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Posted by Ororeef @ 22:47 on July 10, 2015  

can get elected in California !
all he has to do is be BOLD …and this I think he can do !
simply say “I will Solve Californias Water Problem ” if elected….
Then hire the Army Corp of Engineers to do it.Simple and BOLD clear message..!
Go for it !

Tsipras should be tarred and feathered – just like US politicians

Posted by Buygold @ 22:33 on July 10, 2015  


Not much chance but would love to see it! If the Republicans block it then eff them.

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:56 on July 10, 2015  

U.S. Senators Put Glass-Steagall on the Agenda

July 9, 2015 (EIRNS)—Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Angus King (I-Me.), John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), introduced a 21st-Century Glass-Steagall Act on July 7, finally putting the crucial FDR-style legislation before both Houses of the U.S. Congress. HR 381, Rep. Marcy Kaptur’s bill (S.1709) for reinstating Glass-Steagall protections, currently has 60 co-sponsors.

Within minutes of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s announcement, the City of London’s Financial Times published an understated note from their Washington, D.C., correspondent (“U.S. Senators Plot Glass-Steagall Resurrection”), admitting that while London counts on the Republicans to block the bill, it “will cause concern among big ‘universal’ banks.”

more http://larouchepub.com/pr/2015/150709_glass_steagall_senate.html


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:21 on July 10, 2015  

Obummer has spoken at a Gov prayer meeting here think was last year from inside info. All this anti christian stuff may or may not be true but perhaps I smell agenda to stir the pot maybe over martial law don’t know but sonething is off. As far as prisons they are slave wage camps for the multis while they invite a open border.

FRED HICKEY VERY BULLISH ON GOLD–He’s also a regular on Barron’s exclusive Roundtable.

Posted by Richard640 @ 20:16 on July 10, 2015  


Investment Legend Fred Hickey: “This Market Is Going Down And Will End In Chaos”
by Contributor • November 22, 2014
Reposted from Finanz und Wirtschaft

The editor of the influential investment newsletter «The High-Tech Strategist» warns of trouble in semiconductor stocks and spots bright investment opportunities in gold miners.


And how does your strategy look like with regard to longer term investments?

I was never a gold bug and I’ve never even owned an ounce of gold until the late nineties. But in 2002 when Greenspan was dropping rates rapidly and all the money printing started, I said to myself: I need to protect myself. The technology stocks that come and go wouldn’t be the right place since they’re not a long term store of value. But I knew that the best way to protect yourself in an easy money environment historically has been precious metals. Yet at that time, I would have never imagined that we would end up with central bankers printing trillions of Dollars. But all that happened and for ten years gold was the place to be and outperformed stocks dramatically. So despite the 2000 decade was considered to be a lost decade for stocks, I had double digit year after double digit year.

In the last few years, though, the gold price has been falling quite rapidly.
In 2011 gold got overbought. We had a lot of hot money that came into the market and we had a sell off and that sell off has continued. I would argue this sell off has gone on longer than normally, partly because there are so many gold haters out there. That same herd that’s willing to pay any price for bubble stocks like Tesla, GoPro or NetSuite also dislikes gold intensely and the owners of gold. Anything they believe in, is based upon the theory that the central bankers will be able to stop QE successfully, that they will be able to raise interest rates to normal levels, that the economy will normalize and that we will live happily ever after. That’s their belief. Gold owners don’t hold that belief. They say: «You’re going to die in that cesspool of liquidity.» But the herd doesn’t want to hear that. So I believe that they use a lot of their leveraged money to punish the gold owners. And they’re having a good time doing it.

Are you suggesting that the gold price is being manipulated?
We have basically all prices manipulated right now: Interest rates are manipulated down, stock prices are manipulated up and gold prices are manipulated down. That’s the way they want it. I think they can do that in the short run. And I do think they target major technical break levels with their enormous leverage. They can throw billions of dollars at something in the dark of night or the wee hours in the morning when trading is illiquid. But we’ve also seen a number of things happen: We’ve seen that investment demand for precious metals skyrocket around the world, even in Germany according to reports. We’ve seen it even in the U.S. where the mint ran out of silver coins. In addition to that, the leasing rate for gold has gone negative. That’s a very rare occurrence and a good sign that there are shortages of gold. I’m not going to say that the gold price won’t come back more but I’m hopeful that these pressures will go away and that the amount of buying that we have will be enough to hold off those attacks that occur in the futures markets.

So what’s your advice when it comes to investing in gold?
It’s easier to hold the metal. You can own it through an ETF but it’s important that you hold at least some physically and some amount outside of your country, particularly for U.S. investors. The gold stocks, on the other hand, are extremely volatile. They will go widely to the upside and widely to the downside. At this moment, they’re historically depressed, back to the levels we only saw before the bull market began. So this is an opportunity and I try to own only the highest quality names. I start with where they are located. If it’s Russia, I’m worried about expropriation. The same goes for Venezuela. In a lot of other countries like Bolivia, I’m worried about big tax hikes. So a good example is Agnico Eagle Mines. Their mines are located in Canada, Mexico and Finland. You can’t get a better basket than that. And then, I look for the quality of the mines, the track record of the management and that they have sustaining costs. That’s why I like names like GoldCorp, New Gold, AuRico Gold and Detour Gold, which is a little bit more risky. But I’m not levered and I never go in debt. Therefore, I’ll never get a margin call and I can wait until the rally comes.




Russia been out of the news lately.

Posted by commish @ 19:34 on July 10, 2015  


Obama coming to Oklahoma

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 19:32 on July 10, 2015  

he is going to speak at a federal prison 14 miles from my house. I sincerely hope he is looking at his future home. The liberals are beaming that he is the first president to visit a federal prison. Hopefully he will be the first president to have an “extended stay”  in one.



Southerners Rock

Posted by Moggy @ 17:58 on July 10, 2015  

Speaking of Nestle

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:36 on July 10, 2015  

Looks like they’re taking water from British Columbia too, for free while everyome else told to cut down on theirs. I’m not buying their water now or nada. Then they have audacity to tell others they don’t have a right to water that falls on their property but he can go suck up their reserves.



Posted by ipso facto @ 17:18 on July 10, 2015  



Posted by goldielocks @ 16:39 on July 10, 2015  

Yes have heard of it. I suspect they are trying to wait it out as the  droughts come in cycles and then comes the floods.. Which is another reason to have better drainage systems. What they do has to be thought of by people in construction that know and Can do but again like you say the cost. Yet people still build their homes on cliffs. Someone told me when she was young her parents rented a house in down town Sac and the driveway sloped down towards the house so when the rains came the front would flood but luckily not in the house. Same for some houses where the back yard would slope down toward the house as well as the cement around it. something to really pay attention to when buying a home as well as how prevalent quakes are as well as the surrounding area. Sac has elevated mid town only about 5 feet and it’s said the first floor of the Gov house is left empty for flood reasons.

When the superstorm does come thousands are going to perish. Perhaps hundreds of thousands. There’s no doubt about that. It would be like a Dam breaking above you. Why there trying to figure out warning system.that isn’t good enough.

c’mon ipso

Posted by eeos @ 16:35 on July 10, 2015  

they’ll use the walmart conspiracy tunnels. It already connects everything!  pifffffff

Richard640 @ 15:53

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:09 on July 10, 2015  


Hmmm what about the Rockies and Sierras?

COTR fwiw … commercials covering …

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:08 on July 10, 2015  


I posted that about the pope

Posted by eeos @ 16:00 on July 10, 2015  

because I think he’s a moron

Buygold @ 15:49

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:53 on July 10, 2015  

You think he wears a scratchy cloak and eats TV dinners? :mrgreen:

Ororeef–Goldie–re: california–ever hear of the erie canal?

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:53 on July 10, 2015  

A series of canals starting in areas-like the Red and Mississippi rivers-that are historically prone to flood–could be built to California and the south west—but no-it’s too expensive-that money is needed for mid-east wars etc and bail-outs of the wall st casinos

Did you Know ! From Enclyopaedia Britannica the POPES ORDER

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:52 on July 10, 2015  

The Jesuits religious order discontinued Fasting,Are Counter Reformation,Lack a Female Branch,are primarly a Intellectual order interested mainly in Education and SCHOLARSHIP as their principal work..,Spain and Portugal tried to abolish the Order,Their CORPORATE existance was in RUSSIA !
Thats about as Liberal and FASCIST as an ORDER can GET !
Really ! Counter Reformation ! Centered in Russia ! No Females ! Intellectuals only !

Looks Like a Communist …Quacks like a Communist,must be ……


Posted by Buygold @ 15:51 on July 10, 2015  

They say you have to see it to believe it.

We see this everyday, so yeah I guess I believe it. Being down is the only thing the pm shares can be counted on to do.

Hey Al

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:51 on July 10, 2015  

Is a mini ICE AGE on the way? Scientists warn the sun will ‘go to sleep’ in 2030 and could cause temperatures to plummet


Alot hypocritical

Posted by Buygold @ 15:49 on July 10, 2015  

“I humbly ask forgiveness, not only for the offenses of the Church herself, but also for crimes committed against the native peoples during the so-called conquest of America.”


Yeah, he should. While speaking out for the poor his church “humbly” holds about one third of the world’s wealth. I wonder how many people that would feed?

Do u believe this crud?

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:47 on July 10, 2015  

HUI- 141.02  -2.08 -1.45%


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:28 on July 10, 2015  

Most Californians noticed that too. Sacramento and other areas are flat and no where for the water to go. They need more drainage systems but part of the problem is when land has no slope so water is stationary and areas been around for hundreds of years and established. Even one storm can cause flooding so when a mega storm does come and it will it will be devastating.

This time the foothills above Sac could flood as well as snow will ” in the heat” need higher elevation and the rain and shallow snow of foothills will melt causing flooding which will also make it dryer in summer with no reserve snow melt which will probably cause more plant life to dye off and following years more run off. Could result in vicious cycle. In San Gabriel mountains in the south could result in flash floods towards LA below as well as affecting the foothills first. I’ve seen how fast that can happen when I lived there.

Yes more drainage systems need to be in place. Yes the elite still have their green Grass. I’m guessing it’s to create a illusion all is well. As far as Tom not sure what was going on with him and his ranch so not jumping to any conclusions about his buying water. At the same time ” some” people are very careless with water. Another thing is water heating up faster so gallons aren’t waisted waiting for it to heat. Patience can turn it on very low at first but most don’t have it. I’ve seen people in hospitals before turning water on walking away and Id go turn it off, that was before the drought.

PS they let Nestle buy water from the dwindling Aquaducts to sell to is. So special interest part of the problem while they might harass others esp if they’re not libs. Don’t  buy Nestle water he also wants to prevent others from saving any for their land.

Think about this

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:22 on July 10, 2015  

When Ronald Reagan was in office ,so was Margaret Thatcher another conservative …but dont Forget the Conservative Polish POPE was also in office.Between the 3 of them they destroyed Communism in Russia and Eastern Europe .
Now the Liberals have reversed all of that victory ! Its very Clear except for the Short memories of idiots.


Posted by Ororeef @ 15:13 on July 10, 2015  

he too is a Liberal ,he is a JESUIT ! thats the Liberal “intellectual” order just like our “intellectual N.England Colleges …They have infiltrated everything ! Raised the Cost of everything,and won elections by spending other peoples Money ! Including the POPE.

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