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What Difference does it make ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:45 on December 7, 2015  

What’s the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa?
Santa stopped at 3 ho’s.

I think this will be what Trump will inherit in Syria though…

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:26 on December 7, 2015  

I was in Borrego Springs when GWB was inaugerated in 2001 (after Monicagate and the Sudan/Afpak cruise missile derbies), thinking the USA was on an uptic GHWB/Regan spawn. Boy was I naive.

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:15 on December 7, 2015  

Then I was in Maui on election night 2008. Rah Rah, Obama is gunna put USA on track after the Bush clustermuck.

So color me surprised if Trump crosses the finish line and delivers…

Maya, AKA JoJo

Posted by macroman3 @ 22:50 on December 7, 2015  

Whats clear enough is

Posted by Ororeef @ 22:37 on December 7, 2015  

the Democrats have been taking money Gifts and Campaign funds surreptitiously obtained from from mid Eastern Banksters

and now dont know how to explain how thats ok with the American people .

The association between mid Eastern money and Terrorism is getting lots of exposure and is making Democrats very uncomfortable as they should be …because it infers an association with Terrorism and Treason for them ..Hillery’s association with he own Muslim chief of staff is suspicious because of her family ties and gives the appearance of an inside mole at a high level of Government and then theres her propensity to do favors for those that are generous to Bills “Foundation” …It makes her vulnerable to blackmail as did Bills sex escapades.  Just think what if  Lewinsky was induced to do her sex  luring for Israel as that would make the President of the US subject to Blackmail by Israel..!  Now Hillery is in the same vulnerable position…she puts the Country at risk.!  Who needs that Stupid Risk from a Presidential Candidate ?   Wasent 9-11 enough mid East money corruption enough ? Now San Bernardino is uncovering more mid East money corruption  ,How could Democrats be so Stupid ?

Judging by The Donald’s last dictat that all Muslims should be barred from entry to the US, for now, is he the last political patriot standing…(Ron Paul retired)

Posted by macroman3 @ 22:32 on December 7, 2015  

This dude could be the modern era GW or Tommy Jefferson.

It would be cool if he didn’t get Kennedied or Clintonized.

Of course I’ve been Obamed…

edit, Who  wasn’t Obamied after GW…shrub?

I found this in ZH comments regarding 911. Is there a connection to the dancing Israelis?

Posted by macroman3 @ 21:40 on December 7, 2015  

Perhaps BG, Moggy and SnG could comment…

BLM Destroying Ranches By Fire

Posted by silverngold @ 21:03 on December 7, 2015  

Old footage of Pearl Harbor Attack

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:01 on December 7, 2015  


Lakeshore buys back debt

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:06 on December 7, 2015  

Lake Shore Gold Announces Normal Course Issuer Bid to Purchase Convertible Debentures


yeah Rich, these deep state shenanigans have no national borders and have been going on since gold became wealth.

Posted by macroman3 @ 18:59 on December 7, 2015  

So do we coordinate the modern era to Franz Josef/FedRes incorporation or Bay of Pigs/JFK magic bullets?

Hmmm Pearl Harbor day and yet the grand daddy of them all was 911.


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:28 on December 7, 2015  

Speculation that this couple was making bombs. Neighbors saw men at the house before attack but didn’t want to be accused as a bigot by reporting something suspicious. Rumor is they were planning something bigger but got caught up in a argument at his work so went there instead. Maybe they thought they could get away with it and do more than one attack. Maybe he was just after that one Jewish guy and killed all witness plus they were masked apparently. It’s likely that they would of struck again if true because why didn’t they use the bombs they were making?


Posted by Buygold @ 15:24 on December 7, 2015  

you could be right, definitely got ugly in a hurry today, especially for the shares, I’m not seeing a lot of volume today but that doesn’t mean we can’t drift lower for awhile. I’ll be interested to see how the shares close.

Hi MM3

Posted by Portugeezer @ 15:22 on December 7, 2015  

This False Flag stuff is not limited to the USA.

Watch the woman behind the window get up and flick a fire-cracker into the room just before she runs in.

Best of the Season, Rich

$Gold I’ll take the minority view

Posted by Samb @ 14:55 on December 7, 2015  

Many $gold analysts, Clive, Turd F, et al have taken the view that the COT reports are so overwhelming bullish that a new upcycle is now in progress. I had been looking for a rebound rally and we finally got it. We go down from here. The silver stocks and even gold itself were not low enough to complete this Int. cycle low so I bought SLW puts several days ago. After all the hoopla I’m only slightly down. Look for SLW to break below $11.00 !!

Smith & WESSON …..Obama Gun Salesmman of the YEAR AGAIN !

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:07 on December 7, 2015  

I,ve heard sales are up 100 % this year !   ……..(Maybe we can get him to say a few words about GOLD & SILVER)  that would be nice !

[W]e experienced strong consumer demand for our firearm products following a new administration taking office in Washington, D.C. in 2009,” said the management of gunmaker Smith & Wesson.

That’s when President Barack Obama moved into the White House.

The explanation for this phenomenon is pretty simple: If there’s a risk that you won’t be able to buy guns in the near future, then buy your guns now.

MAYBE he can say GOLD & SILVER CONTROLS NEEDED   !   I would like that !   Please MR PRESIDENT   do it for the Children…


Employment gains are averaging 210,000 month thus far this year. That’s down from 260,000 last yeaR

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:51 on December 7, 2015  

Thats the GOOD NEWS ! The Fed USES to JUSTIFY  a RATE INCREASE   ..say what ?   what PLANET are they from ?  CANT they READ ? SPIN SPIN SPIN ..left is right ,up is down…If we find the right words all will be well ..thats all thats needed  FED SPEAK


The November payroll increase was widespread, with a solid 46,000 rise in construction and healthy gains in a wide array of services totaling 197,000. Employment increased by 244,000, while the number of unemployed workers edged up by 29,000. There were also upward job number revisions for previous months totaling 35,000. Since the last FOMC meeting in November, the two intervening employment reports averaged 255,000 as shown in the graph below.


Chart Courtesy of Citi Investment Research


Employment gains are averaging 210,000 month thus far this year. That’s down from 260,000 last year, but the two year trend seems strong enough to convince the Fed that the labor market can withstand a 25 bps increase in short term interest rates. In addition, average hourly earnings rose 2.3% from a year earlier in November and are up 2.6% from January to November. That’s the strongest cumulative growth since the Labor Department began tracking data in 2009. The Fed likes to see wage gains above 2%, because it’s their current inflation target (which hasn’t been met for several years).


On the downside, there were 594,000 discouraged workers in November, which was little changed from a year earlier. (The data are not seasonally adjusted.) Discouraged workers are persons not currently looking for work because they believe no jobs are available for them. The labor participation rate was up a tad, but little changed at 62.5%. The employment-population ratio was unchanged at 59.3% and has shown little movement since October 2014.


Former Moslem has Message for Obama

Posted by Auandag @ 13:40 on December 7, 2015  


commish @ 12:23 on December 7, 2015

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:39 on December 7, 2015  

commish @ 12:23 on December 7, 2015  Is that HILLARY at MOSQUE ?   NOW we KNOW !

The Washington Post

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:30 on December 7, 2015  

sez their answer to the PEW study is its because

1.More Police on the BEAT ….REALLy ?

2.Police using Computers     ….Really ?

3.Less BOOZE    (  HAHA)

4.LESS   LEAD in the enviornment (  haha)      MAYBE Global WARMING TOO  they forgot to mention ..

5. BETTER ECONOMY….(THATS the funniest one of  all) from the SPIN DOCTORS DEMOCRATS  headquarters

hahahahahahah…hehehehehehe   Thats the funniest thing Ive heard today !  Thanks for the LAUGH WP    It dosent pass the LAUGH TEST !

Greetings all, I haven’t had time to keep up to speed on your polls or theories re San Bernadino

Posted by macroman3 @ 13:23 on December 7, 2015  

but has there been discussion that Farook and malik did in their agent provacteur? Not much seems to fit with the 6 month old baby and an oddball soft target, or the crime scene destruction by media.

Health dept and other unsuspecting .gov agencies infiltrated by NSA/DHS/CIA et al used as cover?

Not sure if I should direct question to SnG or eeos <;0

P.S any polls on % of these tragic occurrences being deep state ops?

PEW STUDY on GUN Homicides ..they’re DOWN from 1993! in HALF !

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:17 on December 7, 2015  



Liberty University president urges students to be armed

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:10 on December 7, 2015  

Story highlights

  • Council on Islamic-American Relations says comments add to “toxic anti-Muslim atmosphere”
  • Jerry Falwell Jr. tells CNN he wants Liberty University students “to be prepared”
  • “If more good people had concealed-carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they kill,” he says

(CNN)At a time when most college campuses prohibit guns, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. thinks the opposite should be the case — urging his school’s students to be armed, especially in light of this week’s massacre in San Bernardino, California.

“I always thought that if more good people had concealed-carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they walk in and kill,” he said.

Those comments from Falwell — a son of the late evangelist, conservative political activist and Liberty University founder — spurred vigorous applause from thousands of students gathered Friday night for Liberty’s weekly convocation. In a phone interview Saturday with CNN, Falwell said he wasn’t talking about all Muslims, just those who perpetrate attacks.

His comments drew a reaction from Ibrahim Hooper of the Council on Islamic-American Relations. He said Falwell’s remarks “amped up” inflammatory rhetoric toward Muslims.

“It’s part of an overall toxic anti-Muslim atmosphere that we’re seeing, particularly in the past few weeks with Paris and San Bernardino,” Hooper said. “Anti-Muslim bigotry was still on the fringes after 9/11. But it’s moving toward the mainstream thanks to Donald Trump, Ben Carson and these type of comments.”

Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, the married couple behind the carnage in San Bernardino, were Muslim. FBI official David Bowdich has said authorities are investigating this incident as an act of terrorism, though authorities haven’t specified a motive — noting that workplace grievances may have factored in.

Farook worked with people gunned down at a holiday luncheon and authorities are exploring his communications with at least one person being investigated for terror connections. Malik pledged allegiance to ISIS in a Facebook post during the attack, according to three U.S. officials familiar with the investigation.

Fourteen people died and 21 were wounded before police later killed the pair in a shootout.

This mass shooting, like others before it, has spurred debate about what the government should do. In its first front-page editorial in nearly 100 years, The New York Times called for a drastic reduction in available guns in America. And President Barack Obama said reforms are needed so incidents like this are “rare as opposed to normal.”

But Falwell made clear that he thinks doing more to limit guns is a bad idea given what happened in San Bernardino, taking a swipe at those who think otherwise to cheers from the crowd.

“It just blows my mind when I see the President of the United States say that the answer to circumstances like this is more gun control,” he said.

A smiling Falwell made a point that he had a gun “in my back pocket right now,” a remark which drew roars from students.

If people at San Bernardino’s Inland Regional Center, where Wednesday’s rampage took place, were similarly armed, would it have made a difference? Falwell suggested they would.

That’s why he encouraged those in the crowd “to get your permit,” noting that Liberty — which has more than 14,500 students on its Lynchburg, Virginia, campus, plus over 95,000 enrolled online — offers a free gun training course.

This doesn’t mean that every Liberty student will be carrying weapons at all times, though. A person has to be 21 years or older to get a concealed carry permit in Virginia, after all, and Falwell pointed out that even those with permits can’t bring guns into dorms.

Talking to CNN, the university president said he doesn’t want what happened in San Bernardino to happen at Liberty, saying, “I want us to be prepared.”

“And let’s teach them,” Falwell told students the night earlier, apparently referring to potential shooters, “if they ever show up here.”

Liberty UNiversity President

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:02 on December 7, 2015  

ALL Students with Conceal Permits should carry GUNS   !     Falwell Jr says in speech I got mine right here in my BACK POCKET  during speech and drives the CROWD wild…

Sheriff got it right

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:00 on December 7, 2015  


N.Y. sheriff urges all people with permits to carry gun

Leonard Greene NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Updated: 12/03/2015 2:16 PM ET

“I want to encourage citizens of Ulster County who are licensed to carry a firearm to PLEASE DO SO," Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum wrote on the department's official Facebook page.

Ulster County Sheriff

“I want to encourage citizens of Ulster County who are licensed to carry a firearm to PLEASE DO SO,” Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum wrote on the department’s official Facebook page.

Next, he’ll round up a posse.

The sheriff in upstate Ulster County is asking residents with carry permits to arm themselves in the wake of mass shootings across the country and other world events.


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