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Posted by goldielocks @ 23:58 on July 26, 2015  

Before 911 there were some Muslims here that lived there own lives without insident. Occasionally you’d here  some abuse toward children but can’t remember if that was before or after. Before the Muslims living here appeared productive and came here legally. They had something to offer. These boat loads of others well everyone has their welfare people and I have a feeling many of them are just like the ones coming from the southern borderWorse is because of their religion commands them to commit crimes and who knows what kind of atrocities they committed before coming here to other religions. They even attack their own religion and appear that Muslims are the greatest threat to other Muslims than any other religion. I  suspect Hillary et all are behind much of that starting up.

As a manager if they were allowed Shaira law that would mean you would manage the many times of  day they would be able to leave their job to go pray as well as getting back. Also as their religion proclaims they need to try to convert others even at work as well as rape girls who are not at least wearing a scarf like in Sweden. They say they come here for opportunity says they are unskilled and were probably not a productive member if their country nor will they be ours but a financial burden as well as a crime risk. Meanwhile Obama is refusing Christians who are truely in danger including a nun. In hoping Europe took her. The men have too much power to do what ever they want so I doubt they would be willing to give that up.


Posted by Ororeef @ 23:39 on July 26, 2015  

I liked Reagan because he was a good MANAGER ,he knew how to delegate and hold the Department heads accountable for POLICY.

Then there is Obama who like to get Personal ,and Jimmy Carter who liked to Micro Manage  …TWO failed Presidents who couldent get it right because no one was held Accountable ,only Party Loyalty was important to them ..thats very Personal…

I dont respect their Religeon

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:31 on July 26, 2015  

because it dosent acknowledge  the separation of Church & State and their religion is where their LOYALTY is ..Therefore they are not compatible with Western Life  and will not respect Civil LAW . They enjoy what that separation provides as a better Life,but are afraid  of their Religious Leaders ..They NEED to DUMP them and create a REFORM MOVEMENT   !

Thats their solution and its up to them to do it.!  Like I said  a GUN and a COPY of the Constitution should do it ,if they can READ !

I dont personalize the problem ,I do not hate them ! But I would send them back !

I am a Manager type person ,I dont personalize things.  Just do it right !  I have managed as many as 150 people and you cannot do that if everything get s personal …I never get personal ,tho some would like to interpret that way because thats what they understand.

I dont like or dislike people because of their religion ,I’D just send them back until they FIX it !

ipso, what auandag said

Posted by treefrog @ 23:16 on July 26, 2015  

that boy has cried “wolf!” a lot of times.

we should remember, however, that the last time the little boy cried “wolf!” there really was one.


Posted by Ororeef @ 22:58 on July 26, 2015  

My solution is to send them back with a Gun and a copy of the Constitution ..they should make use of it to better themselves in their OWN Country .I certainly think we can lend the Constitution to them after all we are not using it…maybe they can make better use of it !

I think  we agree ! I think maybe its a left brain ,right brain thingy ….hehe


Interesting Commentary-Beware Men with Diaries!

Posted by Auandag @ 21:12 on July 26, 2015  

Ororeef 14:18

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:17 on July 26, 2015  

You make it sound like all these people are poor innocent people looking for a better life so instead of promoting it in their country the rest of the world can just take them in until their country is as bad off as the country’s they came. For every million you let Im they will have a million plus more so how does that solve anything, it’s never them who should change it’s everyone else until they are just as bad off,

What does that have to do with the boat loads of people coming non stop to Europe. Boats that pushed christians off for not renouncing their faith. Who knows how many are terrorists or commuted crimes that are not considered crimes in their country. They have created no go zones and crime and rape have went way up where they have congregated.
Even here they are demanding Sharia law and threatened a Gov of Texas who shut them down. Also in Seattle their Gov is going along with it as well as considering giving them no interest homes.
Yes coming illegally and by boat loads putting stress in cities because their not happy in any Muslim country they left. There happy they come to country’s with democracy’s and who do they blame? Not the country’s they came but want to change the country’s they live including demanding Sharia law till their like the countries they left they weren’t happy with. You can ignore these facts if you want but these people in Rome had enough. Name me what other religion they can get along with? They can’t even get along with each other.
Most agree about Hilary, and others, they wanted to stir up trouble over there to over throw their governments. I guess they call that progress. They have nothing but caused murder and mayhem and still waking the earth.


This is Bullshi* policy

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:56 on July 26, 2015  

White House justifies Turkey’s use of anti-ISIS operation against Kurds

DEBKAfile July 26, 2015, 9:06 AM (IDT)
White House spokesman Alistair Baskey said Saturday night that “Turkey has the right to defend itself against terrorist attacks by Kurdish rebels.” This was the first US response to DEBKAfile’s disclosure of the green light Washington had given for Turkish forces to use their proclaimed cross-border operation against the Islamic State in northern Syria to settle accounts with the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) in Syria and Iraq. Baskey went on to point out that “Turkey is a NATO ally of the US.” This was the first time that the administration in Washington had admitted to an obligation to come to the aid of a NATO member under terrorist attack. Following the Turkish air strikes, the PKK declared its ceasefire with the Turkish government was over.


My good buddy Rick Ackermann hasn’t posted about gold for a lonnnng time

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:55 on July 26, 2015  

Rick’s Pick for Monday

$ GCQ15 – August Gold (Last:1098.50)

Posted July 26. 6:15 p.m..EDT

Friday’s rebound looked ever-so-slightly promising, since it followed a moderate selloff that did not quite achieve its ‘D’ target, 1064.00. Now, if bulls can push this erstwhile cinder block above the two peaks shown, it would generate an impulse leg with enough vigor, perhaps, to power a rally into week’s end. The burden of proof will remain on bulls nonetheless, and it should be noted that the last such impulse leg, in mid-June, sputtered out almost immediately, giving way to a $125 decline.


Posted by ipso facto @ 18:44 on July 26, 2015  

Sounds pretty convincing this time! 🙂

ipso facto @ 18:01- I’d love to be proven wrong

Posted by Auandag @ 18:30 on July 26, 2015  

But I have heard this song and dance from Maguire and king news to many times

All the World is a stage

Posted by commish @ 18:16 on July 26, 2015  

A Gold And Silver Tsunami Is Forming As The Shorts Are Now Going To Get Destroyed

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:01 on July 26, 2015  


In the past few days

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:34 on July 26, 2015  

have seen several Ron Paul commercials on the tube. He’s telling Americans of rough times ahead and economic upheaval. Says to check out his website, which I think was RonPaul.com ? IMO one of the very few honest politicians and good to see him on msm.

Howdy Maddog

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:30 on July 26, 2015  

Re: $NBI:$HUI chart. I don’t have a subscription at StochCharts so can only access the weekly which goes back a couple of years. Perhaps someone else can post a chart which goes back to 2010.

We all know what happens to parabolic charts … :mrgreen:


Posted by Ororeef @ 16:21 on July 26, 2015  

about how BIG your dog is in this fight !

Its about how much fight is in your Dog..

I learned that from my Fearless dog Benji  (half Fox terrior,half german Shephard .

a,small dog that never lost a fight….

It occurs to Me

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:16 on July 26, 2015  

that the News Media caused the Dumping of Gold recently by OMITTING a few simple details …Reported “Central Bank Gold buying ends in China”   ..If you sold ,you were duped into doing so by OMISSION  …..The LIE of omission ….THE Media LIES by OMISSION  .

What they left out was CHina continues its GOLD buying even though Central Banks are prohibited from buying more.

Chinas Sovereign WEalth Fund and Private sources bought the Rest ! At least double what Central Banks reported ..

The Media may have caused you losses and should be held accountable ..You need a good attorney..!

from Tyler Durden

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:00 on July 26, 2015  

It supports my previous Post on China Gold Buying



China Gold Announcement

Whilst the majority of the sell off in gold reflects extreme pessimism and aggressive short positioning in the markets (more on this below), perhaps some of the weakness in gold prices this week can be tied back to the Chinese announcement on Friday the 17th regarding their updated physical gold holdings.

To recap, on the 17th Juy 2015 the Chinese government announced that national gold holdings had increased to 1658 tonnes, up some 57% in the past 6 years. Based of these figures, the Chinese state has been buying roughly 100 tonnes of physical gold per year for the past 6 years.

This number disappointed many analysts and gold bulls who thought the number would be somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 tonnes.

Despite the much lower than expected announcement, the updated figures still put China in fifth spot when it comes to the largest national gold reserves, behind the United States, Germany, Italy and France. Despite this, physical gold holdings still officially represent less than 2% of China’s massive foreign exchange reserves.

So what to make of it?

A few months ago, we wrote a piece for Livewire that specifically discussed Chinese national gold holdings. Titled “There are known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns”, we stated that whatever the number ended up being, “we think the number will offer plenty for both the bulls and bears to argue about, and we’re almost certain it won’t move markets as some expect”.

Whilst the sell off in the gold market this week might lead some to argue we were wrong regarding the impact of the announcement, we are happy to stand by our comments, for a few reasons.

Firstly, it is worth mentioning that China does not just hold physical gold through the People’s Bank of China (PBOC). They can also hold gold through the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE), and the China Investment Corporation (CIC).

When it comes to SAFE, one of their major functions is; “to undertake operations and management of foreign exchange reserves, gold reserves, and other foreign exchange assets of the state.”

The CIC on the other hand is a Chinese sovereign wealth fund. Founded in 2007 with roughly USD $200 billion of investment capital, it had grown to well over USD $550 billion by August of 2013. As at the end of December 2014, some 26% of this money was sitting in what the CIC describe as long-term investments, which include resources and commodities specifically.

As a result, we’re relatively certain that Chinese national gold holdings across all the entities it controls are higher than the official number, though it remains a known unknown as to what the true figure is.

It is also worth mentioning that if Chinese national gold holdings really only are in the vicinity of 1,600 tonnes, and that the Chinese state has been doing far less buying than many anticipated, then by default it means the Chinese citizenry have been doing more buying than might have originally been anticipated.

At the end of the day, we know that thousands of tonnes have been shipped into China in the past few years, and we also know that China is now the largest miner of gold.

We’re quite certain that the gold imported and mined hasn’t been thrown away, so if the state wasn’t buying it, someone or a group of someone’s, clearly has been.

Finally, it pays to remember the game that China is playing. At present, getting the yuan included as part of the SDR is a major priority, therefore announcing respectable but not threatening levels of national gold reserves, and not doing anything to potentially cause gold prices to rise makes plenty of sense from a Chinese perspective.

But don’t forget for a minute the long-term plan, which Song Xin of the China Gold Association has alluded to previously, that being the accumulation of at least 8,500 tonnes of gold over time to at least match/exceed the United States sovereign gold reserve.

Bottom line: China will be a net buyer, and a net importer of physical gold for years to come. In and of itself that won’t necessarily cause a sharp rally in gold prices anytime soon, but gold acquisition from the Chinese state and her citizens, as well as emerging market central banks the world over will continue to provide support for the physical gold market.

Those that have sold gold in the past few days (and there have been plenty in the ETF and futures markets) as a result of the “disappointing” number out of China may have just caused the capitulation event that typically marks the bottom of any bear market.

China Gold Government Figures

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:39 on July 26, 2015  

dont tell the whole story ..I learned from my European friend .Central Banks in Europe ONLY buy up to the Limits set for them by Central Bank RULES  ,So I suspect if China wants to join in on GOLD Pricing they follow the same rules ….Therefore China only reported their purchases for the purpose meeting GDP Guidelines and no more .The Central Bank cannot hold more ,but other China agencys can hold the rest …not Central Banks.! The analysts figured imports or local purchases of GOLD should have been double that REPORTED and I suspect BOTH are correct .    So dont rely too much on Central Bank Purchases as a guide to How much GOLD China is buying !

The reverse

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:21 on July 26, 2015  


Maddog Is this it ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:12 on July 26, 2015  

NBI   Looks like a Top is already in  ..

I view this as a mathmatical comparison ..Example if it gos up it favors the first object “NBI” if headed down in Favors the $HUI

In the End

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:45 on July 26, 2015  

Italy will elect someone who promises to “FIX” the problem , ….I suspect a Fascist ..and who will be to blame  for repeating the same mistakes of History .Somehow those that create the problem get lost in the History books because “they ” had good intentions and those that had to “FIX” the problem end up as the “BAD” guys.

Ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 14:19 on July 26, 2015  

Tks for the NBI/HUI chart…yes Stockchsrts use : as a divisor sign…….can you go back to 2010…then you’ll see the parabolic move.

My chart service won’t easily post…cheers.


Posted by Ororeef @ 14:18 on July 26, 2015  

You never seem to run out of “Left Field” point of views……Who said they were “criminals”  ?   They were poor individuals duped  and used as pawns by Hillary ..given to think that they could immigrate without suffering ..while looking for a better life ..

She set in motion something she had no idea where it would end with her “good intentions”  as usual it leads to “road to hell” for those victimized by her.  As long as it suits her purpose ,it served her purpose and puts her face on facebook  she acheived her ends.

The rest was collateral damage ..She is a Sociopath,possibly a Psychopath ..with NO empathy for those mistakenly lead to believe they could immigrate into other countries until the situation becomes unbearable for the sympathic hosts that THEY become the “BAD” guys when they have to stop the  invasion to the life THEY BUILT not her.       O coarse  she will respond like Obama did to the successful business man “YOU DIDNT BUILD THAT”  .CAVALIER bullshit COMING FROM SOMEBODY THAT NEVER BUILT ANYTHING.

Equisetum @ 12:53 -Silica Gold Trains

Posted by Maya @ 14:04 on July 26, 2015  

The “Frac-Sand” boom has breathed new life into nearly abandoned northwoods railroad lines in Wisconsin.  Three years ago the CN spent $40 Million to reclaim and rebuild their line into the sand mines area.  Today the larger sand operations along these rail lines have built sizeable rail yards for holding hopper cars and some have purchased or leased their own locomotives for shuffling cars around.  Typically they will load a ‘unit-train’ of about 100 hopper cars for shipping out on the class 1 railroads down the line.  They do this several times a week… as fast as they can load them out and get empties back to fill up again.




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