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Posted by goldielocks @ 23:58 on January 13, 2016  

One winner in California so far.

MM but but but i have

Posted by WANKA @ 21:31 on January 13, 2016  

top secret clearance! toon3n :mrgreen: wj

Wanka, my wookie is a classified NSA dicument, kneed to no basis

Posted by macroman3 @ 21:28 on January 13, 2016  

Loonie set for unprecedented plunge to 59 cents U.S., top forecaster warns

Posted by silverngold @ 21:05 on January 13, 2016  


The top forecaster of the Canadian dollar said the currency will fall to a record 59 U.S. cents by the end of the year as further weakness in the energy sector saps growth in an economy already stretched by a heavily indebted consumer and the Bank of Canada cuts interest rates for a third time.

The call from Macquarie Group Ltd.’s David Doyle, the top-ranked forecaster for the U.S. versus Canadian dollar exchange rate last year according to Bloomberg rankings, comes as the currency fell below 70 U.S. cents Tuesday for the first time in almost 13 years. The currency’s tumble to levels last seen in the late 1990s came as crude continued to reach multiyear lows.

“You could imagine the situation is worse today than in the 1990s,” Doyle said.. “We’re much more dependent on oil now than we were in the past.”

Macquarie was among the first major forecasters to predict the currency would hit these levels. A 59 U.S. cent Canadian dollar would mean one U.S. dollar buys C$1.6949.

The currency fell as much as 0.6 per cent to 69.90 U.S. cents Tuesday in Toronto,, the first time it touched that level since May 2003, as crude oil fell to a 12-year low of US$29.93 per barrel in New York. The first time the Canadian dollar weakened below 70 U.S. cents was 1997, before the country’s oil industry took off and when its government was wrestling with a budget deficit.

It mostly traded below 70 U.S. cents between 1997 and 2003, a period when manufacturing made up a larger part of exports than oil. Its all-time low was 61.76 U.S. cents in 2002.

Canada’s newly elected Liberal government has pledged to run deficits to help stimulate an economy hindered by the collapse in prices for crude, until last year the country’s biggest export, and consumer spending held back by near-record debt levels.

Even though Doyle predicted Canada’s central bank will cut its benchmark rate to a record low 0.25 per cent on Jan. 20, a weakened manufacturing sector and more competition from Mexico in the U.S. market, Canada’s largest trading partner, mean it will take longer for the country to see an economic benefit with oil prices still depressed.

Once the loonie reaches its record low, it will stay depressed through the end of 2018, Doyle said.

“Manufacturing and non-energy exports have far less ability to propel the economic outlook than they have in the past,” Doyle said. “Many of our oil and oil-related sectors have grown, and a lot of our manufacturing sectors have not grown and remained low.”

Bloomberg News

Edit: If gold stays between $1100-$1200 US, and the exchange rate does as they say, Gold in Canadian dollars would be close to an all time Canadian Dollar high by year end.

MM where is

Posted by WANKA @ 20:49 on January 13, 2016  

the picture of your wookie???? :mrgreen: wj

MM so true….no frr in locator till now….

Posted by WANKA @ 20:47 on January 13, 2016  

I think its Austria….but i’ll await to hear from florian himself to correct me. best of cheers wj

Hmmm, did I hear the first Wookie was wearing a gold dress last night? Seems to be a theme…

Posted by macroman3 @ 20:41 on January 13, 2016  

The Oscars (2016)

edit, pic was there, now it’s gone. Gata check with my Treasury/NSA counter agent.

Niki doing a quickee, down

Posted by macroman3 @ 20:34 on January 13, 2016  

-700 yikes

I hate to ask, I can’t find Florian on the locator. He hasn’t crossed the Rubicon too, has he?

Posted by macroman3 @ 20:31 on January 13, 2016  

If so, I’ll have to eat my Bavarian gold haha.

I thought there was a sidebar on Goldbugs past/passed?

Flag, Otis just put out a new version for Obama’s navy…kneeling by the Iranian dock of the bay

Posted by macroman3 @ 20:18 on January 13, 2016  


i have made a pact with 4 family members

Posted by WANKA @ 19:55 on January 13, 2016  

we bought 10 tickets each in partnership since I feel ‘lucky’ and me and nephew’ will use our winnings to once and for all BREAK THE CRIMEX! bwahahahahahahaha toon102 wj

People coming from Nevada to buy Powerball

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:34 on January 13, 2016  

There standing in long lines to buy tickets in California.

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Posted by Floridagold @ 19:23 on January 13, 2016  



They take advantage of Obamas weakness. At least they’re safe.

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:26 on January 13, 2016  

Anyone hear from Florian?

Posted by macroman3 @ 18:16 on January 13, 2016  

Paging ffr…

we have your gold

Pebble: EPA Inspector General’s report whitewashes serious bias at agency

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:13 on January 13, 2016  


Did I forget where my Stash was ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 17:56 on January 13, 2016  
Business & Money

Millions in gold dug up in Bavarian garden

File photo: DPA

Millions in gold dug up in Bavarian garden

Published: 05 Jan 2016 15:20 GMT+01:00

A digger showed up at the house in Bogen, near Passau, shortly after the death of the 53-year-old businessman who owned it, broadcaster Bayerische Rundfunk reported on Tuesday.

As the clods of earth were thrown aside, plastic bags filled with millions of Euros in cash and gold bars were revealed.

Normally, anything found on the property would go to the dead man’s heirs.

But the digger hadn’t been ordered in by his family or executors, but by a 69-year-old man who claimed he had agreed with the deceased to hide his cash under the lawn.

After the death, he became understandably worried over the fate of his hoard and called in the excavator.

Now he must find a way to prove that the gold really does belong to him – or see it handed over to the beneficiaries of his friend’s will.

Story continues below…

Until then, the money is in the care of a security company in Regensburg, town mayor Franz Schedlbauer told Bayerische Rundfunk.

Police ordered an autopsy on the dead man and found that there was no foul play in his death.


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:55 on January 13, 2016  

Music of better days., Still shipping people off to Nam though. Even today I know someone on Meds who they talked into 3 tours. Pressured and promised him this and that even a house they never delivered. Still the choices we had then we’re better than the young have now. They’re being boxed in with few choices and real inflation not to mention rising medical costs due to Insurance corp and corp doctors who invented the mandatory Heath care as more and more people opting out of rising prices then rising them more when they knew it would pass. Of course the Demos take credit for the shadow corp government. Turning the future into their debt slaves and pushing doctors into corporations where their bottom line is profit or no or little care if you need it.

I still think the PMs will be choppy. Armstrongs messages are vague. Saying wait then initially the time has come but should wait? Wondering IMO if now is the time to by the dips in steady companies even if there is some room to fall like he says. I’m also wondering if that will be the name of the game in the future. Nevertheless picked up a little phyzz for grandkids on last drop and took awhile for delivery.


Wellat least the stack gets a small goose

Posted by Scruffy @ 17:10 on January 13, 2016  

Live 24 hours silver chart [ Kitco Inc. ]

Live 24 hours gold chart [Kitco Inc.]

Scum action

Posted by Maddog @ 16:27 on January 13, 2016  

Just unreal watching them stop GDX go positive…all bids filled, no matter the size.

That said, that was a very minor victory on a day in which the Scum were routed overall……we await their vengeance….but it them versus the entire World now .

Can the “Magic Hand” aka the Scum, aka the Feeeeeeeeeeeeeelth

Posted by Maddog @ 15:29 on January 13, 2016  

“manufacture” an Hrly reversal up in the SM ????

we will know in 2 mins.

Update….OOOOPS!!!! another fail.

Lloyd will be haveing a right mare…smashed phones all over the place!!!

Buygold, what is your assessment of the US swift boat boondoggle?

Posted by macroman3 @ 15:12 on January 13, 2016  

Seals dropped off using the night camo boat that broke down?

ELINT a la Donald Cook in the Black Sea? Therefore not able to use any electronics to call for help?

Coincidental fuel problems on four engines from $100 a gallon Biodiesel made from algae?

Liberty or Tonkin copycat?

Enquiring minds want to know

When are the idiots that run the SM PM share Algo, gonna realise

Posted by Maddog @ 14:35 on January 13, 2016  

that Gold going up as the SM falls is good for PM shares and turn the darn thing off, as they are going to lose their arses if they keep it on.

This is the problem with 21 yr old Maths grads…..they KNOW NOTHING.


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:25 on January 13, 2016  

The PPT is too busy trying to prop up the SM and they’re missing the gold pop. Dow down 250. D’oh!

Wow that was close, S&P almost made a new Lo and Au a new Hi

Posted by Maddog @ 14:04 on January 13, 2016  

Busy day for the Scum…..Ooops that didn’t last…..chalk one up to the good guys and gals !!!!!!

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