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Lets Face It… We are going to wait a long time for the manipulation to end.

Posted by Auandag @ 23:40 on July 21, 2015  

Who is going to stop it. The regulators, the courts, the politicians, the FBI. Nobody, thats who, nobody. There is no rule of law any more. There is nothing to stop them.



eeos @ 21:42….I knew I could count on you….LOL!!!

Posted by silverngold @ 21:58 on July 21, 2015  

You gotta be free and alive to enjoy all your PM profits when they finally come, so maybe it’s best to be aware of some of the strange things that are going on around you. Things that may affect your freedom, and things that may affect  your life.  If you want to spend your life with your eyes closed that is your privilege.  I don’t choose to spend my life that way.  I want to see it coming so I am prepared to deal with it when/if it comes. Peace Bro, and All The Best!!………Silverngold

Silverngold you’ve lost your way again

Posted by eeos @ 21:42 on July 21, 2015  

This is a gold and silver investing site,  you surely must have forgotten.  Share some investing ideas. I can’t profit from conspiracies. Try to focus your energy on positive ideas that we can all benefit from. Otherwise it’s just a distraction. I can show you buildings that can look like anything. Why always fear mongering and zero solutions?


Posted by Ororeef @ 20:11 on July 21, 2015  

is Shuckin & Jiven  his way into Iran deal ..     He’s trying to line up a job after his term is up  ..He will be known as Chief PIMP Ayatollah .. Dont he know they dont allow PIMPS in IRAN ?


Should I have sold ? I am old.

Posted by Walker @ 20:03 on July 21, 2015  

First..Winedoc..you bought heritage ..well done please do not melt. Which I am certain you will not. I bought longer ago in Lower Westmont 1999 -2000. The old shops below Sherbrooke. Too long ago. The last two heavy pieces cost me 800 . Then I stopped what..have a collection.
Additionally you are using PEEK metal polish!! I hope?
On to the next weeks..what is occurring? Folks ..forget the BS..they own the day. I am certainly not selling the ” in lake property”….I am not buying..

The charts..where can I shot the fool? .Grin….this has nothing to do with reality..It has everything to do ..we all maybe FUBAR>


Regardless..Winedoc..you hold a past creation of time..well done.  It was created ..you know for The real pathway ..hold and us it.

Otherwise ..I too marvel silver..still reviewing platinum..1 to 14=15 gold..But WE can have Russia..

the spin and the pathawy







Posted by Buygold @ 19:53 on July 21, 2015  

At least he admits it.

and I (through my rose-coloured glasses, of course)

Banks Union appeals to Greeks to return their money to banks.

Posted by margaret @ 19:37 on July 21, 2015  

Best laugh of the day.

Natural News: Anti-vaccine witch hunt FAIL: Arizona doctor cleared of all charges for warning about vaccines

Posted by silverngold @ 19:36 on July 21, 2015  

The vaccine totalitarianism now rampaging across the U.S. medical industry has just suffered a catastrophic FAIL.

Dr. Jack Wolfson was just cleared of all “charges” by the state medical board, which concluded that — by golly — doctors still have a First Amendment right to free speech!

Imagine that.

The vaccine trolls are furious that they could not silence this doctor who insists on asking intelligent, scientific questions about vaccine safety.

Read the full story

Ballinger tonite from Murph:

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:23 on July 21, 2015  

Lastly, look at the relative strength and the VOLUME in the GDX (seniors) yesterday; if the entire space is dominated by the behemoths, then it stands to reason that the Barricks and Newmonts and Goldcorps of the world simply must find their footing before any meaningful rally can develop. With that said, it has always been my conviction that VOLUME PRECEDES PRICE. Accordingly, yesterday marked the largest trading volume EVER in the GDX. While you can fixate on the massive liquidation in the GDX as a negative, and since for every seller there was an offsetting buyer, some very big money went into the Senior Miners yesterday and I (through my rose-coloured glasses, of course) view that as an important development. Massive volume after a protracted crash is bullish so all we need now is for PRICE to confirm and we could have one hell of a move.

From a thread

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:17 on July 21, 2015  

These kind of “paper”bombs dropped in the middle of the night are normal for gold. I expected them to increase in intensity as the manipulators got ever more frantic in their search for complete dominance of all our markets. They cannot seem to discourage gold and silver buyers. So early Sunday’s “bomb” was a sign to me that we may nearing the end. They are getting increasingly frantic in my mind. If anyone has capitulated it is the retail consumer. Retail keeps tanking and it is supposed to be 70% of the economy. How long can the manipulators extend and pretend when there is no actual economy ex the stock market? Actual physical gold and silver will be more in demand than ever at these prices! They cannot get out of their own way.
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FWIW: LOOK! New American Malls Are Almost Identical to Nazi Concentration Camps

Posted by silverngold @ 19:07 on July 21, 2015  

Kicking the can down the road…

Posted by commish @ 15:54 on July 21, 2015  


Just another stellar day

Posted by Buygold @ 15:00 on July 21, 2015  

Look for them to take everything pm negative into the close.

Posted by Auandag @ 14:43 on July 21, 2015  

We are told that the economy has been recovering for five years now, and that stock prices have merely risen to reflect this reality.  But if this is so, why do we not see any evidence of this recovery in our towns, our cities, our counties?  Why are measures like ZIRP, treasury purchases by the Fed, and QE that were introduced as temporary and extraordinary measures all still in place after six years of “recovery”?  Why does even a hint of withdrawing these so-called temporary measures, so aggressive that they were literally unprecedented, cause spasms across markets?  If all is humming along, why is the Labor Force Participation rate at a 40 year low with 99 million working age Americans not in the workforce? Why do market commentators crowing about the performance of the stock market never mention that they have been driven primarily, for more than a year now, by all-time high stock buybacks financed on cheap credit with artificially low interest rates?  Isn’t this a classic Enron-style accounting trick? Can’t people see where it leads?



Abandon all hope O ye who enter here….

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:54 on July 21, 2015  

The $ index is down near it’s low…but no cigar for gold–it is rolling over…down 4.70



Buygold–Funny that they can never admit that nobody ever buys $3.2 billion in notional gold without respect to price – they just sell.

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:48 on July 21, 2015  

Yeah, same as they never stop trading cause of  a glitch except on down days

ipso facto @ 13:17

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:31 on July 21, 2015  

re part:
“Let’s all help our economy,” Katseli urged Greeks and added “If you take your money out of your chests and houses – which are not safe in any case – and deposit at banks, this will enhance liquidity.” (diarrhea)

I’ll bet money Greece is chock a block full on imported products, and that’s their main problem. Exporting needed money to other countries, rather than keeping the money home.

Above part modified…
“Let’s all help our economy,” Katseli urged Greeks to boycott imports, added “If you take your money out of your pockets, where it is safe in any case – and buy domestic only, this will enhance liquidity.”

ROFLMAO! Perhaps it’s some “how stupid are you test?”

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:17 on July 21, 2015  

Greeks Laugh As Bankers Beg Depositors To Return Money

President of Greek Banks Association Louka Katseli appealed at the citizens to return their money to the banks. “Banks are absolutely trustworthy,” Katseli told Mega TV “as guaranteed by the ECB and the Bank Association, but they would have been even more powerful if 40 billion euros had not been withdrawn in the last months.

Katseli, a former PASOK Minister, appealed to citizens to return their deposits to the banks “now that the banks are open” after a three-week holiday and capital controls.

“Let’s all help our economy,” Katseli urged Greeks and added “If you take your money out of your chests and houses – which are not safe in any case – and deposit at banks, this will enhance liquidity.”

“There will be no need to “haircut” deposits in the future if we all act responsibly,” she added -cheerfully I suppose.

Katseli’s appeal triggered laughter among Greeks and one stressed with hint to capital controls “Oh yes! I will bring my money back to the bank and get it back 60 by 60 euro.”

Another one noted “Ah sure! Banks will never see my money again, I prefer to buy tonnes of peanuts with it.”

A third commented “Certainly. And the banks will go bust after a while…”

more http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-07-21/greeks-laugh-bankers-implore-depositors-return-money-banks-are-trustworthy


Posted by ipso facto @ 13:13 on July 21, 2015  

They can go ride that camel right into vast nothingness afaic! 🙂

Eventually honest money will be all that’s left. The paper regime will become ash and blow away.

If it’s not selling climax

Posted by frr @ 12:54 on July 21, 2015  

then it may have been a confluence of Gold shorts in a minute or two outside of most Gold trading markets in the world. And so it must have been computerized algos doing the trick on trading Pog down 50$ in a Minute – just to regain half of the loss in the next minute.

It seems the hegemony of the US $ is still, even if challenged, in place and will certainly – as already proven – send their “friends” down the drain for less than 30 pieces of silver (75ag:1au), only to uphold the statuws quo – by kicking the can further down the road or is it adit now?

Wether Gold nor silver may be mined at These Prices evermore. The one and only truth is, if you can’t produce you can’t have. nor use it and as there is almost no commodity left to exception.

Let’s get real and vote for reality, liberty and for us, instead of criminals, hustlers and lastly
the faschistoid union of corporate and governement power!

… and buy and hold PM’s

Portugeezer @ 12:13

Posted by silverngold @ 12:50 on July 21, 2015  

I think you’ve got it!! Been going on for years!!


Posted by Moggy @ 12:27 on July 21, 2015  

said:  “I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many anti gold articles in the msm. I guess that’s a good thing from a contrarian standpoint

Well, sir, since the msm are the slaves of the cabal, their viewpoint means dink to me.  Anyone with a brain knows that gold and silver are insurance against financial disaster, a one-act play that is preparing to open – not only on Broadway – but across the entire globe.  So although the paper price of gold/silver has been relegated to the basement, I don’t count the value in paper, I count it in ounces, so the msm and their ilk can go ride a camel in Arabia.


Posted by Portugeezer @ 12:13 on July 21, 2015  

$3.2Billion in Gold changing hands.

But remember that it is done at a time that you and I cannot get in on the action!

Only a limited number of fraudsters can do so and it opens the door for the manipulation.

Seems like they just sell back and forth to each other with a nod and a wink.


Coffee’s on (late)

Posted by MadMike @ 12:12 on July 21, 2015  

Sorry, missed the morning brew. Early doctor’s appointment. A friend told me to shove my gold stocks up my a$$.

Hey, I thought he was serious…icon_smile


FWIW: But remember this!!

Posted by silverngold @ 11:49 on July 21, 2015  

TPTB, Illuminati, whatever seem to have a “code of ethics” that requires they forewarn of coming disasters they are creating. They use such things in movies, cartoons, etc so they can justify what they do to humanity, like their warning years before the Twin Towers went down. So now they are warning that a major catastrophic earthquake and tsunami is overdue to hit the west coast. With their nuclear capabilities, along with HAARP technology, are they planning to “create” the disaster as discussed in the following 7 minute video?? Is this also what happened in the Japan 9.0 earthquake and tsunami?? Was it a created event??  Anyway, it’s worth consideration!!  All The Best!!………Silverngold

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