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silverngold @ 19:36 It is impossible for me to keep ahead of the data-miners in

Posted by Equisetum @ 23:07 on August 26, 2015  

the world, but even if I admit it is probably a losing battle to protect one’s privacy I still appreciate very much that you helped spread the message from Katherine Albrecht. Avoidance techniques, like not allowing a tracker to be inserted into your body and refraining from use of Windows 10 and similar ilk, will delay the assault facing us from the world of information technology. So I thank you for alerting us at 19:36 about additional cautions to be taken. Cheers.

There and Back Again

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:50 on August 26, 2015  

Gold 10 Day

FWIW: Better listen to the Dr/Lady

Posted by silverngold @ 19:36 on August 26, 2015  

Katherine Albrecht: Windows 10 Is Full Blown Electronic Tyranny

Very wise words from such a young person

Posted by silverngold @ 19:25 on August 26, 2015  

How To Forgive Your Ex {or anyone who hurts you)

Andy Hoffman

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:17 on August 26, 2015  



Natural News: Donald Trump wins Natural News reader poll… by a long shot

Posted by silverngold @ 19:17 on August 26, 2015  

The results are in. Donald Trump is by far the Natural News reader favorite for the 2016 elections, earning 44.3% of the vote.

What’s truly fascinating is that 97.9% of Natural News readers REJECTED establishment candidates like Bush and Clinton.

Click here to see the full results

Another day. Another psych op.

Posted by commish @ 17:08 on August 26, 2015  


USA Today Headline

Posted by eeos @ 17:08 on August 26, 2015  

“DOW Roars back, rallies 620 points, in sign of market stabilization”.

-you see they put it right out there for everyone to see.  In plain sight. Stabilization.  That’s the key word right there.

I’ll be watching!

Posted by Auandag @ 17:01 on August 26, 2015  
Jim Sinclair’s Commentary
As of today the door has slammed shut regarding both the belief 
that the Fed has omnipotent power to back up the equity bull market and 
the Plunge Protection Team can protect the equity or any other market no
 matter how awful the selling is.
Soon, before September ends, the door opens up to silver and gold as the last men standing.

Generally speaking

Posted by eeos @ 16:59 on August 26, 2015  

It concerns me when Sinclair thinks we’re going to launch, he serves who again? Shite I hope not another giant flush down wave that destroys me.

So the CROOKS have their “happy” shoes

Posted by Floridagold @ 15:38 on August 26, 2015  

on this afternoon.  All the problems have been solved, nothing to see here – keep moving !

Au vs. Ag now 79.99 to 1 eom

Posted by AuNeophyte @ 14:45 on August 26, 2015  


Talking Head on bubblevision

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:38 on August 26, 2015  

“If we start to see gold going up then I’ll begin to really worry”

Explains a lot


Posted by ipso facto @ 13:29 on August 26, 2015  

I think he may be right this time. I guess we find out in a month or two. I’m just hoping it’s not a total global meltdown. No fun if there’s mass chaos, starvation-looting etc.!

Ipso @9:03 – Sinclair

Posted by packy @ 13:22 on August 26, 2015  

Very significant interview.  If Sinclair correct, this is it, with clear indications by Sept-Oct.   At the same time Armstrong sees possible Dow 5000 while apparently maintaining a rebound to Dow 23000

commish @ 8:13

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:05 on August 26, 2015  

So FAR ,SO GOOD     ..its the sudden stop ya need to watch out for   !

Canada, Australia, US, Chile and Mexico, the top destinations for mining investors

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:41 on August 26, 2015  


Stillwater plunges as palladium price is decimated

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:34 on August 26, 2015  

Nymex September palladium contracts tumbled on Tuesday, dropping as much as 8% following a double whammy of surging mine production and weakness in the top consumer of the metal.

In after hours trade palladium was exchanging hands for $536.05, down 6.6% or $38 compared to its previous close. Earlier in the day the metal plunged to a low of $528.20.

The price of palladium jumped to 13-year highs above $900 an ounce a year ago but has now retreated far into bear territory trading at the lowest since September 2010.

more http://www.mining.com/stillwater-plunges-as-palladium-price-is-decimated/

It’s so important to shmooze the locals … this guy may have killed his company

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:25 on August 26, 2015  

Minera IRL power struggle threatens Peruvian gold project

LONDON – A corporate power struggle, along with what appears to be a major clash of personalities and a breakdown in community relations, appears to be threatening the future of the promising Ollachea gold project in Peru.

In so doing this potentially threatens also the whole future of Minera IRL, the London, Toronto and Peruvian listed company, which was planning to bring the project into production by 2017.

As mining companies operating in Peru have sometimes found to their cost, relations with the local community are key to whether a project can sink or swim. Over the years the trust built up by Minera IRL management under the guidance of former President and CEO, Courtney Chamberlain who tragically passed away in April, and former co-founder Diego Benavides, with the Ollachea community had been seen as a model of the way to set about this.

But all this trust appears to have been dashed by local interpretations resulting from a community meeting addressed by the company’s recently appointed Executive Chairman, Daryl Hodges. Hodges was reporting on the key US$70 million credit facility with Peruvian state-owned development bank, COFIDE.
By many accounts, Hodges’ statement was apparently not well received. Now whether this was due to a misunderstanding of new Minera IRL policies given that Hodges, a non-Spanish speaker addressed the community in English via an interpreter, or because the community obviously favoured Benavides, whom they knew well, is uncertain. But the net result of what has so far proven to be an ill-judged presentation by Hodges, was a letter from the Community leaders withdrawing all support for the project under current management and calling for Benavides to be confirmed as CEO.

Hodges has an excellent track record in the financial community, but perhaps may not be so skilled in dealing with local social and community issues. The initial result has thus led to the deferment by IRL management of the Ollachea development, and the dismissal of Benavides from his position. (Presumably on grounds of fermenting the local community unrest).

more http://www.mineweb.com/news/gold/minera-irl-power-struggle-threatens-peruvian-gold-project/

13.99 Silver

Posted by Floridagold @ 10:41 on August 26, 2015  



Posted by ipso facto @ 10:00 on August 26, 2015  

I know what you mean … although this time the volcano looks like it is indeed bubbling over …

ipso facto @ 9:03

Posted by Floridagold @ 9:55 on August 26, 2015  

Seems like I have heard that before – hopefully this time or some time in the future  (while I am still alive) he will be correct and we all get paid !

Scruffy @ 9:05 loved the story, HOWEVER

Posted by Floridagold @ 9:47 on August 26, 2015  

it is a political satire piece and did not really happen.  Or at least it says that at the end of the piece.  Having said that, I personally believe they are bought and paid for by someone.

Silver Train

Posted by Maya @ 9:31 on August 26, 2015  


Just look what they have done to us!  We need to get back on track…




Posted by Scruffy @ 9:05 on August 26, 2015  

Police uncover documents which turned out to be a handwritten ledger, containing names of well-known individuals and organizations who have been paying Snopes.com to debunk stories that cast them in a bad light, while validating damaging half-truths and rumors about their political opponents.
The list of groups and individuals paying to use the website’s clout ranged from local politicians to transnational entities to foreign governments, including Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the Palestinian Authority. None of the specifics or individual names are being revealed.

Especially scandalous may be the website’s possible collaboration with left-leaning national media organizations, which started with payments to Snopes.com to overlook or validate their inaccurate and biased reporting, and eventually evolved into a full-scale coordinated effort with left-leaning groups and public relation firms to construct a media narrative that gave legitimacy to certain opinions, political causes and public figures, while discrediting other opinions, causes, and public figures.


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