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Bill Holter

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:52 on January 28, 2016  

A reader recently sent me these charts. I do not know who put this collection together to give credit to but I do want to say these charts pretty much tell the WHOLE STORY! Please note each graph has grey shaded areas which identify recessions. What we need to focus on is what has happened since the last “official” recession of 2008/2009. I put the word official in quotation marks because it is clear something has gone very wrong since 2009, have we really recovered?


Taking these charts and grouping by commonality we have; student loans/federal debt/money supply, food stamps/labor force participation/worker’s share of economy/median income/home ownership, I would put healthcare costs on their own.

Starting with the first grouping “debt and money supply” we can see an explosion in each chart since 2008. This clearly depicts the efforts made at reflating the system. Massive amounts of debt have been taken on and accompanied by a gross quadrupling or more of the money supply. Funny how the money supply has exploded yet the dollar has strengthened versus foreign currencies since then. I will finish with the chart which I believe is the reason for this anomaly.

The second group, let’s call this income/cost of living also shows unprecedented deterioration. Less people working …for lower wages and thus unable to afford a home …or even the ability to feed themselves! How is this “better”? Clearly, the standard of living is far more stressed today than when we entered the 2007/08 beginning of the Great Financial Crisis.

Lastly we have healthcare costs as a cherry on top of this “poo pie”. If more debt and fixed costs along with less employment and income available to service the newfound debt were not enough, healthcare costs of 10% or more of income should be enough to put a dagger in the heart of the American dream.

These charts are very easy to decipher and understand, even a 4th grader who must budget a weekly allowance can understand it! However, apparently Wall Street cannot understand this. I would say the same about Washington and those who “pull their strings” but I don’t believe it to be the case. I have said for years now, policy implemented could not have been by mistake and thus must be planned because no one could be so STUPID to have done the things our “leaders” have!

As for Wall Street, I actually think CNBC has guests on who actually believe the pabulum they spew. In fact just today I heard a guest say he was super bullish because now we have QE behind us, we can get back to normalization and sound footings … Really? Would we have even “arrived” here today with markets still opened were it not for the $ trillions pumped in by the various QE’s?

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