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Maybe China’s history of PAPER money

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:12 on August 15, 2015  

knowing that all paper money burns in the end ..It just needs someone to light the match !..

Excessive credit built Ghost cities in China ,but after the debt burns and defaults  the cities will remain  .Then the Banks will have to write down the value of those cities they carry on the books at cost  down to market value which is seems to me in a place where wages a 3.00 a day is going to be somewhere near zero .Then they can rent the apartments for  about $15.00 a month instead of the $3000.00 a month asking today.

ALL the debt will be defaulted on …all the paper will burn  ….China will have gained apartments ..tangable assets at a horrific cost..to the Banksters..who will demand  their governments confiscate Chinese  assets abroad and sell them at a risk of gun boat diplomacy.  In the end  what did it really cost the banksters ..just a notational decimal point move on a computer called credit !  and with that caused real people to work their asses off building this stuff they would not have entertained to do before.   It was all a scheme to get people to work in a Communist country where nobody works harder than the next guy because of NO additional reward.    Change that theme and everything else changes..


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