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If the Gubberment

Posted by Ororeef @ 21:47 on December 5, 2015  

ran the Government RIGHT ..there would be no need for Gun Control because citizens wouldent feel the need to own one ..! Run the Government RIGHT and not for Political Gain and Gun Sales would DROP  very Fast since people would feel safe and would prefer the Government handle security..  Get the DRUG business under control  and crime would drop in half.  VET immigration correctly  so we could TRUST the Government to do the right thing ….Democrats have controlled Congress for so long and are so Power Hungry they dont care about GOOD Government, they just want to win even if they have to bring terrorists here  under the guise of American Generosity  and  then give them vote privileges  ..LIKE TRUMP says Americans  got very Smart now that Obamas shown his HAND..     Obama was a deceitful communist and lied about everything !  So dont expect Gun Control as long as he continues in office  …”MASTERS  of DECEIT”   as HOOVER used to call them  ..He even wrote a book about it..


Posted by goldielocks @ 18:49 on December 5, 2015  

They are criminal idiots. The problem with that it they will infiltrate the system and there will be no more demos or Repubs but Shaira. They are already infiltrating now. These people are idiots not to mention traitors if they think they can remain in control but instead they will be by their demands

Equisetum, samb

Posted by Buygold @ 18:45 on December 5, 2015  

Equisetum – me too, I think there are a few of us diehards left that are on holding tight.

samb – “Obama, Hillary nor the liberal/progressive Media will  acknowledge as to how Continent wide, Rigid, gun control failed to prevent the Paris attacks.  IMHO, people in the USA,  are now seeing thru this.”

Statement of the day.

I agree. The biggest thing the media and by default the progressives – although I think entrenched republicrat RINOS agree – is that they try to keep us in fear 24/7

What I can’t reconcile with the San Bernadino shootings is why after 4 hours the shooters were caught within 1.5 miles of the alleged crime scene. That makes no sense. Nor does the video of people with supposed leg and arm wounds walking and laying around. Has anyone here seen what kind of damage a 7.62 round from a supposed AK-47 would do to someone’s limb?



Democrats are Jealous of Muslims

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:04 on December 5, 2015  

because the have TOTOL  control over their subjects including their religion  ..the Politicians ultimate dream control of your MIND and your MONEY..thats why they bring them here ..it speeds up the process ..these people are pre conditioned already under Government control   …State sponsored Religion 100 %, who are dependent on a Government check for survival 80%  ,and NO guns allowed period.100%….TOTOL CONTROL A DEMOCRATS DREAM WORLD,one Party Elections ,one religion elections,and GUN control   !   EVERY DEMOCRATS GREAT HOPE just like Obamas HOPE..   Everything he does is engineered toward this GOAL….isnt it ?   He’s anti religion,for Gun Control;,and has so far 50 % of the people on FOOD STAMPS so far…  He’s  been very successful hasent he ?   NO DIFFERENCE between MUSLIMS and OBAMA GOALS ..if he isnt already one ,he wants you to be one !   IMMIGRATION only speeds up the process they are PRE CONDITIONED and wlll soon have the VOTES as soon as Obama and Democrats can  manipulate the vote LAWS to give all of THEM right to VOTE..!   He will institute a STATE SPONSORED RELIGION to prove he NOT ANTI RELIGIOUS   and he’s not ..He just wants YOU to be a MUSLIM or whatever he’s going to call HIS STATE SPONCERED RELIGEON>>.

The Climate Change Scam, What its REALLY all about

Posted by silverngold @ 15:41 on December 5, 2015  

This is an excellent short global warming scam presentation. It exposes the lie that goes far beyond global warming and shows how it is all tied together by the UN and their Agenda 21/2030 lies to make you believe man is creating the problem; not the sun’s cycles which constantly run warmer, then cooler, as has gone on for all of earths existence. Please watch at least the first 10 minutes and I believe you will watch the last too.

JFK – Speech that got him killed.

Posted by commish @ 15:08 on December 5, 2015  

Despite all the geopolitical mumbo-jumbo all around us, I am continuing to hold our physical.

Posted by Equisetum @ 14:21 on December 5, 2015  


The Corbett Report: The IPCC Exposed

Posted by silverngold @ 14:17 on December 5, 2015  

This is a great refresher that global warming was exposed years ago as bullshit in order to introduce a new carbon credit scheme into the worlds economies for the benefit of the rich…..and yet with all the proofs in place your liar and chief is in Paris braying his newly named Climate Change agenda to try to convince the gullible it is real. None are so blind as those who will not see!!


Posted by Samb @ 13:50 on December 5, 2015  

Thank You, for stating your opinion. The gun control issue is interesting. The Paris massacre also involved Islamic Terrorists resulting in 120 dead and 350 wounded. Not a peep from the Euro Politicians or Media regarding gun control. Across the pond also not a peep…not from the media or Obama or Hillary. Why was that?  Simple really: Europe already had stringent gun controls and those laws did nothing to prevent the Paris Massacre.

Obama, Hillary nor the liberal/progressive Media will  acknowledge as to how Continent wide, Rigid, gun control failed to prevent the Paris attacks.  IMHO, people in the USA,  are now seeing thru this.


Posted by silverngold @ 13:36 on December 5, 2015  

Well, you’d be wrong!! I already looked!! LOL!!!


Posted by silverngold @ 13:33 on December 5, 2015  

If you’re referring to this most recent San Bernardino incident, IMO it is yet another attempt at swaying the public on gun confiscation, combined with the normal fear tactics so the public can be more easily swayed and controlled. I also thought it was pretty amazing that the San Bernardino police just happened to get to use their new armored bullet proof vehicle to take out the “actors”, as even the press has called them. Frankly, in the past I have heard them called suspects, or perpetrators,  but never remember them openly being called actors.


Posted by ipso facto @ 13:25 on December 5, 2015  

To be honest SNG I don’t think there has been any mass shootings in the US which you did not think were hoaxes-false flags. I’m pretty sure there are NWO agents hiding under your bed.


Posted by Samb @ 12:32 on December 5, 2015  

If you feel that the latest radical Islam killings are a false flag then what,  in your opinion, is to gained by the TPTB by this false flag??

Ipso….New Poll a hoax??

Posted by silverngold @ 12:19 on December 5, 2015  

I voted yes but believe it should be called a False Flag rather than a hoax. I’ve read there was a drill close to the same location on the same day. That’s quite a coincidence if true and conforms to most other false flags the govt has pulled to get the public on their side.

Goldielocks posted how many false flags Obama has pulled off, something in the neighborhood of 160+ compared with maybe up to a dozen or so from past presidents.

IMO America needs to clean house, starting at the top and working their way all the way to the bottom. Your congress has become a joke with  big business being allowed to legally bribe all those who make decisions, supposedly for their constituents, but in fact it is all in favor of the criminals who run such as big pharma, Monsanto, FDA, etc.

It’s hard to believe that one man(?) has nearly destroyed the entire nation, and yet nobody has the BALLS to get the ball rolling to clean up the putrid mess created by the last three at the top. UNBELIEVABLE!!

New poll

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:18 on December 5, 2015  

Vote! Vote!

D’oh! … but at least they have minibars

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:16 on December 5, 2015  

German army gives its soldiers a gun that can’t shoot straight

The German defence ministry has stopped further orders of the army’s standard automatic rifle, the Heckler & Koch G36, after a secret report questioned its accuracy and said tests had to be carried out to make sure the ministry is not wasting €34m (£27m) on a rifle that does not meet the needs of the troops. In the latest embarrassment for the German army, which was mocked earlier this month after the defence minister announced the military would put more crèches and minibars in barracks to encourage recruitment, the army now have to admit that concerns voiced by German forces in Afghanistan about the automatic rifle may be proved right.

Solders complained that in a prolonged fire-fight the barrel of the G36 would overheat and cause the weapon to become inaccurate. Army authorities blamed poor ammunition


Russian truckers threaten crippling Moscow traffic jam in rare protest

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:06 on December 5, 2015  

By Andrew Roth

The Washington Post


For days, police and dozens of truckers planning to paralyze Moscow in a vehicular act of protest have played a game of hide-and-seek, as the drivers prepare to ride on the capital in force.

At 12 a.m. Friday, nearly half of the fledgling revolutionaries were trapped in an Ikea parking lot on the outskirts of Moscow, blocked by police.

The demonstration of about 100 trucks near Moscow is the first of its kind in years.

“If as many as we expected had come, we could have made demands of the government,” said Sergey Vladimirov, one of the protest coordinators, as his allies stamped their feet to stave off fatigue and the frost. The air smelled of fumes. Vladimirov looked as if he might collapse. “Now all we can do is make them hear us.”

Their anger stems from a new toll system called Platon (derived from the Russian “Pay-per-ton”), which will levy charges on trucks weighing more than 12 tons and is projected to raise hundreds of millions of dollars each year. The truckers say the tolls will bankrupt them. And they are angry that the company managing the system is owned by the son of one of President Vladimir Putin’s oldest friends. The Kremlin denies that nepotism played a role in the toll decision.

Read more here: http://www.theolympian.com/news/nation-world/world/article48141460.html#storylink=cpy

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