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Now with all this head chopper lingo on the airwaves, I thought maybe a little historical reference might be in order. Nothing that hasn’t been practiced oh, ever since humanity began. Sorry, that is an oxymoron…humanity

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:20 on November 4, 2015  

Huh, whocouldaknown the CIA was part of that gig too?

Anyone remember the Washington Agreement from 99? Gold market got exciting overnight. Anyone else get that feeling presently?

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:11 on November 4, 2015  


Well he is a savage…

Posted by macroman3 @ 21:24 on November 4, 2015  

Good Rant

Posted by Auandag @ 20:59 on November 4, 2015  

As an addendum to my 16:02, I thought maybe a song for BG…now no one handed typing on the reply (you’re a good sport)

Posted by macroman3 @ 20:18 on November 4, 2015  

I watched a Netflix history of SEALs last night. The legend about suitcase nukes from Russia is nothing compared to the 58 lb nukepacs the SEALs were trained to deploy. As big a kiloton as Littleboy and Fatman. Technology been out there for 60 years and yet we are all still safe…for now.

In one of these we’re doing pretty good

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:57 on November 4, 2015  

Scientist May Have Discovered Alternate Universes

The world as we know it may actually just be “a region within an eternally inflating super-region.”

Alternate or parallel universes may actually exist, according to the findings of one astrophysicist, but many in the scientific community aren’t convinced.

Ranga-Ram Chary, U.S. Planck Data Center’s project manager in California, recently discovered a “mysterious glow” by mapping the Cosmic Microwave Background, otherwise known as the light that was left over from a few hundred thousand years after the Big Bang.

Ordinarily, Chary would have found nothing “except noise.” But the spots of light were 4,500 times brighter than they should have been.

Chary concluded that the glow could represent matter from another universe “leaking” or colliding into ours. This would validate the hypothesis that our universe is merely “a region within an eternally inflating super-region,” said Chary in an Astrophysical Journal study published in September.

Cosmologists have speculated about multiple universes for years, but have thus far been unable to prove their existence. Chary’s research is therefore significant because it could lend credence to the theory that cosmic inflation — which is the notion that the universe began inflating right after the Big Bang — led to multiple universes.

more http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/scientist-may-have-discovered-alternate-universesyes-really_563a1212e4b0307f2cab4d14

Maddog @ 14:58 If you like BLOOD & GORE

Posted by Ororeef @ 17:31 on November 4, 2015  


Read the article  its all about BLOOD & GORE……..hehe  How fitting   !


Busy close for the Scum

Posted by Maddog @ 16:03 on November 4, 2015  

they lifted the SPY the equivalent of over 4 S&P points into the close, while knocking GDX back to the days lows, while makeing sure Au and Ag close btm tick…..

It’s all about “perception” and what the clowns on CNBC can bray about….nothing to do with the real world at all.

Well ya’ll know about my Nukes of Hazzard scenario…Lindsey Graham as Boss Hog, Daisy Nuke, she a bombshell. The scenario revolved around Charleston Harbor/Norfolk/Newport news et al

Posted by macroman3 @ 16:02 on November 4, 2015  

Now it appears I have have to write in northern redneck names in addition to them southeners…http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-11-04/caught-tape-us-army-jeep-rear-ends-nuclear-missile-transport

Duck and cover BG…go out and buy a school desk

P.S. Isn’t part of the narrative to condition an excuse for the mushroom cloud?



A most interesting article on China, that explains an awfull lot.

Posted by Maddog @ 15:07 on November 4, 2015  

and exposes how much bull we are fed by our MSM.

It also cnfms what I was told by a very senior official mny yrs back, that they will create an asset rich middle class over time, rather than the big bang approach Russia used, so society has a vested interest in stability…that is still on track and one of those assets is PM’s.



Posted by Maddog @ 14:58 on November 4, 2015  

TSLA is part of the ” Chosen”..where the Rig allows certifiable morons to masquerade as genii


They sure are pissed with PM’s.

SLW massive upside down Head & Shoulders formed since JULY

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:38 on November 4, 2015  

slw  head &Shoulders

The black line is slw to gold ratio

SLW What will 900 million CASH BUY !

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:24 on November 4, 2015  


Just about all the Silver in the world  …you dont have to own it ….just control it !

and when they choose withold it from the market and silver will be 900 $ per oz….!



  • Immediate production and cash flow
    • This acquisition immediately increases Silver Wheaton’s production and cash flow profile by adding expected average silver production of 5.1 million ounces per year in 2016 and 2017, and 4.7 million ounces per year over the first 20 years.




“they don’t ring a bell at tops or bottoms.”

Posted by treefrog @ 14:13 on November 4, 2015  

is the sound of a bell not ringing like the sound of one hand clapping?


a little mcalvany info

Posted by WANKA @ 11:52 on November 4, 2015  

says the paper gold ratio in October hit 231:1 physical ounce! wowser how the banksters keep this price pressure on is unbelievable. but it shall bust and when I does ….all hands abandon ship….unless one is fully physical invested that is. toon2xwj


Posted by WANKA @ 11:44 on November 4, 2015  


“The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence.” —John Adams, 1787


Portugeezer much agree

Posted by WANKA @ 11:19 on November 4, 2015  

and posted under constitution. best toon1lwj

scruffy 10:32 but but but see eeos 06:55 from silverboom

Posted by WANKA @ 11:04 on November 4, 2015  

its all in the grand design of the bankster totalitarians and oblabla their ‘man for all occasions’ stands at attention doing his duty for jp morgan etal!
makes me wanna go
toon2ll wj

Posted by Portugeezer @ 11:03 on November 4, 2015  

From Ipso’s post

One participant in Wednesday’s gathering said he supports Vladimir Putin, but believes Russia is under foreign occupation because the current government is really controlled by American consultants and the International Monetary Fund.

“Vladimir Putin says one thing and the finance minister does the opposite, because he is controlled by the IMF,” he said. “The president is powerless. Until this fifth column is defeated in Moscow there can be no peace in Ukraine.”

Hmm, Interesting – bankers again, the fifth column!  I wonder if the writer is related to Mr Copper?


Also, I think that Eoos article about Saul Alinsky and the link between hillary and the bummer should be posted on the sidebar.

Just see how the bummer has gone after these steps suggested by Alinsky.  Every one is targetted directly, no fear of being called out.  This should be broadcast high and low until everybody understands what he is doing.


I suspect stocks like SLW

Posted by eeos @ 11:03 on November 4, 2015  

Surge b/c these are new rounds of shorts being bought. People buy puts, stock ramps and later they sell. Maybe oversimplification,  but that’s my general theory

Russian plane crash: one in five bodies were badly burned in moments before death, but tests reveal no explosive residue on bodies – latest news

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:49 on November 4, 2015  


Posted by Auandag @ 10:33 on November 4, 2015  
Let me explain what you’re not seeing reported about the European situation right here, right now.

There are millions of immigrants coming into the EU.  Germany alone has apparently taken in close to 800,000.  The story being sold to the population is that these are just people from a war-ravaged part of the world seeking a better life.  The first part may be true, the rest is bunk.  There are, on some weekends, over ten thousand migrants coming over one border (Hungary) alone and virtually none have an interest in remaining there.  They are all concentrating in the places where they believe the handouts (not opportunity) will be greatest.

But that is not the bad part. No, the bad part is that these are not, for the most part, refugees from a war.  The demography doesn’t match that profile; war refugees trend female, very young (children) and very old (men past the age of productive resistance to the war in their own country.)  These “refugees” are the exact polar opposite of that demographic profile; they trend male and of fighting age.

It only gets worse from there.  These are also not healthy, first-world people.  Many have communicable diseases, almost none have been immunized (against anything) and they’re all concentrating in relatively-small areas.  This has the potential to be a health disaster of unprecedented size and scope in the developed world.

If it ended there it would be bad enough, but it doesn’t and won’t.  If these people are allowed to stay they are the demographic anchors for the remainder that did not come.  Those are the women and children who will immediately migrate if the men are allowed to stay, and they will do what men and women do once together; in other words, create a population explosion.

And then the really bad news comes: Virtually none, and I do mean none, of these people have any intention of assimilating into the cultures where they “migrated” to.  They have every intention of planting their culture in those places and demographically guaranteeing its survival.

These are not stupid people, but the governments and people in these nations are stupid.  They believe these are “refugees” for the most part.  They are not.  They are an invading army that requires no guns as they’ve been invited in exactly as the Greeks were in Troy — except they don’t have to hide inside a wooden horse.

How are the people of Europe going to stop it, if they haven’t stopped it by now?  Good question — but they had better stop it, because if they don’t what is considered western civilization in Europe is about to end; first by disease and pestilence and then by revolution from inside.

Don’t kid yourself folks, and don’t kid yourself about it not coming here.  It most-certainly will; if not in the form of “refugees” than in an actually-worse form — people with college educations and no debt from third-world nations displacing hundreds of thousands of indebted American young adults!

Now here’s why: We have a bunch of politicians who understand exponents.

You may refuse to wake the **** up and do the math, but they have done so. They know that the promises they made depend on ever-forward exponential expansion of resource, especially cheap labor, but that’s impossible as the land we live on is finite in resource, size and mass.

They believe they can import votes and through handouts control it.  They think they’re in control, in short, but they are not — the people invading know damn well what they’re doing and are exploiting their stupidity.

Europe is finished within a decade if they don’t put a cork in this now, and we’re not far behind. There is a point beyond which a literal civil war will be the only way to reverse the trend and nobody in their right mind wants that to happen.  The only other alternative will be to submit to being part of a Caliphate.

This isn’t conspiracy theory folks — it’s arithmetic.

I missed this in the MSM

Posted by Scruffy @ 10:32 on November 4, 2015  
McDonalds Self-service kiosks will expand to at least 2,000 locations in 2015…


This is exactly what the left pushed for.
Fast food chains were never meant to be a place for someone to raise a
family of 6. They were to be part time positions with some full-time advancements.
Mostly the fast food restaurants were for school aged kids, to learn how to interact
with people, with a job, to offer spending money, and to begin responsibility
learning for their future.
The part time position was not intended to pay for a house, it is a stepping stone to move on…  
$15.00/hr x 8 hrs= $120/day x 5 days= $600/week x 52 weeks = $31,200/year!!
Of course when this happens, like it did today in Los Angeles , the poor and unskilled workers will go on unemployment, then on Welfare, and cost American workers
more to support them.  McDonald’s recently came out with their answer to those that want $15/hr pay.  Robots!
Many other food chains AND now RESTAURANTS alike are now switching over to kiosks/touchscreens to replace their cashiers, and servers too! For the same reasons as McDonalds is making this move worldwide, these businesses simply cannot afford to operate and pay your demanded minimum wage of $15 per hour
plus benefits to their workers/servers! 
Got any other bright ideas Mr. Obama?
Directly from YOUR rhetoric and demands against Americas private businesses, you and your minions just singlehandedly put 10’s of thousands of minimum
wage workers nationwide on the unemployment line!

In addition Mr. Obama, YOU have caused these minimum wage jobs to be permanently eliminated and swept away from Americas workplace FOREVER

eeos @ 6:55 re Garret Geer Idiots In High Places

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 10:16 on November 4, 2015  

Number one, #1 as per Mr. Copper, should be…FUNNY MONEY

Because that’s the way it is. I see loads of writings out there and they never mention banks and or money.

They write about negative results but never causes, so I have to assume its the bankers that are spreading all those “writings” are always flooding the Internet. All those things on that list came AFTER and BECAUSE of people that control money.

Think about it. Healthcare control? Bank inflation hurts wage earners, causes poverty, then they have to borrow from bankers, things cost more with interest costs added, then they can’t pay the debt and need welfare. Gun control? Bloomberg money?

Any negative writings that do not include “the cat that swallowed the canary” should be trashed and not promoted imo of course.

P.S. Idiots in high places are generally grown up affirmative action babies, and the brainwashed voters helped

Sad Story

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:13 on November 4, 2015  

Rubicon botches gold mine start-up

HALIFAX, NS – Rubicon Minerals put the ramp-up of its high-profile Phoenix gold project on hold on Tuesday, describing trouble in reconciling its model of the deposit to reality underground.

“We regret the delay,” Michael Winship, Rubicon’s interim President and CEO, said in a conference call on Tuesday.

The move is no mere hiccup for Rubicon, but seriously calls into question how the Phoenix gold deposit, in the Red Lake district of Canada, will be mined and how much more money the company will need to get it into production.

The junior described a new strategy that, while putting mining to a halt, takes the deposit back to the drawing board for a new resource estimate and mine plan.

At issue: Comparison of underground mining and mine plan suggest to Rubicon the deposit is more complicated than expected.

It has long been known the deposit is highly variable in grade, with a heavy nugget effect and lacks continuity, but Winship said in the conference call that the grade is proving more variable and the structure of the deposit is more complex than anticipated, rendering long-hole stoping as a mining method ineffective.

In releasing an overview of sections of a trial stoping area, Winship said that you can see the mineralisation “moves around from sublevel to sublevel.”

Mined grade, in some areas, is coming out lower than planned with high internal dilution.

For Rubicon, it has serious implications.

The junior has put mining to a halt while it reassesses the deposit and reconfigures the resource and mining plan. Winship said the re-assessment will take half a year or so, with results anticipated in the second quarter of 2016.

The re-assessment will also help answer another question that now hangs over Rubicon’s head: how much more money will it take to get the deposit back into production?

more http://www.mineweb.com/news/gold/rubicon-botches-gold-mine-start-up/

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