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Posted by Maddog @ 23:44 on September 21, 2015  

I agree re the Pope…very sad for the Church. I think he is a product of Liberation Theology, which is/was rampant throughout South America. Liberation Theology was cooked up by the KGB/USSR… the Rev Wright preaches a Black version, where Obummer went for 20 yrs.

Silver Wheaton Share Buyback to commence in TWO DAYS !

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:24 on September 21, 2015  
CNW Group



VANCOUVER , Sept. 18, 2015 /CNW/ – Silver Wheaton Corp. (“Silver Wheaton” or the “Company”) (SLW) (SLW) announces that the Toronto Stock Exchange (the “TSX”) has accepted the notice of Silver Wheaton’s intention to commence a normal course issuer bid (the “NCIB”).

On September 14, 2015 , Silver Wheaton announced its intention to seek TSX approval for an NCIB. This approval allows the Company to purchase up to 20,229,671 Common Shares (representing 5% of the Company’s 404,593,425 total issued and outstanding Common Shares as of September 11, 2015 ) over a period of twelve months commencing on September 23, 2015 . The NCIB will expire no later than September 22, 2016 .


The POPE is a Communist …period

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:51 on September 21, 2015  

He talks exactly like Obama when he first ran for office  ..He condemns the Capitalist system while he follows Marxist doctrine attempting to  destroy Capitalism with their own MONEY …  He calls capitalist money evil  work of the Devil while he cant wait to get his HANDS on it.  .He currently cozy with Fidel Castro …He is a JESUIT and they were at one time BANNED from the Catholic Church for their LEFTIST ideas ….and YES I am a Catholic and a ONE TIME ALTER BOY ….but I know a Communist when I see one !!



Usual Monday

Posted by commish @ 18:46 on September 21, 2015  


Mauldin: Your labor is priced as a commodity.

Posted by eeos @ 15:46 on September 21, 2015  

If its price falls faster than the prices of everything you buy=> deep trouble very quickly.

Denver judge wears military garb on 9/11 to courthouse

Posted by eeos @ 15:33 on September 21, 2015  

Hmmm…wonder what his deal is?

DENVER (CBS4) – The City of Denver says it will not release any records related to a courtroom and hotel meltdown of a Denver County Court judge reported last week by CBS4.

In refusing to release any records or information, a Denver administrator cited an unspecified “investigation.”

Multiple sources told CBS4 Denver County Court Judge Kerry Hada had to be subdued by sheriffs deputies and removed from a Denver courtroom Sept. 11 after he began acting erratically and inappropriately and refused to leave the courtroom after being asked to leave by Chief Judge John Marcucci. Multiple sources said Hada was wearing military garb Sept. 11.

CBS4 requested records related to the courtroom incident along with a subsequent incident the following Monday night. Read more


Fed Has Lost Control-Bill Holter

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:21 on September 21, 2015  


Or Dark Barrick

Posted by eeos @ 11:50 on September 21, 2015  

and it’s cohorts that sit at the helm are going to flood other decent Gold stocks with dilution and shite with an attempt to smash all the big cap miners and sink them all. Never trust ABX

Newmont, Kinross likely to buy Barrick’s US gold assets

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:49 on September 21, 2015  

Newmont Mining (NYSE:NEM) (TSX:NMC) and Kinross Gold (TSX:K) (NYSE:KGC) are likely to buy a package of six U.S. gold assets that Barrick Gold (TSX, NYSE:ABX) is trying to sell, the president of the world’s largest bullion producer, Kelvin Dushnisky, told Reuters.

The executive added he expected the imminent deal to close before the end of the year, but declined to put a value on the asset package, which includes Cortez, Goldstrike and Bald Mountain mines in Nevada.

According to analysts and investment bankers, however, the mines up for sale could bring in between $500 million and $700 million.

The amount will be used towards Barrick’s goal of raising at least $3 billion this year to reduce its $12.9 billion debt.more

more http://www.mining.com/newmont-kinross-likely-to-buy-barricks-us-gold-assets/

Posted by Auandag @ 10:18 on September 21, 2015  
Oh, you didn’t know about it?

Well, you do now.

KABUL, Afghanistan — In his last phone call home, Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley Jr. told his father what was troubling him: From his bunk in southern Afghanistan, he could hear Afghan police officers sexually abusing boys they had brought to the base.

“At night we can hear them screaming, but we’re not allowed to do anything about it,” the Marine’s father, Gregory Buckley Sr., recalled his son telling him before he was shot to death at the base in 2012. He urged his son to tell his superiors. “My son said that his officers told him to look the other way because it’s their culture.”

And if you decide, as a soldier, you’re not going to turn your head and beat the hell out of the guy who’s sodomizing the kid?

The policy of instructing soldiers to ignore child sexual abuse by their Afghan allies is coming under new scrutiny, particularly as it emerges that service members like Captain Quinn have faced discipline, even career ruin, for disobeying it.

After the beating, the Army relieved Captain Quinn of his command and pulled him from Afghanistan. He has since left the military.

Got that?

Captain Quinn beat up the Afghan man who was actively abusing a young boy and the military relieved him of his command and pulled him from the country.

And by the way, under the UCMJ you have a duty to obey a lawful order, but you also have a duty to disobey an unlawful order.  So here’s the question: Is an order to deliberately ignore and assist those engaging in the sexual abuse of young boys lawful?

Because if it is then our government, which issued that order, is no longer worthy of our support as citizens in any way, shape or form.

Incredible BS … Should be a massive stink raised!

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:54 on September 21, 2015  

If You Live In These States You’ll Soon Need A Passport For Domestic Flights

Tyler Durden’s pictureSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 09/20/2015 19:15 -0400

Submitted by John Vibes via TheAntiMedia.org,

To comply with the 2005 Real ID Act, which the U.S. government has been slowly implementing for the past decade, citizens in a number of different U.S. states will now be forced to obtain a passport if they want to board an airplane – even for domestic flights.

The Department of Homeland Security and representatives with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection have declined to comment on why certain states have been singled out, but starting in 2016, residents of New York, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and American Samoa will need a passport to fly domestically. All other states will still be able to use their state-issued driver’s licenses and IDs — for now, at least.

more http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-09-19/if-you-live-these-states-youll-soon-need-passport-domestic-flights

Good morning Oasis

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:22 on September 21, 2015  

AuRico Metals Announces Closing of Acquisition of Royalties on Hemlo and Eagle River Mines


Compass Gold to Consolidate Its Common Shares on the Basis of One New Share for Forty Old Shares


Sandstorm Gold Files Early Warning Report


Timmins Gold Acquires Process Plant and Infrastructure for Ana Paula Project and Announces C$6 million Investment by Goldcorp


Barrick says strong interest in U.S. gold asset sale


Caledonia Mining Corporation: Update on Implementation of the Revised Investment Plan


Torex Signs an Agreement with the State Government for Permanent Police Presence


Endeavour Mining Announces Strategic, Long-term African Gold Partnership with Naguib Sawiris and La Mancha


Prophecy Reports 1.26 Million Tonnes of Inferred Resource Grading 444 g/t Ag Eq. (363 g/t Silver, 0.98% Zinc, 1.02% Lead) for Paca Deposit


New Jersey Mining Announces Termination of Lease and Suspension of Operations at the Golden Chest Mine


Yep, it’s Monday….

Posted by Maya @ 9:21 on September 21, 2015  


Fresh from the steam boiler…


Posted by Scruffy @ 7:42 on September 21, 2015  

Live 24 hours gold chart [Kitco Inc.]

Live 24 hours silver chart [ Kitco Inc. ]

It’s Monday… already

Posted by Maya @ 1:44 on September 21, 2015  


Sunrise… and we have a green signal to GO!  Let the trading games begin.


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