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University president to students: Arm yourselves

Posted by joe12pack @ 22:41 on December 6, 2015  

Obummer on TV tonight

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:08 on December 6, 2015  

All of a sudden the funder of terrorist while calling invaders widows and orphans suddenly says he wants to take out Isil. Now blaming it on congress for not letting him. Well congress where’s your response?


Posted by Moggy @ 19:21 on December 6, 2015  


New poll

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:20 on December 6, 2015  

Vote! Vote!

Free Money Whoo Hoo!

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:17 on December 6, 2015  

Over the last few months, in a prime example of currency failure and euro-defenders’ narratives, Finland has been sliding deeper into depression. Almost 7 years into the the current global expansion, Finland’s GDP is 6pc below its previous peak. As The Telegraph reports, this is a deeper and more protracted slump than the post-Soviet crash of the early 1990s, or the Great Depression of the 1930s. And so, having tried it all, Finnish authorities are preparing to unleash “helicopter money” to save their nation by giving every citizen a tax-free payout of around $900 each month!

more http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-12-06/it-begins-desperate-finland-set-unleash-helicopter-money-drop-all-citizens

Coincidence … just ran across this. Do you think these “actors” have union membership in the Hollywood Screen Guild?

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:43 on December 6, 2015  

“Turkey will likely leverage these connections in order to secure greater control over what armed and political actors participate in operations to recapture Mosul. In particular, Turkey will likely support the Nujaifis over Sunni Arabs with whom Turkey has not cultivated relations.”


We Shall See!

Posted by Auandag @ 18:42 on December 6, 2015  

At the close last Wednesday evening, December 2, 2015, the Gold Commercials were NET LONG gold futures for perhaps the first time since gold futures trading began on the Comex in December of 1974.


Posted by Auandag @ 18:33 on December 6, 2015  

Whether you are Nobel Peace Prize recipient Barack Obama or unabashed warmonger John McCain, if you hold a federally elected office in the United States and are calling for more military action in the Middle East without first addressing the crimes against humanity carried out by Saudi Arabia, you are a fraud and should resign – effective immediately.

I don’t mean resign next week or later today. I mean now. Stop what you’re doing, write out a letter (or get a staff member to write one for you), and give a press conference. I don’t care how you do it — just resign. Don’t put your name on the ballot for another term in Congress, don’t seek higher office, and certainly don’t run for president. Stop the charade. You do not represent your constituents. You are a disgrace. Resign.


Portugeezer @ 11:58

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:31 on December 6, 2015  

A bunch of wind

#1 statistics … can get extreme and come back. Societal changes could be the cause of the shootings. Who knows? This is not evidence.

#2 The head cop says he practiced drills for the scenario which played out today. Yes this is English not hard to understand. Some FBI guy made a face. Big deal.

#3 A person on the news called the shooters “actors” This also has a non Hollywood meaning. IT MEANS A PERSON WHO DID SOMETHING. THEY ACTED.

This shooting does not help Obama at all. It doesn’t help the drive for gun control because a person who was armed there could have saved lots of victims. Also, it makes immigrants look dangerous to the American people and hurts his plan to import lots of Syrians.

Do you know how many people would have to be in on this if it was a hoax? Hundreds, thousands? … and nobody talks? Ridiculous.

I don’t plan to put more time into this.

Trump to live Twit tonight speech.

Posted by commish @ 16:38 on December 6, 2015  



Will be live tweeting President Obama prime time speech starting at 7:50 EST.



Natural News

Posted by silverngold @ 14:57 on December 6, 2015  

As Obama is about to give a televised address to the nation tonight, it has finally become apparent to nearly all thinking people that Obama is a sleeper cell for radical Islam.

Think about it: He has systematically destroyed America’s economy, culture and national security. He’s bringing in tens of thousands of potential terrorists and transplanting them into U.S. cities across the country.

He refuses to admit the San Bernardino terrorists were members of ISIS, all while his policies aggressively attack Christians across the country.

Meanwhile, the New York Times has now called for all Americans to be disarmed so that they’ll be easier targets for ISIS terrorists.

America is occupied and run by the enemy! And if we don’t take a stand now, there’s no chance of us getting it back…

Click here for my story + podcast

Auandag @ 14:21…Thanks!!

Posted by silverngold @ 14:25 on December 6, 2015  

That’s my sentiments EXACTLY!!

Here I go again. The Corbett Report: Study linking GMO’s and tumors vindicated yet again…

Posted by silverngold @ 14:23 on December 6, 2015  

silverngold @ 10:46 _Keep Em Coming

Posted by Auandag @ 14:21 on December 6, 2015  

I for one like to think I’m a big boy and can decide for myself whether something is worthwhile reading or not. If everyone was like eeos there would be no links posted here. There is no law that says anyone has to read anything posted here, they can just keep scrolling down LOL.

It was Turkey that Shot down Russia JET ..Not Russian Aggression

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:03 on December 6, 2015  



12.05 BREAKING NEWS: Turkey Detains 4 Russian Ships in Black Sea

by John Galt
December 5, 2015 08:40 ET

A reporter from the English language Turkish Newspaper Today’s Zaman first alerted the world to this story a little over thirty minutes ago:


And now the Azerbaijani news agency Trend has their version of the story:

Four Russian ships blocked in Turkish port

 By Rufiz Hafizoglu – Trend:

Four Russian ships have been blocked in the Turkish port of Samsun, the Turkish Haber7 newspaper reported Dec.5.

No details are yet available on the issue, according to the newspaper.

Relations between Russia and Turkey have deteriorated after Turkish Air Force jets shot down the Russian SU-24 bomber when it entered Turkish airspace Nov. 24.

The anti-Turkish statements made by Russian authorities are similar to the spirit of former USSR, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said earlier.

Turkey hoped that Russia has got rid of the USSR’s propaganda rhetoric, but facts show that it is not exactly that way, he said.

No one believes in the anti-Turkish propaganda but Russian authorities, said the prime minister.

And yes, this meme is funny as hell…


All those Vacations in Hyannisport !

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:50 on December 6, 2015  


Caroline Kennedy & Barack Obama Busted

A +A

Published on: September 8, 2015
Photography by: Getty
Caroline Kennedy & Barack Obama Busted

First Lady Michelle Obama exploded in fury when Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg crashed her family’s Martha’s Vineyard vacation and made off with her “Commander-in-Cheat” husband, sources told The National ENQUIRER.

Caroline – President Barack Obama’s appointed U.S. ambassador to Japan – showed up out of the blue during the last week of the Obamas’ two-week vacation on the Massachusetts island.

And it wasn’t long until she had Barack’s complete attention!

“He immediately started flirting up a storm, while Michelle could barely keep her temper in check,” a snitch told The ENQUIRER. “Even though both their families were there, it was really intense.

“At one point later, Barack ‘jokingly’ suggested to Caroline that the two go skinny-dipping!

“While they didn’t end up swimming nude, Barack and Caroline did sneak off to talk politics over lunch and swam in the ocean with the rest of the group. Before the day was over, Michelle was seething and furious. After they returned to their rented compound, she lit into Barack and read him the riot act.”

The marital blowup was the latest to rock the couple, who are expected to square off in a $100 million divorce once Barack leaves the White House after his second and final term in office in January 2017, sources said.

The ENQUIRER learned that only days before the very-married Caroline interrupted their vacation, a defiant Barack had ditched his wedding ring!

Photos obtained by The ENQUIRER show the Prez was missing his band when he was spotted at the golf course.

Adding insult to injury for Michelle, he happened to be playing with former “Horndog-in-Chief” Bill Clinton on Aug. 15 at Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs, Mass.

So it was par for the course when Caroline, 57, and Barack, 54, put their heads together at Martha’s Vineyard – and Michelle lost hers.

“Michelle barely uttered a word to Caroline,” a family insider told The ENQUIRER. “She doesn’t trust her. And the few times she glanced Caroline’s way, she shot her daggers.”

This wasn’t the first time Caroline made Michelle see red.

The ENQUIRER exclusively reported last year that Michelle, 51, went ballistic over a cheating scandal that erupted when Barack was in Japan.

When the First Lady saw photos of her husband and Caroline looking cozy – and sharing a kiss – she blew her top.

Later, Michelle warned Caroline in no uncertain terms to stay away from her husband!

The source added: “Michelle wants Barack to send Caroline back to far-off Tokyo – or beyond!”


What goes around comes around

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:45 on December 6, 2015  



Barack And Michelle Obama Fight Over Wild Child Malia

A +A

Published on: November 23, 2015
Photography by: Getty/Corbis
Barack And Michelle Obama Fight Over Wild Child Malia

President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are at each other’s throats over daughter Malia’s wild party antics!

The 17-year-old was recently caught at a boozy Brown University student bash, where eyewitnesses say the First Daughter was playing the popular drinking game beer pong!

“The First Lady and the President got into a screaming match over it, each blaming the other for letting their underage daughter attend a wild drinking party,” said a political insider.

“Barack yelled at Michelle and blamed her for letting Malia get out of control!

“He told Michelle in no uncertain terms she needed to rein in Malia and make sure this doesn’t happen again!”

But the First Lady refused to back down, said the source.


“Michelle snapped back at Barack, saying he’s a fine one to talk — after repeatedly admitting to smoking a ton of marijuana with his high school buddies!” the source added.

The family battle exploded after a picture on messaging app Snapchat showed Malia standing in front of cups set up for beer pong—a drinking game where players try to get ping pong balls into cups of brew.

When a ball lands in a cup, a member of the opposite team has to chug the suds.

Brown student Hamiltonian Keurig wrote on his Twitter page: “Malia is playing beer pong.”

Another Twitter poster identified only as Colin tweeted on Oct. 11, “Malia Obama was taking shots and playing beer pong. LOL.”

Almost all those tweets were later deleted—but the Obamas’ bickering took on a life of its own!

Other sources say the First Couple clashed over Malia’s dream of becoming a model.

The leggy teen — who’s nearly as tall as her 6-foot-1 dad — is hooked on the reality TV shows “America’s Next Top Model” and “Project Runway.”

“But Barack is horrified Malia is talking about a career on the catwalk,” said a Washington, D.C. insider.

“He’s always wanted both of his daughters to have traditional professions – like lawyers or doctors!”

His star-struck wife has other thoughts.

“Michelle loves the glamour of the fashion world,” dished the source, “and she thinks Malia could even be a movie star!”


Posted by silverngold @ 13:43 on December 6, 2015  

Thanks for sharing the videos. Some people just don’t want to see what is happening right before their eyes, so they turn off their brain. The proof is right there in your video. Obama with 162 false flags. I wonder if there has been more than 162 incidents during his watch where there were supposedly mass shootings???

Another thing that struck me as odd was the story about the victim that escaped Iran 30 years ago, only to be killed here. Is that to make she, her husband, and her kids, all who look to be from the East, look like victims in this false flag?? The FOX news clip that was played shows the grieving husband telling his story; then the daughter telling hers, but not a tear or any show of sadness that her mom was killed the day before. These IMO have to be actors. No way could anyone be so composed one day after their wife/mother was shot dead.

Here’s the 3 minute clip.  http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/12/04/lives-cut-short-victims-san-bernardino-massacre/?intcmp=hpbt1

Just saying!!

PS: Incidentally, I love the song God Bless America, both tune and words. Too bad it will probably soon be outlawed by the traitor/leader.

Agreed Samb

Posted by Portugeezer @ 13:22 on December 6, 2015  

But what is the reason for this?

It is very strange that since 9/11 these terrorists appear to find out where the government entities are holding “tests” and decide to commit their attrocities in these regions.

On 9/11 there were air force tests, you just heard that police chief talking about tests.

I believe that there are more, Boston marathon for example.

The suggestion is that they are doing these tests, filming them and passing them off as real events.

I don’t think gun control is the major agenda.  I think it is more likely to be subjugation of the masses.  Getting them used to being herded around.  Start by terrifying them.

It seems to me that it is working.  Americans are giving up their rights; fear of terrorists and shooters is the main theme, but they are afraid of being accused.

Unpatriotic, colour prejudiced, bigots, there is no end to the insults that Americans will hold up their hands and say, go ahead.  Nobody wants to stand up and say that the two moslems at the head of th USA (bummer and his enforcer, jarret) have an agenda at odds with that of the US. Citizens.

It appears that jarret will flout the law and (our) morality to get her way – her morality a a moslem is different.

One thing I am sure of is that one day we will hear about the threats levied by these two to defraud the country, and vote rigging was just the start.  It is frightening to think that these two are paving the way for hilary.  She won’t wind back any of the powers that the bummer has given to the presidency.

The scenes of those SWAT teams bursting into private houses without warrants and marching out people with their hands on their heads after the marathon bombing stays with me.

Enough.  Rich









Ipso 11:28

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:17 on December 6, 2015  

Think it was 223 have a bit of a recoil.Not focused on ammo less have one of them from other  guns. Nevertheless you could be shocked at dammage close range. Shattered bones and dislocated  from joints. Not a happy subject.

The False Flag Advocates

Posted by Samb @ 13:04 on December 6, 2015  

have some measure of truth as there have been false flags.  However, they gradually morphed into the paranoid where every major event just must be a false flag. The carnage and the evil behind it overwhelmes their rational sense of security… they can’t deal with the stark reality as it is. Chicken Little said the sky is falling…the new Chicken Littles  say  of course sky is falling but, these are just  Gov’t false flags. Neither of these Chicken Littles will acknowledge the falling acorns. Better then covering up in your blankee…just blame all the trouble as false flags. These guys never had need for a jock strap.


Posted by Samb @ 12:17 on December 6, 2015  

False Flag? For what reason??   Gun Control?  Well, it’s having the opposite result in that more and more are responding by arming themselves.  How about for an anti-muslim backlash? That’s the opposite of what Obama wants.

Hi Samb, Ipso, Eeos

Posted by Portugeezer @ 11:58 on December 6, 2015  

Have a look at the first five seconds of this:


Then the first 20 seconds of this:


Tell me waht you think.



‘Houston,,We have a problem’

Posted by Samb @ 11:32 on December 6, 2015  

Wowser!  40% of the tent/oasis poll say false flag hoax.   Something in the water? Is SNG radicalizing the Oasis? LOL.


Posted by ipso facto @ 11:28 on December 6, 2015  

“Has anyone here seen what kind of damage a 7.62 round from a supposed AK-47 would do to someone’s limb?”

Not to be picky but the shooters were shooting .223s and 9mm, somewhat less damage per round.

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