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USD screaming higher tonight

Posted by Buygold @ 22:44 on December 16, 2015  


Follow thru or not?

Posted by Buygold @ 19:40 on December 16, 2015  

Gotta wonder. Kinda have my doubts as GDX and GDXJ are giving back some gains after hours.

Like to think we’ve found a bottom but the manipulation of all markets is beyond belief.

Speaking of Putin. Obama…

Posted by commish @ 18:36 on December 16, 2015  

e9b3c82bhas 400 days 5 hours and 25 minutes before he leaves office.


Posted by Auandag @ 17:51 on December 16, 2015  

C’mon maddog

Posted by eeos @ 17:14 on December 16, 2015  

Someone needs to manage the perception of the markets.  It gives lots of people something to do. Eyes rolling of course

Something very different (but funny)

Posted by NEMO @ 16:45 on December 16, 2015  




No longer talking about PM rigging….they are rigging all relevant mkts

Posted by Maddog @ 16:18 on December 16, 2015  

witness what just happened in the Dollar….insanity….if you still have any contact with reality.

Dollar smashed back by Scum…1.10 plus now <1.0940

Posted by Maddog @ 15:20 on December 16, 2015  

Scum going mad to paint the closes……

Very Interesting.

Posted by commish @ 14:52 on December 16, 2015  


Utter madness..Scum takeing other side on Dollar, PM’s, Rates and buying SM

Posted by Maddog @ 14:50 on December 16, 2015  

Scum loseing control of Dollar….watch out this could be huge !!!!!!

Posted by Maddog @ 14:44 on December 16, 2015  

Scum picture…..No big deal

Posted by Maddog @ 14:26 on December 16, 2015  

Before the announcement Gold was @ 1071, Silver @ 1412….just where they are now.

Ps ….check oil folks …..down over 4 %.

Well anyone that says that the PM’s ain’t rigged after this, has to be

Posted by Maddog @ 14:14 on December 16, 2015  

bought and paid for, just like a cheap whore….and a lot less use.

So far PM shares are shrugging it off … knock on wood

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:14 on December 16, 2015  

Jim Willie said they wood never raise rates- Another guru falls!

Posted by Auandag @ 14:12 on December 16, 2015  

Fed raises 1/4 point

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:00 on December 16, 2015  

Let the games begin

Will Janet Hike Rates Today?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:58 on December 16, 2015  

I doubt it.

20 mins to go and a large seller hits Gold

Posted by Maddog @ 13:52 on December 16, 2015  

Can’t imagine who that might be.

Still we did see heavy buying in the Dead Zone..the 30 mins before Crimex opens, when we have so often seen selling……that is strange. As why would you want to push prices higher in a thin mkt, unless it was deliberate, in order to smash it all later.

The Wisdom of the Oasis :-)

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:46 on December 16, 2015  

Poll Results

Will Janet hike tomorrow?

Yes (49%, 20 Votes)

No (27%, 11 Votes)

I don’t have the foggiest (24%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 41

Corrupt place

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:43 on December 16, 2015  

Indonesia’s house speaker submits resignation amid scandal



Posted by ipso facto @ 13:39 on December 16, 2015  

What the oldest stock market index is saying now

The Dow Transports are unusually weak, and a well-known investing-newsletter editor just flashed a ‘sell’ signal

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (MarketWatch) — The oldest stock market index has also been one of the weakest.

I’m referring to the Dow Jones Transportation Average DJT, +0.37% which was created in 1884, a dozen years before its better known sister, the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.19% Even as the Dow Industrials were holding their own over the past couple weeks, the Dow Transports were breaking down in a big way. (See chart above.)

In intra-day trading Monday, the Transports fell below the index’s August low. And even after Tuesday’s big bounce for the broader market, the Dow Transports are only 1.1% higher than their August closing low.

The Transports’ weakness has bearish implications for at least two reasons. The first is that the transportation sector is a leading indicator of economic downturns.

more http://www.marketwatch.com/story/what-the-oldest-stock-market-index-is-saying-now-2015-12-16

I can’t even recall one fed mtg

Posted by eeos @ 12:35 on December 16, 2015  

That was PM positive in the last 3 years. There’s nothing that would make me think it’s going to change today.  I guess I’m full of pessimism.  Too many beatings


Posted by ipso facto @ 11:40 on December 16, 2015  

We’ll see where we are in a month. Jan 16


Posted by Samb @ 11:30 on December 16, 2015  

The Gold fundamentals have been very positive for years now. Yet, this gold market continues to be manipulated down. Every Intermediate down cycle has a lower low.  Agreed, it has to end at some point. However, we are still early in this down cycle and are not near the pattern lows of the past cycles. Maybe, this time will be different but, it’s a losing bet, Imho. Either keep your powder dry or go with the trend…DOWN.

From IKN

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:28 on December 16, 2015  

Argentina to announce end of currency control this afternoon

So says the local media.

They expect the Argentine Peso to trade at around 15 to the dollar once the news settles in, which is a serious devaluation. Good news for miners working in the country though, such as Rob McEwen, which is probably why MUX touched U$1 this morning.


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