL ASSETS .Thats how they convert credit created out of nothing into real Assets.

The Fed are the money changers of old ..so Jesus threw them out of the Temple….! Jesus had a moral compass .

Thats why liberals hate Christians and struggled for  so long to get rid of Usury LAWS that put limits on the debt that could be imposed on individuals.

They twisted the view of moral protection into one of a false discrimination argument just like Racism is used today !

No Private organization should control the money supply especially Banksters.The money supply can be calculated by a computer as a % of GNP.

We need to shrink the number of Banks by 30 % and forbid them from Stock Market just as Glass Steagle Act did.Banks need to make their money by making good loans that can be repaid.


WHY oh WHY??

Posted by Samb @ 16:23 on July 8, 2015  

Bemoan the fact that the PM stocks are in the crapper with no apparent end in sight?? You have seen this movie countless times before. It’s called the Summer doldrums and this time maybe the final capitulation. We know that these extreme moves overshoot…we’ve all been there done that.

There is no reason to deliberately jump in front of a runaway freight train. Do you think that your magnificent  benelovence and impeccable logic would stop it. ? Have some popcorn and enjoy the show.

Nice smack to end day

Posted by Buygold @ 16:03 on July 8, 2015  

Another perfect day in pm’s. USD down, nothing matters.

I can barely look at this crap anymore.

ddog–who are the dopes that bought 1377 sept15 SLV $15 CALLS at $48 a piece?

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:57 on July 8, 2015  

I totally understand-it’s absolutely relentless-the f-ing planet could spin off it’s axis and G would drop

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:39 on July 8, 2015  

the HUI’s red by a whisker….


Posted by Maddog @ 15:21 on July 8, 2015  

Bt some GDX tdy on a good buy signal….after the intial run up, it’s been under the cosh ALL day and down way more than ABX, GG, NEM etc….there is no arbitrage done anymore….just unlimited shorting…..As you say Gold is up 13 bucks from it’s lo and the shares can’t catch a cold !!!!!

PS Dumped the crap…signal failing….hardly supriseing against a no limit seller. !!!!

I’m sure the ETF’s are where the Scum do a lot of work, as they never have to settle.

Alert !

Posted by Equisetum @ 15:13 on July 8, 2015  

Refer to posting at 10:55.


Posted by Buygold @ 15:11 on July 8, 2015  

The pm shares are the worst nightmare possible. Apparently they are never cheap regardless of what the metals do.

‘Hackers’ give orders to German missile battery

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:11 on July 8, 2015  

Posted July 8th, 2015 at 10:48 AM (CST) by Jim Sinclair & filed under In The News.

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Now some hacker is going to start a war in Germany.

‘Hackers’ give orders to German missile battery
Published: 07 Jul 2015 15:00 GMT+02:00

German-owned Patriot missiles stationed in Turkey were briefly taken over by hackers, according to media reports on Tuesday.

The attack took place on anti-aircraft ‘Patriot’ missiles on the Syrian border. The American-made weapons had been stationed there by the Bundeswehr (German army) to protect Nato ally Turkey.

According to the civil service magazine, the missile system carried out “unexplained” orders. It was not immediately clear when these orders were carried out and what they were.

The magazine speculates about two weak spots in the missile system which could be exploited by hackers.


ZH must be on the fritz again-no posts since they reopened @ 11:43

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:07 on July 8, 2015  

Is that an echo i hear in the room? I think I’m talking to myself…o well, gold is stinking up the place-not really much to talk about anyway…the

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:05 on July 8, 2015  

world financial mets are gonna crash…the slime KNOW that-hence the gold scorched earth….

The slime are relentless-even this pitiful bounce in G&S requires them to algo-swat the PM stocks

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:01 on July 8, 2015  

HUI=145.00  Up 0.15(0.10%) 2:41PM EDT

that’s 2.40 off the high and the HUI is about to go red on the day


Even cyber attacks leave gold unruffled!! gold is hopeless as long as the current regime is running the planet-don’t waste your money

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:06 on July 8, 2015  
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