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Next week could be Interesting-but not in a good way!

Posted by Auandag @ 23:36 on December 19, 2015  


Excellent New Video on 911

Posted by Auandag @ 21:26 on December 19, 2015  

What I find so compelling is how much this false flag was bungled and still  most people refuse to believe that it was inside job. What is truely tragic is all the lives lost and maimed, especially the young soldiers who think they are fighting for a good cause and end up comitting suicide when they can’t deal with the truth. What is enraging is watching the likes Bush and Blair laying wreaths at the graves of these soldiers. They obviously think of us as less than cattle.


Auandag @ 17:19……Sorry about that!!

Posted by silverngold @ 17:34 on December 19, 2015  

Yeah, it’s sure easy to see how close we are to it right now. All that’s missing is the credits or demerits for agreeing or disagreeing with the government. Looks to me like the rest is already in place. No such thing as privacy any more. Our lives are open books!!

silverngold @ 16:43 – You beat me to the punch!

Posted by Auandag @ 17:19 on December 19, 2015  

I was about to post the same link-George Orwell would be proud

gardening/prepper update

Posted by treefrog @ 17:08 on December 19, 2015  

i just ate the last of this year’s pineapples.  i didn’t quite stretch the season to christmas.  a golden yellow ripe kona sugarloaf variety.  compared to storebought, on a scale of one to ten, this one was about a thirty five.

The Corbett Report: Sesame Credit: China’s Creepy New Social Engineering

Posted by silverngold @ 16:43 on December 19, 2015  
Please watch so you will recognize it when it comes to you and yours. Yes, it’s creepy!!

The Last GOP Debate of 2015 *Condensed & Edited for Accuracy

Posted by silverngold @ 14:02 on December 19, 2015  

Today, by pure chance, I opened the Bible to Revelation Chapter 3 verse 18. It says FWIW:

Posted by silverngold @ 13:43 on December 19, 2015  

“My advice to you is to buy pure gold from me, gold purified by fire—only then will you truly be rich.”

Hmmmmm!! I think I’ll continue to hold!!!………Silverngold

What goes around comes around!!

Posted by silverngold @ 11:28 on December 19, 2015  

Martin Shkreli, the CEO that hiked price of HIV treatment drug, arrested on securities fraud charges

Martin Shkreli, the CEO of an American drugs company who hiked the price of life-saving HIV-related drugs from $13.50 to $750, was reportedly arrested on securities fraud charges relating to a firm that he founded.

He was charged with illegally taking stock from Retrophin Inc., a biotechnology firm he started in 2011, and using it pay off debts from unrelated business dealings, Bloomberg said.

The Eastern District of New York department of the US Attorney’s Office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Shkreli was ousted from Retrophin in 2014 and sued by its board.


Posted by ipso facto @ 11:12 on December 19, 2015  

Welcome to Europe! Soros Adding Fuel to the Fire of EU’s Refugee Crisis

American business magnate George Soros is making every effort to boost the refugee flow to Europe, by encouraging asylum seekers to travel to the continent and urging the European leaders to fork out, F. William Engdahl notes.

George Soros, the notorious business magnate, is shifting the responsibility for America’s adventurism in the Middle East onto Europe, most notably Germany, American-German researcher, historian and strategic risk consultant F. William Engdahl underscores.

Read more: http://sputniknews.com/politics/20151218/1031981904/george-soros-exacerbating-refugee-crisis-europe-eu-syria.html#ixzz3umefi9GS

Equisetum @ 20:27…..that looks like fun…..but it has its obvious hazards as one might expect

Posted by silverngold @ 9:54 on December 19, 2015  

A local doctor…brilliant fellow and a top Urologist, loved mountain biking and attended all the events. A few years ago he crashed, seriously injuring his neck, had to be air lifted out, and is now a quadriplegic. Lost his practice, lost his wife, and basically lost everything but what remains of his life. Such a waste of a great doctor and human being.

So for all you daredevils out there, best to carefully consider your decisions to participate in some of these hazardous sports. They’re exciting and fun and life is great…… until it’s  not!!

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