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one forecaster we missed…

Posted by islandgold @ 23:29 on November 12, 2015  

One forecaster we missed who doesn’t change his mind is Ron Rosen…  back from gold eagle days…  Every once and awhile he puts out the same ‘time is up’ chart… with gold to the moon…  One thing with Rick Rule… I like his quote, paraphrasing… “he’s too smart to call the bottom”

If the market was not so gamed… or if they were able to more greatly account for the ‘gamed’ aspect… obviously things would be different…

islandgold’s $.02

TANKERS? Not So Bad.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:43 on November 12, 2015  

NAT: http://schrts.co/eqQftv

TNK: http://schrts.co/mjlqzg

DHT: http://schrts.co/Kt2dxY

FRO: http://schrts.co/EgQk8S

ASC: http://schrts.co/cbxMmx

growing oil tanker glut

Posted by treefrog @ 22:10 on November 12, 2015  

“curiouser and curiouser,” said alice


Sprott’s Thoughts

Posted by silverngold @ 21:18 on November 12, 2015  

Rick Rule: Market Chaos Creates Opportunities

I voted for Armstrong 17 times

Posted by eeos @ 21:01 on November 12, 2015  

Just because I think he’s a jack ass clown. I probably should thrown a vote to Rambus too. He changes his mind too much

I had high hopes for these guys too … emphasis on “had”

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:04 on November 12, 2015  

Midway And Waterton Announce Agreement In Principle For The Sale And Acquisition Of Midway’s 30% Interest In Spring Valley


Rubicon Earnings … found at Seeking Alpha

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:32 on November 12, 2015  


Posted by ipso facto @ 19:29 on November 12, 2015  

Reservoir Minerals and Rio Tinto Agree an Earn-in and Joint Venture Agreement for Timok Magmatic Complex Properties in Serbia


Sandstorm Gold Announces Third Quarter Results


Silvercorp Reports Q2 Fiscal 2016 Financial and Operating Results


Sabina Gold & Silver Announces Q3 Financial Results


Tahoe Resources Reports Strong Third Quarter


Lundin Gold Inc. Reports Third Quarter 2015 Results


Seabridge Gold Files Third Quarter Report to Shareholders and its Financial Statements and MD&A


Seems like they don’t really want to say. You’re going to have to go to sedar to find it.

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:21 on November 12, 2015  

Rubicon Minerals Announces Filing of Its Third Quarter 2015 Financial Statements


New Poll

Posted by Samb @ 18:19 on November 12, 2015  

Bo Polny still leads but,  Armstrong, Cramer are closing. Surprise was Rambus getting heavy hits just  now. Ex or near ex subscribers weighing in?

something completely different……

Posted by WANKA @ 17:52 on November 12, 2015  



Posted by Buygold @ 17:36 on November 12, 2015  

You might be right. I didn’t realize how much the USD weakened today. Seems lately the SM weakens when the USD goes down. Go figure. It used to be the opposite. Course the bad thing is that pm’s did nothing.

Nordstrom down over 20% AH. Who would have thunk it?


Posted by Auandag @ 17:34 on November 12, 2015  

Didn’t his family start goldman sachs? His call to buy the cando last year is a dud too. He is either the biggest phoney or he is being played like the rest of us.

Other Investments?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:32 on November 12, 2015  

Non perishables. Some extra macaroni, cans of tuna, and tomato sauce, nuts cereals etc etc. Extra propane for the grill. A gun and some ammo can’t hurt either. 🙂

I think the dollar looks good to go for months to come

Posted by eeos @ 16:53 on November 12, 2015  

Save dry powder to buy phiz at fire sale prices. I think the dollar is going to break out hard, and pee on the goldbug parade even more. I can’t decide what to do, makes me want to sell a small position that’s underwater for put money. That’s the smart side of my brain talking.

Maddog re:Sinclair

Posted by Samb @ 16:33 on November 12, 2015  

Sinclair made a ton of money off options with Sutton Resources. He was CEO. He pulled a fast one behind the BOD and tried to take over the company. The BOD discovered this and voted Sinclair out. He sued and lost in court.

Maddog, samb et all

Posted by Buygold @ 16:32 on November 12, 2015  

Well, I like Sinclair but he was one of my top three worst. Friendship only goes so far…. 🙂

Sooo…Nordstrom’s lays a serious earnings egg and is down 15% AH. Fossil misses too down 14% AH. Do you remember when all the analysts said how the high end retailers would do great because the rich were doing so well? What happened to that story? Retail is getting shellacked but the economy is in great shape, wages rising, jobs plentiful. Something doesn’t compute.

Today was a bummer because of the manipulation but we should be getting close to at least a bounce.

The Fed is sending mixed signals because they know everything is a lie and they want to help the banksters fleece every last mom and pop investor still left.

This charade is getting closer and closer to the end IMHO, just hope we don’t start another war.



Posted by Maddog @ 16:09 on November 12, 2015  

I knew someone who knew Sinclair well, he had loads of money which he made in the ’80’s bull mkt…but that doesn’t stop him trying to make loads more, the guy is a natural hustler.

But he is a true Gold Bug…after all it made his fortune.

Supreme arrogance………….. Ag on course for 11 days dn

Posted by Maddog @ 16:06 on November 12, 2015  

Ag is the one that really scares ’em…nothing trades like Ag when it is free, they have to keep it boxed, or it will ruin their plans in days…..I’ve seen it drop from $ 12.5 to 8.5 and then go back to over 11 in ONE day !!!!!!

Huge selling any amount u want in GDX in the closeing minutes with monster offers coming after hrs…as Scum not happy with SM on it’s arse….Lloyd will be balling out Janet as to why.


Posted by Samb @ 16:01 on November 12, 2015  

That yahoo TRX poster is called Chartfaker.  Go to yahoo TRX. Scroll down till you see a post by Chartfaker. Click on his name, Up come his posts. He shows a newspaper article with Sinclair bailing on Gold in May 1979 @$279!!!

Auandag re:Sinclair

Posted by Samb @ 15:53 on November 12, 2015  

There is a poster on the Yahoo TRX board who has referenced numerous newspaper articles showing that Sinclair did NOT call the 1980 top at all.

What about Turk and his $1500 call of the bottoms in. The thing about Sinclair that bugs me

Posted by Auandag @ 15:43 on November 12, 2015  

is the way he led everybody on about his great call of the top at $800 and now he says that he was told about the top. Who told him? And then he turns around and calls for lift off by end of sept and nothing happens. As long as the club has total control, gold is dead in the water.


Mr. Copper @ 15:22. Thanks. Re: “Gold, silver and cash on hand”

Posted by Equisetum @ 15:38 on November 12, 2015  

Sounds good to me, and its fairly close to the present approach in our portfolio. Infortunately, I am skimpy on the “cash” part of that equation. Best wishes. Equiz


Posted by Maddog @ 15:28 on November 12, 2015  

Anyone who doesn’t admit the Rig is talking rubbish imo….and with prices so low infighting/cannibalism has to be expected, bashing Guru’s at least feels good etc..

As for Armstrong…..his whole story is so extraordinary…did he make a deal….if he did, I would never criticise him for it. His situation was appalling and knowing how “they” hate Au, knocking it/never pushing it, would have been part of any deal.

Sinclair did make all that money back in the ’80’s and he has an amazing Rolodex …but Sinclair looks after himself and why not.



Posted by ipso facto @ 15:23 on November 12, 2015  

I thought Gartman would get one of the top three … but he’s still in the running. :mrgreen:

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