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Commish 18:03

Posted by silverngold @ 22:18 on September 19, 2015  

What’s more eerie is the whole thing is another fake/false flag/crisis actors, as shown in this video. It’s the same agenda as Sandy Hook, all about gun control, and most people are gullible enough to fall for it.

the clown show continues… and heeeere comes moonbeam!

Posted by treefrog @ 22:16 on September 19, 2015  

Curveball: Surprise Candidate Announces Plans To Enter Race, No One Saw This Coming

According to recent reports, California Governor Jerry Brown has just suggested that he may consider going after the 2016 Democratic nomination for president.

The topic came up when the 77-year-old was asked why he had not endorsed Clinton for president. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer suggested that perhaps he intended to advise Joe Biden.

“I’ll jump in at the appropriate time,” Brown replied, leaving many speculating that he intends to run for the position himself.

Trump the trumpet… this is eerie.

Posted by commish @ 18:03 on September 19, 2015  

Weekend Excursion

Posted by Maya @ 16:14 on September 19, 2015  


A survivor from the New York Central, the private
club car ‘Babbling Brook’ brings up the rear of the ‘Adirondack’
train along Lake Champlain.


Trump’s trip to the White House began with gold in the permafrost region.

Posted by Equisetum @ 15:14 on September 19, 2015  


Union Workers are you Stupid or WHAT !

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:44 on September 19, 2015  

HIGH PAYING aircraft jobs are being SOLD OUT at your expense to China right under your nose ..YOU stupid fools for voting for Obama !  He’s the Chief PIMP and you are his HO”S….

Donald are you watching !

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:40 on September 19, 2015  

THe Chinese givaway is here and NOW !   YOU should be all over this like “white on Rice” .  SELL OUT !


Posted by Ororeef @ 13:37 on September 19, 2015  

Your about to be SOLD OUT to the Chinese…LOCK the doors ..Obama is giving them a tour of  “how to steal Boeings methods and technology to build Aircraft.   Stupid is at it again !     A massive SELLOUT is about to begin to aircraft workers in Seattle and suppliers.

AND STUPID WASHINGTON STATE SENATORS and Congressmen are smiling !   This is the kind of Stuff Democrat Politicians love to do …SELL OUT their “constituency  JOBS ”    for CAMPAIGN MONEY   …Goodbye JOBS for BOEING..China President open your Wallet  !

Near term Backwardation

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:25 on September 19, 2015  
COMEX backwardation
Source CME.

On 15 September the London (Over The Counter – OTC) forwards curve looked like this:

London backwardation
Source CME.

Blood in the Casino

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:03 on September 19, 2015  


So there will also be blood in the casino like never before. Once the Fed is exposed as flat-out paralyzed, rent with public disagreements and out of dry powder, the gamblers and 1 percenters will not only desperately dump their “risk assets” in the mother of all meltdowns; they will also come to detest and loath the FOMC—-thereby setting the stage for show trials on Capitol Hill where the Keynesian posse responsible for fueling Wall Street’s stupendous gambling spree will hopefully feel the wrath of the nation’s awakened sleepwalkers and their currently clueless representatives.

Indeed, if you don’t think the financial markets are headed for a big spot of trouble, please click-on to Janet Yellen’s press conference. Yes, it’s painful to listen to and even worse to watch, but the exercise will make one thing abundantly clear. Namely, that the most powerful economic agent in the world is naïve, superficial, paint-by-the-numbers Keynesian bathtub plumber who has no clue about the incendiary forces that the Fed and other central banks have unleashed in the global financial system.


Will be interesting to see how the path’O liar spins this.

Posted by Scruffy @ 11:36 on September 19, 2015  

Democrat presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been under FBI investigation for deleting classified e-mails. She kept her own private email account and her own private email server she kept at her house.

The legal organization Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act request and they published the results of their findings. It appears that the State Department was involved in covering up Hillary’s e-mails.

Here’s what they found:

The May 22, 2015, letter from Kennedy to Clinton attorney Kendall reads in part:

I am writing in reference to the following e-mail that is among the approximately 55,000 pages that were identified as potential federal records and produced on behalf of former Secretary Clinton to the Department of State on December 5, 2014: E-mail forwarded by Jacob Sullivan to Secretary Clinton on November 18, 2012 at 8:44 pm (Subject: Fw: FYI- Report of arrests -possible Benghazi connection).

Please be advised that today the above referenced e-mail, which previously was unclassified, has been classified as “Secret” pursuant to Section 1.7(d) of Executive Order 13526 in connection with a review and release under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). In order to safeguard and protect the classified information, I ask – consistent with my letter to you dated March 23 2015 – that you, Secretary Clinton and others assisting her in responding to congressional and related inquiries coordinate in taking the steps set forth below. A copy of the document as redacted under the FOIA is attached to assist you in your search.


Once you have made the electronic copy of the documents for the Department, please locate any electronic copies of the above-referenced classified document in your possession. If you locate any electronic copies, please delete them. Additionally, once you have done that, please empty your “Deleted Items” folder.

The Kennedy letter shows that the State Department knew that Clinton had classified material on her email system two months before it was disclosed publicly on July 23, when Congress was alerted to the issue by the inspector general of the intelligence community.

This would seem to implicate the State Department in a coverup of the Clinton emails. The question is why the State Department would ask Clinton to delete Benghazi related emails before finding out where they had been disclosed?

Judicial Watch says they plan on bringing legal action over this new information.

Looks to ME Like The Fed

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:29 on September 19, 2015  

may not be able to raise rates even if official un employment rates goes to 1 %. …The JAPAN effect..its a mathematical no mans land .

Its an extraneous ROOT that solves the equation without a problem.

Some le Met clips from last night.

Posted by Scruffy @ 9:42 on September 19, 2015  

It has been a while since gold had a run to the upside and then gapped higher on the Comex opening, but that is what we got this morning. With stock markets under pressure following the Fed announcement, and the dollar continuing its slide, gold climbed to $1142 before the bullish spigot was turned off … and it made the majority of its move higher at a time when it is usually under pressure in London. Seems to me the move was another James Mc one percenter over yesterday’s Access Market close and about his two percenter over the Comex close. You can’t make this stuff up.

So, once again, gold is comfortably above that key $1130 level which The Gold Cartel has made a big deal about. They have huffed and puffed in attempt to blow the gold door down, but increasing headwinds have made that task extremely difficult to date. That said, THEY won’t go away quietly, or without a fight. Today the gold price garnered headlines in the financial media, which is an anathema to them. This surely has them very displeased.

And it surely was enjoyable to watch the silver indicator work, as, once again, it was the signal for some sort of imminent gold price action. However, JPM and gang are not running for the big hills as of yet. You could see them pressuring silver in late Access Market trading yesterday and then again when they took the price back below $15, and 10 cents lower than before the Fed announcement. Silver was strong enough to shuck off that pressure and take off to $15.40 where the run up was halted. Then, it was back to work to put the pressure on again to keep the gains modest.

It certainly is refreshing to be going in the right direction. Last Friday gold closed at $1103.50, while silver was really in the dumpster at $14.49. While our low U.S. interest rates have been of zero assistance to gold and silver these past years, thanks to you know who, it is clearly a positive that a short term hike is out of the way for now … mostly because of general perceptions. General retail investment interest in gold and silver has picked up of late and could really pick up speed in a major league way soon should the FEAR trade emerge again in the weeks ahead. And the odds of that occurring seem to be quite high.

As far as today was concerned, we went into a predictable lockdown after the early Comex surge. The dollar gained ground which assisted The Gold Cartel doing what they usually do.


The gold open interest fell 174 contracts to 414,115. The silver open interest lost 2061 contracts to 152,327, which is just what we want to see. JPM and friends have stayed at the short table for a very long time now and got their way. If the physical silver market is as explosive as many of us do, they will want to extricate themselves as soon as possible in an orderly manner … and take their chips off that table. The more the silver open interest contracts, the higher the probability of that silver price explosion.

Some notes…

*Our friends Bill Holter and Jesse have really stirred up the pot regarding the condition of the paper gold world versus the physical gold world. The other side of their camp, such as the obnoxious Jeff Christian, reflects on times of old and similar stats. What he, and the others, refuse to deal with is how much physical gold is GONE. Thus, similar games are being played with who knows how much less gold. One thing for sure, it is FAR less.

*The dollar status and other currencies. One currency is weaker than the next. The reason the dollar is such a big deal is because it is so over owned compared to all the other currencies. Should it go, or when, havoc will be created, hence, all hands on deck to keep the price of gold under control to lessen focus on the dollar as much as possible.

*Silver premiums

Just a quick note to point out that the premiums on Silver Eagles at APMEX, while averaging about $3 to $3.50 above spot price over the last four years since silver peaked near $50, have, over the past six weeks or so, risen from a little over $4 to a little above $5 this very moment. That’s roughly a third more than the current spot price. In other words, the most desired silver coins are now commanding a premium of roughly 33% above bullion value! I will let your readers draw their own conclusions…




Grab a cup and count down to GAMEDAY in 6 minutes

Posted by Floridagold @ 8:54 on September 19, 2015  



Take apart a working alarm clock- get to meet with Obozo

Posted by eeos @ 6:21 on September 19, 2015  

O’mighty Obozo you’re a dufus dipshite


Kevin Davis

As you know – my degree is in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. So, as someone with some appreciable expertise, I analyzed the “home made clock” that the kid in Irving was supposed to have “invented” and taken to school. First, it is NOT a simple alarm clock. It is a COUNTDOWN clock. Second — the kid didn’t home make or invent anything. He decomposed an already existing commercially available COUNTDOWN clock (as evidenced by the commercially manufactured Printed Circuit Board (PCB)) as shown in the picture of his device.

If the kid were to “home make” or “invent” a clock — he would have used a breadboard (as I have added to the picture) wherein one inserts integrated circuits, wires, and capacitors, resistors, etc., to form the logic of such a device.

So, question: why did the kid take apart an already existing COUNTDOWN clock and build it into a briefcase where only the LEDs were visible counting down time? What would happen at any airport, building, school, public sidewalk, if such a device were spotted?

Question: what is in the white bag in the suitcase? It serves no electronic purpose. Hmmmm.

Do you want anyone to bring a briefcase with COUNTDOWN clock embedded within it and setting the clock to countdown and go off during English class in your kids schools? Again, the only thing visible on the outside of the briefcase were the LEDs counting down time to 00:00.

I smell a dirty rat, a setup here, if there ever was one. I am appalled that the media is buying into the innocent “inventor” story. This is not about race or religion — it is about someone purposefully taking a menacing device to school.

What if a kid were to take an upper from one AR-15 rifle, and a lower from another AR-15 rifle and put it together, then remove the firing pin and take it to school as a metal worker “inventor”? Why, anyone who knew anything about rifles could closely examine the metal object had no firing pin and would celebrate what a great inventor the kid was!!! NOT!!!! How many people at a school could closely examine the inside of this briefcase with a countdown clock visible on the outside counting down to 00:00 and make the call as to its purpose? Again, what is inside that white bag?

Please share this post so that we can inform the public of what the news media is failing to do.

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