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Does the UN run the USA?

Posted by Auandag @ 23:40 on September 18, 2015  

Kokomo weekend

Posted by Floridagold @ 20:01 on September 18, 2015  



Posted by goldielocks @ 19:49 on September 18, 2015  

That’s a good dream, especially the last one but yes their salaries and pensions are bloated compared to everyone else’s then they aspire to take it too.

My Choice Preferred Qualifications for President

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:58 on September 18, 2015  

He or She must have 10 % of their net worth in Gold  or Gold Stocks .

Must accept a Government Healthcare system as their own .

Must accept SOC SEC as their Government Pension .

Scruffy edit ” hit wrong key on phone.

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:32 on September 18, 2015  


As PC as I can conceive …..

Posted by Scruffy @ 18:13 on September 18, 2015  


Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 17:17 on September 18, 2015  


Not a bad ending for the week… Gold up on a Friday!
Let’s take a weekend cruise… North, to Alaska before
the snow flies. Crossing hurricane gulch, and watching the
scenery go by from the rear platform at 60 mph!



Posted by goldielocks @ 16:40 on September 18, 2015  

Carly, she made some interesting comments or come backs. Her comment to Trump that every woman heard what he said was well said maybe rehearsed in some form and side tracks issues. He could of kept the jokes out of it.
She appeared to be stringent task orientated without negotiation in which a president should be open for especially when it can prevent war or keeping sons and daughters boots off the ground unless necessary.
She didn’t discuss the cause of this in the first place. They should have less time restraint however.
She side stepped the question on Pot mentioning her step daughter who died from a drug addiction and kids need more help. This is true as Oxycontin has caused deaths from taking it too long and getting addicted then moving to something else when getting cut off instead of being put on methadone or some alternative they should work on slowing cutting them down till they can handle it. In some cases involved the psychological causes
I doubt that her daughter died from a pot addiction. This gateway to more dangerous drugs is total recycled BS and anyone from the 60s 70 s should know this. It’s just easy to blame. Those with a potential for drugs took any kind of drug and it wasn’t the pot that killed them nor have the opiates in them to get them addicted. If that were true why isn’t alcohol considered a gait way drug and is physically addictive.
I can guess to reasons they want to keep Pot illegal. One it brings in a lot of money through confiscation and two big Pharmas who couldn’t have exclusive rights to sell it.
As far a addictions to opiates which pot is not let’s look at Pharma’s. Legalizing pot would also help stop the border crossings and drug money. With that one anyways.
I agree with her on abortion abuses esp. late stage which should be banned less life threatening no less the suffering of these babies and maltreatment. If they haven’t figured out they didn’t want to go through the pregnancy late stage the baby shouldn’t have to pay.
I didn’t see any comments on mandating vaccines and Carson is flat out lying saying they are safe or studies ” what studies” paid by pharmas by the way negate that. That “his “kids are okay so there for their safe. But then coming from someone who would put ” his” mom on a bill no one knows. That’s pretty narrow minded. What about all the law suits? Then contradicted himself with they should be spread out and others not necessary so if safe and do no harm who cares. Why not make pharmas accountable again? So he knows their pumping these kids with them and could cause harm. He may be a good doctor but is brainwashed. We don’t need someone who does not represent all people or the constitution. Being in Neuro he has to know cause and effect with Neuro problems including Autism. Negating cause negates proper treatment. If giving them they should spead them out and not start with a tiny seven pound baby at birth. They now pressuring pregnant woman with Tetanus shots. One just came forward in anti vax site saying how she was pressured finally took the Dpt got sick with high fever and caused a aborted fetus, she found would have been a little girl. Her and her husband were devastated and this will haunt her the rest of her life believing him over her own instincts.
Hope the doctors happy now, she’s vaxed, oh but for babies saftey oops. Also the constitutional issues on that and guns and they all once get going to get around them move from one thing to the next.
I don’t see any real change in government overreach, debt or taxes with her or Carson and few others although any might be better than another democrat hard to say due to overreach. We need a stronger military but not WW111 or putting groups in danger over a country that people calls for our death instead of helping to empower their own country.
We got Kurdish girls fighting and Obama sitting inviting some kid suspected with a bomb to the WH that in their state a law says anyone who makes anything that looks like one is subject to arrest although I don’t think the child was purposely making something that looks like a bomb. It’s probably how he learned to make them lol This giy needs to be put on ignore and focus on the ones really representing our country. Turn him off. He wants to play ignore we can too without promoting thugs not accusing the child though. Maybe he wants to give him a job pun intended. However although busy with their own states they all failed at stopping the immigration, economic and constitutional issues all these years. They talk about repealing Obama care for a better system but where were they when it was being voted on?

Lake Shore Gold Completes Acquisition of Temex Resources Corp.

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:16 on September 18, 2015  


Some talking head on bubblevision was just saying that the Fed is just a “big confidence game”

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:06 on September 18, 2015  

go man go!

Yank that man’s invitation!


Posted by Surveyor @ 16:04 on September 18, 2015  

Got to give Carly credit.   Her war room crew is very efficient.   Perhaps she is the candidate to put up against the Clinton machine.

Maddog @ 14:12

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:00 on September 18, 2015  

Can’t agree more on Assad. Democracy for many Arab states is a pipe dream.


I forget the particulars but some US Football team signed a rugby player who only had a few months practice with the US version. Now he can wear pads!

here’s the story:

San Francisco 49ers sign ex-rugby player Jarryd Hayne


Another Holistic doctor found dead.

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:28 on September 18, 2015  

They should do urine, pathology and hair samples of these doctors, independent  ” forensics” one day healthy the next day dead.


What are we Looking FOR ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:07 on September 18, 2015  

Should a President be a “religious”man ?  …God help us ! The MID EAST is FULL of them  !  The Catholic Church used to burn people at the Stake(Bruno) throw people in dungeons for saying the World was Round ,put them Jail for saying the Earth is not the Center of the Universe Galileo and Copernicus  ..Ya still think a religious man should be President ?  The POPE is coming soon to tell his message of Why the world should adopt Obamas thesis of Global Heating caused by Carbon Fuels and WE should adopt CARBON TAX to be distributed by  The United Nations with his Blessing  ….Y a really want the CHURCH to help elect a President with a record like theirs ?  REALLY ?  Dis ya see the Trump rally in New England  when a woman asked him what he thought of the POPES visit  ,….The Donald suspected a loaded question but asked “Do you know the POPES coming to promote his Global Warming theory ” ,but quickly added suspecting a Catholic defensive posture was coming from the Woman added ,BUT he’s a very nice man..not wanting to alienate Catholics unnecessarily ..a very astute comment then moved on to another question very skillfully.The POPE has an interest in the Re-distribution of wealth just like the communists do ,each for their own reasons.Its still a bad idea at this time !

Ya still think we need to mix religion and Politics ?

Do ya think a Medical Doctor is a good choice …Rand Paul is a good man ,he does eye surgery for poor people for free to prevent blindness .  DR Ben Carson is a good man he’s a great surgeon and a Religious man  all rolled into one .

Does that make them good candidates for a President ?  They are good human beings ..thats a start ..but WHAT are we LOOKING FOR ?  What characteristics are we looking for ?

1.There should be no doubt who is in charge ..good examples   Eisenhower ,first he saved the world ,kept a joint effort going (allies)among egocentric Generals got them to work together until the job was done successfully.  2.Reagan ..again no doubt who was in charge but unlike Eisenhower did not directly get his hands into every detail ,but was a very successful delegater and made those accountable to him ,then he was a tough negotiator as Screen actors Guild union president,dealing with the Studio Heads .then as a negotiator with Gorbachev and other Russians getting their RESPECT and admiration getting them to reduce nuclear weapons and end the Cold War.

So a President should have a history of making sure everybody knows who is in charge ,and then being a successful negotiator ..

Then some bad examples of a President ..Jimmy Carter micro managed and got his hand into everything ,was a poor delegate r and awfull negotiator with the Iranians ..but was a “good man” he tried to do good .

Obama ..he couldn’t manage anything himself,didn’t know how to delegate and hold his appointees accountable ,then made a fool of himself as a negotiator to the point of being an embarrassment.

So how did the bad ones get elected ?  They ran “popularity “contests like high School cheerleaders.

How did the GOOD ones get elected  ? by fixing problems like WARS exiting them and then preventing more wars and not running “popularity “contests .Churchill got elected to save Britain ,he did it,then they fired him….the people wanted to “PARTY “again…

So whats needed now !   a good man like Carter ,DR Rand Paul,Dr Ben Carson ?  a Religeous man like Carson,Huckabee & CRUZ ?

3 All the State Governors ran GOOD STATE s fixed budget problems increased employment  and undid years liberal mis management.   But can they win Federal elections ? against the big spenders by promising LESS?

I dont think so !

SO He must be a take charge,he must be a good negotiator,he must engender Respect ,he must be a good Delegate r and hold them accountable he must have a successful past.He must be a good Manager of People.

thanks for the Indulgence ,now  maybe we can get back to Getting the Gold Price up !



Posted by Maddog @ 14:12 on September 18, 2015  

re should US help get rid ISIS…too right and leave Assad, as it seems from recent and all past history, the only way to control those people is with a large club….or they’ll be on your doorstep….which of course tks to the “Arab Spring” aka Arab nightmare, they are.

Also let Vlad deal with the MSM. when they start squealing about being too aggressive…that should be fun to watch !!!!!!

Cheers got to go and Watch Rugby World Cup…. England versus Fiji…the Fijians have one guy who is 20 stone (280 Lbs) and can do 100 metres in less than 11 seconds…he eats 5 eggs for breakfast, 6 Mackerel for lunch and a whole chicken for supper plus vegs, washed down by soup !!!!

Chile quake damage from the air

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:07 on September 18, 2015  

Why Carly Fiorina Should be President

Posted by SilverFFox52 @ 11:52 on September 18, 2015  

Success at Lucent

By 1998, when Fortune dubbed Carly Fiorina the most powerful woman in business, Fiorina was president of Lucent’s Global Service Provider division, the company’s core business unit. Selling products that made network communication possible, including networking systems and software for phones, Fiorina rode the rising tide of demand for network technology from American businesses. Under her watch, the company’s market share increased in every region for every product.

Gary Savage turns bullish gold

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:40 on September 18, 2015  


If failures disqualify someone for running for President then I guess Trump’s out

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:24 on September 18, 2015  

Yep Ororeef

Posted by eeos @ 11:14 on September 18, 2015  

Exactly. She has no business running. Fail. She’s up there because it can’t be all old white dudes any longer voicing the party. Have to at least “show” we’re serious about women in the Republican party too.

I watched the debate on Youtube and I got the feeling some of the people up on stage are placed up there to cause confusion and drive home Republican values. Huckabee and Christy for example. Seriously these two dudes are curbs. Form work. They have no chance. They’re here to protect the party, for what it stands for ( I’m not sure they even know the Republican party platform value system was founded upon).

But it seemed quite rehearsed, the old cronies can’t have Trump and Dr. Ben Carson eating their lunch. I love Carson and Trump, very refreshing messages. The Repulican’s are going to need to retool their party after these two guys get done.

And Jeb Bush, well my brother stood up after 9/11 and defended this country. Seriously dude? Didn’t  your bro let it happen? C’mon Bushs go home, two was enough

Silver Train

Posted by Maya @ 10:54 on September 18, 2015  


The “Coast Starlight” (sometimes known as the
’StarLate’) cruises north past Mt. Shasta thru
Northern California.


Posted by Maya @ 10:52 on September 18, 2015  



Why Carly should not be President

Posted by Ororeef @ 10:31 on September 18, 2015  

Being A women has NOTHING to do with qualifications for Presidency ,no MORE THAN being BLACK was a good reason to elect Obama ..How did that work out fer ya ?    Yes it also shouldent be a reason for dis-qualification either   ! OK ….Lets look further How good a Manager was she ?  Thats  certainly a requirement for that job considering that the FREE world is at stake NO ?…Either she can manage to do things herself or she can get others to do it by delegating …as long as she gets the job done right ,NO ?

At HP she made the Wrong decision to acquire Compact computer because it was a stagnant technology with a limited future .Well planning for the Future is what a CEO ‘s job is  ..ISN’t IT ?  She fails that test ! While at HP she took the PORTRAIT of David Packard down and put hers up  ..What does that tell you about her  …She’s EGO driven and inclined to press ahead even when she’s wrong  !

Wheres the Future in that ? To be fair lets go back to her days at LUCENT TECHnology  ,what happened to them ?  well the pattern of bad decisions was there too, same mistakes ..buying obsolete technologys driven by over sized EGO just to prove she can  grow the COMPANY and led to LUCENTS FAILURE and to the LOSS of PENSIONS and everything at LUCENT . Same mistake done TWICE .

Thousand of jobs and Pensions LOST ….A Pattern of Failure !

She makes a point to women that she lost a child to drugs ,well thats a very sad situation and Im sympathetic ,but thats not a qualification for the Presidency ! Is it ? Sympathy has its place as human beings …She evoked that during the debates to play on the Publics sympathy ..thats the EGO coming out again !   Its all about me !

Being a woman dosent qualify her for anything except being a woman.Certainly not for CEO of a Corporation or President .

WE dont need another EGO centric FOOL in the White HOUSE  like we have now .

An EGO centric as  (ALL Politicians are) SUCCESSFUL  candidate would be tolerable ,at least not damage the Country..and could be an ASSET  to the rest of us until his ego becomes unbearable .At least we can recover economically first ,than throw him out and do it again !

Burkina Faso miners report ‘business as usual’ following military coup, violent protests

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:23 on September 18, 2015  



“S&P < 1870 Until QE4 Or China QE1" - Seven Observations On The Fed's "Shocking" Announcement

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:55 on September 18, 2015  

Three days ago we posted a prescient note by one of BofA’s only worthwhile strategists, Michael Hartnett, who warned that the market “Ominously Hints Recession Imminent” Unless “Unambiguous Pessimism” Leads To Stock Rally.” Since then things have gone from bad to worse, because not only are market participants still extremely pessimistic, they just saw the Fed do the most dovish announcement in years, only to see the market selloff further, thus adding to their pessimism, and brings us one step closer to the “recession” and “default” hinted earlier in the week.

So is a recession imminent? According to Hartnett, the answer is simple: if despite the massive pessimism overhang and the dovish Fed, the market can’t stage a rebound, the answer is a resounding yes.

That’s not all. In a note titled “The Fed Blinks”, Harnett does a FOMC post-mortem in which he observes, correctly, that the “Fed admits China/Wall St threatens to reverse Main St recovery”, in other words Wall Street, as in Goldman, won, Main Street lost. As usual.

more http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-09-18/sp-1870-until-qe4-or-china-qe1-seven-observations-feds-shocking-announcement

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