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SNG – that crater photo appears to be ‘shopped’

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 17:12 on August 15, 2015  

the Daily Mail ( dailymail.co.uk ) has a series of 58 photos of the aftermath , including several aerial photos of the blast area . None show that crater . Cyanide may have been either the cause or released during the explosion . One of the photos is of a man driving a small blue car , heavily damaged by the blast . The EMP of a nuclear blast would fry the electronics of a modern car , making it impossible to be driven . I was in a nuclear power plant in Asia during the Chernobyl catastrophe . The USSR did not announce the problem for a couple of days , but within hours of the event , plant radiation monitors at the plant I was working at began to signal alarms . The plant personnel thought the problem was internal and went to alert status until reports from other nuclear stations around the world began pouring in over the next day or so . Two days later the USSR admitted the accident . That event later created new work for me to upgrade the safety of a twin unit Russian designed nuclear plant being built in the Czech Republic .

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