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Posted by ipso facto @ 22:44 on November 20, 2015  

“MM/NSA angle”

Well you know I have a real concern there … 😉


Posted by Buygold @ 21:49 on November 20, 2015  

Interesting, maybe it’s nothing….

I was having so much fun playing the MM/NSA angle…. 🙂


Posted by ipso facto @ 21:16 on November 20, 2015  

Looks like a real thing. I doubt it’s Janet’s birthday and they’re going there to eat cake.

Fed To Hold An “Expedited, Closed” Meeting On Monday



Posted by Buygold @ 21:14 on November 20, 2015  

I agree totally. Why the hell would they have a special meeting?

Now, let’s bear in mind we’re relying on an NSA/CIA employee, so it could just be disinformation…. 🙂

Seriously though, if true, there’s nothing good they could be talking about. It doesn’t pass the smell test. What do they know?

Prominent Scientists Declare Climate Claims Ahead of UN Summit ‘Irrational’ – ‘Based On Nonsense’ – ‘Leading us down a false path’

Posted by Floridagold @ 21:11 on November 20, 2015  

MIT Climate Scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen: ‘Demonization of CO2 is irrational at best and even modest warming is mostly beneficial.’ – ‘When someone says this is the warmest temperature on record. What are they talking about? It’s just nonsense. This is a very tiny change period.’

Princeton Physicist Dr. Will Happer: ‘Policies to slow CO2 emissions are really based on nonsense. We are being led down a false path. To call carbon dioxide a pollutant is really Orwellian. You are calling something a pollutant that we all produce. Where does that lead us eventually?’

Greenpeace Co-Founder Dr. Patrick Moore: ‘We are dealing with pure political propaganda that has nothing to do with science.’


Read more: http://www.climatedepot.com/2015/11/19/scientists-declare-un-climate-summit-goals-irrational-based-on-nonsense-leading-us-down-a-false-path/#ixzz3s5WI2Cpb


Posted by ipso facto @ 20:55 on November 20, 2015  

I don’t think there would be special meeting to talk over good developments. Maybe some big bank or other institution is blowing up?

3-1 it’s something bad about the economy.

Lots of sense in here

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:53 on November 20, 2015  

Saudi Arabia Is An ISIS That “Made It”: “The West Wages War On One, And Shakes Hands With The Other”

Black Daesh, white Daesh. The former slits throats, kills, stones, cuts off hands, destroys humanity’s common heritage and despises archaeology, women and non-Muslims. The latter is better dressed and neater but does the same things. The Islamic State; Saudi Arabia. In its struggle against terrorism, the West wages war on one, but shakes hands with the other. This is a mechanism of denial, and denial has a price: preserving the famous strategic alliance with Saudi Arabia at the risk of forgetting that the kingdom also relies on an alliance with a religious clergy that produces, legitimizes, spreads, preaches and defends Wahhabism, the ultra-puritanical form of Islam that Daesh feeds on.

Wahhabism, a messianic radicalism that arose in the 18th century, hopes to restore a fantasized caliphate centered on a desert, a sacred book, and two holy sites, Mecca and Medina. Born in massacre and blood, it manifests itself in a surreal relationship with women, a prohibition against non-Muslims treading on sacred territory, and ferocious religious laws. That translates into an obsessive hatred of imagery and representation and therefore art, but also of the body, nakedness and freedom. Saudi Arabia is a Daesh that has made it.

The West’s denial regarding Saudi Arabia is striking: It salutes the theocracy as its ally but pretends not to notice that it is the world’s chief ideological sponsor of Islamist culture. The younger generations of radicals in the so-called Arab world were not born jihadists. They were suckled in the bosom of Fatwa Valley, a kind of Islamist Vatican with a vast industry that produces theologians, religious laws, books, and aggressive editorial policies and media campaigns.

more http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-11-20/saudi-arabia-isis-made-it-west-wages-war-one-and-shakes-hands-other

Hi Wanka

Posted by Buygold @ 20:44 on November 20, 2015  

I bought gold this time around. I understand the silver ratios and that it’s cheap but I bought a lot last go around when it $15. Silver in some ways bothers me because it seems to be an industrial metal more like copper . I’ve yet to see it be a monetary metal. If I’m wrong I’m more than covered. Gold is money IMHO. I hope silver is too, but I’ve yet to see it. IMHO silver has to stay low to keep the price of certain electronic devices low. Maybe I’m wrong.

Either way, if silver goes up more than gold, I’m a winner.

I still think both are up for a serious rally. Soon.

I go back to MM’s notice of a special Fed meeting. WTF??


Posted by ipso facto @ 20:26 on November 20, 2015  

“I’ve been to Tahiti and it ain’t all that great!”

What? They DO have an extradition treaty with the US? 🙂

I never knew MM was NSA. I thought he was CIA … live and learn.

buygold you bought phyzzz good on you….

Posted by WANKA @ 20:15 on November 20, 2015  

If I wasn’t so darn cash poor right now I would be backing up the truck on silver at imho bargain basement pricing/ratio of 75. down the road if history repeats which it does soooo many times and we see 20 ratio and then a conversion to gold its a super home run with all bases loaded. a 375% gain when denominated in gold. the price is not important could be 3500 maybe 5000 but who cares. just watch the ratio and make your play when the time comes. I really screwed up in 2011 with a 32 ratio and not making a conversion then but looking for the 20 area. so my track record really sucks on that one but next time we shall see.
best of cheers wj
ps: did you do silver or gold? what dealer did you use?

Ipso, Wanka

Posted by Buygold @ 19:53 on November 20, 2015  

I’ve been to Tahiti and it ain’t all that great!

How dare either of you doubt my forthrightness!

I did buy some phyzz today though – seriously.

Macroman’s post about a “special” Fed meeting on Nov. 23rd should be heeded. Why the hell are they having a special meeting when everything is so great? That makes zero sense. Just hope I get the delivery of my phyzz before all hell breaks loose.

MM- scares me with his NSA job and insight and all. 🙂


Posted by ipso facto @ 19:45 on November 20, 2015  

I knew our pal would come through! 🙂

ipso facto i got a collect call from brazil…..

Posted by WANKA @ 19:11 on November 20, 2015  

promising a pay back at one buck a month until paid in full including interest based on the fed funds rate at 0%. buygold is sooooo magnanomus! toon2nwj

WANKA @ 18:33

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:50 on November 20, 2015  

You don’t think our buddy Buygold would be involved in any shady dealings do you?

I’m sure he’ll give you your money back. :mrgreen:

… unless he’s already in Tahiti …


Fed reserve has called a special meeting on Mon Nov 23.

Posted by macroman3 @ 18:45 on November 20, 2015  

What are the chances they know something coming up this weekend that a meeting on Monday could “help their cause”?

TGiving week and all, what are the possibilities?

1. Helicopter money for black Friday and XMas?


Posted by Floridagold @ 18:44 on November 20, 2015  

Moggy :   The bottom line is money.


ipso facto i paid buygold 20k for his gurumanship and when i clicked on his website link i got

Posted by WANKA @ 18:33 on November 20, 2015  

01 :mrgreen: wj

It’s the bottom

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:15 on November 20, 2015  

I was getting gas at a Korean owned gas station-mini mart today. Big signs outside “WE BUY GOLD” “WE BUY GOLD.”


Posted by ipso facto @ 18:11 on November 20, 2015  

The white cross is the ship! It’s a giant alien ship! Filled with aliens!

Even $100s would be better than I’m doing.

Hope you’re right about the rally coming.

COTS in gold looked esp bullish. FWIW


Posted by Buygold @ 18:07 on November 20, 2015  

Interesting UFO video. I assume the “white cross” is the attempt by NASA to white out the object? Is that right?

So G-Damn much we don’t know.

I do think gold and silver are about to have a violent upside, bear market rally though, right here, right now.

If you want to know why, for $20K you can go inside buygold’s brain – sign up at www.insidebuygoldsbrain.com

I can make you 100’s, I mean millions!

It’s this guys fault

Posted by commish @ 18:06 on November 20, 2015  


We are not alone

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:54 on November 20, 2015  



Posted by ipso facto @ 17:51 on November 20, 2015  

For $20k I’m going to have to put some kind of communicating device directly inside your brain! 🙂

… could be a privacy issue for you … Inside Buygold Malkovich. :mrgreen:

“I think that’s enough turkey bucko.”

Ororeef @ 15:12 and Moggy @ 16:32 Re “A MAN’S WORLD” No More

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:39 on November 20, 2015  

I made posts about this many years ago. When they told us “It’s a man’s world” back in the late 1960s, that there was the peak of it being “a man’s world”.

TPTB including Rockefeller that said “half the population is not paying taxes” (the stay at home moms) helped finance Ms. Magazine and started the woman’s liberation movement.

Woman (and girly men) in GENERAL, are liberal and make decisions based on emotion. Men in general are conservative, tough, and base their decisions on being practical. Woman in general voted for Al Gore and Clinton because they were good looking. Mark my words.

Many woman have influence on their husbands in high places, including presidents senators etc etc.

These days? Its a WOMAN’S WORLD. The liberals had their way since 1970, and we are looking at the failures and results of old decisions, and everything got bad enough that we are in transition many reversals of trends are all over the place.

So today? Its a WOMAN’S WORLD. And usually by the time a trend is acknowledged, the trend is over, just like a “mans world” was admitted before 1970.


Posted by Buygold @ 16:57 on November 20, 2015  

Looks like a 17 million share was made at the close on GDX, no idea whether it was on an uptick or downtick – probably is meaningless anyway.

I will say this, only 28K contracts before the commercials have equal long and short contracts, I guess that’s the good news. The bad news is that they have a bunch of new longs to dump on the market to offset the squeeze they are about to put on the funds. IMHO, the funds are about to get the crap squeezed out of them, and squeezed they will be as they’ve gone massively short.

I think we are going to get a rally back to $1150

For the small price of $20K you can receive my subscription services with hourly updates! toon2b



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