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commish @ 20:11….Shopping cart theft

Posted by silverngold @ 22:33 on December 10, 2015  

That’s one of my pet peeves. Here Walmart says shopping carts cost them $500 each, and yet I see bums and derelicts pushing them down the streets and down the highways, all loaded with their possessions, and the RCMP turn a blind eye to them. I also see shopping carts empty and pushed over the bank on the roadside or wherever someone had no further use for them, and they will sometimes sit there for weeks. Is there no laws concerning this type of theft??? If the same homeless person tried to snitch a $100 bicycle, or an orange or box of crackers from the same store, they would get charged for shop lifting. Something in this picture just does not add up!!

Denninger hitting the mark today

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:34 on December 10, 2015  

We’re Committing Suicide


New poll

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:31 on December 10, 2015  

Vote! Vote!


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:31 on December 10, 2015  

I hope not too many think he’s the next thing to God since its apparent his God is Satan or your doomed.

Margaret @ 19:02

Posted by Samb @ 20:19 on December 10, 2015  

Never be afraid of an honest man.

Cops round up lost shopping carts.

Posted by commish @ 20:11 on December 10, 2015  


floridagold and then we have this….

Posted by WANKA @ 20:09 on December 10, 2015  

Gun Owners of America Files Brief Challenging Federal Machine Gun Ban


Obama gives all gun companies a Christmas gift – SW just names Obama Gun Salesman of the Year for the Seventh Straight Year

Posted by Floridagold @ 19:38 on December 10, 2015  


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama’s advisers are finalizing a proposal that would expand background checks on gun sales without congressional approval.

White House adviser Valerie Jarrett says the president has asked his team to complete a proposal and submit it for his review “in short order.” She says the recommendations will include measures to expand background checks.

Jarrett spoke Wednesday night at a vigil for the victims of the Newtown shooting, according to a summary provided by the White House.

After the mass shooting in Roseburg, Oregon, Obama said his team was looking for ways to tighten gun laws without a vote in Congress. White House officials have said they’re exploring closing the so-called “gun show loophole” that allows people to buy weapons at gun shows and online without a background check.


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:37 on December 10, 2015  

That’s sounds good.

Putin’s New Plan To Become #1 Scares Monsanto Big Time

Posted by silverngold @ 19:34 on December 10, 2015  

December 11 2015 | From: WakeUpKiwi via Infowars

Russia’s Vladimir Putin is taking a bold step against biotech giant Monsanto and genetically modified seeds at large.

In a new address to the Russian Parliament Thursday, Putin proudly outlined his plan to make Russia the world’s ‘leading exporter’ of non-GMO foods that are based on ‘ecologically clean’ production.

Perhaps even more importantly, Putin also went on to harshly criticize food production in the United States, declaring that Western food producers are no longer offering high quality, healthy, and ecologically clean food.


“We are not only able to feed ourselves taking into account our lands, water resources – Russia is able to become the largest world supplier of healthy, ecologically clean and high-quality food which the Western producers have long lost, especially given the fact that demand for such products in the world market is steadily growing,” Putin said in his address to the Russian Parliament.


This is far from over. The dealmakers haven’t disclosed the details – they should immediately – but when they do, expect outrage. The US congress may be our greatest ally.

And this announcement comes just months after the Kremlin decided to put a stop to the production of GMO-containing foods, which was seen as a huge step forward in the international fight to fight back against companies like Monsanto. Using the decision as a launch platform, it’s clear that Russia is now positioning itself as a dominant force in the realm of organic farming.

It even seems that Putin may use the country’s affinity for organic and sustainable farming as a centerpiece in his economic strategy.


“Ten years ago, we imported almost half of the food from abroad, and were dependent on imports. Now Russia is among the exporters. Last year, Russian exports of agricultural products amounted to almost $20 billion – a quarter more than the revenue from the sale of arms, or one-third the revenue coming from gas exports,” he added.


egardless of what you think about Putin’s politics, the fact that non-GMO farming and organic food production is now such a key part of the international discussion is beyond exciting (and long overdue).

ipso facto @ 17:50

Posted by silverngold @ 19:23 on December 10, 2015  

Donald Trump/Rand Paul….Now that’s a ticket I’d like to see!!


Posted by margaret @ 19:02 on December 10, 2015  

If Trump is what so many of you think he is, then it might be a good thing if he does come  in. We here will watch from the sidelines – with trepidation, until he proves himself, which I hope he does.


Posted by margaret @ 18:59 on December 10, 2015  

I don’t have any time for Obama and will be pleased when he is no longer in the White House.  There are many here who share my views, others who think he’s the next thing to God.


Posted by Maddog @ 18:46 on December 10, 2015  

In a western world that is riddled with PC lunacy, he is a breath of fresh air…but not just a breath, more like a hurricane and thank God for him.

Rand Paul Backs Trump, Unleashes “Top Ten Things That Make Obama Unqualified” For Office

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:50 on December 10, 2015  


margaret @ 15:47

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:44 on December 10, 2015  

re part:
“My worry about Trump is his tendency to shoot off at the mouth. This could have repercussions if he is called to represent the country in a serious emergency. ”

In my book, not taking any crap from somebody? And using some profanity? They call it being street wise. And if all the prior presidents were considered “presidential material”?

And you consider all the crap that went down and ruined the country, thru all those “presidential material” representatives? Then using engineering common sense methods would suggest trying something different or opposite to get better results.

The past USA was Mr. Nice Guy, and good guys finish last. The decades of leniency and permissiveness, re special interests, corruption etc was a mistake and discovered after Bernie Madoff got caught.

No more Mr. Nice guy is the future imo. Being nice guy resulted in what we have today. People like Trump getting good ratings. TPTB (cheap skate greedy global corporations) screwed themselves because now, the typical private sector employees are net under paid, because minimum wage was allowed to erode with UNDER STATED consumer inflation rates for decades.

Gov’t employees in general with pay and benefits far out paced inflation rates.

New Poll

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:23 on December 10, 2015  

Vote! Vote!

If someone wants another category let me know.

San Bernadino shooting

Posted by newtogold @ 17:07 on December 10, 2015  


As a Canadian, I take US politics seriously.

Posted by Auandag @ 17:06 on December 10, 2015  

We are like an elephant and flea in the same bed. When the elephant rolls over we get squashed!


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:58 on December 10, 2015  

Right and shows this is not a ISIS threat but a coordinated event to use ISIS to over throw Syria then after they take out ISIS. The fact except for the people in immediate danger which they obviously don’t care about this is a planned event so no , “Oh we’re at war here folks!” It’s just business as usual. Yet they side track with refugees instead of cause while side tracking OBAMA refusing christian refugees. Don’t see the parties complaing about that.


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:51 on December 10, 2015  

Just curious, based on other countries taking Trump seriously do they take Obama  who lies constantly seriously? What do they think about Obama?


Posted by Samb @ 16:34 on December 10, 2015  

Trump is open and honest in his opinions.  Very, very few candidates are. He doesn’t want your money, he doesn’t want special influence money. He doesn’t want to owe favors, period. Because of this he is HATED by the political big wigs on both sides of the isle. He is rational, smart in his business dealings and was well respected prior to running for office. Don’t let any of this reality bother you, Margaret….after all you have none other now, then Dick Chenney on your side. Enjoy the venom.


Posted by margaret @ 16:15 on December 10, 2015  

“Every time Donald Trump says something that’s seemingly outrageous, he becomes more popular!”


Natural News: Why Donald Trump Can’t Be Stopped!!

Posted by silverngold @ 16:05 on December 10, 2015  

The vast majority of Natural News readers support Donald Trump over any other presidential candidate.

Right now, both the leftist media and the Republican establishment (GOP) are desperately trying to destroy Trump. But they’re both failing.

Every time Donald Trump says something that’s seemingly outrageous, he becomes more popular! Today, I explain why the leftist media and GOP establishment are totally unable to destroy Donald Trump:

Click here for story + podcast.
P.S. Watch out for a multi-city ISIS attack wave before the year’s end. Read my story + podcast warning here


Posted by margaret @ 15:47 on December 10, 2015  

Eeos is correct –  I am an New Zealander.  Because we are such a small country, we are sensitive to what is going on in the rest of the world.

My worry about Trump is his tendency to shoot off at the mouth. This could have repercussions if he is called to represent the country in a serious emergency. He will not be taken seriously.

It’s a tragedy that GREAT presidents seem to be a thing of the past.




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