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Paradox of Elections

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:33 on July 24, 2015  

If we didnt have a communist for Pres ,the recovery would have been here long ago .All communists try to equalize incomes by pushing from the TOP DOWN ..not bottom up ! Thats a distinguishing hallmark of them… They know they cant raise incomes ..they dont know how and if they did the smartest will rise first as always, meaning the rich and they cant have that ! SO they Push from TOP down to equalize causing NO investment to be made ,no jobs,higher unemployment etc.  In Short they make the Rich SHARE the Poverty since they cant make the poor share the wealth !   I fail to see how THAT helps the Country !   although it does BUY votes !  and the more the poor vote ,the worse things get for the Country because of WHO they vote for !   It’l take some RICH guy to fix the POLICY ,if he can figure out how to get the poor to vote for him…

Dow down big and HUI up. Just the way I like it.

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:22 on July 24, 2015  


Posted by ipso facto @ 15:21 on July 24, 2015  

I’ll check out those “sabre” engines. I’m all for more efficient fuels. Maybe Peak Oil will be a non event. Kunstler will have to write about something else besides the decline of the motoring age and suburbia. :mrgreen:

If its true that China will lead Gold Higher ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:18 on July 24, 2015  

China Gold divided by $gold1 THEN the first signs will be here since China Gold is about 40 % higher than US Gold ($Gold)   ..on the renko chart its about to turn up  .    The US gubberment is sitting on US GOLD prices by about 40 % ….because they are protecting the reserve statis of the Dollar ..   The latest plunge in China Stocks (By US)was designed to protect that statis and keep China away from reserve currency statis for the time being …to buy some time !  Recovery in US Economy is very slow.

I think we start up in AUGUST !  thats the latest for Seasonal LOWs typically …The Fed dosent typically fight against Seasonal patterns it gets too expensive !  When the tide Changes everything Changes ! When time is up ,price Changes ! The Fed dosent want to swim against the TIDE !

It looks like DUST had a big black candle today-any techies out there? Whaddya make of it?

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:11 on July 24, 2015  

I think I know  but would like feedback…looks like gold shot its wad, however…


Posted by Maddog @ 15:10 on July 24, 2015  

Seeing some chunky bids in GDX !!!!!!

No sooner do I say that and Kamikaze offers going in…knocking it 2 or 4 pts at a time…..this last 45 mins is gonna be huge.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:04 on July 24, 2015  

I wonder if it will be like the Concord. If so the prices could rocket to the multi thousands to travel. If they can keep that down to current levels or less due to less need for gas would maybe bring more people back to traveling. Now a weakened across the globe would be more appealing but not for a 6,000 dollar price tag.

nice $32 bounce from 1072-but it looks like it hit a brick wall and silver never went green

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:00 on July 24, 2015  

-not a good sign–looks to me like the “gold-wardens” saw their tactics were stinking up the place, so they allowed this lovely bounce–to show that gold is, after all, a free mkt…–but the HUI and NUGT are holding near their highs…maybe gold’s just inhaling after the run today-we’ll know by 5:15 est–great call! Now gold $7 off the high…hats off to gold, though, I didn’t think she/he had it in him/her-!

Fallout from minimum wage increase.

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:54 on July 24, 2015  


ipso facto @ 12:06. Not sure I have it all correct but very close to what he said.

Posted by silverngold @ 14:48 on July 24, 2015  

He covered so much material in a short amount of time. Kinda like he knew all this stuff but needed a good listener to unload onto…like get it off his chest. Other things he covered was fracking for NG. Said the new tech also split the carbon from the NG to create very clean and efficient fuel with both NG(H) and carbon. That was why the big push to frack the world. He said right now this tech is being suppressed by the big oil co’s while they get everything in place. Same with co’s like Boeing who are developing the new SABRE engine designs. I’m not sure but I think the SABRE jet engine runs on NG and/or carbon once split. The demo I watched later on the net, once the SABRE engine fired up, was so clean you could not see it was running. The only giveaway was the noise and the meters. All this efficiency is why gas prices are low and remain so. Gas as we know it will become obsolete. New aircraft is being designed to fly above our atmosphere, not through it. Go anyplace in the world in 4 hours. Once above the atmosphere there is no resistance so speeds of 3500 MPH are easily obtainable. Basically you will fly straight up  until above the atmosphere, then coast until you reach your destination, reenter the atmosphere, and land.

Since my posts are seldom or never read I don’t think the above info is going to hurt (or help?) anybody, but maybe a few will pick up on it, get positioned to make a killing, and no longer care what the PM’s do. Me??, I’ll just stick to my precious and enjoy the time I have left on this earth. All The Best, and this is all FWIW!!……Silverngold

Finally a little short covering

Posted by Buygold @ 14:39 on July 24, 2015  

Good to see with the SM down. Volume picking up in GDX. Too bad we’re at such ridiculously low levels.

Wow Yamana is under $2. Crazy

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:07 on July 24, 2015  

Jim Grant talks gold

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:05 on July 24, 2015  


Posted by Auandag @ 14:02 on July 24, 2015  

I’ve grown weary with people writing me and asking for my opinion on Martin Armstrong. I have laid out the historical facts intermittently over time between this blog and the predecessor The Golden Truth.  People who follow and put in faith in Martin Armstrong have no knowledge of his background or any understanding of just how psychopathically corrupt this guy is.



Nice pop for the precious

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:58 on July 24, 2015  

spot gold

Knock on wood.

Good to see this kind of thing happen later in the day rather than earlier.

An insult to common sense

Posted by Maddog @ 13:55 on July 24, 2015  


Every time this buffoon opens his moronic trap, it must terrify the World that such an idiot is SoS and then one has his Boss….where words fail me…Obummer actually gave this dolt a job..did the local loony bin run out of morons that day…or more likely and far scarier…… Obummer thinks ketchup Boy is smart.

Get Gold

Posted by Auandag @ 13:49 on July 24, 2015  

The gold smash going on right now reeks of desperation…the manipulation has become utterly in your face.  It tells me we’re getting close the end when you have the likes of John Hathaway and Ross Norman starting to talk the gospel of GATA. These guys over the years have literally sniveled at GATA and told us we were tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists.  And now these guys are reading out of the GATA book and that’s a mind-blower and this tells me this is close to blowing up.  – Rob Kirby, Shadow of Truth


Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:41 on July 24, 2015  

Manipulated. Same time the dollar increasing in value they are pricing it in daily living costs so with wages stagnant ” for most” they aren’t benefiting from it. Now Gov Brown in Calif. A sign here front man wants to limit amount of miles people drive or  something. Must be something in that pot they’re passing around the table. Already they raised taxes on gas to make up so called lost revenues from when it was over priced. So what this restriction on gas mileage gotta be more prosperous plus the agenda 21 pushing people to inner cities near rail lines. The way their going drive more people out of the state and just replace them with more illegals. As it is white flight already taking place from inner cities. They will at some point have to devalue the dollar. Either way they will position themselves to profit at everyone else’s expense. It’s no longer about spreading wealth but confinscating it as we now have a brain dead entitlement underachievers club.

Crazy parabolic ratio’s

Posted by Maddog @ 13:11 on July 24, 2015  

Can someone put up a chart of the $nbi/$hui…since 2010.

The ratio has gone from @1.3 to over 38 recently !!!!!!!

the ratio against the Dog has gone out 10 times over the same period….. both cases have gone parabolic recently…which could be a topping sign.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:30 on July 24, 2015  

I’m thinking they had better start pushing the dollar back DOWN, because it was the LOWER dollar that helped the USA do better.

A higher dollar will undo all the good that was accomplished, and hurt our various producing and exporting businesses massive investments as the dollar was lowered to get prices higher for them to glean profits. On the other side consumers pay more for gasoline food etc.
Bottom line.

Higher dollar helps US consumers, lower dollar helps US businesses and profits.
Higher dollar helps foreign nations hurts USA. Lower dollar helps USA, hurts foreign nations.

Who’s turn is it next? 🙂 The UN will decide, like the Iran deal. Congress and US presidents are useless subservient to a world gov’t. Note WWI WWII Korea, Vietnam etc. Those problems were not actually our problems but probably more like big global businesses problems.

Another thing…
Seems like the Dow can’t make up its mind Denson. 18,000 plus last week, and 17,553 today?

Oil $48? and it was ..
$2 in 71
$42 back in 1979,
$18 in ’98,
$140 in ’08,
$35 in ’09, and $100 recently.

No stability, no clear trends lately. The economy is mentally ill, on drugs, or simply drunk. All prices are PHONY. FAKE.


Posted by Maddog @ 12:23 on July 24, 2015  

What are they worried about …..the festering swamp of shite underneath the banking system….that is now it’s foundations..at least it matches the morals !!!!

I think they see the offtake numbers in PM’s. ie the Mint selling out and realise that if they ever allow the PM’s to get traction, such a small mkt in value terms relative to everything else, would mean that prices explode very fast.

When it comes to the shares, prices are now so low that very heavy money must be sniffing big gains, so they are haveing to work ever harder for smaller gains….

ps I see some decent buying in the shares tdy…of course the selling is still very much there and every dollar figure is defended in Gold.

silverngold @ 11:23

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:06 on July 24, 2015  

Interesting. I hadn’t heard anything about that.


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:56 on July 24, 2015  

Looks like they want to throw us into deflation as if we already don’t have it while prices rise but serious it isn’t funny deflation and will be hunting money at every turn causing it to get worse.

The manipulative pressure is just relentless

Posted by Buygold @ 11:50 on July 24, 2015  

they will throw the kitchen sink at everything pm to prevent even the smallest reversal. There must be something really rotten beneath the surface. In the 13 years I’ve been playing with this disaster I’ve never seen anything like what’s happening right now.

ipso facto @ 10:32. Timing not so good??? Maybe not, but this is FWIW!!!

Posted by silverngold @ 11:23 on July 24, 2015  

I recently had a visitor, a brilliant guy from Toronto, stop in for a visit. Among the many things we discussed were the tar (oil) sands. He said the problem with the oil sands has been the carbon waste in separating the carbon from the oil, but new technologies have now made the tar sands much more valuable than other crude oil because once separated, both the carbon and the oil can now be used for energy with zero waste. These new technologies are already being introduced into the aircraft industry to fuel the newly designed jet engines. He said check out SABRE ENGINES.

He was talking WAAAY over my head but that was the gist of the conversation, so take it FWIW, and he was not trying to sell me anything. LOL!! All the best …Silverngold

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