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Posted by islandgold @ 23:56 on July 20, 2015  

Just wanted to say … love and appreciate the classics… and appropriateness to the situation…!!

After what, 4+ years… we must be in the ‘early’ stage of capitulation….  it’s now a question of how long… how deep… and what are our ‘financial masters’ planning now!!



Buygold @ 21:49

Posted by Maya @ 23:14 on July 20, 2015  

“gold is up $5 tonight, paying almost 0.4%”

That’s more than my ‘savings’ account at the bank pays!!  Sheesh!  Collecting ‘pet rocks’ pays!

ipso facto @ 9:43

Posted by Maya @ 23:05 on July 20, 2015  
“Does size really matter?”

“I guess it would if you tried to board the train and it was only a foot long. :-)

Or you can just put it under your arm and carry it.  This one is for you, buddy!


And if anyone is into penny paper stocks, they will likely fit comfortably into this baggage car before very long.  😮


But floridagold

Posted by Buygold @ 21:49 on July 20, 2015  

gold is up $5 tonight, paying almost 0.4%

Just sayin’

FWIW: Today Show News Ticker Predicts M9.0 Earthquake in California

Posted by silverngold @ 21:43 on July 20, 2015  

Then: Better fasten your seatbelt!!


SnG, 19:52, that’s interesting. Seeing as I don’t have a propoganda machine I have not followed…

Posted by macroman3 @ 21:13 on July 20, 2015  

Good thing there aren’t any Ferguson shaded folks up there…oh wait, different flavour.

Well at least he had a white mask.


Posted by ipso facto @ 21:08 on July 20, 2015  

There is suspicion that China is talking down its true gold holdings as it prepares to join the big league as part of the International Monetary Fund’s currency basket (SDR).

David Marsh, from the monetary forum OMFIF, said China would risk unsettling the world gold market if it revealed bullion reserves of 2,000 or 3,000 tonnes. This might be interpreted as an unfriendly move against the dollar at a “delicate time”, he said.


winedoc, what no caviar? Yer slippin dude.

Posted by macroman3 @ 21:04 on July 20, 2015  

At least a little drawn butter for the lobster. Jeesh!

Dueling Pitchforks YUAN Vs Gold

Posted by Ororeef @ 20:40 on July 20, 2015  

Dueling Pitchforks

Thats Better

Posted by winedoc @ 20:05 on July 20, 2015  

Who wouldn’t buy such a beautiful metal, at just over scrap?  ……. such craftsmanship thrown in for nothing 🙂


Goodnight Friends


Right in my own “back yard”!!

Posted by silverngold @ 19:52 on July 20, 2015  


Anonymous Announces Operation: AnonDown after Dawson Creek, BC Shooting of Anonymous Victim [videos and transcript]

by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Thanks, T.  RussiaToday has covered this now, too. There is a video statement from the RCMP there but it’s difficult to hear at times due to wind in the mic.

I continue to be disappointed by the actions of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). A once revered and iconic Canadian establishment is going down the tubes, turning against The People on too many occasions.

“We always get our man” appears to have a new connotation these days.

Our trigger-happy police must curtail their urges. The officers on the scene claim he had a knife. Yet the one who caused the disturbance left the scene without encountering police, according to the RCMP.

Fortunately, there were multiple eye witnesses. And it wasn’t the first shooting in the recent past, either, according to the one giving the press interview.

As a viewer commented under this video at YouTube… why not shoot to arrest, rather than kill? What about tasers, pepper spray? It’s all too easy to shoot to kill and ask questions later. This victim won’t be answering any questions, will they?

Unfortunately, hysteria is contagious and the cabal will unleash all manner of technologies to disrupt the peace and cause as much damage as possible in their waning days, pitting man against man.

Let’s hope that calming energies forestall the dark in their attempts to whip us into a crescendo of violence, turning against each other.  ~ BP

Published on Jul 17, 2015

Video begins after police fired on a suspect that pulled a weapon.

Published on Jul 18, 2015


Anonymous Press Release: Operation Anon Down

Saturday – July 18, 2015 4:00 PM ET At approximately 6:30 PM PT on July 17, 2015 at an Anonymous protest in Dawson Creek, British Columbia which the RCMP was informed about in advance, an RCMP officer mercilessly shot and killed a masked Anon without provocation or cause. The situation should have been handled according to Treaty 8 protocols. And, if Canadian police were as brave as Canadian nurses, they could deal with people with knives without hiding behind bullets. This is the fourth Anon to be slain by security forces around the world in as many years. Turkey, Egypt, Palestine and now British Columbia in Canada. As in the past, Anonymous will not stand idly by while our own are cut down in mask. Anonymous has fought for the lives of protesters all over the globe, from Tahir Square in Egypt to Ferguson, Missouri. We will most certainly avenge one of our own when they are cut down in the streets while protesting the earth wrecking environmental policies of the Canadian government.

To this end Anonymous announces the launch of Operation Anon Down. The focus of this Op going forward will be gaining justice (and vengeance if necessary) for our fallen comrade in Dawson Creek. But we will also memorialize our previously slain brethren, and prepare to take action for future Anons killed by police – as we have no doubt they will cut down more of us.

To begin we will identify the RCMP officer involved, thoroughly dox him – and release that dox on the Internet. Because the world has a right to know every detail about killer cops. We will offer support and raise funds if necessary to cover the burial expenses of our fallen comrade. He will be buried with the honor and dignity that his courage has earned him. We will ensure that he is never forgotten, and takes his place in the growing ledger of brave Anonymous martyrs around the world. Then we will press the RCMP and Canadian government for justice. This RCMP officer must be named, fired, and charged – for the murder of our brother Anon. And if we do not receive justice, rest assured there will be revenge.

We call upon our fellow Anons in Canada to take to the streets and protest at the RCMP headquarters in every Province, every day – until our demands for justice are met. We call upon the Global Collective of Anonymous and allied crews to remove the RCMP cyber infrastructure from the Internet. March, create and sign petitions, hack, dox. We may not be able to bring back our fallen comrade, we may not even be able to prevent other Anons from being slain by murderous police – but we can sure as hell show them that there will be a steep price to pay when they kill us.

“Behind this mask there is more than flesh and blood
Behind this mask is an idea”

And ideas are bullet proof”
We Are Anonymous
We Are LegionWe Are Everywhere
We Do Not Forgive
We Do Not Forget
To the murderous officers of the RCMP…it is to late to Expect Us

We need to slip this into “their” tea!!….From the Health Ranger!!

Posted by silverngold @ 19:34 on July 20, 2015  

If you’ve ever wondered why so many people behave like total zombies, this might have something to do with it:

An FDA-approved drug sold in the USA is derived from a South American flower pollen that immediately turns ordinary people into obedient zombies, sapping their free will and making them do anything they’re commanded to carry out.

Sounds like a dream come true for the powers that be, doesn’t it?

Read the full story

Richard asked that I post this about the XAU

Posted by Floridagold @ 19:29 on July 20, 2015  

Below is the Graph showing the $XAU Index, which is one of the most widely followed Gold and Silver Mining Indexes, Made up of a basket of most of the largest US listed Precious Metal Mining Companies it shows how the Industry has faired in the preceding decades, My subscription to Stockcharts can only collate this Data back to the early 1980’s but I think you’ll find the picture quite revealing:

With the exception of 1 Month in 1998 and a few more in 2000-2001, the Index has never been lower since the advent of the last Gold Bull of the 70’s! On top of this we are only some 20% from the ‘Dust Bowl’ Low of 2000, before Gold and the Stocks embarked on their historic multi-digit climb!

Keep Stacking …….

Posted by winedoc @ 19:26 on July 20, 2015  

Little visit to Citadel Coin In Halifax today.

75% of customers were selling apparently ……  WTF ……  Now ??

I picked up a 1 0z Krug at a six year low and some scrap silver

Apologize for not cleaning it up before posting 🙂





Happy Hour ……. With “Great Big Sea” ? Will I live for another Day …… We will !!

Posted by winedoc @ 19:16 on July 20, 2015  

“Because the old black rum’s got a hold on me
Like a dog wrapped round my leg
And the old black rum’s got a hold on me
Will I live for another day?
Hey, Will I live for another day?”

Onward Pilgrims


Then of course there’s the sucky climax but they got the Precious and Few part right.

Posted by macroman3 @ 19:08 on July 20, 2015  

I think this song was written on Aug 15, 1971….

I gata boatload of GSS/GSC in the mid thirties (Cando) that got it’s head above the water line.

Posted by macroman3 @ 19:05 on July 20, 2015  

Sumpin must be up for it to gain 17% on a day where everything is down 12%.

Somebody mention a climax this A.M? Well might as well laugh at our new goldbug theme song…Couldn’t get it right could we? And no BG, this ain’t the BeeGees..


Posted by Richard640 @ 17:36 on July 20, 2015  

*Anyone BUT The Gold Cartel … Dennis Gartman:

“There is talk that one large “fund” was responsible for the selling this morning, but at this point we’ve no way of knowing that to be true; however, certainly it is a possibility and if it is true that is the “stuff” of important market bottoms as panic liquidation seems always to be mark those sorts of things.”

XAU= The 2000 ‘Oceanic Trench’ Record Low’s just shy of 45 and we’re now in spitting distance!..

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:27 on July 20, 2015  

Richard Guthrie

Mining Madness?.. Update,..

Oh my!.. Since firing out my commentary this morning, the US started trading and the $XAU lurched down another circa 10% to almost 50!.. The 2000 ‘Oceanic Trench’ Record Low’s just shy of 45 and we’re now in spitting distance!..

Either Gordon Brown was right after all and Ol Yella’s 5,000 Year Legacy is truly to be consigned to the Financial Dustbin, or we’re about to see perhaps the greatest Trade Of The Century!..

To note: rightly or wrongly I have been transferring more Capital across to my own accounts with all expectation of utilising across a number of Stocks when it arrives,..

In the words of the great Graham Obree after he crushed the Cycling One Hour Record in 1993, (almost undoubtably one of the greatest physical and athletic achievements of the last Century, and almost universally unheard of):

7-20- Dave from Denver on Murph’s site-btw–rsi on gdx is 13–on DUST is 90–Vol on NUGT need @ 77mill v.s. 16 mill avg

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:21 on July 20, 2015  

The global economy and financial system are collapsing, including and especially the United States. While the powers that be can resort to outright criminal behavior to continue kicking the “collapse can” down the road for a while longer, it is imperative that they prevent the price of gold from signalling to the world that something is wrong. What is happening now strikingly similar to what occurred starting in March 2008, right before Bear Stearns et al began to fall like a house of cards in a wind tunnel.

The amount of effort and degree of criminality involved in this latest effort to push down the price of gold with Ponzi paper is directly proportional to the severity of the economic and financial problem winding its way toward us still hidden behind fraudulent bookkeeping and propaganda. But if 2008 was the equivalent of a small roadside bomb in Afghanistan, what will soon hit our system will be like a nuclear bomb detonating in Times Square.


Do or die

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:18 on July 20, 2015  

When I first got into gold and silver investing I didn’t realize it was an “all or nothing deal,” a “do or die situation.” We either are trod upon forever by the hobnailed fiat-printing boot or else the economies of the world implode in a chaotic cloud of destruction and the rig is killed. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground.

I’d really rather not succeed in the gold market with the smell of burning grocery stores in the air … but it looks like that is going to be a sure accompaniment to a jailbreak for POG.

Buygold @ 16:38

Posted by Floridagold @ 17:14 on July 20, 2015  

You do realize that Gold and Silver do not pay interest don’t you !

I use to say that “you can not just make this -hit up” ,  YET, that appears to be exactly what happens day after day.   CROOKS !



Posted by eeos @ 17:11 on July 20, 2015  

Does anyone follow this oil and gas producer? It has held strong comparative to oil. my channel might be bogus, but I do see a head and shoulder breaking out


APC 20 yr

Hilarious $3.2 billion in less than 24 hours

Posted by Buygold @ 16:38 on July 20, 2015  

$550 Million Gold Futures Notional Dumped After Close – Back Below $1100

Minutes after the cash equity close, gold prices tumbled, having leaked lower all afternoon, breaking back below $1100. Overnight flash crash lows were $1080.

The Idiots and Morons

Posted by commish @ 16:37 on July 20, 2015  

24385307 have pushed it down below 1100.

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