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eeos – really? Don’t be mad for what? The truth?

Posted by Buygold @ 20:26 on November 7, 2015  

“Bernie will get the jewish vote (dont be mad richard)”

Don’t be mad Richard? The only reason you cower is because you’ve been taught by Hollywood and the controlled media to do so. You don’t owe any apologies. Try having free speech in Canada. Good luck.


Posted by treefrog @ 18:02 on November 7, 2015  

i’d prefer a carson/trump ticket, but i somehow can’t imagine the donald accepting second billing.

Interesting article from the New York Post.

Posted by margaret @ 16:24 on November 7, 2015  


eeos @ 14:15 Although there is a healthy range of different political perspectives in Canada,

Posted by Equisetum @ 14:34 on November 7, 2015  

this week there is a bit of temporary giddiness in the air. Margaret Wente writes about it below. She, incidentally, is originally from the U.S., born in Illinois, and she became a naturalized Canadian citizen after her mother moved to Ontario and married a Canadian in 1964.


Mr equisteumi meant no disrespect sir

Posted by eeos @ 14:15 on November 7, 2015  

I love Canada. I have great respect for you all. Amazing amazing neighbors. I just don’t think Americans are wanted up there. We look like the dumb neighbors on the block>>> All amped up on steroids, pumping iron and flexing muses for looks. lots of war and shrunken privates. As a country we look like learning disabled rejects. I apologize for our leaders and all who make the USA look bad. There’s a lot of good people here,  they just need to wake up before we’re steamroller for good

More proof we cant help the world

Posted by eeos @ 14:03 on November 7, 2015  

These people all need to go back where ever they came from. Stay put, help your own damn countries and citizens. We’ve fished enough for losers, time to catch your own damn meals free loaders. I’ve become a protectionist. We need a self sufficient country, screw the world and their problems. We’re not policemen.

eeos @ 13:41. Canada is a really cool country ! Come and enjoy it.

Posted by Equisetum @ 13:51 on November 7, 2015  

I’d vote for a trump/carson ticket

Posted by eeos @ 13:41 on November 7, 2015  

Is that possible for them to join forces?

What happens if witch hillary marries up with uncle bernie? Then they’d get femanazi’s, communist, socialists, thieves, lazy turds, and women’s votes across america. Bernie will get the jewish vote (dont be mad richard) and ignorant democrap symtheziers too. Demos will get the mexican vote too, think of all the opportunist mexicans that hate trump. Vote for free handouts when in doubt you know. We’re doomed as a country. I can’t think of any place to run to at the moment. Irish would have suggested central America, but my gut can’t handle the water down there and my Spanish is limited.  Canada is a bit cool for me. Can’t we just break the USA into 6 republics already? I’m done

Thanks Buygold – some of the comments on that article.

Posted by Portugeezer @ 12:13 on November 7, 2015  

Brian Lee Bates ·

Maybe NOW the Provost Marshal General will show some balls and charge Obama with treason and arrest him…
Kathleen Grillo

Thank you BrianLeeBates for the info; didn;t know til just now, that The Provost Marshal General has that authority! Any thoughts on how to best go about requesting ProvostMarchalGeneral consideration of WeThePeoples emphatic support for such an action? #RannkandFileUSAMilitaryStatingOppositionToObamaBSdoSoMuchGoodandRigfht#GodBlessAndProtectUSAMilitary#ItSucksToHaveToPrroectUSAMilitaryandCivilianAgainstOurOwnUSATraitorPresAndCommanderInChief
Like · Reply · 19 · Sep 16, 2015 4:59am
Louis Sprinkle ·

Who is this Provost Marshal General? I didnt even know we had one. First time I heard of this title.
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Barney Barnhart ·

Hell….The Sargent of Arms has the authority to arrest the POTUS.

They’re saying no to Obozo

Posted by Buygold @ 11:58 on November 7, 2015  


Sample Organization Plan

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:47 on November 7, 2015  

The most dangerous man to the Democratic Party is Trump ..he cant be bought ,then Ben Carson …He could split the Black vote  to the point where they cant win elections anymore.  ,both Trump  and Carson  present challenges to the establishment .

to Start with for one year then cross train and swap positions with some as each demonstrates their talent.


Carson VP,

Cruz -Attorney General,or a Supreme Court appointment

Christi or Rubio -Sec of State ,nobody will push them around especially communists

Kasich or Va Gov Jim Gilmore office managment & Budget,Both  know the numbers and cut taxes

Fiorina or Huckabee -Chief of Staff, they both  been at that level before

Rand Paul or Jindal will keep a tight fist on money at Treasury Secretary or Federal Reserve

Santorum   IRS Commissioner

My first act  would be to Start building that Wall and Present Sheriff Joe Arpaio with the Medal of Freedom  …that will send a message !  hehe

just kidding …..not


Hey Ipso

Posted by Portugeezer @ 8:16 on November 7, 2015  

You say: “$100 million gold”

What a crock! I’ll bet it only gets half that far! :mrgreen:


I always wondered what LOL really meant or felt like – I just found out.


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