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I was checking metals prices the other day.  What I found locally was that gold coins were about 5% over spot.  Silver was 12% over for rounds, to as much as 33% over for silver Eagles.  Junk silver was about 25% over spot.  I imagine those are not uncommon ratios.  Are you buying irrespective of those premiums because you feel silver is so undervalued that it is still a good buy even with the premiums?

Equisetum @ 15:07….Allan Savory TED Presentation

Posted by silverngold @ 17:33 on January 1, 2016  

Thank you. I immediately recognized that I had previously watched it, but I enjoyed watching it again. Here is an honest man trying to make a difference in our world. This is such a huge subject that I would recommend everyone watch it to gain more understanding of both mistakes of the past as well as what needs to be done to correct those mistakes. For my own small acreage I use cross fencing and rotational grazing to accomplish the goal of sustained yield in this semi-desert of the Okanagan.

All the Best and Happy New Year.

Equisetum-You live on the west coast- Have you noticed anything or heard anything?

Posted by Auandag @ 17:11 on January 1, 2016  

I keep hearing about the devastation of the pacific ocean due to fukishima. I hear reports of hi radiation and lots of dead ocean life washing ashore. I know I am afraid of eating any fish from the pacific now. Interesting to hear your take on this!

Equisetum @ 14:49

Posted by silverngold @ 16:34 on January 1, 2016  

Hi Equise,

Thank you for your input. That’s very interesting info concerning the tree dieoff on the east coast of Canada and the US back into the 1940’s. What I was questioning as I watched the video of the more mature dead and dieing trees was that it appeared that the new young growth of the same species looked healthy….so I was questioning that if Aluminum was killing the older growth, why was it not also killing the new growth which looked so healthy?? I’m not a Forester but what came to mind was perhaps it was not caused from aluminum falling from the sky but was caused from the root systems of the older growth being deep enough to pick up something in the subsoil that caused the more mature trees to die off, but the new growth did not have root systems deep enough yet to pick up whatever was killing off the old growth. I certainly do not believe that all dieing trees in the world are from chemtrail fallout although I think much of them are. I know that there are many species of beetles and weevils and fungus that kill off both healthy and unhealthy trees alike. I have a small stand of black birch here that is dieing a few at a time but I believe it is due to ants that are harvesting something from them until the trees weaken and die.

I have not yet watched the TED presentation but will do so shortly. Again, thank you for your input.

Silverngold, since you seem to be interested in such topics, and since it is a day

Posted by Equisetum @ 15:07 on January 1, 2016  

to take one’s mind off of geopolitiacal subjects and money (gold and silver) matters, you might appreciate listening to some TED Talk ideas from Allan Savory. If you hear him out it takes about 22 minutes. We first heard of his controversial approach in the early 1980’s when we were working on a grazing management plan and forest regeneration plan for Cypress Hills Provincial park in southeastern Alberta. No need for you to respond to this presentation by Allan Savory; it is posted just for listening pleasure and its suggestion of possible different ways of thinking about vegetation/land relationships. Cheers.


Silverngold, Happy New Year. I watched both part I and part II of the

Posted by Equisetum @ 14:49 on January 1, 2016  

forests around Sackville Lake in Nova Scotia.  In 1962 to 1964 I worked in the “barrens” of Yarmouth and Shelburne Counties of Nova Scotia trying to come up with new ideas on how to regenerate new forest in areas that had previously supported forest stands.  Those forest regeneration challenges were beyond my ability to suggest anything very helpful.  In the 1960’s foresters were still scratching their heads about the very widespread forest dieback of yellow birch and beech that had occurred in Nova Scotia and neighboring northeastern states of the U.S. in the late 1940’s (see abstract of one reference below).  That widespread dieback was long before Fukushima or HAARP.  Forest tree vitality is influenced by a very wide range of potentially harmful agents or factors.


Horrific dying forest at Sackville Lakes in Nova Scotia Canada

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Copper silver relationship

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As copper continues to slide downhill, production in unprofitable mines is declining rapidly. The vast majority of silver production is as a by product of copper and zinc mining. Coupled with the gold/silver ratio being distorted to historic levels , the argument for silver is becoming convincing.

Im still dollar cost averaging phiz silver. Also finding a few small farm implements. The recent ice storms have produced lots of free firewood.

The crashing prices of wheat, cattle, oil and natural gas and subsequent layoffs will send the local economy here reeling when the foreclosures and re possessions hit. Those were not minimum wage jobs the oilies lost. Many were well into six figures and went to zero in one day. Oilies always bought lots of toys on credit. Anybody need a boat or pwc? The foreclosures and eviction notices will be hitting n March.

The last vestiges of the middle class are being strangled and looking for relief. Donald Trump, good or bad , will probably be the conservatives choice. If Hillary can avoid indictment, she will be the morons choice. The Muslim in chief is getting everything in place to throw the infidels under the bus.


Happy New Year

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