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Posted by goldielocks @ 18:45 on July 23, 2015  

As far Armstrong was never bearish gold long term in fact his models predict gold 22-24000 by 2032 but say not that it will get that high but in response to 30k gold said he doesn’t see it getting much higher than that.

What games the gold haters will play as or if lol its  hard to say but they are predictable criminals. Hopefully we’ll see a different president by them. One can only hope for the future. So many gold hater it’s time they got a reality check.

We have politicians living on the past innovations of people when we lived in a ” free” country and that didn’t mean live here free but free to explore to question to test theories and incourage innovation. As a result technology boomed as well as new inventions and jobs to make them.

Now we have brain dead in comparison politicians with no motivation to motivate, to compete, but to spend their ” our” inheritance of past riding it’s coat-tails until it’s gone. Their instead  more worried about what’s politically correct, not to question, what you can say and not say.  Brain dead. Where’s the motivators to move forward. They don’t seem to have the capacity. It’s like they don’t even see the value in that. Instead of taking that million and investing in making another million they just want to spend it. In the mean time the rest of the world catching up or driving out some of the foreign brains it’s now ” all made somewhere else.”

Instead we see them more worried about putting up a rainbow flag. They are probably seem as a laughing stock of the rest of the world. Some where over the rainbow. No puns intended to gays just saying..so instead of moving forward they are indoctrinating kids not to question, explore, but just everything’s just ticky tacky and should stay the same. Give them a list of what they can can’t say do and can’t do. This is going in the opposite direction of progress. Ps no more man on the moon.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.