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Posted by Maya @ 23:08 on July 15, 2015  



July 15th. Opening day for Jade Helm.

Posted by commish @ 23:00 on July 15, 2015  


Posted by Auandag @ 21:28 on July 15, 2015  
Commentary on The Capital Markets
2015-07-15 18:23 by Karl Denninger
The cradle of representative government is where mass slavery and destitution was just passed into law.

To thunderous applause….


Your parliament just gave away the entire contents of your bank accounts to the ECB and German banks.

No, I’m not kidding.

PS: They’re going to try to collect the debts you owe those banks too….

Soon YUAN will complete its 3 rd TOP

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:27 on July 15, 2015  

china yuan US GOLD  AND $GOLD will make a THIRD BOTTOM

COMING SOON to a theatre NEAR YOU !


The Truth About Our Cashless Society Future

Posted by silverngold @ 18:55 on July 15, 2015  

Looks more like a kid to me!!

Posted by silverngold @ 18:31 on July 15, 2015  

Newly released Gardena Police videos show officers killing unarmed man

Ebola vaccine ready

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:13 on July 15, 2015  

Hope it doesn’t cause a epidemic ” by mistake ” of course.


FWIW: Jade Helm is Martial Law??

Posted by silverngold @ 18:12 on July 15, 2015  

Jade Helm 15 Begins with Black Outs! Power Outages Planned for July 15-20th

Jade Helm Alert -A Call From Oklahoma BY THE OLDMARINE VAUGHAN


Undercover video: Baby body parts bought and sold for “science” in the USA

Posted by silverngold @ 17:40 on July 15, 2015  

Natural News

This story is 100% confirmed, yet horrific.

Right here in the USA, body parts of babies are being “harvested” with partial-birth abortions, then sold to biotech firms for “science.”

The practice is commonplace even though it’s also criminal (and downright EVIL).

Here’s the undercover video, transcript and story links that prove these crimes against humanity are happening right now in the USA, all in the name of “science.”

Read the full story

TRX. I don’t know.

Posted by commish @ 16:08 on July 15, 2015  


The Greeks riots oughta be good for another 50-100 down in gold and 500+ pts up in the DOW-makes sense to me….

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:06 on July 15, 2015  

TRX has performed decently for the last few weeks

Posted by Buygold @ 15:21 on July 15, 2015  

course it’s down from $10 or whatever and might be a little overbought.


Obama got a surprise parade in Durant, Oklahoma

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 15:09 on July 15, 2015  

Every pickup truck in the parade was flying the Confederate Battle Flag!

not surprising. He did not carry a single county in either election in the reddest of the red states. I wonder if he got the point.

it seems the California Okies are returning to their roots after three generations. At least they were smart enough to come back after the floods ended the drought in Oklahoma. I wonder if their grandchildren will return to California if it ever rains.

Will Rogers once said, “when the Okies moved to California in the 1930’s, it raised the average IQ of both states.”

Everyone start stacking faster, the pot has been boiling for a long time and I think a few more logs have been added to the fire lately.


From a poster on Wollies site-Don is always bullish on gold

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:16 on July 15, 2015  

Bullish percent miners under 7 ($bpgdm), COT structure bullish and probably more so with the last few days. Precious metals gonna rock soon.


Here’s hope and change a little different from that of Obama.

Posted by silverngold @ 14:09 on July 15, 2015  

Worth the 12 minutes to hear the guy out IMO…..and FWIW

Beware of Communists bearing Gifts

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:53 on July 15, 2015  

gifts for Pope

Those Tax Avoiding Greeks

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:26 on July 15, 2015  

Christine La Garde must have been taking lessons from them..She pays NO INCOME TAX on her $500,000 salary at the IMF ….Legally of coarse…..Some how Gubberment employees Agency employees get raises in recessions and even in depressions yet Private sector employees get NADA .

Those that live off the private sector like Parasites or fleas on a dog live better than the dog and only when the DOG dies they move on to the NEXT victum ..

Now with 65 % public employees in Greece …who is left to TAX ? Public employees PAY NO TAX,its not possible !    Where do they get the money from to pay taxes ? Its given to them also isn’t it ? HOW is that a TAX ?    …TAX the RICH ?   Who are they ?Why they are the Public Employees and if you tax them dont you have to give them the money to pay with ?

Who needs Greece to accomodate the EU(ro)?

Posted by frr @ 13:06 on July 15, 2015  

The Euro 19 only need to grab the Greek real assets, which they haven’t yet. Some ports, some Islands, some shippers and some native olive oil and, of course a vibrant tourism.

This real and Horror Show is just the deluge the global monetary reformists are steering us all into
– ARMAGEDDON! Forget about what the FOMC Yellin is uttering today, as Dragi the ECB-icicle , nor the immaculate Christine La Garde that Greece will be saved from “Grexit”, while the Troika will be stealing the rest of real Greek assets, on top of it will also receive interest on Greek bonds, never paid for in reality and will devour any signs of life as Long as the West is smitten by snake oil sellers, the former algorythm wizards of debauchery – and this includes THE and a few more governments.

In the end it will be seen as a huge waste of Genius and ingenuity … if we’ll get there …frr

drb2 @ 12:14 RE: Edelson No Inflation

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:58 on July 15, 2015  

re part: “Unbelievable what they are doing to PMs!”

I’ve noticed, since 1975, the PRIMARY OBJECTIVE of Gov’t, (I.E. multi national business and banking) wants cheaper materials and labor all the time. They do it thru manipulated futures markets, by lowering the dollar and other methods, to drive prices artificially HIGHER,

just to fool PRODUCERS into more investment in capacity and over production, which leads to excess supply inventory and falling prices, lasting until the excess gets digested. By more consumption from the lower prices, and less production from lower prices. When THAT gets digested, the shortage comes, and rotates prices higher. Wash rinse repeat.

The big problem they have now is two fold.

#1 The adjusted REAL wages in the private tax paying sector are about 25-50% artificially lower (including tax receipts) than the 1945 to 1975 era.

#2 The adjusted real wages in the tax ABSORBING, tax supported sectors, civil service and gov’t vendor sectors have SURPASSED inflation of the 1945-1975 era. Even public utility employees are doing great.

There are way way too many jobs and businesses supported by gov’t that gets funds from tax PAYERS.

Accountants, real estate, real estate and medical jobs fall into tax PAYER support.

The “catch 22” thing is now hitting them.

Baltic Dry

Posted by drb2 @ 12:36 on July 15, 2015  

I don’t know if this is a lagging…or leading indicator.  but it seems like there is some correlation happening


RE: Edelson No Inflation

Posted by drb2 @ 12:14 on July 15, 2015  

No Inflation – Huh?

I just received a notice from my local utility that our rates are going to increase 25-30% over the next four years. Golf course fees went up 50% in January. I’d love to see a chart of gov’t employees; Corporate CEOs; Pro athletes salaries. Has Edelson gone to the doctor lately? Does he pay for his own Medical insurance? I could go on.


On another subject. Unbelievable what they are doing to PMs !

Here’s a mental exercise I just went through to help me keep my sanity.

I asked myself what would happen if I had a job and asked my employer to pay me in Au or Ag ounces?

Would I do it? Or would I take the cash?

Could the employer afford to do it? What would happen if the idea spread?

How about just a few of the Mining CEOs taking 90% of their outrageous salaries in ounces?   That should be an industry requirement ! That one move alone would probably break the CRIMEX.

There’s a reason he earned the name zero edge

Posted by eeos @ 12:09 on July 15, 2015  

Because he gets you nowhere fast. He can post all kinds of drivel, but this is certainly far from financial advice. Fun to read but just remember it’s all fiction

No inflation? Edelson must have missed today’s data

Posted by Buygold @ 11:34 on July 15, 2015  

Producer Prices Rise Again Driven By Surge In Energy Costs

If low oil pries are great for America “unequivocally,” then the continued surge in Energy costs (+2.4% MoM in June) must be [fill in the blank]? PPI Final Demand rose 0.4% MoM – near the fatest pace in 3 years (beating expectations of a 0.2% rise) but fell 0.7% YoY. The huge gap between core and headline PPI continues to grow with PPI Ex Food and Energy rising 0.8% YoY, its first acceleration in 2015.


Course inflation is bad for pm’s…

Another joy filled day in pm land

Posted by Buygold @ 11:27 on July 15, 2015  

Had to know when ZH printed that article last night we’d get hit, as they readily admit.

‘Paper’ Gold ETF Tumbles To 5-Year Lows

Tyler Durden's picture

Last night we asked “is the paper gold selling over?” Judging by today’s plunge in GLD – the biggest Gold ETF – to 5 year lows, it has a way to go…


Larry Edelson: No Amount of Money Printing Will Spark Inflation …

Posted by silverngold @ 11:12 on July 15, 2015  

Worth the time to read and consider.


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