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Public Policy

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:08 on August 6, 2015  

Am I missing something,do I understand correctly that FOX NEWS owns THE debates AND ONLY CABLE fOX NEWS PAID CHANNELL

SUBSCRIBERS CAN WATCH IT live  ? Do  i UNDERSTAND THAT CORRECTLY ?    If so, thats a violation of my right to vote ,and it goes along pari passu  with that right dosent it.  Do I want FOX NEWS deciding and manipulating the candidates exposure to favor the ones THEY want to get exposure !    I am appalled  what a violation of civil rights…!  Public DEBATES should be free from ownership…these media companies are LICENSED  ….the PUBLIC OWNS the airwaves ! …. NOT the MEDIA .Private ownership of a PUBLIC Property for exclusive use  by a private company during a National Debate !   WHAT !  Its corruption at its worst ..!

Unprecedented Events on Earth 2015: Unusual Weather and Prophetic Events

Posted by silverngold @ 23:00 on August 6, 2015  

Bill Holter

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:27 on August 6, 2015  

The Rumblings of War

Dear CIGAs,

Shock of all shocks, the IMF announced the Chinese yuan will not be admitted into the SDR until at least Sept. 2016. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-08-04/imf-says-more-work-needed-before-yuan-reserve-currency-decision What exactly does this mean? I can tell you the gold community is so shell shocked and fearful at this point, it “must be bad for gold”, right? Going back a couple of weeks, China announced they had accumulated another 600 tons or so of gold to the near panic of precious metals investors. This announcement would be used as another shot at taking price down because the Chinese “don’t like gold as much as we thought”. This was the prevailing sentiment.

What I think happened was China played “good boy” with the West and lied about their gold holdings. They announced enough gold to allow them into “the club” but not so much as to “offend” or intimidate anyone in the West. Their announcement was clearly bogus as they are importing 600 tons every three months …and we are to believe it took them six years? China had requested both “publicly and officially” to be included in the SDR. They were publicly humiliated with this move by the IMF. The Chinese are a very proud people, public humiliation would be last on my list of aggressions toward them!

Make no mistake, they will retaliate. I believe just as the IMF did this while China is having market problems and during a period of weakness, China will return the favor to the U.S. …at a very inopportune time for us. When our markets are convulsing, probably this fall, you can expect one of two responses from the Chinese. They will either come public with a true and VERY LARGE number for their gold holdings, or they will threaten to and actually dump some Treasury securities/dollar holdings…or both! I believe their response will be timed to hit us just as in a boxing match, when we are tired, down or vulnerable …for maximum effect.

Whether you want to believe it or not, the U.S. is in a financial war with nearly the rest of the entire world. To not include a rising China into the SDR makes no sense and is an impossible feat in the long term unless China decides it is not their desire. I see no upside whatsoever to this action. Does it “buy time” and postpone the inevitable? Maybe not. The action of poking the hornets nest may actually accelerate the collapse!

There are other possibilities but looking at the two retaliatory options mentioned above, what could result? First, were China to come clean and “admit” they have 10,000 tons of gold (or MUCH MORE), the yuan would immediately strengthen and move into the dollar’s territory as a settlement currency. Markets would quickly do the math and understand if China has this much gold …where oh where did it come from? China could even do an audit publicly and count the bars out in the open surroundings of their Olympic stadium in a “we’ve shown you ours, now you show us yours” fashion!

The other possibility comes with an “option A or B” for the Fed. If the Chinese decided to sell some of their Treasury holdings, could the Fed sit idly by? Option A, the Fed could let the market absorb the dumped Treasuries and allow interest rates to rise and watch as bond prices crater. This is not much of an option, especially in a world where all prices are generated and created “officially”. On the other hand, option B would be FORCED MONETIZATION! The Fed could decide they had to buy any and all Treasuries offered by China. I believe this is exactly what the Fed will decide they MUST do.

Not coincidentally, the Chinese know this. They also understand by using this tactic, they will be forcing the Federal Reserve to create an “exit door” especially for …and because of them. This is the reverse of the old story, if you owe the bank $1 million they own you, if you owe $1 billion then you own the bank. You see, in this instance the Chinese have a direct lever on our credit markets. It would be bad enough if they could control our interest rates which they certainly can now influence. What makes this really bad is they can FORCE the Fed to either monetize or face the immediate collapse of credit markets and thus all markets. As I mentioned above, the Chinese will not do this until the time is right. The time will “be right” when our markets display weakness. They will smile while doing this and politely (publicly) restore honor and dignity.

Before finishing and as long as we are talking about financial “war”, let’s briefly look at Russia. The U.S. and NATO are now crossing some very red lines in the sand when it comes to both Ukraine and Syria. Trainings and war games are taking place in western Ukraine while the U.S. is and has authorized airstrikes (with Israeli assistance) against Syria. Mr. Putin has said in no uncertain terms he will not allow the slaughter of Russians in Ukraine. He has also stated numerous times he will not stand by idly should allies Syria or Iran be attacked http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-08-04/russia-ready-send-paratroopers-syria . These are all very real sparks in the dry tinder of current geopolitics.

The question you need to ask yourself is this, do you really believe the current fairy tale pricing of assets, ALL ASSETS will hold during a financial war with China? Or during a real war with Russia? This is not fear mongering, it is what’s on our dinner table!

Standing watch,

Bill Holter
Holter-Sinclair collaboration
Comments welcome! bholter@hotmail.com


Posted by ipso facto @ 20:41 on August 6, 2015  

International Tower Hill Mines Files 2015 Second Quarter Financial Results


Thompson Creek Reports Second Quarter 2015 Financial Results


Silver Standard Reports Second Quarter 2015 Results


Golden Minerals Reports Second Quarter 2015 Financial Results


Orvana Reports Third Quarter Fiscal Results


Continental Gold Reports on Second Quarter 2015 Activities


My best to our good friend Wanka!

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:06 on August 6, 2015  

Get well soon!

Indeed Floridagold

Posted by Buygold @ 19:55 on August 6, 2015  

Hope he feels better. He is and always has been “the man”. Best to Wanks.

Wasn’t Turk a $10K gold guy?

Posted by Buygold @ 19:53 on August 6, 2015  

“You’ve got to be looking back to the all-time highs of $1,900 or $2,000 per ounce. We are eventually going to take those out. It’s just a question of when we do it.”

How the mighty have fallen. How does anyone gauge backwardization in a paper market?

“When” big question James.


newtogold @ 15:58 Wanka

Posted by Floridagold @ 19:52 on August 6, 2015  

Wanka has been having problems with his breathing, even more so than normal, so he is not spending as much time here the last few weeks and will be going thru lots of tests next week to try to figure out what is going on.  So, hopefully they can figure out what is causing it to be worse than normal and give him some relief.  Hopefully he will be back in the swing in a week or two.

A clip via le Met. Thanks Bill

Posted by Scruffy @ 17:02 on August 6, 2015  

Renowned gold expert James Turk says prolonged gold backwardation like we are seeing now, where the spot price is higher than the future price, has never happened before. Turk contends, “No, never, and I am a student of monetary history as well, and I have never seen it happen like this in monetary history. Typically, when a backwardation would occur under the classic gold standard, for example, the banks that would have fractional reserve banking would go under. There would be a banking collapse. So, typically, if there was a backwardation, it would only last for a few days as it did in 1999 and in 2008. So, we have an unusual situation where we have heavy government involvement where they are trying to keep the gold price under wraps so they can maintain this policy of zero interest rates. They are thinking they are going to jumpstart the economy, but the economy is not being jumpstarted. All it’s doing is deferring the ultimate collapse and the governments’ ability to repay all the debt that they owe.”

Turk, a best-selling author who co-wrote a book called “The Money Bubble,” says what is happening now is nothing short of an historic bubble getting ready to pop. Turk explains, “In other words, just as we look back to the South Sea bubble and the Mississippi bubble, people are going to look back to today and say this is the money bubble. People are using what they think is money, but what they are using is really a money substitute. That’s the theme of the book that John Rubino and I wrote. We have lost sight as to what money truly is. It is a physical asset without counter-party risk and that is gold and silver.”

Turk thinks this bubble will end like all bubbles. Turk predicts, “This money bubble is going to pop. It has to because there is just too much debt in the world. That debt has to be reconciled and, ultimately, when you are reconciling debt, it gets back to the point about collateral on the balance sheets. There is just not enough good collateral to support all of this paper money circulating out there.”

It comes as no surprise that Turk thinks the premier collateral is gold. Turk goes on to say, “That’s what you are going to want, and that is ultimately what’s going to reemerge in global commerce. . . . It’s ultimately going to go back to gold.”

Turk also says there is way too many paper promises for the actual physical gold that can be delivered. So, in the future, Turk says, “I see a lot of these promises to deliver gold being broken and, ultimately, the only way you are going to see this being resolved is with a much higher gold price.” How high? Turk estimates, “You’ve got to be looking back to the all-time highs of $1,900 or $2,000 per ounce. We are eventually going to take those out. It’s just a question of when we do it. It’s obvious it is going to happen because gold has been money for 5,000 years and, ultimately, people will come back to gold when they realize that all these promises of bankers and central bankers really cannot be fulfilled. So, it is just a question of when that reconciliation comes. In March of 1968, the dam broke and the gold price was released, and the gold price climbed for another 12 years. When the gold price finally gets released this time around, it’s going to climb for many, many more years. It’s hard to say how high it can go, but relative to the amount of paper that’s out there . . . a price several times higher than what we have today seems very, very reasonable in the long run.”

Join Greg Hunter as he interviews James Turk of GoldMoney.com.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

Video Link



On the eve of the expected “strong” GDP report=

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:25 on August 6, 2015  

GDP Shocker: Atlanta Fed Sees Q3 Growth At A Laughable 1%

Tyler Durden’s pictureSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 08/06/2015 13:44 -0400

The Atlanta Fed’s Q1 and Q2 GDP forecasts were virtually spot on with what the BEA ultimately reported. Which is why if its accuracy persists, not only the Fed, but Wall Street strategists suddenly have a very big headache on their hands.

Moments ago, the Atlanta Fed just released its much anticipated first estimate for Q3 GDP. It was a doozy, at just 1.0%, or more than 2% below the consensus sellside estimate.

If this is confirmed, not only are all rate hike bets off, but one may as well start the countdown to the recession, and more importantly, QE4.


Maybe this is why stocks were down…



Posted by Buygold @ 15:59 on August 6, 2015  

GORO having a nice day but here come the GDX sells. Jobs report tomorrow = hell for pm’s.


Posted by newtogold @ 15:58 on August 6, 2015  

Haven’t seen you post in awhile. All OK ?

Corruption is Legal in America

Posted by silverngold @ 15:43 on August 6, 2015  

Here comes the magic hand that lifts all stocks….

Posted by Maddog @ 15:41 on August 6, 2015  

What’s cookin? The day before the big jobs # and…

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:02 on August 6, 2015  

gold’s green–a rare site these days–bonds rallying–and stocks down?  Good volume in NUGT.

Mysterium  Coniunctionis…

Lloyd and the Scum don’t want Trump

Posted by Maddog @ 13:58 on August 6, 2015  

as Mr. Trump will be target #1 for a number of GOP hopefuls who have been told their own presidential hopes will be finished if they do not help in breaking the Trump momentum once and for all. This threat is said to come from an assortment of Wall Street and business interests concerned over the potential volatility of a Trump political machine – volatility that might make him “unmanageable” should he actually go on to become the Republican nominee.

Read more at http://dcwhispers.com/big-donors-warn-candidates-on-eve-of-debate-take-trump-out/#VMGLCGAOpSc2uhlY.99

Talking heads on bubblevision telling the public to stay fully invested in the SM

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:40 on August 6, 2015  

HeHe Muppet cannon fodder

Gartman-we love him…we need him-the great contrary indicator

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:34 on August 6, 2015  

gotta love it when someone rings a bell…
Thu, 08/06/2015 – 12:53 Ham-bone

It’s equally impressive to be wrong 100% of the time as it is to be right 100% of the time. A real skill.

Thu, 08/06/2015 – 12:58 | 6397977migra

Even amongst CNBS people, Gartman is a remarkable dumbass


Is This Why Bonds Are Soaring?
by Tyler Durden on 08/06/2015 12:45 -0400

Bond Dennis Gartman Employment Situation Report Market Timing

“Secondly, it is time to be SHORT of the long end of the US bond market and we wish this morning to sell the September T-note future at or near to 126 3/4.

We can imagine the front month future trading to 118-119 over the course of the next several months while at the same time we shall be willing to risk only 1 1/2 points to the upside.

The top has been formed over the course of the last several months and we are willing to be short even ahead of tomorrow’s Employment Situation Report.”



Posted by ipso facto @ 13:10 on August 6, 2015  

You’re welcome! 🙂

Today looking up a bit …

@ Scruffy Woof Woff re 8:17 Surge in demand for physical gold

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:56 on August 6, 2015  

I looked at the US Mint site and its true. Coin sales are up, with Wall Street prices lower. I’m not surprised

Normally, supply and demand used to determine the prices, but in this ass hole special interest manipulated man made casino economy, they move the dollar value up or down, which changes prices, and that in turn changes the supply or demand, instead of the normal function of price, to allocate supply and demand.

For example, the lower dollar over time drove gold to $1,900. That made people turn in scrap jewelry, and producers dig faster and deeper. Obviously increasing the supply.

The low prices are opposite. Less people turn in scrap jewelry, producers shut down mines, lay off miners, and cut back production. That excess production is probably getting consumed more than normal because the prices dropped.

In other words, high prices cause low prices, and low prices cause high prices. Equilibrium, or stability is fleeting and temporary, maybe only one day or one month, on the way up or down. If the price stays too low too long, the shortage could cause a strong rebound in price.


Stability causes stability, but TPTB don’t seem to want that.

ipso facto

Posted by aufever @ 11:46 on August 6, 2015  

Thank you for your posts every day of news in the mining sector.

Byproduct of metal price meltdown is a higher silver price

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:01 on August 6, 2015  



Posted by ipso facto @ 10:05 on August 6, 2015  


more http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-08-06/gold-bullion-demand-chindia-heading-over-2000-metric-tonnes-again

Portugeezer @ 5:09 – Why do they keep deflecting the real issue in hellary’s case?

Posted by Maya @ 9:42 on August 6, 2015  

I agree with everything you say.  But you are not familair with what the american political fascist system has become… corrupt to the core.  Hilla-the-Hun will get an ‘admonishment’ and slap on the wrist.  But make no mistake, she is one of the ‘good old boys’… and the first one to have the balls to attempt such a maneuver and set that precedent.  Every other politician is now wondering how they can take advantage and do that too.

Silver Train

Posted by Maya @ 9:36 on August 6, 2015  


Silver train among the snowcaps of Montana,
the Empire Builder flies past Glacier Park.


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