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Sine wave of SLW

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:59 on December 4, 2015  

sine wave of SLW


Posted by Ororeef @ 23:35 on December 4, 2015  

founder & CEO apparently got the message  from Israel ..you better get some cash raised and figure out how to explain  it it so your other Stockholders dont sell before you do.

So its a NICE scheme to get credit for being a Altruistic Philanthropist  by taking your money from your left pocket and putting it into your right Pocket and still keep control of all of it while making people think you gave it away for the betterment of mankind  ..How Altruistic of you  and it just happens to be a TAX free maneuverer that LLB corporation scheme of yours ..good  advice for  such a young man …nice to have such smart friends….too.!

No other Foundation kept control over their Philanthropy so the illusion will do just as well  …


Its the Illusion that counts !

Obama caught between a rock & a hard place

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:02 on December 4, 2015  

either the Killer is a Terrorist or he’s a Registered Democrat State Employee ,so Obama disavows the GREATor  of two evils  …..somehow Obama finds the words “TERRORIST ” MORE   appealing  than than claiming any fault for hiring and Giving him the right to vote as a DEMOCRAT  !    ….How fast he throws his fellow democrat “under the BUS”  ….to save his own skin….Something for the rest of them to think about !   Kinda reminds me of Oprah Winfrey who made her Fortune and early career on the backs  of womens issues  ..then as soon as she had the opportunity to join forces with a another black..she threw Hillery under the BUS  and supported OBAMA ..

Now theres narly a PEEP from HER on OBAMAS merits and her choice of who SHE supports..so much for her support of fellow women ..how soon they forget and again their silence is deafening.  What say you Oprah !    You still support Obama and his California Liberal State employee killer ?

What Obama thought was going to be a bonanza GIFT of Refugee NEW DEMOCRATS  made to order  has now turned into a massive Liability from which theres NO escape from responsibility for bringing them here.    !    They are no way comparable to the immigrants of the previous generations that came here with some skills and western VALUES of work and  a Religious freedom for all others .These come from societies that have almost NO experience manufacturing anything almost no skills in trades and mostly from countries that have 80 % of the people living on a government check financed by oil revenue  ,and who’s allegiance is devoted to SHARIA LAW ,not to Civil LAW that takes into account everybody’s diverse religions guaranteed by Secular Government….Just look at the Female Killers latest info where she pledged her allegiance to  ISIS ..just before her murderous campaign..

Really Obama !    NONE of these MUSLIMS have allegiance to secular GOVERNMENT …..period….and Democrats compare them to immigrants of past years and American traditions  of welcoming foreigners REALLY ..there is no comparison….!

Really Obama your Registered Democrat State Employee must have not got the MEMO on Gun Control either !


Posted by treefrog @ 22:18 on December 4, 2015  

when it hits a ten bagger, i plan to sell half, and keep the rest for the real rocket ride.


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:51 on December 4, 2015  

Catholic flees Iran only to be killed here. Sad for this father having to tell his children their mother is not coming home. What do you say to these christians who came here for a better life free from religious persecution when they see what Obozos  doing. They see him on TV rejecting christians knowing what danger their in while he lets the enemies in and calls them widows and orphans


Ororeef 19:42

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:36 on December 4, 2015  

Exactly and most can see right through him. It even has many of the bleeding heart libs scilenced or confused on this one. Guess it takes something like this to wake them up. It also spoils Obamas peacefull muslim propaganda to quiet the objectors. So they try to exploit and throw a side ball of gun control trying to put the blame on us instead of the mess they made with civil and global unrest. Does he think people are that stupid? That’s not to mention the unconstitutional war he claimed on Syria or funding and dropping weapons down to terrorists. This is a sick mind.

One of the women killed was a christian from Iran with three children. She escaped persecution and most certain death years ago only to be killed here by one of them. She would of been one of the thousands of christians refused asylum if she didn’t get in before Obama got in. Now three kids don’t have a mom thanks to the likes of Obama and Brown. Meanwhile they’re working on gun control instead of immigration control. We’ll here nothing from Obama acknowledging it.

Theres one Democrat,Government employee that came back to bite them in the ASS…

Posted by Ororeef @ 20:08 on December 4, 2015  


Posted by Ororeef @ 20:05 on December 4, 2015  

Hired by Liberals to represent them and their agenda California Liberals were Politically Correct to hire him  

This is how they do it Legally in California and Politically Correct by the book…..those Liberals !

Syed Farook Assault Rifle

In arguing for more stringent gun-control laws earlier today, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest claimed that all four weapons used by the San Bernardino shooters — two semi-automatic handguns and two assault rifles — “were purchased legally.”

New evidence suggests otherwise.


According to RT, the rifles were purchased by someone else — perhaps a friend or family member of shooter Syed Farook — four years ago.


This matters because California’s firearms laws specify that it is “illegal for any person who is not a California licensed firearms dealer (private party) to sell or transfer a firearm to another non-licensed person (private party).” 

MRCTV added that this draconian regulation went into effect on January 1, 2011, which means that unless “Farook’s friend was an authorized weapons dealer in the state of California or the transfer occurred in another state, then the rifles were acquired illegally.”

However, the handguns were obtained legally by Farook himself, so I expect Earnest and his liberal pals to argue for tougher handgun-control laws at the minimum.


Also, all four weapons had automatic capabilities to some degree, and the rifles were compatible with 5.56mm/.223 caliber ammunition, described by RT as being “powerful enough to pierce a bulletproof vest.” 

And since President Barack Obama’s ATF already tried earlier this year to ban certain sub-types of this particular ammunition, it seems plausible that it may try again in light of the San Bernardino shootings.

My point is that the war against our Second Amendment rights is just starting, folks, so keep your eyes and ears open — and your guns safely locked and loaded (for your own protection, of course)!


Registered DEMOCRAT Government Employee

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:42 on December 4, 2015  

has thousands or Rounds of Bullets and  an Arsenal of GUNS and BOMBS  at his HOUSE   ..Is that what Government employees do while they clammier  for GUN CONTROL

its the ULTIMATE HYPOCRACY     !   Diden’t he get the MEMO from Obama    ? DID he have a CONCEAL CARRY  PERMIT  ?   Where were the REGULATERS  ? Is this selective enforcement ? for Republicans only ?     SPLAIN YERSELF  MR President !

goldielocks @ 14:51 on December 4, 2015, No Spin Zone…..Registered DEMOCRAT Government Employee shoots 14 at his place of Employment

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:31 on December 4, 2015  

Thats the correct HEADLINE  .Registered Democrat and wife shoot up the Christmas Party  because they dont like Jew guest at the Party ….The PRESS says nothing   Yet FAILS to  calls them Racist ,Jew haters ..hows THAT POSSIBLE ?   Were all the  OBAMA Press ta tutes  out to LuncH     ?   iF A WHITE CHRISTIAN DID That   or a Bapist,Presbyterian or Catholic ..the Spin Doctors would have pilloried them….    THeir Silence is deafening ,HAS s   Press Secretary lost his voice ?

If a Government EMPLOYEE does it ..it must be a Terrorist  or a LONE Ranger !  NOT a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT  thats not POLITICALLY CORRECT just PRIOR  to  an election YEAR .

What’s it all about?

Posted by commish @ 19:24 on December 4, 2015  


Posted by Buygold @ 16:46 on December 4, 2015  

I saw those offers too. No way, no how were we going to scream up to 15 on GDX.

No doubt we have to bust above 135 HUI, which should be achievable by year end, but truthfully for any healing to come around these parts we need HUI well above 300.

I honestly think gold rallied today because a rate hike was confirmed. I think when they do raise in a couple of weeks, we’ll rally even harder.

There are still a helluva lot of hedge funds that are left to squeeze that have been sold on the idea that a rate rise will kill gold. IMHO, it will kill the USD instead. One and done.

Have a good weekend.


Posted by Maddog @ 16:13 on December 4, 2015  

Yup panic short covering for sure……could even be a lot of margin style buying, as they bt every offer……..GDX which has on my screen bids and offers in the 100’s..like 500/700 etc had 2000 offered at 14.86 to stop the run.

Have to say I was a day early……but shorts are caught and we have year end coming up and big profits to book, for the bonus’ …..if they are quick…

Still it is a long way back we need 140 plus on Hui before it even looks a little good.

Cheers and ‘ave a gud ‘un.

Maddog – Shorts covering into the close???

Posted by Buygold @ 15:59 on December 4, 2015  



COT Report

Posted by Buygold @ 15:42 on December 4, 2015  

Geez – look at gold, only 3K contracts before commercials are net long. Never seen that before.



Only for rookies and Clive Maund…..Just sayin’

The Corbett Report: Google “Hillary Clinton Rape”

Posted by silverngold @ 15:40 on December 4, 2015  

Geez Treefrog

Posted by Buygold @ 15:33 on December 4, 2015  

I have some small profits on my last pm share buys. Should I sell???

Profits are so hard to come by in pm’s these days. 🙁

I’m holding out for 1000% profits!


I love this Gal BTW 🙂

Now it’s at ZH

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:14 on December 4, 2015  

Turkish Troops Said To Invade Iraq Near Mosul


New Poll

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:08 on December 4, 2015  

Vote! Vote!

Rumors or truth? If it’s true it’s an interesting reaction on Erdogan’s part after he was accused of supporting ISIS

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:01 on December 4, 2015  

BREAKING: Security sources tell CNN Turk around 1,200 Turkish troops enter Bashiqa region in Mosul, Iraq.

Iraq: Reports Emerge Of Turkish Troops Arriving To Help Retake Mosul

Turkish troops reportedly entered Iraq on Dec. 3, allegedly arriving at the Al Shikhan militia camp to help forces retake Mosul from the Islamic State, according to sources in the National Crowd for Liberating Ninevah militia and an anonymous peshmerga official, Aena News and Shafaq News reported Dec. 4.


more https://twitter.com/sayed_ridha/status/672864378257932288

It’s coming out what the argument was about Obama won’t mebtion.

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:51 on December 4, 2015  

Apparently the Jewish man and Mulim got into religious differences before the shooting. He was both a follower of Christ and Jewish religion roots. The muslim threatened him told him you’ll die. No doubt their motto is first the Saturday people ” Jewish ” then the Sunday people. People better wake up this is a religious infiltration. Boxer came out with National stricter gun control after this. Hey Boxer why change the subject!?! Wheres stricter immigration control while trying to disarm the people  and further usurp their rights? Where the halt on Mid a Easterners instead of looking at just poor Mexicans looking for jobs? Time for public to fire back at these bleeding heart libs while the public is in danger by political and religious idologies.

In addition to making it known he’s a Christ follower and takes a solid Conservative stance on all matters, he was also a strong proponent of Israel, as made abundantly clear on Facebook. Apparently this didn’t sit well with one anti-Israel man, who threatened Thalasinos, saying in part, “you will die and never see Israel as country believe me never.”

After the heated argument and Facebook rant Thalasinos posted about the warning he received, everyone should have seen this coming, but they refused to, since we’re told that we’re bigots to believe that all Muslims are or can become terrorists. Jennifer Thalasinos even went as far as to say that her husband didn’t think that his co-worker, who was clearly an impassioned follower of Islam, would ever turn his words into physical rage and become violent. That’s the fallacy we’re all brainwashed into believing, along with President Obama’s promise that he has the Islamic State “contained.” It’s clear he does not, as Farook and his radicalized wife proved that on our own soil.


India after Bill Gates over his vaccine push.

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:23 on December 4, 2015  


Weapons on shooters may have been illegal in Calif since 2011

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:56 on December 4, 2015  

Laws always changing here. I had to grab a WW11 rifle before Brown signed into laws all guns had to be registered as before it was older than 50 years didn’t have to so thought came to mind confinscation. Not semi though only 5 shot 30 OT. WW11 has some tough times but sure took care of their guns.



Posted by goldielocks @ 12:14 on December 4, 2015  

It must of been the guy I saw being pulled out. Looked like he was wearing shorts and bottom of shoes that looked a bit like tennis shoes. I didn’t see any blood soaked cloths legs what ever. Before that they said someone had rolled out of car think they said got away. I think they were guessing what was going on because said they thought there was someone else in there but worried about suicide vests or bombs. Should have recorded it. Then they came up with the Actors line. Why would he call them actors? A snuff film came to mind. On a Jewish sight they said a Jewish man working there was killed. I guess that’s possible. A Jewish lawyer friend long ago came over for Christmas at my house once but he was single non practing and something to do at the time I guess.. Till he took off for higher pastures one of those hang gliders. This man killed was practing.


Posted by treefrog @ 11:40 on December 4, 2015  

120 close enough to smell it.

…and there it is!

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