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Alex Jones & Donald Trump Bombshell Full Interview

Posted by joe12pack @ 23:21 on December 2, 2015  

Do You Know What They are Teaching Your Children?

Posted by Auandag @ 22:58 on December 2, 2015  

Secret pact led by Germany to bring in a half a million refugees in Turkey

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:27 on December 2, 2015  

That sounded wron. From Turkey to be dumped on the Eu. As if they don’t have enough problems with the ones they already have. Europeans beware. Tell your local Eeos not to allow them in your towns or villes.  Not so secret now when saw it earlier on MSNBC news feed. Actually might of been them who called the shooters actors then rephrased it. http://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2015/12/02/hungarys-orban-secret-pact-to-settle-500-000-syrians-in-eu


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:29 on December 2, 2015  

That was a good one lol

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:20 on December 2, 2015  

Obama’s attempt to use this shooting to try and curtail guns rights falls flat when the gunmen were dressed in body armor and named Farouk. (Preliminary)

OK Watching Bill O’Reilly on FOX – don’t ask me why

Posted by Buygold @ 20:38 on December 2, 2015  

Already pushing the ISIS angle, they were Jihadists. Supposedly one suspect has a “Muslim sounding name”. Brought on a dual citizen Israeli, former Israeli military, now SWAT team trainer etc. plus a guy named Hansen from a security think tank. Both swear this has ISIS earmarks, Jihadi terrorism blah, blah. Two suspects killed, one a woman, now of course the third suspect is thought to be a woman. Sound anything like Paris?

We live in the matrix, propaganda 24/7

It begins.

Sell Gold.

Former CBS Reporter Exposes Media Lies, Internet Shills & Astroturfing – MUST SEE

Posted by silverngold @ 20:31 on December 2, 2015  


Posted by ipso facto @ 19:56 on December 2, 2015  

See how they’re threatening us!

Posted by Auandag @ 19:25 on December 2, 2015  


Gold coin bugs aren’t crazy

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:16 on December 2, 2015  



Posted by goldielocks @ 19:12 on December 2, 2015  

I don’t know. That guy who flopped on that truck would be hard to act out. Way too floppy, either dead or unconscious.

If we don’t get the thugs out of office we’ll have a gov like Mexico where any honest person or gov law maker, Judge or cop  is bribed or threatened not to mention the citizens. Already some country’s are facing that in Europe with refugees accused of horrific crimes mostly against women and girls as young as three so far. No guns, no justice, might as well put up a green light to these criminals.

SUV surrounded

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:56 on December 2, 2015  

They used a shield truck to get the alleged dead shooter out. Saw a floppy body man in what looked like tennis shoes flop down into it. Not sure if anyone else in there.

WOW lol news just said ” It  looks like the three ACTORS  have been caught.”

goldi all i can say is if

Posted by WANKA @ 18:52 on December 2, 2015  

‘they’ come for my guns ‘they’ better be in the mood for resistance! I’m aware of many Floridians who feel the same. no I don’t think the ‘gun control’ whackos will prevail in florida one iota. and as for the oblabla man….ha bring it on you Kenyan Manchurian candidate.
aaarrrrgggghhhhhh toon3dwj


Posted by goldielocks @ 18:42 on December 2, 2015  

You too. Update think they just caught them.

Sheriff and Fire San Bernardino Scanner Traffic

Posted by commish @ 18:31 on December 2, 2015  



I switched feeds.  Now San Bernardino Police System 10.


Posted by ipso facto @ 18:29 on December 2, 2015  

Stay safe!

Glad that’s straightened out

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:29 on December 2, 2015  


more http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-12-02/syria-decoded-explaining-conflict-one-infographic

Wanka, silverngold

Posted by Buygold @ 18:09 on December 2, 2015  

CNBS felt the need to switch from the crisis in San Bernadino to get Cramer’s Mad Money show on. Have to make sure everyone has their priorities straight.

CNBS also reports that the shooters escaped in a black SUV with tinted windows and of course wore military garb. Sooo sophisticated. Tooo sophisticated.

Wanka 17:26

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:05 on December 2, 2015  

More like Obama bent on getting our gun before getting out of office and as much as said so through his other who also said white people are what’s wrong with America. Life is what you make it and they’re making a mess of it here and abroad.  It’s always guns fault with them when non white but if white it’s a white problem like going after the confederate flag.  Just another race trigger to promote their hate and divide. Nevertheless this will probably be a gun problem to keep us safe. Mean while open borders while preaching about safety. After all it’s not them who are the problem it’s us gag gag. Theyre in the Twilight zone alright  lol

Ipso 17:27

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:46 on December 2, 2015  

That’s good Cuz in some cities it’s hard to find the gun you want most as they get sold out fast or unavailable. I want a lighter gun for carry than my SW which is heavy. In calif guess anywhere now guess it’s getting time for conceal carry.

… and now for the next 10 minutes only

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:27 on December 2, 2015  

Gun TV: home shopping channel aims to sell weapons to viewers


buygold etal: here is the truth of it all

Posted by WANKA @ 17:26 on December 2, 2015  



Posted by Buygold @ 17:21 on December 2, 2015  

I don’t believe much of anything anymore either. Everything to me seems like a scene from the movie “Wag the Dog”

Buygold 16:48

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:19 on December 2, 2015  

Agreed 100 percent on this one.  Living  in LA long enough to see enough both in hospital and out as first responder many many times all kinds of people,  ages and situations. This is very strange. However just saw more fatalities. Heard they were wearing camouflage. In the city? That’s why they can’t be seen I guess. Chances are they changed their cloths fast so some poor military person watch out of hyper bullets.

Buygold Re: San Bernardino shooting

Posted by silverngold @ 16:58 on December 2, 2015  

I just sent this response to a friend. I agree with your thinking!!

Well I’m a skeptic. LOL!!! Looks like the same crap as the Boston Bombing. I didn’t see any blood and who was it that said the business across the street didn’t hear ANY gunfire….so my guess is it’s another Obama false flag for you know what!! Also that video was made so you can’t turn it off. It just keeps playing until I finally deleted it. Pretty sensational presentation being forced on the public IMO. I just don’t believe much of anything anymore!! LOL!!!

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