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Okay, last one. How Do Psychiatric Drugs Really Work

Posted by silverngold @ 23:51 on July 19, 2015  

Here’s another one on Antidepressants and the studies they have conducted.

Posted by silverngold @ 23:35 on July 19, 2015  

Where is the uproar over mutilated babies?

Posted by Auandag @ 23:26 on July 19, 2015  


Interesting, at least to me!! Very short video concerning Aluminum and Alzheimer’s Disease

Posted by silverngold @ 23:25 on July 19, 2015  

Start the week with a FLASH CRASH

Posted by commish @ 23:21 on July 19, 2015  


Buygold–interesting that silver was unfazed by this…a $29 bounce so far….in a normal

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:47 on July 19, 2015  

mkt, we could say this might be a washout/V bottom–but the bounce could be meaningless and in the morning gold could be down 60-90 bucks…


Posted by Auandag @ 22:44 on July 19, 2015  

Creator Of Internet Privacy Device Silenced: “Effective Immediately We Are Halting Further Development”



If this isn’t capitulation

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 22:38 on July 19, 2015  

it’s going to be a long way down. I’m looking for a weekly reversal up from here. Notice that you can’t buy phiz at these levels. They always do this is after hours trading. I would be worried if it was during normal hours.

i will try to buy a little extra phiz this week.


Well there we go

Posted by Buygold @ 21:58 on July 19, 2015  

down 31.80 getting into the 1K area, will it reverse?

Why do I doubt it?

Mother Nature or Geo-engineering/HAARP/Weather Warfare??

Posted by silverngold @ 20:22 on July 19, 2015  

we’re doomed!!!!!

Posted by WANKA @ 20:01 on July 19, 2015  

toon27 🙁 wj

Would much rather have seen gold down $20 tonight

Posted by Buygold @ 19:33 on July 19, 2015  

and reverse in the am. Instead, gold down $1 means more drifting lower pain. No capitulation anywhere to be found.

The Comex Paper Gold Trader

Posted by commish @ 19:27 on July 19, 2015  


A David Morgan interview re. silver

Posted by Scruffy @ 19:17 on July 19, 2015  




They were going to one of these cartoons

Posted by Portugeezer @ 17:11 on July 19, 2015  

for the SEC, but of course, they could not show what was on the computer monitors.

I guess nobody has lost their jobs over the porn-surfing yet!



From Friday’s le Met

Posted by Scruffy @ 16:08 on July 19, 2015  

I am re-printing a reader comment verbatim because it’s one of the clearest explanations I have ever read explaining why the western Central Banks and Governments are attacking the price of gold right now. It’s also just really well-written!

I will point out that, although not obvious on the surface, the “flock” is losing faith in the dollar out of a desperation that has been imposed upon them by the elitists unwittingly. When the history books are written on this period of time, what is occurring now will be explained as an unintended consequence of pure evil seeded in hubris. Hillary Clinton is the poster-child for this. I will elaborate on why I say the “flock” is being forced into “fleeing” later.

Here is “Zen’s” explanation for the historically unprecedented intervention in the gold market:

The entire Western financial system could be likened to a church and the dollar a religion built on a firm foundation of faith. Nothing more. It survives and thrives so long as the community of faithful continue to believe in the almighty dollar story and the higher power that prints it.

There are some big holes in the almighty dollar story and many vocal naysayers claiming that the dollar is not real, the religion is a fraud, and the church is corrupt, but nothing yet has surfaced to cause the flock to doubt their faith, as a result the dollar remains sacrosanct and is still worshiped by the masses. Consequently the high priests continue to preach the gospel according to Keynes, attract more believers, and the almighty dollar remains inviolate.

However, if evidence where to surface that the religion is a fraud and the dollar not real– that it is, in fact, only paper and ink, therefore has no intrinsic value whatsoever, the high priests of finance and the pressmen at the print shop would go out of business literally overnight, the dollar would fall from its privileged perch, and the flock of parishioners would become become so disillusioned that they would quit the church. No doubt some people would seek out a new church and many would become atheists, however most would turn to gold for their salvation.

The high priests and priestess of finance are well aware this fact, therefore they see their #1 job to protect the sanctity of the almighty dollar story at all costs –for the entire dollar religion depends on it. Anything that threatens the dollar threatens the church, and hence is a threat to their power and privilege. This cannot be allowed to happen.

Gold represents the major threat to the dollar not because it is competition for the dollar but because it contradicts the entire dollar narrative, bringing into question not only the church leadership, but in truth, the entire dollar religion. Gold therefore is antithetical to the dollar and is the antithesis of everything it stands for. You could say, gold is the anti-dollar.

Gold’s 5000-year old history as money is totally incompatible with the tall tale the high priests of finance have been preaching to their flock, which is why gold must be suppressed, hidden from view, and condemned, and anyone who believes in it disparaged as a blasphemer and gold bug.

Simply put, gold rises when the dollar falls…and not until then. So long as the community of faithful remain captured by the dollar religion and continue to believe in the church leadership, gold will remain to them little more than a shiny relic from antiquity, and the price will reflect this sentiment. If however peoples faith in the dollar is shaken, then they will turn to gold for their salvation and the price will rise.

Until that day I refuse to attend church or place my faith in the paper dollar religion, instead I wait for the second coming of gold …




Posted by Buygold @ 15:00 on July 19, 2015  

Funny, those are the same people that hijacked the Democratic party!

I work at a job shop that has union welders, they are good men. Most people just want to be led, appreciated and respected for the value of their work. I have no problem with these guys. Our business has a problem in terms of competing with other non-union shops in commercial work. Gov’t work we do okay. It’s not the wages we pay that hurt us, it’s the level of benefits and union pensions that makes us uncompetitive. What they don’t realize is that most will never see a dime of their pensions – the Globalist controlled pensions!

No worries though, as Floridagold says, the Repulicrats will say nothing while being beholden to the same globalists that have hijacked both parties. We are in the final stages of “the big squeeze” either we go the way of Greece or we stand and fight. It really is that simple.

Got really interested in this article until I saw the author

Posted by Buygold @ 14:55 on July 19, 2015  

None other than KWN’s Alistair MacLeod…..the pump primer

China being forced to back the Yuan is becoming more of a distant proposition with their latest announcement.


Buygold @ 10:20 Union Shops

Posted by Auandag @ 13:24 on July 19, 2015  

In my younger days I worked in a union shop. Back then unions were needed as there were definitely abuses going on. Some of the union people were good people.  That all changed later as special interest groups (feminists and gay activists etc.) took over the union and ruined the company. The same thing has happened to the auto industry.

Maya-that ZH piece was so good I wanted to post the best part

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:09 on July 19, 2015  

Which Is A Bigger “Act Of Faith” – Owning Gold Or Stocks?

Tyler Durden

There is some more gold-bashing in Zweig’s piece which readers can read on their own, but here is the punchline:

Zweig writes=”With greenhorns in gold starting to figure all this out, the price has gotten tarnished. It is time to call owning gold what it is: an act of faith.”

Now that is odd, because it was just a few months ago that Citigroup said exactly the same thing about owning stocks!

…. investors remain united in their faith in the central banks – if not for their ability to create growth, then at least in their ability to push up asset prices. And yet the limits of that faith are increasingly on display. Not only are there signs of trouble at individual corporates on the ground. There is also a growing realization that the central bankers themselves – be it the ECB today, or the past and present Chairs of the Fed – subscribe to different theologies.

For now and for next year, we think the grip of the Inner Party seems firm, and (provided they are prepared to wield it) liquidity will keep pushing up prices. But whereas Orwell’s processes of Learning and Understanding led inevitably to an ending involving Acceptance and Reintegration, the real world’s liquidity addiction feels to us merely like the end of a chapter.
Ironic that even Citigroup dares to mock the Inner Party and its Thought police in this case manifested dutifully by Mr. Zweig.

To be sure, there is little point in trying to point out to well-paid public relations agents and access reporters posting as the “journalists” that make up the WSJ’s “economics” vertical (which proudly showcases such case examples as Jon Hilsenrath, who is less concerned with the sanity of goldbugs and more with why America’s “stingy” proles refuse to spend money they don’t have) that while his philosophical ramblings on gold completely miss the point, he is actually is spot on to point out that in world of quadrillions in financial assets …

Over-the-Counter derivatives, notional amounts: $692 trillion at year-end 2014, per the BIS. For comparison, this figure was $72 trillion in 1998.
Global real estate: $180 trillion, according to global real-estate services provider Savills.
Global debt market, both securities and other forms of debt: $161 trillion at year-end 2014, per the Institute for International Finance’s Capital Markets Monitor. According to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), debt securities make up $95 trillion of this total.
Global equities: $64 trillion, per the World Federation of Exchanges.
Global M1 money supply: $24 trillion at year-end 2013, per the World Bank.
Gold: $6.8 trillion at year-end 2013, according to the Thompson Reuters GFMS Gold Survey.


… physical gold is the only one without counterpaty risk.

There is also little point in pointing out to a WSJ “economics” reporter that by onboarding $22 trillion in risk, the “bad bank” hedge funds formerly known as central banks have explicitly made the quantification of counterparty risk impossible, which is precisely why to those not blinded by ideology, and whose view of the world is contingent on not spooking advertisers such as Wall Street’s biggest banks, explaining anything is a moot point.

However, since the WSJ was once a good medium of “investigative” journalism, here is a hint. Instead of devolving to name calling and passing off ideological diatribes as analytics work, here is something you can actualy investigate.

As Zero Hedge first reported several weeks ago, it was none other than the Office of the Currency Comptroller who reported that not only did JPM blatantly corner the commodity market in the first quarter of 2015 as shown in the chart below (even as gold derivatives were unexpectedly and mysteriously lumped in with FX/currency instead of “pet rocks”)…

… but at the same time Citigroup also cornered the “Precious Metals” market:

So here’s a thought Jason: instead of quoting a Barclays analyst why “a lot of investors have become disillusioned with gold” and why “safe-haven demand hasn’t been strong enough to lift prices, but has only been strong enough to keep them from falling”, maybe you can try to figure out why that is the case.

Start by making a few phone calls to Citi or JPM and find out why their commodity/precious metal derivatives exploded as they did – as can be factually seen in the OCC’s Q1 report – at a time when gold has not only not risen following a surge in global risk, but has tumbled to its lowest value since 2010.

Because that’s what actual “reporters” do – they report, something the WSJ may have forgotten.


Which Is A Bigger “Act Of Faith” – Owning Gold Or Stocks?

Posted by Maya @ 12:54 on July 19, 2015  

The WSJ has released yet another gold hit piece calling it a “pet rock’ and gold bugs “subjects of a laboratory experiment on the psychology of cognitive dissonance” just one day after the PBOC reveals it has added the biggest amount of gold in history in order to “ensure security.” But the biggest irony is that none other than Citigroup made a far bolder case that it is not the ownership of gold but of stocks that is the ultimate act of faith: “investors remain united in their faith in the central banks – if not for their ability to create growth, then at least in their ability to push up asset prices. And yet the limits of that faith are increasingly on display.”


Comment:  I happen to like my shiny ‘pet rocks’



Richard640 @ 7:01

Posted by Maya @ 12:44 on July 19, 2015  

Poor Richard…

Some of us log in… (and OUT!) each and every time we visit the Oasis!


Ororeef @ 11:05

Posted by silverngold @ 11:36 on July 19, 2015  

The road to hell is covered with good intentions…..and bad ones too!! Thanks for pointing that out. Any time man intervenes it seems to cause a disaster that mother nature must fix. I hope she’s up to fixing this one or man will have to find another planet to destroy!!          All The Best!!………………..Silverngold

In Addition

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:05 on July 19, 2015  

removing water storage systems like Dams eliminates deep water where fish can cool off ..Drought cause not only less water but shallow water that heats up and stays hot .Build some water catch basins like deep lakes ….Also stock some algae eating critters as temperatures rise   algae blooms  and fish Gills get infected and cant get oxygen..

Same problem in East Coast Chesapeake Bay where over fishing for what used to  be called junk fish full of bones and oiley called Moss Bunkers or menhaden used for CAT FOOD …It turns out they were the CLEANERS of ALGAE  ,it was their function in Nature in addition to serve as food for larger fish.   Don’t fool with Mother Nature.Harvesting Menhaden caused the Bay to get polluted with Algae ..The excuse for not stopping Moss Bunker Harvesting was a company created 200 jobs for CAT FOOD…on the Bay by harvesting the ALGAE eating fish…Good for CATS who should have been eating Rats …at the expense of everything else….stupid is as Stupid does..

Here’s a comment someone made about my 10:27 post. It fits my thinking exactly!

Posted by silverngold @ 10:47 on July 19, 2015  

Head scratcher, my ass. They have been spraying tons of aluminum nanoparticles into the atmosphere which drops into our oceans. It’s like vaccinating all sea life, causing ischemic strokes, organ damage, diseases and death. If the fish don’t know their way back to spawn I would call that dementia. (aluminum poisoning) I would suspect like our trees that are dying, aluminum in the soils blocks nutrition from entering their roots (root capillaries) So vaccines given to babies are getting a double dose, breathing and shots. With all the shit out there it’s very clear what these elite f***s are up to. Then of course the dumb asses who scratch their heads, which one ? both ! lets have a beer from an aluminum can ! see nothing, hear nothing, so they can collect their pay checks..!  MG, total dorks.

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